Violet vs Liz


"Ready ladies?" Olivia asked us both as we kneeled onto the yoga mat-covered section of her basement. I sat down on my heels and stretched my arms behind my back and neck while Liz waited. She seemed a little impatient. She was sporting a light blue sports bra, with light grey cotton shorts. Her medium length chestnut hair was tied into a low ponytail. I had on a light grey sports bra, which was still not containing the size of my breasts properly, and dark grey spandex shorts. My long dyed red hair was tied back into a bun. We were both barefooted.

"Remember. I'm only doing 3 rounds. And I better get my money after this, or I'm taking your asses to court." She threatened. "I still don't see why you can't practice with her, Olivia."

"Because I twisted my ankle. Now stop complaining. The rounds will be over when one is pinned for a full count of 10. Got it?" Olivia explained, wagging her finger. Liz rolled her eyes and got into a ready stance, raising her hands towards me. I returned the stance with a silent grin, looking up at Olivia who was standing behind her. "Remember, you don't get the money if you forfeit. So, are you ready?" she asked again.

"Just start already." Liz huffed.

"Begin!" Olivia shouted, throwing her arm down and plopping on the sofa behind her. I nodded to Liz, and she nodded in return as we made our way to each other. She reached out and grabbed both my biceps, which I responded to by quickly jerking my arms around to break her hold. I grabbed her shoulders instead, and threw her body to my right onto the mat. She landed with a grunt and quickly tried to get back to her knees. But I was quicker than her. I threw my body onto her to flatten us against the mat and crawled up to her torso to lock my arms behind her head, smothering her face into the cleavage of my breasts. They were so large in comparison to her head, that they practically engulfed her entire skull. Her nose was nearly touching just below my ribcage.

"Mmmph," she mumbled into my cleavage as her hands reached up to push at my hips. She pushed hard as she arched her back and pushed up with her feet, trying to toss me over her. I tightened my lock around her head and grinned, crossing my legs behind her back to keep myself steady. She twisted and rotated her torso the best she could, continuously arching her back when she wasn't twisting. And with every other move of her body, I tightened my lock on her head, smothering her deeper into my breasts, until most of what I could see was a small amount of the back of her head. And since I didn't hear the small gasps or breaths from beneath me, I knew she was struggling for air, but wasn't able to tell me. And I loved it.

"Mmmph!" she mumbled a little louder as more seconds went by without me moving and without a count from Olivia. She thrust her hips up again, trying to get me off. This time I humored her, and slipped forward some so that she could get in a few gasps of air from her mouth. But just before her back went back down, I slid back again, interrupting her exhaled air.

"Nnnngh" she whimpered as her mouth was tucked back between my breasts again. I looked over at the smiling Olivia and gave a knowing head nod. She giggled and waited a few more seconds to lazily get up and walk over to us to begin the count.

"1 ... 2 ... 3..." she began loud enough for Liz to hear her. Hearing Olivia start the count, Liz's struggling got calmer, knowing she would soon be released. All she did now was try to wiggle her head out from between my breasts to breathe. She got pretty close. She would wiggle her head backwards until I could see just where the curve downwards started at the bottom of her forehead. And then, acting as if I was fighting her minimal struggles, I'd slide back up, tucking her head back under.

"4... 5 ... 6 ... 7 ..." Olivia continued.

"Nnnnghh" Liz mumbled as she tried with a bit more force to wiggle her head free. She had been cut off just after exhaling, therefore being denied another breath, and it was beginning to show. She bucked slightly and I moved one of my hands to the back of her head to hold her more firmly, biting my lower lip sadistically. She squeaked and bucked higher when I did, pushing harder at my hips. Olivia smiled as she continued.

"8 ... 9 ......" she paused, letting Liz go through the painfully long last second before freedom. By now she was twisting her body left and right, squeaking with every other jerk. I squeezed my arms tighter until her head couldn't move, not letting go until the final count. Not wanting to let go for a while.

"...10," Olivia finally said, throwing her arm down. All together I let go of her head and let it fall back on to the mat. Her face was bright pink and strained. She gasped loudly and brought her hands to her throat as I got off of her.

"Round 1 goes to Violet." Olivia announced as I took my stance where I was before. Liz slowly got up and made her way in front of me with her face still red. She was breathing hard and swallowing as she rubbed her forehead and pushed her hair back.

"Fucking shit that's a tight headlock. I couldn't breathe with your fucking tits," she breathed, looking at my breasts. They were somewhat pink from having her face pressed so tightly against them. I played it off like I didn't know, trying hard not to smile.

"Really? You couldn't? I thought you were making noises because you were moving around. Sorry, I won't do that pin again." I said giving an apologetic smile. She nodded and looked up at Olivia.

"10 seconds feels like forever when you're pinned like that." She breathed. Olivia couldn't help but giggle at that and nod.

"Tell me about it." She said making her way between us. She raised her arm up and looked at the two of us. "Ready?" We both nodded. She threw her arm down.

"Begin!" she shouted, making her way back to the sofa.

Liz was a little more cautious approaching me this time around. She moved to the side, and I mimicked her, going the other way until we were circling each other. It wasn't long before she went in for a tackle, which I let her do, finding it a little silly. She landed on top of me and tried to pin my wrists down, but I moved them down and grabbed a hold of her small waist. With a bit of effort, I got a firm grip and pushed her down with a thrust so that her bosom was on top of my thighs, and her face was above my pelvis. Her arms moved up in attempt to push her upper body up but my hands flew down and pushed down on the back of her head, squishing her face into my stomach. Her arms flailed momentarily before trying to push herself up again. But with one of my hands, I knocked one away, causing her to fall back down. I used that time to push her head down further and bring my thighs up above her arms and shoulders to put her in another headlock. Liz grunted as her face was pressed against my pelvic bone. Her hands when up again to push down on my hips as she got up on her knees, causing my back to rise. I took her wrists for a moment as I pushed to the right, causing her to fall on her side, and one of her arms to be trapped under my torso.

"Aagh," I heard her say. That bothered me. I didn't want to be able to clearly hear her say anything. I let go of her free wrist, and pushed the trapped one out from under me so it could join the rest of her squirming body. And then, with a fist full of her chestnut hair, I pulled her head up, temporally freeing her face. She shut her eyes tight at the pulling of her hair, meaning she wouldn't be able to see what I was about to do. That made me smile. I moved her head down at an angle and thrust my hips forward so that her face was beneath my crotch. And then, pulling her head forward, I pressed her face against my covered cunt and ass, tightening my thighs around her head to secure the headlock. She squealed and brought her hand up to my hip after I had let go of her hair and clawed at them in protest. I waited in anxiously to see if I would hear any slight breaths or gasps to see if I had to adjust my hold. Olivia was also silently inspecting on the sofa, craning her neck to see. After a few seconds of nothing but squirming and muffled groans, I smiled as Liz's hand went to my thigh to try to pull it away from the other. And to my surprise, she managed to push enough of my thigh up to suck in a sharp breath through her mouth. I grimaced and quickly reached down to grab a fist full of her hair again. Her feet kicked in pain when I did.

"Aaammphh!" she uttered as I pulled her head up slightly to tuck her more appropriately between the mass of my plump thighs. It felt good having my thighs conform around her skull. She wriggled and twisted against the mat as she was smothered once again. I kept my fist in her hair and waited again to hear a gasp. Her hand went to push at my thigh again, and I let her, wanting to see if there was still room for error.

"Mmmph!" I heard when her attempt failed, and I smiled, looking up at Olivia. She nodded to me and pressed her tongue against her upper lip in amusement as I crossed my ankles together so my legs wouldn't be knocked apart with Liz's thrashing. I yanked her head closer by her hair to press her further against me. She whined and jerked her body around as she continued to push against my thigh to try getting some air. In the mists of her thrashing, the top of her forehead began to poke out of my thighs. We nearly made eye contact before I pulled tightly on her hair to submerge her completely until all that was left was her hair sticking out from between my thighs. I couldn't let her see my face. I couldn't let her see how much I was enjoying smothering her. How much I was enjoying controlling her breathing for my own sexual pleasure. And just how much this match was rigged for our enjoyment. I smirked as her hand came up to grab my hip and used that chance to grab her wrist to keep her from pushing my thigh again. I switched hands so that I was now pulling her hair and holding her wrist with both hands.

"Nnmmph!!" she mumbled against the spandex of my shorts, making me huff a soft moan. I bit my lower lip and squeezed my thighs tighter together, wanting to feel more against me. Olivia giggled as I uncrossed my ankles and folded one of my calves behind my thigh to tighten the headlock even more and press Liz's face close enough against me, that I could start to feel her nose against my cunt. She screeched as she realized that her face was touching my cunt and began to thrash about with more anger. I couldn't help but smile as her hand shot up to pull and push at the hand that was pulling my calf tighter. Olivia got up and walked over, seeing that Liz would soon very much be needing air.

"1 ... 2 ... 3 ..." she started, squatting down beside my head with a smile. I breathed heavily to avoid moaning louder and began to very discretely grind my crotch against her face in time with her movement. I laid my head back on the mat as the pleasure built up.

"Mmmh!" Liz cried, kicking against the mat.

"4 ... 5..." Olivia continued when I suddenly got up, with Liz's head still trapped between my legs. I got up into an upright position, my movements allowing for the top of her head to pop through my thighs and in to the open. She sucked in air through her nose as quickly as she could, blinking hard and looking around the room to see Olivia. And for a moment she seemed relieved to see her, but then her expression became confused when she noticed she had stopped counting. With small pants, I reached down and took and fist full of hair again, and her eyes darted up to mine in confusion. I couldn't help but bite my grin as I pushed her back into my thighs and sat down on her face. My calves were now crossed, and the back of her head was being propped up by the heels of my feet. I let my entire weight drop onto her propped face, and sighed a pleasure-filled groan as I felt her nose press against me through the thin and flexible fabric of the spandex shorts. It was the only separation between her face and my heating cunt.

"Mmmph!" Liz mumbled in protest to her being shoved back under. Olivia sat back with a grin and shook her head at me.

"Now that ain't right, Violet." She giggled softly, looking down at my ass and thighs. I could feel her looking through them to Liz's trapped and tortured face. And I could tell she was just as turned on about it as I was. I looked over at her and gestured her to come, which she happily did. I held up a finger to signal her to wait a second, which she did with some reluctance. I took Liz's hands which were feebly pulling and pushing at my hips and forced them down to the mat before tucking them under each of my knees. She screeched, probably at the discomfort and panic of having them pinned down. Her hips shot up to try to toss me over, but only succeeded by a fraction. It was then I beckoned Olivia with a sadistic breath. She grinned, moving forward and sat down on my lap facing my direction. The pressure caused Liz's nose to press up against my clit, and her feet to go kicking into the air. I couldn't help but moan softly as I felt the grind it caused.

"Mmmph! Mmh!" she whimpered into me, only adding to the pleasure. Olivia smiled as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pecked my lips seductively. I held onto her hips and worked my own into a subtle grind on Liz's face.

"1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ..." Olivia started up again, loud enough for Liz to hear. She said each number between kisses, and between whimpers from Liz. I gripped Olivia's hips tightly and pulled her closer to me, so that her weight was pushing down on my crotch, and therefore onto Liz's face. I threw my head back and tried my best not to cry out in pleasure, but I was sure my face was burning. As was Liz's. I weighed nearly 175 pounds and had the body curves of Jessica Rabbit -- with a larger waist. Olivia and I combined could have weighed over 300 pounds. And I'm sure Liz was feeling every ounce with her head propped up on my heels.

"5 ... 6 ... 7 ..." Olivia continued as she kissed along my arched neck, her hips working into a grind of their own. I breathed heavily as Liz's kicks and bucks grew more frantic. But they were pointless now. With our combined weight, we didn't even budge with each kick she did.

"8 ... 9 ......" she said, pausing again as she smiled and got off of my lap, moving over to the area on the mat she was at. She breathed deeply a few times to calm herself back down, and I did the same, already missing the pressure I had gotten against Liz's face.

"... 10." She finished. I huffed, and raised my knees, and watched as her hands flew to my sides trying to pull me back. I fought hard to flatten my smile as I ever so slowly uncrossed my calves and got off of her red face. She immediately jerked her head to the side and started gasping and coughing. She didn't bother to move. She just laid there, sucking in anything she could get. Oh how I would love to feed her something else. Or rather -- starve her of something. Or even better. Both.

When I moved to kneel in my spot once again, she got up and bent over, still gasping and coughing occasionally. Olivia played sympathetic and crawled over to her, placing a hand on her back.

"Are you alright, Liz? Your face is so red. Could you not breathe again? " She asked, sounding concerned. Liz shook her head frantically, looking down at the mat.

"No, fuck! Your body is so damn thick, Violet. I couldn't even get my mouth out to tell you that you were smothering me!" she coughed, holding onto her collarbone.

"I'm sorry, Liz. I won't do head scissors either." I said, trying to sound apologetic. Liz looked back to Olivia.

"Why did you stop counting?" she asked, a little put off. Olivia thought fast.

"Because Violet changed her pin, and there was a chance for you to get out." She answered.

"I tried everything to get out of that, and I couldn't." Liz breathed, making me fight the urge to smile.

"Sorry ... If you want, for the last round if you feel you want to quit before I finish counting, you can just tap out." Olivia offered her. I couldn't help but let my smile come through. Olivia and I both knew Liz wasn't going to get out of the third match. The count would never come. Her tap outs would be pointless. It was cruel to give Liz false hope like that, but it was a cruelty I loved her for. Liz nodded, finally having caught her breath.

"Okay, but this is the last round."

I nodded. "Yep. Last one. And then we'll pay you." I responded as Olivia went back to her position to start the match.

"Ready?" she asked with her hand in the air. We both nodded. "Begin!" she said throwing her hand down and plopping onto the couch. Liz was real hesitant this time. When I inched forward, she actually began to move back. I couldn't help but smirk at her fear of being smothered again. She saw my smirk, and her expression turned into that of caution as Olivia spoke, distracting her.

"Come on, Liz, get in there!" Olivia cheered, making Liz look in her direction for a brief moment. And in that moment for the first time in the match, I stood up. I was overwhelmed with the desire to have her beneath me. I bolted at her and grabbed the back of her head as I moved my feet behind her so that her head was between my thighs. She gasped and immediately brought her hands up to grab the inside of my thighs, looking up at me in shock. Her body was tilted back to an angle that would make it hard for her to maneuver away without the movement of her head, which I was preventing. She grunted and tried to figure out how to appropriately move her body while her mind raced. I squeezed my thighs, and she whined.

"No, no, you said you wouldn't do hea-," she protested as I abruptly dropped my weight and landed on her face, cutting off her plea. I smiled as her body was momentarily stunned from the impact.

"No head scissors, as promised." I said smugly, as her body regained function. Her hands came up to grab my hips again with more urgency this time. As her eyes squinted open, I closed my thighs over her face to conceal her, and sighed as I wiggled my ass and cunt on her face to get more comfortable. Finally. The third round. I looked up at the grinning Olivia and smiled, raising my eyebrow. She rolled her eyes and giggled, leaning back on the sofa and taking in the show. The bucking of Liz's hips started up again and I bit my lower lip, looking down at my thighs. My face was already flushing with the thought of what I was going to put her through. I grabbed her wrists and pinned them down beside my calves before getting into a not so subtle grind on her face, to which she quickly noticed and struggled to stop. Her strength pushed against my hands only to get but so far before being pushed back down. I giggled as my grind got a little more obvious, and Liz's opinion of it got a little more noteworthy. Her hands balled into fists and tried harder to push against me as her body twisted about. And to my surprise, she tried something different. Her legs shot up and her ankles wrapped around my torso. They tightened around me and tried to pull me back, which they did for only a moment before I chose to let go of her wrists and take her ankles instead. I pushed them down past my lap and her body at that curve, laughing as her arms flailed about. I wondered if she was actually that flexibly, or if it was causing her some pain.

"Nnnn!" she whimpered, giving me my answer. I looked straight ahead as I opened my thighs to show her eyes and the top of her head. I knew she was looking up at me, and I was purposely avoiding her eye contact, playing the game of not noticing. But she continued to notice my grind, which I just added a rotation to. Her hands rose to grab at the edges of my sports bra and pull. This did little to nothing aside from causing my breasts to pop further out of the bra. And even that, I acted as if I didn't notice. She tried wriggling her head out from under me and I moved so that I was holding both her legs with one arm, so my free hand to reach down and grab her hair. Still looking forward I yanked her head into place before it could escape and tightened my thighs against her face, hearing her whine in response. Her eyes were still barely able to look up at me as I finally glanced down at her. They widened in hope for a moment thinking that maybe I would be able to read her expression of distress and get off, but it only made me smile as I jerked her head closer and covered her eyes beneath me as well. She tried to push her legs up in response, which she did surprisingly, causing me to rock back and lose my balance. During the pull backwards, Liz ended up completely exposing my breasts from the sports bra, causing them to bounce around as the corners of the bra held them together. And as she pulled, she was able to get enough of my weight off of her to suck in a few breaths.

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