tagNonConsent/ReluctanceViolated Family Ch. 03

Violated Family Ch. 03


Veronica was roughly woken from slumber, confused and wondering had what had occurred to her been a nightmare. She had been forced to have sex with her two sons as well as one of her captors. It wasn't long before she realised it wasn't a dream as she recognised her tormentor.

"Up you get sweetie. You need a shower," he grinned.

Without argument Veronica simply obeyed and headed, naked, to the en suite shower, oblivious to the fact that Tony and Paul, Eileen and Anne's respective boyfriends, were waiting just outside.

Veronica shuddered a little as the hot steamy jets of water struck her body. Eventually her body adjusted to the warmth and she began to scrub hard. She simply wished that that she could scrub away the defilement of her body just as easily as the soap cleaned her on the outside. Her thoughts were broken when her hooded watcher called out, "Ok lady. That's enough," and he handed her a large bath towel to dry herself. She was led back to the bedroom and ordered to lie back on the bed. Just a moment later the door to the room opened and a naked Tony walked in with a hooded person behind him. Veronica scrambled to cover her nakedness. "What's he doing here?" she screamed.

"He's going to fuck you," came the reply.

"No, please," she begged.

"Please, Mrs Davidson. They've threatened to harm Eileen," said Tony.

"I'd listen to him doll. If you don't comply your daughters will be in jeopardy," said her captor.

A chill of fear overwhelmed Veronica at his words and she simply resigned herself to her fate as the young man mounted her. To her shame Veronica felt a twinge of excitement as the warm athletic body pressed against hers. She was amazed too at the gentleness that Tony showed as he inserted his huge cock deep inside her and began to pound. At first the pace was slow building with each stroke. Veronica's body began to react and moved to develop a mutually satisfying rhythm. As the stroking continued their breathing became deeper and deeper.

"Oh fuck," cried out Veronica as she could feel her juices gather. Tony too, cried out as he came closer to orgasm. Their body heat made them perspire. Finally as the explosion of cum and juice signalled orgasm they both sighed with relief and sexual satisfaction.

Tony was pulled away and after a brief respite for Veronica it started all over again. This time however, Paul, Anne's boyfriend, was forced to fuck her. When Paul mounted Veronica she made no sign of resistance. Like Tony before him the touch of Paul's athletic body excited her. Veronica simply hoped she didn't show it. Paul kissed her passionately on her lips. The tingling sensation on her neck as he began to nibble and suck made her tremble. She struggled to subdue moan after moan. The struggle became harder as he worked down to her shoulder and finally to her naked firm breasts. As his mouth engulfed her breast and his tongue began to lick her nipple Veronica's resistance to moaning began to crumble. At first there was a slight moan, more like a grunt. As his tongue made its way down the valley between her breasts the moaning became more obvious. As Paul copied the same action of sucking and nibble on her left breast Veronica could take it no more as she cried out, "Oh Paul, don't stop. Please don't stop."

It was a strange utterance from a woman who both detested and despised her daughters' boyfriends. The truth for Veronica Davidson however was even more stranger than fiction. The truth was that she had often desired that Mike would simply take her and ravish her aching breasts just as Paul was doing now. Indeed with her eyes closed she imagined Paul was younger version of Mike and that he was making up for lost years. "Uuugh," she sighed with delight, no longer caring whether or not anyone heard. Her excitement grew as she felt Paul's tongue travelling down her firm waist. It reached fever pitch when he reached her bush and separating her pussy lips began to lash her click with the utmost vigour.

"Oh my God," she cried out, repeating herself several times.

There was a slight pause and for Veronica an almost anticlimactic feeling gave way to joy as Paul's huge hardened cock gently entered her and began to explore. Initially as Paul pumped away Veronica could feel nothing. As his speed accelerated though she could feel her lust and excitement starting to build more and more with each stroke.

As she felt her love juices beginning to gather Veronica could no longer control herself as she gripped the young man's bare hips as if steering him and cried out in a loud voice, "Come on you bastard. Call yourself a man? Come on."

Paul was astonished to hear such language from this prim and proper mature woman. Nonetheless her words acted as a spur to him as his pumping entered its final stages and both he and Veronica breathe deeper and deeper. They also perspired heavily. At last, as Veronica's juices and Paul's cum collided, Veronica turned away. "Oh fuck," she sighed in a low breathless voice. Paul simply collapsed beside her and sighed. He too, was breathless and spent.

After a few moments Paul was pulled from the bed and Veronica was given a glass with what looked like water to drink.

"Here you are baby. It'll help you sleep."

Just seconds after she was forced to drink the liquid everything went black.


Bright sunshine beamed through the curtains as Eileen and Anne began to wake up. It was a shock to both of them when they realised they had been lying on the bed naked and huddled up together. It was at that same moment the door to the bedroom was opened and two hooded men entered the room. "Good, you're awake. That was good timing," said one of them. "Bring him in," and Mike appeared in all his glory being pushed by a third member of the gang.

Mike's daughters huddled together in a vain effort to hide their nakedness. Eileen tried to plead with the men, "Please, we've done what you want..."

"Not by a long shot, lady. You've still got a long way to go yet," cut in one of them. "Now lie on your backs. Ok daddy. Who are you going to fuck first?" The others sniggered.

"But they're my daughters..." Mike was silenced by a gun to his head and the girls cried out in unison ,"Oh God."

Mike knew he had no choice. The girls also accepted this as Anne allowed her father to mount her and insert his cock inside her. Eileen was on the other side of the bed as her father ploughed deep inside her unfortunate sister. As she rested there she felt a little relief that her father hadn't chosen her. The relief was only temporary because one of the gang whispered something in her ear and she became anxious.

In the meantime Mike and Anne were locked in a battle of lust as their breathing and moaning became ever deeper. Finally they exhaled a final gust of air as they orgasmed together and Mike fell breathlessly between both women.

"Well it looks like we'll have to give your daddy a rest, little girl, but your sister's pussy needs to be cleaned. Get to work with that tongue." There was some laughter from the others and Eileen looked at them in horror. However, accepting inevitable defeat, she positioned herself between her sister's long smooth legs and began to lick Anne's cum soaked pussy. Despite the fact she had just orgasmed with her father, Anne could feel arousal starting to develop. Like her sisters-in-law she had some experience with girls at college but she never for one moment even thought of it with her own sister. When she did orgasm it was smaller than the one with her father but it still left her breathless.

"Well daddy should be rested by now. Ok pops, get to work. Start fucking her."

Eileen simply rolled over without argument and allowed her father to mount and plunder her pussy with his cock. When she orgasmed Anne was forced to copy her sister's actions and clean Eileen with her tongue. After a few moments respite the young women were pulled from the bed and dragged from the room.


Veronica woke up to the sensation of her breasts being squeezed. When she looked there was another of the hooded gang on her waist rubbing his hard cock between her naked breasts. She could see from the window it was already dark. His panting told her he was close to orgasm. She also became aware that her pussy was being attacked by another cock. When the eruption between her breasts occurred the hooded man rubbed the cum all over her melons. There was a simultaneous burning in her pussy as the other man orgasmed.

A few moments went by and then the door to the bedroom opened. Veronica's daughter's Eileen and Anne as well as her daughters-in-law, Joyce and Clare, were paraded in. All were naked and tired from their recent sexual encounters but there was to be no respite.

"Ok. You all know the drill. Do as you're told and there'll be no harm to anyone."

The women waited and wondered what was their next humiliation.

"You two," the hooded man pointed to Joyce and Clare. "Your mother-in-law's tits are dirty. Lick them clean."

Without a whimper, the young women obeyed and they positioned themselves to lick one breast each.

"You," the hooded man pointed to Eileen. "Your mother's pussy needs to be cleaned. Get down and lick it." Like her sisters-in-law, Eileen simply obeyed. She knelt and moving her mother's long smooth legs began to lick and then tongue lash the older woman's clit. Anne was ordered to mouth her mother in order to allow her to eat her young pussy. Soon all the women began absorbed in a crazed lesbian frenzy, unaware they were being photographed and filmed. When they finally orgasmed they all gave sighs of mutual satisfaction and rested breathlessly beside each other on the bed.


Their respite was short lived however as all five women dragged from the room and led downstairs to the living room. They were shocked to see Mike and the others tied to chairs, nude and gagged.

Veronica and the women were forced to their knees. Three of the hooded men stood in front of Veronica. One forced her to take his huge cock into her mouth and suck it. She was forced to hand fuck the other two. Her son Stephen was released and he in turn was forced to fuck her arse. Anne, Eileen and Joyce faced the same ordeal. In their cases, Tony, Paul and Peter plundered the respective arses. Clare was an exception in that she was fucked by three hooded men. The pumping and moaning went on for a long time. Soon all were consumed in their lust. It didn't matter whether they were being fucked by brother or sister, father or mother, brother-in-law or sister-in-law or son-in-law or daughter-in-law the crazed orgy built to one climactic end. They all orgasmed almost all at once releasing huge sighs of sexual relief and gratification.

After several moments the men were once again tied to their chairs and the women were forced onto the floor lying on their sides in a circle and ordered to lick each other's pussies. The bound men screamed through their gags as they witnessed the women pleasuring each other. The obvious leader of the gang spoke to Peter. "Well boys, you've got some fine women here. Remember what I said Davidson. You've got one week to get the money or next time it won't be so pleasurable."

The others laughed. The gang waited as they observed the women.

The gang left through the front door and into a large four wheel drive. It had stopped snowing but it still lay deep on the ground.

In the house Mike and the others screamed at the women through their gags to release them but the women had reached the point of no return as all their juices began to gather. When they finally orgasmed they simply fell on the floor gasping for breath.

Veronica was the first to move and released her husband. The others followed suit.

"We've got to call the police," said an angry Mike.

"Are you crazy?" responded Peter. "We'll have to tell them what happened here."

"We can't just stand here and let them get away with it," said Mike.

"Well I suggest we all get dressed first and decide what to do later," said Stephen.

Well they were dressed and calmed down the unanimously decided to remain silent. Besides, their mobile phones were gone and the landline was cut. The nearest house was Ned Fleming's farmhouse which was more than three miles away. That was bad enough on dry days but the snow meant several hours hard trekking.


It was two weeks later and Tony Bradley, Eileen's boyfriend was sitting in a pub in York with Paul Crooke, Anne's boyfriend. Another man came in and sat down beside them. Tony shook his hand and Paul handed over an envelope with a large sum of money inside.

Tony spoke. "Well Jack, you were right. The women were delectable. Especially their snobby mother."

They all laughed.

"It was well worth the price," said Paul.

"It was my pleasure," responded Jack. "Oh by the way, here's a little bonus." He handed them each an envelope with a DVD and explicit photos of the women in various acts.

"I wonder do they suspect anything?" asked Jack.

"Not a bit," replied Tony. "As far as they're concerned it's all down to Martin Blake and they're not going to say anything to him."

They all laughed heartily.

"How did you know about Davidson's debt?" Asked Paul.

"Oh that was easy. Blake's girlfriend is my sister."

Once again they laughed in unison.

Jack got up. "My round, boys. What will you have?"

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