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Violet in Bloom


I was working in Los Angeles as a bookkeeper for a small entertainment agency. My boss was the owner of the agency, he hired me when I was a couple of years out of college. I had a business degree and had studied accounting and I did bookkeeping for the agency. He said that he would train me and although the salary was modest, there was a great deal of opportunity for advancement if I worked hard and stayed with the agency for a few years. I had attended private Catholic schools as a child, and then Cal State Northridge, where I received a business degree, and worked at a tax preparing firm which I hated for two years after that. I was living alone, kind of a workaholic, dedicated to my job and doing the best I could. I was raised Catholic, and my parent were quiet strict and conservative, but I knew they wanted to best for me.

My boss at the agency was a middle-aged man with a slight paunch, and kind and funny, and I liked him. He had three school-aged kids and a wife who stayed at home with the children and did volunteer work. They lived in a large home up in the hills above LA, and seemed to be happy enough. He was a top agent, and had a reputation of being very fair and honest, and had a small roster of well-known clients that were very grateful for his services.

It was a small office, other than my boss, there were only two other employees in the office, an office manager and my boss's assistant, but they were the best of friends and kept mostly to themselves.

Because we worked in the entertainment industry, we were expected to be discreet and professional with the actors and celebrities and their handlers and managers. For the most part, we were, but sometimes it was hard because you would see and hear some amazing things, but we all knew we could loose our jobs if we breathed a word of it to anyone. Once in awhile you would hear of an agency employee who got fired for leaking a story to the tabloids for a ton of money, and we all thought that was so unprofessional and disgusting. We had to all sign confidentiality agreements and we were expected to behave with the utmost discretion and professionalism at all times.

I was working there for a couple of months when my boss asked if I would like to take on some overtime, we were backed up with all the things screwed up after the writer's strike was over. I said sure and he said OK just come in Saturday at 9:00. He also said I could wear jeans if I wanted to, since there would likely be no one else around the office then.

When I got to the office that Saturday, I was surprised to see him in jeans and casual shirt. He looked different, younger, and was much more relaxed, as he usually wore a business suit and tie to work. We worked together quietly for the morning, and then he said would I like to go to lunch. I said sure and we went to a local diner and had a very nice meal. When we got back, there was more work to do, and we worked together until about 5:00, and then he said did I want to get a drink. I was living in a studio apartment and had no boyfriend at the time, so I said sure. I thought it was kind of odd of him, but wanted to keep my boss happy, so we went out to a quiet bar and sat and had a few drinks. When we were sitting in the dimly lit restaurant, he looked at me as if for the first time. He said I was a very good employee but I should dress a little more stylishly and that would help our agency's image. Being in the entertainment industry, looks do count for a lot, and I said I would try.

When we walked back to the office, he asked if he could give me a lift home. I just lived about half a mile away from the office, and I often walked home for the exercise, but I was tired and didn't want to walk as I usually did. I didn't have a car and rode the bus, walked, or rode my bike to save money. I said yes to his ride home and he brought his car around, a black Lexus, and I got in. He drove me to my apartment and then asked if he could come in, there was something else he wanted to discuss with me. I said sure, I knew him quite well by then and trusted him completely, and thought nothing of having him come up to my studio.

When we got inside, he asked for another drink. I only had one bottle of scotch on hand, and some beer, and he said he would like a scotch with ice. I got it for him and then sat on my bed. Since I had a studio, there was only room for a bed and a small sofa, he was on the sofa and I was on the bed. He drank his scotch and then asked for another one. I thought that was kind of odd, but obliged him, never thinking about it. He drank the second scotch and then came over and sat next to me on the bed. I thought this was kind of strange, but I liked him and didn't say anything. He said Violet, you know you are a very hard worker and do a very good job, but you dress too plainly, you need to wear more attractive clothes and more makeup, after all this is LA. He also said if I needed some money to get some clothes, he would give it to me. I was surprised, but flattered by his attention. I could feel myself blushing, too, and then he reached over and kissed me, very deeply and passionately. I didn't know what to do, but just accepted his kiss. I didn't want to make a scene and loose my job, but was perplexed as he was married and I thought happily. He continued to kiss me for some time, and then after a time he got his things and left.

After he left, I was in a jumble of emotions. I felt myself extremely attracted to him, I've always liked older men, but knew it was wrong to be involved with my married boss. I didn't know quite what to do, but just figured I would just have to see what happened. So I went to work as usual the next Monday morning and said nothing.

We worked along that week as usual, and then on Friday he asked me if I would be available for working on Saturday again. He said he would only need half a day to get caught up, and I could come in at noon. I said yes sir, and showed up in jeans and a tight sweater that Saturday. He said come in, closed the office door, and said there's something he wanted me to do in his office. I went to his office, and he closed and locked the office door, and he said he wanted to talk to me.

He offered me a scotch from his personal bar he had in his office and we drank together quietly for a while before he started talking to me. He said, Violet, you are a very attractive woman, and I find myself very drawn to you. He told me his wife was frigid and didn't satisfy him, and although he loved her, he wanted to make me his mistress. I was initially shocked at the idea, but he said he would give me a generous allowance, he would be willing to change my hours to part-time and give me a raise, and I would still have full benefits and pension. I sipped my drink and he said in return, he would be expecting to have sex with me at least twice a week at my place, as he had a very strong drive. He said he also wanted me to dress a little more attractively, and not hide my charms under such dowdy clothes. I blushed a bright red, I am sure of it, and sipped my drink, and I said can we just go out on a regular date first to see if we are compatible? He said of course, and said he would take me out that night, to dinner and drinks after we were done working. I said that would be fine and we never mentioned it again.

At 5:00 he said it was time to go, and he said he wanted me to go home first and change into something more sexy. He said he would come with me and tell me what he liked.

I was rather confused at this point, I did like him and felt very attracted to him, but I didn't love him. I had only a couple of relationships before this, and they both ended somewhat badly as I found the men soon got tired of me. I hoped I could somehow learn to keep my boss happy, and vowed to try to do so because I liked him. Then I thought, what the heck am I doing? He's making me into his whore! My parents would be shocked! I decided I would out with him and find out what happens though, and if we were to start a relationship, I would tell him I wanted to keep it very quiet.

When we finished working that Saturday, he drove me to my apartment, he wanted a drink and wanted me to change out of my jeans. We didn't talk much, but I found I liked him, and was warming to the idea of having part-time hours and an allowance. At the same time, I was shocked and humiliated that he was making me his mistress, yet I knew somehow that he was a fair and gentle man and thought I should try it and see what happened.

When we were at my apartment, we had some scotch and then he asked to watch me change. I thought that was a little odd, but the scotch had done it's job of loosening me up. I went to the closet and told him to pick out something that he liked. He smiled and picked out a brown leather mini-skirt, and a sheer pink blouse and said to wear some nice heels. I changed as he watched, and although I was very embarrassed, I found myself getting aroused with all of his attention. When I was done changing, he looked at me, and said Violet, you're beautiful. Take a look at yourself. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror, and he was right, I did dress too frumpily and should be more stylish. He gave me $1,000 in cash and said this was my weekly allowance, to do with what I wished, but he hoped I would buy some more clothes like these.

Of course, being the bookkeeper I am, I saved 50 percent of the cash in an insured, interest-bearing savings account but I did put the rest into a checking account so I could buy some more attractive clothes and things. We went out that first night, and had a great time, we talked and danced and he held me, and when he asked if he could come back to my place, I said yeah. I had a few drinks and was feeling no pain, and when we got to my apartment he said he had a vasectomy and was healthy so I didn't need to worry about that.

He told me to put on some music and get us some drinks, so I did, and then sat on my bed and waited. After a few minutes he came over to me, and started unbuttoning my blouse. I was confused, here I was, being paid like a common whore to have sex with my married boss, yet the only thing I could think about was how aroused I was and how much fun I was having. I decided to just go with it, but told him please don't tell anyone and he laughed and said of course not, he didn't want to get a divorce. After he undressed me, he told me to lie back on the bed. He started kissing me all over, first on my lips, and then traveled down my neck to my breasts. He gently and sweetly kissed and sucked them, I had never had a man make me feel so good before. Then he started kissing down lower, between my legs. He gave me such wonderful sensations as he gently kissed between my legs. I had never had a man do that to me before, and it was heaven. Then he got undressed and I saw his cock for the first time. I had never seen one so large and erect before, and was a bit frightened. He seemed to send this and said don't worry, sweetie, I'll be very gentle. He was, he took him time and touched me very gently, and I thought, man I should be paying him! Finally he entered me completely, and it was a very intense, forbidden feeling, he's making me his slut, and I'm loving it every minute of it!

He made very gentle and delicious love to me, and he gave me my first full, strong orgasm, I had never had one with a man inside me before. I came loudly, and then he did, too, and he practically shouted it felt so good to him. Afterwards he held me tenderly, and said how was that. I said it felt great. I decided to tell him yes, I wanted to be his girlfriend.

"So what do you think, is this OK?"

"Yeah, I loved it!"

"OK, we'll change your hours to part-time, and I'll give you an allowance every Saturday. You can find another part-time bookkeeper to help us out. My wife thinks I'm going to a poker game on Saturday nights, so that's a good day. Sometimes I'll want to see you during the week, too, and let's keep this to ourselves."

"OK, Sir."

He held me tenderly and I felt very safe and protected, and was glad he picked me.

As the weeks went on, we settled into a very pleasurable relationship. I didn't feel like his mistress, but just like his girlfriend, although I suppose technically I was since he did give me the part-time job and a generous allowance. I tried to dress more attractively for him and he told me when I did how pretty I looked. I thought I had better be careful not to fall for him as he had said he didn't want a divorce, and we kept very quiet about it, but we were both very happy with our relationship, and the sex was incredible and very satisfying.

I did find a part-time bookkeeper, a Chinese college student fellow who was very shy but did an excellent job. The only problem was the other girls in the office. They suspected something was going on right away, and were very cool to me, but frankly, I didn't care, I was his slut and loving every minute of it. I really didn't care what they thought, and I thought they were probably jealous since I was only working part-time and making pretty good money between the allowance and the generous raise he had given me. I just tried to ignore them and stayed away from them, although it was difficult at times to work with their cool, aloof attitudes.

This arrangement went on for about four years, and then I decided to go back to graduate school and get a master's degree in business. My boss helped me get into a very good school, and wrote a strong letter of recommendation for me. I was very grateful for his help. The business school that accepted me was in Hawaii, I always wanted to live there, and was very excited to go back to school. We had a couple of very poignant weeks where we both knew it was ending. He said to keep in touch, though, and if I'm ever around, he'll take me out to dinner, which he does whenever I'm visiting my parents or friends in LA from Hawaii, where I live now. I finished my graduate degree and am now working for a large investment bank in Honolulu, and I have a steady boyfriend now, but I'll always be grateful to my boss for helping me when I was younger.

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