tagRomanceViolet Ch. 02

Violet Ch. 02


Violet slowly opened her eyes. It was dark in her room; deeply dark. She couldn't focus her eyes for several seconds. She thought to herself as many different thoughts raced into her mind. She was in bed, but how did she get there? She couldn't quite remember. It was obviously nothing too harmful because she was comfortable and had been sleeping well at the point she woke up. A strange dream had been brewing in her head. The details were evading their entirety to her conscious mind. Why couldn't she quite remember? She just needed to remember because it was going to drive her crazy.

Suddenly Violet froze. There was movement behind her and something brushed against her back. Her heart was pounding a mile a minute. What was behind her? It couldn't be her dog. The motions were free. Without warning, she felt naked skin against her own naked skin down her back and an arm came around her side and cuddled carefully across her belly.

Violet let out a stifling yell. She was terrified, but just as she began yelling, something came to mind. It was a piece of her dream. There was an immediate clarity for her. She had a strong vision of having her pussy eaten. Someone was licking her intently and pumped her pussy with their fingers. She remembered now about what preceded the last few minutes of doubts and fears. She hadn't dreamt it. Brian had been there. And had just done that. It must be Brian behind her and pulling her in closely with his arm, apparently to have a close cuddling.

"Brian?" Violet asked. There was no response but there was a little more movement closer to her. She knew that Brian had said his medicines often made him sleep heavily.

"Brian? Are you awake?" She asked again.

There was still no response. Figuring he was entirely too asleep to even talk to, she settled into his firm embrace. It felt good. Very comforting. His arms weren't very large but really had a way of making her relax. She then let her mind start to the previous night's activity.

The first thing she thought of what the expressions Brian made as he watched her lose her clothes at the foot of her bed. It was a true expression of interest and compassion. As she thought about each piece of clothing she lost, she remembered he lost his as well. Both of them began to feel their hearts race and breathed a little harder. She then remembered him attempting to take off her bra without success. She kind of laughed out loud a little because it was funny when he told her that she'd have to do it.

The laugh must have been a little more audible than she thought. Brian moved a bit and he slid down off his pillows but pulled his midsection closer. Her ass was now nestled against him. She tried to stay still so he didn't wake up. It was difficult though because it had made her realize that he had a serious hard on and it was pressing against the underside of her ass cheeks and up against her thighs.

A sudden warmth deep in her pussy became evident and she was starting to get wet. The thought of his cock against her and the possibility of it re-entering her was extremely exciting. She thought through it all and how she would love to have another load of his cum deep inside her. It was so awesome the previous night and it could do nothing but feel better this time.

It almost seemed as if Brian could read her mind. He slowly began rocking his hips back and forth and ran the hard tip of it against the bottom of her ass cheeks and against her thighs. It was a steady rhythm, like when you would use when you're first start having sex. It made her think deeply of what she could do to make the most of this situation while he slept. Brian had already made her horny as all hell and she needed to do something about it.

While still lying on her side, she lifted her top leg just enough so she could reach her pussy. Slowly her hand slid down over her breasts and she stopped to indulge in them along the way. She took her nipple and rolled it between her fingers, pinching and pulling it. Each touch she made to her nipple made her gasp. She continued to play with it for another couple of minutes while she made sure his hard cock along her backside still rocked against her. Finally, she could wait no longer and slide her hand over her smooth skin and found her warm, shaved mound.

She couldn't believe the warmth that was emanating so strongly that it radiated up to her mound. Everything was so tense and held a lot of anticipation. She realized that she wasn't quite able to reach her pussy yet, at least not to her clit. She was really afraid to move too much but she had to get to it. So gently she moved her leg up into a bent position. This opened up her entirely and allowed her full access. Her hand reached down and her fingers found her erect clit. A very loud gasp escaped this time, but she didn't care. She had waited these few long minutes to be able to touch herself and make herself cum like she use to when she was younger. It was something that couldn't wait. Even though she wanted and almost needed to have Brian's cock inside her. Her hand made several trips around her clit and dipped down into her wet pussy and came back with much lubrication for it. It felt great.

Completely forgetting that Brian was behind her, she continued her gyrations. It wasn't long though when Brian shifted a little more and suddenly the cock that had pushing against her ass and legs slid through an opening where she had lifted her leg up. Instantly there was contact between his hard cock and the wet lips she had been playing with. The was so much lubrication that his cock easily slid all the way up and down her separated pussy lips. The pace increased as it seemed it picked up on what was going on and almost on cue with what Violet's desires were. This could only get better!

As Brian pumped forward, his strokes became more deliberate and rhythmic. Violet kept playing with her clit and she knew she was getting close to cumming. It felt great and there was no purpose in really holding it off. It was just going to stop what she really needed! She couldn't believe all this was happening. Brian appeared to be having a wet dream and she was reaping the benefits.

Violet could wait no longer. She finally put the intense pressure and motions on her clit and let herself go! She suddenly slammed her legs down together and doubled over in a deep climax that was unrivaled to any other she had ever given to herself! She remained in a tight ball for several seconds before relaxing and allowing herself to catch her breath. Her head was swimming and she was a long way from being near reality. It wasn't until she heard a voice that she came back to some semblance of awareness around her.

"Would you like for me to slide inside your hot pussy now? I love that you got off while I was sliding up and down your wetness. But I think it's time for a serious fucking, what do you think?" Brian asked.

Violet jumped a little bit. She turned her head, while still breathing hard, and smiled. Although it was dark, she could tell that Brian's eyes were looking deep into her's like he had always wanted to. He had a smile on his face and seemed to become lost in the moment. He took his hand and cradled the side of her face. Caressing it, he leaned in and placed his lips tenderly, yet firmly against her's and they became deeply lost in time for a moment. Nothing had ever been so comforting to either of them. It was a warmth that both of them had yearned for over a couple of years and it was decided that it was well worth the wait.

Brian slid down behind Violet again. He reached his hand between her thighs and found her wet pussy. He slid a couple of fingers in deeply and then repeated the process several times. Taking them out he urged her onto her back, which Violet did willingly. Placing himself between her legs, he took the tip of his cock and ran it up and down her wetness, stopping at the top each time. After about ten passes, he pushed his cock slowly and deeply inside Violet's hot pussy. He let out a moan as he pushed all the way in. Violet did as well.

After Violet's internal walls became adjusted to Brian's invasion, he started a slow rhythm, gladly enjoying each movement deeper with each thrust. As Brian's eyes met Violet's, he picked up his rhythm without ever breaking eye contact. His breaths became shallow as he felt Violet's pussy pull at his cock in an attempt to suck his cum out of him.

The pattern was now at a feverish pace, set on making each of them cum. Violet began rocking back up harder against Brian and it pushed him to the edge. Suddenly Violet's body came way off the bed as she came on Brian's cock. Violet was cumming Brian knew that it was ok for him to. With a heavy thrust, Brian pushed against Violet's crotch as he let out a strong moan and came deep inside Violet's pussy, collapsing only after he was completely empty. Brian's arms gave out and he came to rest on Violet's naked body. They were both sweaty and breathing hard but it seemed not to be any concern to them as their lips met tenderly several times over.

Rolling over on his back, Brian spoke. "This is way better than I ever imagined. Thank you so much."

"I agree." Violet said. "And I think it needs to happen again. And again and again and again."

Brian rolled onto his side and whispered in her ear. "I do too. You're amazing."

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