tagMind ControlViolating Sandie Ch. 06

Violating Sandie Ch. 06


The following story is fiction and does not describe any real person or situation in particular. All characters are at least eighteen. This is the conclusion to the "Sandie" series and I highly recommend reading Violating Sandie parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 before reading this final installment. - xoxo Daphne123.


The final weeks of the school year were always busy for a graduating senior, and Sandie had been very busy...more than she knew.

As her psychology teacher, Sandie had trusted me with the knowledge that she had been conditioned to respond sexually to a trigger phrase. She wanted men to own her, and even though she had no memory of it, Sandie had asked me to make it happen. Since then, I have discretely revealed her secret to an ever-growing number of students who used, defiled, and transformed her into everyone's fuck machine. It almost seemed too easy. She said she wanted to be sexually degraded, and I made sure that she got exactly what she wanted.

Nearly a month had passed since Sandie's fucking session with me in the school library. Since then, so many people in her senior class had used her in some sexual way: her friends, several teachers, ex-boyfriends, and even people she didn't know but who had always fantasized about violating her. It still amazed me when I saw Sandie during class every day that she showed absolutely no signs of remembering what had been happening to her over the past several weeks. My favorite student was just as sweet and studious as ever, her fantasies about giving me total control of her gorgeous body and having men sexually degrade her well hidden in her subconscious mind.

Now, it was several days after graduation and Sandie had planned a beach weekend for herself to relax and enjoy some alone time. She didn't know it, but Sandie needed the rest to recuperate from the massive fucking she received during the commencement ceremony. After she walked off the stage with her diploma, four students were waiting for her. They escorted Sandie backstage into one of the soundproof recording rooms, stripped her completely, and strapped her into a bondage swing they had set up beforehand. All four students took turns fucking Sandie in all kinds of creative positions, her screams of ecstasy and sexual torture going unheard as the graduation ceremony continued just a few meters away. Of course, they made sure Sandie didn't remember it afterwards.

Now it was my turn to give Sandie a proper sendoff.

The local beach wasn't too far of a drive, and lots of students from the school liked to travel down there for a weekend. I had seen Sandie on the beach with her boyfriend several times over the past few years. When she told me she was going by herself this time, I quickly made plans to go down there as well, thinking about what sort of sexually degrading things I could do to her.

Sandie always had a favorite place to go that was on a very secluded part of the beach, so it was easy for me to guess where she would be laying out during the day. I packed my shoulder bag with several special items I planned to use on Sandie and headed for the shore.

Sure enough, she was there.

As I walked along the secluded beach in a t-shirt and khakis carrying my day bag, I could see Sandie laying face down on a towel. Her head was resting on her crossed arms in front of her and Sandie's lovely brunette hair was pinned up in a cute bun.

Her bikini though...ohmygod her bikini.

Sandie was wearing a very form-fitting orange swimsuit that made total use of her curves, especially her large breasts and amazing rear. The bottoms fit snug up against Sandie's ass with strings tied at her hips. The bikini top holding her gorgeous mounds fit perfectly...but just barely. The strings that tied around her back and neck were the only thing keeping Sandie's breasts from spilling out of her top. With her arms crossed in front of her, the sides of Sandie's breasts were teasingly visible. It was enough to drive any straight man out of his senses.

I didn't notice until I got close to Sandie that she was actually napping. The breeze, the sun, the sound of the waves, all had apparently lulled Sandie to sleep. I put my bag down as gently as I could and looked around the area. No one was nearby in this little hidden away section of the beach.

I got down on my knees next to my recently graduated student.

"Sandie? Are you awake?"

No answer...perfect. I was going to enjoy playing with her mind as well as her amazing teenage body.

I leaned over to softly whisper Sandie's trigger phrase in her ear. "Can you hear me sexy Doctor Sandie?"

My former student's body twitched. Her conditioning now activated, Sandie's sex drive quadrupled, her inhibitions lowered, and most importantly, her body would instantly do anything I told it to do.

"Now Sandie," I talked softly, "listen very carefully. I'm going to fuck you while you are sleeping. No matter what I do to you, you will not be able to fully wake up until I allow it. While you are being violated, you will imagine that everything happening to you is part of a very erotic dream you are having. In the dream, you are being forcefully taken by a group of men who are going to rape you. Anything that you say in the dream you will also say out loud. However, you will be completely unaware that you are actually being fucked in real life."

I didn't know it at the time, but Sandie's pussy was already wet.

"Nod if you understand, Sandie."

I saw Sandie's head nod slightly in her sleep.

"Good girl," I said undoing Sandie's hair bun, allowing her beautiful brunette locks to fall about her shoulders and back. I caressed Sandie's gorgeous body all over with my hands as if I owned her. Starting at the back of her neck, I slowly pulled the string to her bikini top.

"Mmm..." Sandie winced in her sleep as she felt the bikini string around her neck gently pop from the tension. Gliding my hands down I tugged on the bikini string that was tied around her back.

"Sandie," I said softly, "I'm taking off your bikini top now."

"No don't," Sandie said timidly, her eyes still closed. "Everyone here can see me."

"How many men are here Sandie?" I asked pulling on her bikini string until it gave...


"Eight," Sandie replied, "and I think they're all going to fuck me!"

I pulled Sandie's bikini top out from under her breasts and tossed it aside, leaving her large rack pressed against her beach towel.

"Nooo..." Sandie said embarrassed, "don't take my top away. Everyone can see my breasts."

Gliding my hands down to Sandie's waist, I took hold of the bikini strings that tied around her curvy hips and began to pull.


"No please..." Sandie begged as her bikini bottoms came undone and I slid them down over the curves of her full round ass.

"I'm taking off your bikini bottoms Sandie," I taunted her. "I want everyone here to see your pussy before they fuck you."

"Ohgod...no.!" Sandie moistened her lips nervously as she was stripped of her bikini. She had never felt so completely vulnerable. In her mind, eight horny guys were just waiting to rape her teenage pussy.

Moving around to Sandie's shapely legs, I placed my hands on the back of her thighs.

"I'm spreading your legs wide now Sandie," I said forcefully pushing my hands outward to separate her legs and display her pussy.

"No...no please don't," Sandie squirmed in her sleep, her hips and ass shifting teasingly from side to side as she struggled. "Please don't fuck me...I promised my boyfriend..."

I took one of Sandie's folded towels and placed it under her hips, lifting her ass at an angle. It gave me perfect access to Sandie's pussy, and a fantastic view of her amazing rear. I placed my cock up against Sandie's labia, causing her to yelp as she realized she was about to be violated.

"No please!" Sandie wiggled her fantastic ass trying to get away from the large member that was ready to enter her.

"What's happening Sandie?" I prompted her as my cock began to push between her pussy lips.

"Ohgod! He's raping meeeeEEEE!!!" Sandie cried out as she felt the walls of her wet pussy give way, allowing my large shaft to tunnel into her.

"How does that make you feel Sandie?" I asked as I slowly began pumping her with long deep strokes of my cock.

"Oooooooohhhhh..." Sandie moaned. "Its so humiliating...You're UM!!! You're fucking me without my permission. Oh shit that's deep."

"How else do you feel Sandie?" I continued pumping her.

"Its...UM!! ...degrading," Sandie's voice went softer as her pussy was being violated. "You're taking what you want from me without even asking."

"What else?"

"OH!!" Sandie gasped as my cock hit a very sensitive spot.

"WHAT ELSE?" I said more forcefully.

"Demeaning...UM!! Its demeaning me as a woman...OH!!!...being fucked in front of all these guys, UMM!!! ...knowing that they will be inside me next, treating me like I'm their toy. AHHH!"

"But that IS your purpose," I explained. "You as a woman are a fuck toy for all men to play with. You are an object for men to enjoy using whenever we like, whether you give us permission or not."

"Noooo..." Sandie was almost whimpering as I continued to ravage her slowly, enjoying being inside her and prolonging her defilement.

"This is EXACTLY what you want, Sandie," I said reaching into my day bag and pulling out a small glass butt plug. "You've always wanted to be degraded..."

I took hold of her bare ass and placed the plug between her cheeks.

"Nooooo," Sandie said weakly as she felt the plug being pushed slowly but firmly into her most intimate opening.

"You've always wanted to be used by men," I kept pumping my cock into her pussy as the plug continued to stretch her forbidden depths.

"Ohgod what are you guys doing to me?" Sandie's eyes remained closed as her ass wiggled in discomfort.

"We're getting you ready," I said pumping my cock into Sandie faster and faster as the plug came to rest fully inside her amazing ass.

"Oh fuck..." Sandie's hips began pumping on their own, trying to pull my cock deeper into her. "...getting me...UM!! ...ready for what? OH!!!"

I grabbed onto Sandie's long beautiful locks of hair, bracing her for the pounding I was about to unleash on her pussy. "We're getting you ready to be raped...eight times."

Immediately, I began fucking Sandie at full speed.

"OH FUCK!!!" Eyes clamped shut, Sandie cried out as my cock pounded into her over and over. The intense double penetration of the plug in her ass and my cock jack hammering her pussy plunged her into a new level of torturous pleasure.

"Tell me the truth! You WANT this don't you?" I spanked her ass hard as I continued to pummel her depths.


"OH!!! Yes..." Sandie managed to answer.

"You enjoy being a fuck toy for men," I prompted her.



"You want all eight of us to rape you in your sleep, don't you?" I could feel her pussy starting to clamp down on my shaft.



"Don't you?" I was going to make her answer.

"YES!!! OHGOD YES!!!" Sandie surrendered to her most primal urges. "RAPE MY PUSSY...ALL OF YOU! DON'T GIVE ME A CHOICE! RAPE MEEEEEEEE!!"

Sandie's pussy took hold of my cock and began milking it as if it had a mind of its own, repeatedly gripping the base of my shaft and pulling up towards the tip with the muscles of her tight cunt.

"Oh fuck Sandie," I gasped as the sensations washed over me, all my nerve endings being stimulated at the same time. "Your pussy is amazing!"

"OHGOD I'M COMING!!! I'M COMING SO HARD!!!!!" Sandie screamed as her entire body began shaking from the overload of pleasure. "AAAHHHH!!!!!!!"

We came together, Sandie's pussy clamping down on my cock as liquid began gushing from her contracting cunt and her muscles gripped the plug invading her ass. I pulled on Sandie's hair as I slammed into her, my cock firing deep into her womb as everything I had unloaded inside my star student.

"UNNNHH!!!" Sandie began rolling her hips, pulling as much pleasure out of my shaft as she could until there was no more to give.

I released my grip on her hair and she collapsed onto her beach towel.

"Ohgod!!" Sandie said in a post-orgasmic haze. "You came inside me! My teacher raped me and fucking came inside me!"

"Former teacher fuck toy," I said spanking Sandie's ass hard as I pulled my long shaft out of her defiled pussy.


"OH!!!!!" Sandie yelped as her entire body shuddered.

"One down, seven to go," I declared.

"Ohmygod no!!!" Sandie said worriedly, her eyes still closed in a quasi state of sleep, the images of her rapists all completely in her mind.

"Here comes your second man Sandie," I said turning on my phone video camera and sitting on her beach chair to record the show. "He's shoving his cock in...NOW!"

"OH FUCK!" Sandie jerked as if an invisible cock had slammed deep into her pussy. She was being violated by her own mind without having the slightest idea of what I was really doing to her.

"OHGOD!!! HE'S RAPING MEEEEE!!!" Sandie cried out as her hips thrust violently back and forth as if she were being fucked out of her mind.

"He's demeaning you Sandie," I corrected her. "You have become every man's fuck machine. Its what you wanted. Its what you asked me to do to you."

"UUNNNNHHH!!!" Sandie held on for dear life as I sat back and just let her be pounded for a good fifteen minutes by the imaginary cock fucking her. Until...

"He's going to come inside you now," I told Sandie.

"Ahh! Ahh! AHH!" Sandie's yelps were getting higher and higher as the climax approached.

"Get ready to have a massive orgasm with him..." I paused in midsentence to mentally dangle her on the edge of a cliff, "...NOW!"

"OOOHHH FUCK!!!!!!" Sandie screamed and her entire body froze in tension as more liquid came squirting from her pussy and her cunt muscles began contracting around a cock that only existed in her mind.

She had barely finished with her second orgasm when I shifted focus to her third.

"Here comes cock number three Sandie," I warned her. "Get ready, it's a big one."

"Oh no!" Sandie said apprehensively. "I can't take any more."

"You have no choice bitch," I countered. "Your body and mind no longer belong to you. You are the property of men. Now get ready to be fucked a third time."

Sandie braced herself as she felt the imaginary cock press against her pussy lips.

"Oh shit!" Sandie froze. "Its enormous! There's no way I can get that inside meeEEEEE!!!!!"

Sandie screamed as she felt the massive shaft pushing into her, stretching her pussy walls beyond what she thought was possible to accommodate this beast of a cock.

"AAAHHH!!!!!!!! AAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!" Sandie threw her head back and screamed at the sky.


For nearly two hours, I sat watching my star psychology student being mentally raped over and over again by this group of men she had created in her dream. Her physical responses were unbelievable. Sandie's amazing body shuddered and convulsed uncontrollably with every orgasm, her pussy muscles contracting and expanding as invisible cocks forced their way into her love canal. Her cunt squirted liquid everywhere as her pussy was pounded ruthlessly.

Sandie's screams of pleasure and torture were wonderful to hear. A few passers by had heard the rapturous cries from the teenage student and were watching discretely from a distance.

Finally, after Sandie's last rapist had finished having his way with her, she collapsed on her beach towel in complete exhaustion. She felt used...like an object...ashamed at being treated like a fuck toy. She had been stripped of her dignity, her self-esteem, and forced to come more times than she thought was possible...all for the pleasure of men.

...and it was exactly what she had wanted.

I, however, had one more humiliation in mind.

"Get on your hands and knees Sandie."

Still in her sleep mode with her eyes closed, Sandie got on all fours and waited for orders as I propped my phone against her beach bag, pointing the camera towards her. Reaching into my day bag I pulled out a black leather collar and placed it around her neck. The collar had an O-ring on the front to which I attached a long metal chain, acting essentially as a leash.

"Oooooooohhh," Sandie moaned in anticipation despite her fatigue.

Pulling gently on the chain with one hand, I stroked Sandie's back with the other as if I were petting a puppy.

"Spread your knees a little so I can get to your ass," I said giving her a hard slap on her rear.


Sandie did as she was told. I got down on my knees and with both hands, spread her ass cheeks apart.

"Ohgod," Sandie whispered to herself, moistening her lips in anticipation.

The plug that had been in her ass all this time had stretched her enough that my cock would be able to work its way into her forbidden entrance.

"Aahhh..." Sandie let out a soft cry as I removed the plug and placed my cock at her entrance. Somehow she knew it would come down to this, so she braced herself...and waited.

Then I began to push.

"UMM!" Sandie gripped her beach towel with her hands as I slowly and methodically inched my rock hard cock into the teenager's ass.

Sandie's mouth fell open as she felt her insides being probed one inch at a time by my massive member, her fantastic breasts hanging down and swaying hypnotically as I forced my way into her.

My star student's cries of pleasure and discomfort changed into whimpers of defeat as my cock came to rest deep inside her.

"Ohgod..." Sandie choked on her words as tears rolled down her cheeks. "You're...going to rape my ass...aren't you?"

"Absolutely," I responded, reaching around her hips to touch Sandie's clitoris, "and you're going to come like you never have before."

"OH!!!" Sandie's body jumped as my fingers made contact with her very erect sexual organ.

Then she felt my cock start to pump her ass.

"Mygod...UM!!! Dammit this is so...AHH!!! ...so fucking hot!" Sandie talked to herself as she felt my cock slowly violate her depths. The way her ass seemed to suckle on my shaft every time I pulled back was so amazing, and her convulsions of pleasure were beautiful to watch as I tortured and teased her clit without mercy.

"OH FUCK!!! This is so degrad...AHHH! ...degrading but it feels...OH!!! ...fucking unbelievable!"

With my free hand I took hold of Sandie's leash and pulled firmly, forcing Sandie to tilt her head up and arch her back.

"Whose ass is this Sandie?" I asked continuing to pump her.

"Oh fuck!!!" Sandie could feel a massive climax building "Its mine. You're inside my ass."

I yanked on her chain. "Wrong bitch, try again. Who owns your ass?"

"OH!!!" Sandie yiped as the leash choked her for a split second. She tried to guess the right answer.

"You...you own my ass. OH!!!"

Another yank on her chain. "Wrong again cunt." I punctuated every word of my question with a deep thrust into her. "WHO...OWNS...THIS...ASS?"

Sandie felt completely humiliated. She was on all fours with a leash around her neck, a hand torturing her clitoris, and a cock pounding her ass. Then she realized...

"ALL MEN!!!" Sandie cried out. "EVERY MAN OWNS MY ASS!!!"

"Now you're getting it," I began pumping her ass faster. "Who owns this pussy?"


"Who gets to fuck you?"


"What perverted sexual things can men do to you?"


"Good girl," I said satisfied. "Are you ready to come?"

"YES!!! OH FUCK YES!!!!!"

"Be careful what you wish for. When you come, your body will continue to orgasm over and over, never stopping until I pull out of you."

"OHGOD!!! FUCK ME!!!" Sandie yelled, her pussy already squirting on my hand torturing her engorged clit. "RAPE MY ASS!!!!! OH FUCK!!!!! UNNGH!!!!! UNNGH!!!!!!!"

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