tagRomanceViolet Ch. 04

Violet Ch. 04


Violet sat on the couch with her feet up on the coffee table; ice cream in one and a spoon in the other. It was time for to wind down from the long day she had just endured and what better way than to sit in front of the TV with some ice cream. She needed to totally desensitize from the day as it was a grueling one on her feet, all eight hours of it. And the fact that she was 27 weeks pregnant was not helping matters any.

Don't get Violet wrong, she loved being pregnant and couldn't wait for the baby to be here. Her thoughts often were on the nursery and getting it ready, affording what she could in advance so she'd be ready for the arrival of her bundle of joy.

But many other thoughts also swirled through her head as well. Most often work was there. It was a daunting feeling because her job was rarely exciting and it required long periods of time on her feet, which weren't getting easier the further she became pregnant. Carrying around all the extra weight was really a burden some days, especially when she had to run from one end of the building to the other at a moment's notice. Some days it incurred a lot of repetitive research that just put her brain to sleep, almost like it was on auto-pilot, just doing its own thing. She wasn't sure which of the two was more tiring; but then again everything seemed tiring at this point. That's why she chose to come home tonight, eat some comfort food and watch TV with her feet up, even though her pregnant belly was getting in the way of the TV screen as she dipped back into her ice cream.

Violet looked at the clock. Reading five minutes until nine, it meant there would be an hour before Brian even got out of work. She longed for him to be home and hoped that she could get him to give her a much needed massage of her lower back and feet. Massages were something that Brian was very adept at and it always felt good when he touched her bare skin with his smooth hands. Moving across and down her lower back to just above her butt and then back again, over and over. His thumbs seemed to be particularly strong and it helped because he was able to truly massage the deepest parts of her feet, where they hurt the most. The massages were also very sensual and almost arousing as his touch was so delicate that it affected her whole body. There were tingling sensations that worked their way up her legs and through her back. They crept their way around the front of her body and awoke her most private areas. It was at this point that it became more than a massage - it became an awakening for her whole body.

Suddenly Violet became aware of something. The thoughts of the massage were having a large effect on her, almost as if the massage were really happening. She felt the tingles in her feet and legs. She felt them up her back and around to -- oh yes -- around to her most delicate of areas. Her pussy had begun to pulsate a little bit and she could feel it getting warmer. Her thoughts then turned to something that had been much more common lately -- sex. In fact, it wasn't just lately that she became aware of her increased sexual urges. Ever since she found out she was pregnant, her already high sex drive had gone into overdrive. She found that the thought of sex was on her mind a lot and she really wanted more frequently. Thankfully there were no problems with getting Brian to participate as he was always willing to "help out" when she needed it most. But the problem right now was that she still had an hour before Brian would be home and she didn't want to wait for him. She needed it now.

An evil grin crossed Violet's lips. Why couldn't she just do it herself right now and still have sex with Brian later? She was sure she'd be more than up to the task when he got home. Besides, Brian would have to eat something and unwind when he got home before he would be ready for a full blown fucking. Yes, she was sure that this would work. Rubbing herself off now and getting fucked later. What a brilliant idea!

Violet entirely forgot her ice cream as she set it down on the coffee table in front of her and got up to go to the bedroom. The closer she got the hotter her pussy felt. It was truly pulsing and aching for some action and she was determined to give it what it wanted. Entering her bedroom, she walked over beside the bed. She quickly pulled her shirt over her head and reached for her bra. She unhooked it and slid it down over her arms and off her body. Looking downward, she realized that she could no longer see her feet (and hadn't been able to for quite a while) and she smiled a little and chuckled.

Taking her thumbs, she hooked them inside the elastic of her maternity pants and pushed them down her legs. They stuck about halfway down so she lifted her leg and let the force of the extra weight push the left one down. She then proceeded to do the same thing with the right. Stepping out of them, she kicked them in the pile with her shirt on the floor. As she did with her pants, Violet used her thumbs to push down her panties and she also stepped out of those and added them to the pile.

Before climbing on the bed, Violet made two decisions. The first was to walk over to the full length mirror on her bedroom door. She observed herself intensely in the mirror, noticing her large belly. "I don't look bad for being so pregnant. " She thought. "All my weight is in my belly and not anywhere else -- not my legs or my ass. I actually think I look pretty damn sexy. Now I understand what Brian was talking about when he said I looked good. I just didn't see it before."

Thoroughly content and feeling very sexy, Violet decided it was time to go to her second thought and take some action on what she came in here to do in the first place. Walking over to the TV stand in the bedroom, she started sorting through movies. When she found what she wanted, she popped it in the DVD player and retreated to the bed. It was time for some serious masturbating.

Violet propped herself up on the bed. Her hand made its way down between her legs and caressed the outer lips of her pussy. The movie started and she was ready to get serious. Two women showed up on the screen, naked and caressing each other's bodies. This always turned Violet on because she had such a yearning for a woman's body and really wished she could enjoy them more often. This was one pleasure she kept for herself, not even sharing it with Brian. Her attention resumed on the TV.

One woman was now eating the other woman's pussy and Violet's rubbing became more intense. She was thoroughly wet now and her fingers slid easily between the folds of her pussy and up to her now engorged and very large clit. Her fingers stopped on her clit and rubbed it intensely, causing her to moan quietly. Her fingers then made their way back down her pussy and found her hot opening. They slid inside her, making her moan a little louder. She pumped them feverishly as the feelings became more intense.

Her hand became possessed as it just did what it had always done for her. It made its ways back and forth from her clit to her opening and back to her clit again. The feelings were getting intense as one woman in the video started to cum. It was at that point the Violet realized she needed to as well and she let go all inhibitions and came like she wasn't going to again. Her body convulsed as orgasmic waves washed through it, bringing on heavy sweats and heavy breathing.

Violet collapsed against her pillows. Her pussy was throbbing as was her entire body. She had a small grin on satisfaction on her face. This was definitely a good idea. She had forgotten just how much she enjoyed masturbating. It wasn't the same as sex nor was it as satisfying, but it was something she should consider doing again, and sooner rather than later.

Violet looked at the alarm clock. It was ten minutes to 10! Brian would be home soon and she didn't want him to know what she'd been up to. She hurried to take the movie out of the DVD player and threw on some pajamas so it would seem like nothing had ever happened. She went into the bathroom and fixed her hair, cleaned up the sweat on her brow and made sure she'd look nice and innocent.

Wanting to look as if she had been just enjoying a regular night after work, Violet returned to the TV and her ice cream, which had long melted. She began spooning soft ice cream from the cup and when it was finished, she placed it on the coffee table in front of her. Suddenly she heard Brian's car in the driveway and his door slam shut. He came on to the porch and opened the door.

He observed Violet with her feet up on the coffee table and also noticed the ice cream container.

"One of those days at work I take it?" He said with a grin.

"You could say that." Violet replied with a yawn.

Brian walked over and gave her a kiss over the back of the couch. He stood up and chuckled.

"Can you actually see that TV? That's a pretty big bump you've got in the way."

"Actually, no" Violet said with a grin. "There's nothing on anyway so I just sat here with my ice cream and just listened to it. "

Brian laughed. "I'm gonna make a sandwich. Do you want anything else to eat?"

"No thanks." She replied. "I've had my ice cream so I'm good." She giggled.

Brian made his sandwich and ate as they talked about the day. They each had their own gripes and understood each other when it came to complaining about work. Their jobs may be different but the same complaints always existed. So and so did this, this happened, this person didn't do that; all the same things you find in every job.

"I'm going to go take a shower, want to join me?" Brian asked.

"Actually, " Violet began "I was hoping I could get you to rub my back and feet for me. They really could use it tonight."

"Oh sure, no problem! Why don't you head in the bedroom and I'll be right in after a quick pit stop?"

"That sounds great. I'll be waiting." She replied.

Violet made her way back into the bedroom and shed her clothes. It was easier this way for him to rub her back and made it easier when it came time to seduce him.

Brian came in the room and stopped. "Wow, I wasn't expecting naked! I like this already!" he exclaimed. And they both laughed. Violet laid on her side on the bed so that Brian could access her back.

Taking the heel of his hand, Brian pressed it against her lower back and push downward with it. His hand returned to her spine and repeated the movement, up and down her back. He then had her roll to her other side so he could repeat the process there. The feeling of his smooth hands felt magical on her tender skin and muscles. It was almost perfect and she hated for it to end but she did want to get her feet massaged and to start some seduction, so she rolled onto her back so he could access her feet.

Brian's thumbs found the middle of Violet's arch and she gasped a little. Making sure she was ok, he returned to the same massage where the flat of his thumb worked its way from her heel and up to her instep, just below her toes. He ran his thumbs thoroughly under her toes, relieving the tense muscles under them. Kneeling down, he massaged the heel and arch in the same manner.

Violet knew that this was the time to try to lure him in.

Slowly she spread her legs open, Brian moving with the foot as it moved. After a moment he realized that her leg had moved considerably. He looked up and was greeted with a very big "hello" to Violet's pussy.

"Wow, what a view. It seems very inviting." He said.

"It's supposed to. I have somewhere else that needs to be rubbed. Do you think you could help me out?" Violet said innocently.

"I'd be glad to!" Brian said excitedly. "Is this going to be a tongue massage?"

"Please, it does seem to be the best for her.""

With that statement, Brian made his way up between Violet's thighs and held his face just inches from her pussy. He took in the scent and noticed how wet it was already. Her clit was swollen and just begged for a lick...and so he did.

Violet's body came up off the bed in an instant. Brian continued to lick over her clit and then downward over her opening and back up to the clit again. His tongue worked magically over her clit, circling it, flicking it back and forth and up and down. He took two of his fingers and gently inserted them inside her pussy and began rubbing the upper wall gradually until he had met the pace at which his tongue was working over her clit. Suddenly her body rose from the bed as she came, squealing loudly because it was so hard. Brian withdrew from her pussy and he wiped her cum off his face. They both smiled at each other as Violet panted from her recent cum.

"Now I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard and make me cum again!" Violet demanded.

"No problems there! But I want you to ride me." Brian responded.

"Don't you think I'll hurt you?" Violet asked.

"You haven't yet and I promise everything will be fine." He reassured her.

"Ok."" Violet said, not quite convinced.

Violet rolled over on the bed as Brian took his clothes over in a hurry. His hard cock stuck out proudly and she was so glad to have it for her own. Brian laid down and Violet straddled his body, helping guide his cock deep into her pussy.

Slowly Violet slid down his cock until it was in as far as it could go. Waiting several seconds for her pussy to adjust, she began to ride slowly up and down on Brian's cock. It felt so good having him go in and out like that. She would almost let him fall out and then fall hard back down it so it was deep inside her again. Gradually she worked up a rhythm and really rode that cock like a champ. She came closer and closer to cumming until it finally hit her and she sat down all the way on Brian's cock as she came hard all over him. Brian was panting hard and loved the feel of very twitch her cumming pussy made.

Through heavy breaths, Violet said "I need to switch - from behind." She continued to gasp as they moved positions.

Brian climbed between Violet's legs. He lined up his cock with her pussy and pushed it in deeply from behind her. Both of them moan a little bit as he began to build a pace. Slapping her ass as he did so, Violet pushed more forcefully against him. Their pace was intense and they were fucking so hard that there was a loud slapping sound in the room.

"I'm almost ready." Brian warned

"Oh cum! Please cum! I want to cum with you!" Violet begged.

"Here it is!" Brian slammed as deep into her as he could get as he unloaded spurt after spurt of cum deep into her pussy.

"Me too!" Violet said as she pushed against him and arched her back toward him as she came.

After a minute or so, they dislodged from each other and collapsed onto the bed. Brian rolled over and kissed Violet gently.

"We should make you cum like that more often." He said.

"I would love that." Violet said with a grin.

Little did he know that that night, she already had.

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