The sex was violent. The sex was always violent; thrusting, pounding, pulsing desire running through them both as nine full inches of cock was forced into a hole far too small for it.

Things were better now than they were. No more petty resistance, no more snippy remarks...Kate had finally come to, and Sheldon was not entirely convinced that he hadn't gone mad and started dreaming shit up. Kate's moans in his ear, her whispered words, gave Sheldon all the motivation he needed to fill her with every ounce of come he could produce before collapsing on her chest.

They panted together, for a moment, Kate's fingers drawing little circles on his shoulders, and occasionally trying to move his hair out of both their faces. She kissed his cheek gently- a far cry from the vicious bite she'd given his shoulder when she'd come - and sighed.

"I'm fucking dreaming. I've just gone insane, and I am actually in some padded cell somewhere, humping the floor and making a mess in my hospital gown, aren't I?" he breathed, trying to calm his racing heart. His sister chuckled beneath him and ran her tongue along his neck and nipped him gently. Sheldon sighed, smiling.

"Hey, hey there," he said, softly, pulling away to look at the woman beneath him, "Don't. You'll get me all excited again, and god dammit my cock is exhausted."

Kate smiled and apologised sorrowlessly, kissing Sheldon firmly on the mouth before letting him pull out of her and lie beside her on the bed. She turned on her side to press her naked body against his, her breasts brushing distractingly against his shoulder as she made to kiss his cheek.

"I love you."

That was the only bothersome part. It wasn't that Sheldon particularly minded hearing it, anymore. He actually enjoyed it, truthfully, and not just for egotistical reasons. It was the closest thing to feeling he got, really. What bothered him was feeling obligated to say it back. Society says that in a healthy relationship, one person does not say "I love you" and have it go unreturned. It was required.

Of course...society also said that in a healthy relationship, a brother and sister do not willingly fuck like rabbits in a Viagra testing laboratory. And Kate insisted that she didn't need, or even necessarily want him to say it. She just needed to say it, herself. So, all right. So long as nothing was expected of him (except, perhaps, a constant erection), he could deal.

She was stroking his stomach, he realised when he'd resurfaced from his deeper thoughts, and getting dangerously close to what teenage girls liked to refer to as his "treasure trail;" the line of dark, thick hair leading down to his pubis. He smacked her hand away, flattered but tired.

"I mean it, Kate. I'm fucking wiped out," he said with regret. He couldn't help but be amused, however...he hardly thought that one day, he would be pushing his reluctant, prudish sister's hand away from his crotch because he'd come too many times that night.

"All right, all right," she conceding with half a resigned smile. She kissed his shoulder in a disgustingly endearing way, draped her arm over Sheldon's chest, and relaxed, eyes shut. Shel allowed himself a vague smile as he, too, allowed sleep to creep up on him.

((Asterisk, Asterisk, Asterisk...))

Suddenly he was awake again. He couldn't have been asleep long...only an hour, it felt like. But here he was, awake. The reason for this, he realised suddenly, was planting kisses down his chest and stomach, and licking along his inner thighs.

Well, he'd be damned if that wasn't the most pleasant wake-up call in the world, even if it was unwarranted. He felt himself rising to the occasion, no matter how tired he had protested to be before falling asleep. He supposed he could probably handle it. After all, she was down there and everything, and it would be mean of him to -

Kate ran her tongue from the thick base of his shaft to the slightly tapered end, leaving a slippery trail of saliva, before taking the head into her mouth and teasing it tortuously with her suckling and licking.

Sheldon moaned quietly, stroking his sister's dark brown hair absently with one hand. "Not that I want to discourage you," he said breathily, "But this might take a while..."

There was a smacking sound as Kate removed her mouth from his cock, to flash him a smile that he could not see. "It might not take so long if you remember that it's your older sister's lips wrapped around your cock..."

A little wave of pleasure coursed through Sheldon's body, causing his stomach to do a little flip and a smirk to magically appear on his mouth. "God, you're dirty."

Kate nodded and smiled, both interesting effects, considering that her mouth was currently occupied by Sheldon's sizeable member. She bobbed her head up and down a few inches of it, goaded father along its length by Sheldon's gentle insistence with his hand.

Kate gave great blowjobs. There was none of that fancy-schmancy butterly tickling or whatever the fuck the girls were calling it nowadays. She didn't distract herself by trying to use her tongue and her lips at the same time, when it really didn't make a goddamn difference at all. She just did what he wanted her to do - just fucking sucked on it.

Like a goddamned Hoover, he might add.

His hand moved automatically to encompass more of the back of Kate's head, pressing her down, farther. Normally, she didn't go past four inches on her own...but with Sheldon's "encouragement", she could go nearly the whole damn thing. He began to thrust into her mouth, gently at first, and then more firmly, trying to fit every goddamn inch of his aroused cock into his sister's throat.

"Oh, yeah," he groaned, "Oh fuck yeah. Make me come, bitch."

He could feel Kate shiver with pleasure at his reaction. She tried to moan, but it came out little more than a squeak, distorted around the dick being forced past her gag reflex. Sheldon grunted gutterally and groaned, thrusting upwards into Kate's mouth, while holding her head still with a powerful hand.

"Oh god," he moaned, "Oh yeah, suck my dick. Fuck yes."

Kate tried to moan again, and the vibrations against Sheldon's cock were highly pleasurable, pushing him all the more close to his imminent orgasm. He knew that Kate loved it when he said things like that to her, especially in her ear, though he wasn't so flexible to be able to do that, now.

Kate was right, Sheldon realised as he pressed himself farther and farther into her warm, fleshy mouth. Knowing that he was, at that moment, choking his own goddamned older sister with his cock was driving him to orgasm much faster than he thought possible.

"Oh god...Kate," he cried, suddenly thrusting himself completely into her face as he felt his balls tighten. His cock began to pulse and spasm, and he sent each fiery hot blast of come straight down his sister's throat, pressing hard into her as he did so, until he was spent. He then let go immediately, and let Kate breathe. She wiped her mouth, more out of habit than necessity, and kissed his thigh, leaning her head against it.

She left it soon enough, however, and climbed up to lay next to her naked, panting brother. She kissed his shoulder and nipped at it as if she were some cute little sex kitten and not a goddamned tigress.

"Goddamn that was hot," she sighed in his ear, "I never thought I'd be so happy to have you come down my throat."

The familiar wave of arousal rushed through Sheldon's nerves, and he smacked Kate playfully upside the head. "You have the dirtiest goddamn mouth..."

"And you love fucking it."

"Jesus Christ, Kate!"

She laughed, and pulled the sheets up around herself, making herself look like some sort of Roman goddess. Sheldon couldn't see, but he didn't need to. He knew just what she looked like. And if he didn't, he was happy enough with his imagined version. He smirked smugly and adjusted himself to put his arm around his sister. She cuddled in close under his chin, and lay there, soft and warm, breathing on his chest.

"Good night, Sheldon."

"'Night, Kate."

"I love you."

Ach, what the hell.

"I love you, too."

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