tagRomanceViolet Ch. 01

Violet Ch. 01


Violet became increasingly anxious and nervous as she sat on the couch and watched the clock slowly tick by second by second. Seven o'clock just wasn't coming fast enough. It needed to get here and soon. She didn't know how much more she could take. Of course, there was the other side of her thoughts. Because she was so anxious, she was afraid of what would happen and how she would act when the time came and Brian actually did show up. The lack of sound in the empty apartment wasn't helping matters either.

Brian and Violet really didn't have much of a history, really. Brian use to be her boss when he was still a manager at the store she worked at. He spent a lot of time working with her and helping develop her into a better associate. She soaked everything in like a sponge and was very eager to teach herself even more when he wasn't around. She took just natural intuition. But Brian's opinion really mattered to her a lot and she wasn't afraid to ask for his opinion. Even if it was something as simple as how a display looked and if she had been too aggressive about making changes without being told to do so. Despite all her confidence in her decision making, she always asked him to come over.

Brian always took the time to stop and talk to her about anything, whether it was work related or not. He was down to earth and took extreme care and interest in anything that Violet did or wanted to know or discuss. He was open and she could rely on him. And secretly, it appeared that Brian was just as interested in coming to visit her as she was to see him.

Violet's mind wandered away from the clock and the TV became a dull noise as she laid her head back on the couch, closed her eyes and thought. Deep down she had realized at one point in working with him that she had found more than just confidence and trust in Brian. There was another attraction there. He helped her feel good about herself and gave her confidence and that was something that was extremely attractive to her. And as each encounter came and went, the more she felt for him. It wasn't very strong at first but now that he was going to be there, she realized that there was a stronger bond there than she originally thought.

She remembered when she initially told him just how she felt. He had just split up with his girlfriend and it was a particularly tough time for him. But she felt it would be good to be able to talk to him about what was going on and finally admit to him, now that he was no longer her boss, that she did indeed have a "slight crush" on him. He returned the token and admitted that the feeling was mutual. She never knew quite asked any further questions of him other than just to discuss life.

For some reason though, just in the last week or so, Brian had become suddenly more forward with her than before. He had discussed other feelings than what was there before. Albeit sudden, Violet had been accepting of it. He discussed many things with her that night; most of it was particularly sexual in nature. It was odd to be discussing these things with Brian when she hadn't before, but it was arousing in the same token. She had felt excitement build in her that wasn't there before and made her think a little more critically of the situation. She was very comfortable talking to him and it was something that she was glad to get into the open. Something new and exciting.

Violet was awakened with a start. She had fallen asleep while recounting everything that had happened. It was seven! Brian was here (fashionably early) and she wasn't quite ready. The knocking at the door had her heart pumping hard. She wasn't ready for it and it had startled her hard. She stood up and realized her hair needed to be fixed, but other than that, she was ready. Walking to the door, she opened it while working on trying to reset her ponytail.

"Getting all fancy for me?" Brian teased.

"No," Violet laughed, "I fell asleep on the couch."

"Sure you did," Brian replied with a wink.

Brian walked in and closed the door behind him. Violet was pretty calm and took a seat on the couch, telling him that he could sit wherever he wanted. He took a chair adjacent to the couch so as to not make her uncomfortable.

"So what's on the agenda?" he asked.

"I thought maybe we could just watch a movie or something." She replied.

"That's cool. What are we watching?"

"Have you ever seen Resident Evil?"

"Nope. I kind of steer away from that kind of movie. Just not my type. But if that's what you've got planned, let's go with it."

"Ok, good. You're going to want to come here on the couch though because you can't see shit from that chair."

Brian stood up and made his way over. He stopped and took his hoodie off and put it on the end of the couch. He sat beside her as she turned the movie on.

About an hour into the movie, Brian made a bold move and put his arm behind her. He knew this was cliché but he was looking for some way to break the solid silence that had been between them since he got there. The movie was more interesting than he thought but still not enough to stop him from thinking about Violet in a different light. So he placed his arm around her and waited for a response, which he got.

Violet's head turned quickly to him. She was met with a nervous yet confident smile while he moved his arm behind her shoulders with confidence. Their eyes met and it was as if they had been transported somewhere in through each other's eyes. Before she knew it, Brian had leaned and pressed his lips against her's. They made a short, but passionate set of kisses. Brian pulled back, looked into her eyes again and leaned back in again for another kiss.

Violet's lips were incredibly soft and warm. They just melted into his and the kiss turned into a small make out session. Brian brought his hand up and caressed her cheek gently. The touch was like a small electric shock moving through her body. Her body became suddenly all-aware of everything she was feeling. Her lips felt as if they were on fire with passion, the touch on her face made her realize how flushed she was. Her heart was beating rapidly again. She felt warmth throughout her body, especially in her crotch where her pussy was starting to react to all of these senses at once.

The kissing broke off for a moment. Violet stopped the movie and stood up. Brian stood up with her. She walked in front of him and across the apartment. Waiting for a sign to know it was ok, she looked over her shoulder expectantly. It was the only sign he needed as he followed her into the bedroom.

The room was palely lit. It almost was perfect for the mood though. Brian looked around the room and then realized that her eyes were on him. He drew closer to her and again looked into her eyes and leaned in to kiss her passionately again. Each placed their arms around the other and caressed whatever their hands could reach. Suddenly Violet pushed Brian's shirt up and urged him to take it off, which he did with one quick motion. In response, Brian helped lift Violet's shirt off of her. He stood and enjoyed the beauty of her skin. It was pale yet sexy. Her beautiful breasts held closely with her bra. Gently he massaged over her skin. Up her arms, down her sides and over her back. Brian reached up and attempted to unhook her bra. But, as with every other time he had tried to unhook a bra, he failed epically. He stopped and took an exasperated sigh.

Violet laughed. "Do you need a little help?" she teased.

"More than a little! Please! Help me out!" Brian laughed in response.

Violet reached back and made the nearly impossible task of unhooking her bra look completely effortless.

"I guess it is easier when you do it almost every day." Brian joked.

Violet didn't say anything. Brian stared at her beautiful breast, more perfect than he had imagined. She walked toward him again. Their bare upper bodies touched each other. Brian couldn't believe the sensation. His cock was pushing hard against the fly of his jeans as their bodies became entangled.

Brian pulled away and knelt down. He took one of Violet's nipples in his mouth and ran the other one between his fingers. He licked and nibbled gently on her left nipple and then moved to the right one. Violet let out small gasps as he made his movements. He bit down slightly harder as he continued on. Violet's pussy was on fire now and Brian knew it. He unbuttoned and unzipped her pants and pushed them easily down over her legs. Stepping out of them, she stood there just in her panties while Brian knelt in front of her. He felt the deep warmth from within them. He had never been so turned on in his life.

Violet brought Brian's attention back to her. He stood up and watched her as she did the same unveiling that he had. She pushed his jeans to the floor and had him step out. She looked back up and his hard on was sticking out of the open front of his boxers. She smiled, reached up and took his boxers down. Standing naked in front of her and with a raging hard on, Brian's head was swimming. He watched as Violet revealed her shaven pussy. It was pure beauty and he was so ready to indulge in it.

Brian took her hand and led her over to the bed and urged her to lay against the pillows with her legs open so he could get in between. As her legs opened it was as if a flower was opening before him. He slowly lowered his head down to her open lips, glistening with wetness. His tongue split her lips and made its way up to the top and touched her clit. Violet gasped loudly. Brian repeated his motions several times before stopping at the top.

Violet prepared herself for what was about to come. Brian lowered his head closer to her pussy and applied increased pressure on her clit. He began making side to side motions, crossing over the full width of it as he went. Soft moans and gasps emanated from her as he made each pass.

Brian stopped for a minute. While still maintaining a smell level of pressure on her clit, he softly slid two fingers inside her. The feeling was full and pleasant. Brian curled his fingers back up toward the front of her inner pussy walls and ran them firmly against the upper wall. He then leaned back down over her clit and resumed the previous actions as he fingered her rapidly. He licked and sucked at her clit and could feel the strong muscles pulling on his fingers. Violet knew that she couldn't hold out much longer. The repeated actions were becoming far too much for her and she finally gave in. Her body tensed up and quivered as she let her cum go. Brian assaulted her clit harder than before and maintained a very strong stroking of her inner wall as she came. One load moan and large gasp signified the end of her cum and her ass fell back to the bed. Brian withdrew from her body and looked at her. She was wiped out entirely. He smiled at her and she returned the smile back.

Brian sat down beside her. Their naked arms rested beside each other as Violet came down from her sexual high. Brian's hard on was as strong as ever. Violet leaned over and took it in one hand and stroked it gently up and down. She was amazed at how strong and large his cock was. She couldn't wait to have it inside her.

Violet looked up to Brian. Still slowly stroking it she purred an order to him. "I want you to fuck me. Now. Get up on your knees."

Brian wasted no time. He got up on his knees as Violet got on both her hands and knees and opened her legs to let him between them, which he did without being told.

Brian took the tip of his cock and pushed it against her hot pussy opening. Slowly he pushed it in so she could gradually get use to the invasion. When he finally was all the way in, he stayed still and just took in the awesome feeling of her tight pussy around him. Then, slowly, he started with short strokes, increasing them as he made the next one. Soon he was making long strokes over and over and with a much faster pace.

Violet felt every inch. Her pussy didn't even feel as if it had just cum. She took every stroke as a new approach at making her cum again. Brian's hands were just below her hips, along the sides of her ass as he pulled her closer into him. They were fucking with fury now and a loud slapping noise was heard each time they came together. It was much like a thunderstorm waiting to break loose.

Brian's long, powerful strokes had Violet ready to cum again. She said in breathless voice "I'm cumming!" and Brian mirrored the statement with his own agreement. "I am too!" Violet's cum forced her hard against his cock and suddenly she could feel each pulse as Brian came deep inside her pussy, filling every inch with his hot cum. Both suddenly stopped and relaxed. Violet lowered her upper body and Brian slowly withdrew from her and collapsed on the bed beside her.

"That was completely amazing." Brian said.

"It was! I loved how hard you fucked me," Violet said, "And I am so ready for you to do it again."

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