Justine finished her stage set. A few random customers clapped as she proceeded to take her "walk of shame", circuiting the stage to collect her tips and discarded clothing. She clutched them to her chest as she scampered toward the back of the stage and exited down the stairs.

Justine moped through the hall to the dressing room. Once inside she went directly toward a row of metal lockers covered in chipping paint in a repulsive shade of pink. She fumbled with the combination lock and opened the door. She tossed her wadded up costume in her locker and began to count her tips.

The dressing room door opened and she turned to see Rosa, a plump Puerto Rican dancer of about 19. Rosa was competitive and petty, always trying to stir trouble. Justine cringed inwardly.

Rosa stomped across the room, her platform heels cracking obtrusively against the concrete floor. She plopped down on the wooden bench in the center of the room. "It's so fucking slow tonight!" She whined in her thick Spanish accent.

"Yep," Justine replied coolly as she began rummaging through her locker for another costume. She decided on a sheer pastel pink baby doll over a matching thong.

Justine was attempting to discourage further conversation but Rosa either didn't notice or care. Rosa continued her drunken rant, gossiping about everyone in the club, trying to stir Justine into reacting.

Justine nodded noncommittally at Rosa as she donned her lingerie. She completed the ensemble with a white satin garter, slipping it over her stiletto heel and relishing the sensation of the fabric as it slid smoothly over her thigh.

Rosa's speech was becoming increasingly incoherent. Justine focused on pushing her voice into the background as she fetched a cosmetic case from inside her cluttered locker. She carried the case toward the long mirror, setting it down on the graffiti covered counter. She looked at her reflection. The mirror was covered with a haze from too much smoke and infrequent cleaning. She had to lean in to see clearly.

Justine sighed heavily and began to powder her face and reapply her lipstick. She sprayed herself with her favorite scent and gazed upon herself in the mirror. She knew she wasn't the most attractive girl in the club but she rather liked the fact that she was not a "perfect ten". It had forced her to never rely solely on her appearance in the club or in life. She'd worked hard to develop talent and class. She knew that eventually beauty fades but she would retain her poise forever. She gave herself a flirtatious smile and wink, a habit she'd come to rely on like a talisman before securing her belongings in her locker.

Justine left Rosa in the dressing room with only a wave and made her way back into the club. She could see that it hadn't picked up any. In fact, it seemed as if several customers had left. She resigned herself to breaking even.

She passed a large group of college age boys gathered around two tables. They were laughing boisterously and downing shots of Jagermeister. As she strolled by, they hooted and hollered at her, throwing in a few obscenities for good measure.

Justine stopped and gave them that same flirty smile but continued. Experience had taught her that the youngest customers were the least profitable and the most unruly. She wanted to explore other options.

She snaked her way through the small crowd. Most of the customers were already being hustled by another dancer. She was about to make her way back to the college crowd when she noticed a handsome man sitting alone at a table near the back of the club. She began to scurry in his direction, eager to get to him before another dancer could. As she closed in on him, she slowed her pace so she could glide seductively toward him.

She gasped slightly when she got a clear view of his face. He wasn't merely handsome, he was exquisite. His lustrous dark hair dazzled beneath the lights and his strong masculine jaw was shaded with dark stubble. He wore a simple t-shirt that hugged his tightly muscled shoulders and chest as if it had been tailored just for him.

Justine felt a flutter of anxiety. She always felt intimidated approaching extremely attractive men.

"Hello." Justine's voice sounded too high in her own ears. She took a calming breath and continued. "Are you having a good time?"

He turned his head and he scrutinized her from head to toe, making Justine squirm with discomfort. She was accustomed to being looked over by men but his pitch eyes felt intrusive.

He ignored her question and instead replied, "Justine, right?"

She flashed a genuine smile, her dimples making a rare appearance. Most customers don't bother to remember names. "Yes, I am. So are you having fun?" she repeated.

He again answered with his own question. "Would you like to sit?" He gestured toward the empty chair across from him.

"I'd love to." Justine was sensing a bit of shyness in his demeanor and decided on a soft sale approach.

He stood up to pull out her seat. Justine was flattered by his manners but even more amazed by his incredible body when he stood. Even in her 6" heels he was much taller than her, forcing her to look up in order to make eye contact. His solid upper body that she had previously admired gave way to a trim waist and narrow hips. Her mind wandered as she imagined how delightful it would be to give this dark stranger a lap dance.

"Justine?" His deep voice interrupted her thoughts. She knew she looked foolish standing there gawking. She began to blush so furiously that even her neck and chest reddened, contrasting loudly against the pale pink of her attire. "Are you ok?" he asked, his concern sincere.

Justine nodded. "Yes. I'm fine...I....I...just remembered's nothing." Justine was a terrible liar. She took her seat, crossing her legs. As he returned to his own seat she tried to calm herself once again.

"So, may I ask your name?" Her head tilted slightly as she inspected him from beneath her long lashes.

"Theron," he replied, his voice thick and soothing.

Justine held out her dainty hand and said, "It is a pleasure meeting you, Theron."

He shook her hand firmly, his own hand large enough to fully encompass her own.

He smiled then raised a glass to his mouth and sipped at the clear liquid. Justine couldn't resist staring. His entire manner was so alluring that the simple act of drinking seemed sensual.

"Gin and tonic," he said plainly. "Would you like one?"

Justine shifted a bit in her seat. She rarely drank at work but she was feeling completely off her game and hoped a drink would help her regain her composure.

"Sure, that would be nice. Thank you."

He caught the attention of a waitress and she approached the table. "We need two more gin and tonics." He looked at Justine. "Anything else?"

"Yes, an extra lime wedge, please."

Theron handed the waitress his credit card and she reached over him to retrieve his empty glass, giving him a clear view down her skimpy halter-top. His eyes danced subtly and Justine was amused by the mischievous smile he shortly displayed.

An awkward silence passed between them. Justine found herself in the odd position of not knowing what to say. "Did you happen to see my set?" She asked, the only reasonable thing that came to mind.

"Yes, Justine. You were very good," he replied. She loved the way he said her name and barely noticed the compliment. She was again flustered and was relieved when the waitress returned promptly with their drinks.

She lifted the glass and took a long, grateful drink. She was certain that she was making an awful fool of herself and that there wasn't any chance of closing the sale. Deciding it was better to get rejected than waste time, she suddenly blurted out, "Would you like me to dance for you?" Her cheeks immediately began to flush as she took another drink, waiting for the assumed rejection. She cast her eyes down so he would not see her disappointment.

Without a word, he flashed his V.I.P room wristband in her line of vision. Justine beamed up at him momentarily, giddy with excitement, before the reality of business set in. Before she could mention the fee, he held up a roll of bills.

She extended her leg gracefully, allowing the baby doll to fall away from her thigh and expose her garter. "You want to put it in?" she said playfully.

He folded the money neatly and without looking away from her fawn colored eyes, he leaned over and slid the bills under her garter, letting his fingers briefly stroke her inner thigh briefly before pulling away.

"Thank you," she said. She could still feel the warmth of his touch even after he'd settled back into his seat. They finished their drinks and ordered another round. They enjoyed lively small talk, primarily about music and films. He talked with such passion that Justine became fully immersed in the exchange until she spied the manager glaring at her from the bar. Reluctantly she returned her thoughts to work.

Justine waited for a pause in the conversation. "How about we take this back to the V.I.P. Room?" She nibbled at her lower lip.

"I'd like that, Justine." Once again, she relished in the sound of her name on his lips.

"Follow me," Justine stood, drink in one hand, and grabbing for Theron's with the other. He reached for his own drink and let her lead him through the crowded bar area to the back of the club. Once they reached the long hallway, he let go of her hand and slid his arm around her waist.

Justine stopped at the fourth cubical and pulled back the heavy black velvet curtain for him. Theron stepped in as Justine closed the curtain securely, blocking out the peculiar club lighting. He settled into the overstuffed red settee and admired Justine's creamy alabaster skin and delicate structure.

Justine turned and gracefully bent over him. "Mind if I sit here?" She patted his thigh and immediately lowered herself onto his lap carefully so as not to spill her drink. She reached her arm around his shoulders and cradled her head in his neck while lightly swinging her feet. "You never answered my question," she whispered gently against the warmth of his neck.

"What question?"

"I asked you twice if you were enjoying yourself and you didn't answer." She lifted her head so she could see his face.

"Well, I am now," he said, making her giggle in amusement. She swallowed the last of her drink and he took the glass from her and set it next to his own on the small end table.

"Want me to start dancing on the next song?" She was still admiring his face.

"Whenever you're ready."

She nuzzled back against him. She was feeling slightly buzzed and tremendously aroused. That combination could lead to all sorts of trouble if she didn't stay busy and she hoped the next song would start soon.

Finally, the music started to fade and the DJ began making the typical announcements. Justine got to her feet with Theron's help. "Any special requests?" She asked playfully. He shook his head. "You'll want to get comfortable." Justine helped him lean back in the settee and then stroked his moist lips for her own pleasure.

The DJ opened the next set and Justine immediately recognized the sensuous electro-pop song. She used the introduction of the song to strut toward Theron, stopping to slowly pivot in front of him before flipping her long ebony hair back and approaching him directly.

She leaned over him, one hand balanced on the settee behind his shoulder, her breast just inches from his face. Drawing her shoulders forward, the front of the baby doll opened slightly and Theron could just sight her small perky tits before she pulled back a little, closing his view.

She lowered her head. Her black hair framed both of their faces in a silken curtain. Theron looked up into her eyes and fingered a lock of her hair. He held it to his nose and inhaled the spicy yet sweet aroma. She smiled wildly as she slowly moved her face down the side of his, letting her hair caress him as her mouth fell directly over his ear. "I'm going to make this worth every dollar," Justine purred while nibbling along his neck.

Justine abruptly pushed back, just beyond his reach, and began to rotate her hips in wide arcs. She pivoted around, her arms coiling upward, giving the appearance of a serpentine goddess. With her back to Theron she ran her hand through her hair while she shimmied her hips quickly, letting the light fabric of her lingerie flutter over her shapely ass, exposing tempting glimpses. Turning back to face Theron, Justine repeated the move, giving him a peek at her thong.

Locking her eyes with his, she twirled the ribbon that held the baby doll closed around her index finger. She gently gave it a few short tugs until it finally released. She could see the pleasure in his eyes and she was sure her own were emitting the same. She coyly covered her tits with one arm as she wiggled her shoulders out of the straps. She gradually lowered her head, leading his eyes with her own. She released the baby doll and let it slide to the floor. She looked upon herself, caressing her small mounds of delicate flesh while kicking her discarded lingerie aside.

"Are you enjoying yourself so far?" Her voice was too breathy for the brief period dancing. She secretly hoped he would recognize it as what it was, her increasing arousal.

"You know I do." He had caught her staring at the stiffness in his pants.

Justine giggled. She spread Theron's knees apart further, put her own knee on the settee between his legs and raised herself up to straddle him, both arms extended to steady herself against the back of the settee. As the song worked into an up-tempo chorus, Justine used her thighs to locate his swelling cock and began to grind in short circles just above it. She gazed down upon him when she could, but her eyes began to flutter closed.

She leaned in to his ear again and lightly kissed it. "You know, you can touch me, if you want."

Theron lifted his hands from his sides and grasped her hip with one while the other found its way to her tits, groping roughly. Justine's head fell back in pleasure, her hair sweeping softly across her bare shoulders and causing her to shudder. Her nipples began to harden, turning into rosy pink little buds. She made eye contact again and gave him a playful smirk as she eased herself fully onto his lap. She heard a faint moan as his eager cock at last made contact with her. She slowed her grinding and bent backward at the waist, trusting him to hold her so she would not fall. Theron was hungry to get her firmly back on his lap and pulled her forward, trying to press her against him. She wiggled free of his grip and pressed her body against his hard chest. Her legs dropped to the floor, her body sliding along his until she was on her knees between his legs.

She gave him a stern look as she placed one palm on each of his knees and moved his legs a little wider apart. "You can touch, Theron, but you've gotta let me do the dancing." she admonished him and then gave him a sly wink.

"I tried." His voice was sinister. "But it's just so hard."

"Around here, dear, that is considered positive feedback for a job well done." She tried to keep a straight face but failed.

"You're not done, yet," he growled.

"And neither are you, Theron," she taunted as she began to rotate her upper body in circles. Each circle brought her tits closer to his crotch until she was rubbing them on him, bringing her face in close so she could breathe heavily over his lap. She grabbed his fly with her teeth and giving a series of sharp yanks. She could feel his thickness straining against his jeans and longed to set it free but she continued to remind herself that she was a professional.

Justine got quickly to her feet and climbed on to the settee next to him. Resting on her knees, she untucked his shirt, running her hands up and under it, letting her nails lightly trail across his skin and teasing his nipples tenderly. Theron gasped and his eyes seemed to grow darker. She climbed back on his lap, this time facing away from him. She leaned back against his chest and he reached around her to grope her inner thighs. His masterful hands slithered upward until they were touching her moist thong. She began to writhe and a small whine escaped her lips.

Justine wanted nothing more than to let him continue but she tried to obliterate the thought. She had a staunch rule about relations of any kind with customers. In all the years of dancing, she had never broken it and she credited it with her ability to survive the perils of the job.

Justine arched her back, pushing herself away from him quickly and sliding once again to the floor. She crawled away from his reach, her tight ass swaying invitingly as she prowled across the floor. She glimpsed at him over her shoulder and saw that he was casually stroking his manhood through his pants. She lowered her upper body to the floor, arched her back deeply, and thrusting her hips high in the air. She rocked in rhythm with the music, her legs kicking playfully for a few seconds before she slid her hands down her lithe body and hooked her thumbs in her thong and wiggled it down over her hips. She heard Theron groan behind her, which was as pleasing to her as his touch.

Justine pushed herself to her knees. She rolled her shoulders and head opposite the direction of her gyrating hip as she worked the garment down to her creamy thighs. Once the thong rested around her knees, she leaned into a sitting position on the side of her hip and leisurely peeled the thong the rest of the way off. She expertly caught it with her heel and spun it around before kicking it aside.

"Is this what you are waiting for?" She asked bombastically. She lay on her back and opened her legs in a wide "V" so he could get a full view of her petal pink cunt. She pretended to play with her slick, bare pussy but the temptation was too great and she found herself truly fondling herself. She fingered her silver clit ring; rolling the small bead between her ruby polished nails until her clit was so hard, it began to ache.

The music drifted off and there was a brief pause before the club was filled with a slower tempo sludge tune. Justine climbed back on Theron's lap with his help and began to grind and rock her ass against his rigid cock. She felt exhilarated by the seductiveness of the music and the look of ecstasy in his eyes.

He gripped her hips and pressed himself snugly against her. Justine felt her cunt growing wetter and knew Theron could feel the moisture as it seeped onto his pants. He wrapped one hand in the back of her hair and guided her head back so that he could bury his face in her tits. Justine kept frantically grinding; her breath grew shallow and her skin dewy. Theron's tongue flickered across her erect nipple and then he gnawed on it sharply. Justine yelped with pain and delight.

Justine pulled her head forward and looked dreamily into his eyes. She was overwhelmed with desire and need. Her convictions were crumbing. She lunged for his mouth with hers. She knew she was crossing the line but she could not stop herself. Her tongue traced his warm mouth as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She nudged his mouth open and let her tongue play wildly with his. His mouth was intoxicating her. Justine knew she would not stop herself.

Theron embraced her closer making it difficult for Justine to continue thrusting against him. She released a feeble whimper into his mouth as he continued to secure her tightly against him. Their kissing grew more furious. Justine struggled free and Theron looked at her with confusion.

"I want to see your cock!" She slid down from his lap and onto the floor and made a grab for the button on his pants. Her shaky hands fumbled with it for a brief moment before she was able to unbutton and unzip his jeans. She began to yank helplessly at his pants and boxers.

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