tagRomanceVirgin Bride Pt. 01

Virgin Bride Pt. 01


(M/F, cons, Romance, first time)

WARNING: This is an adult story, containing sensitive material of a sexual nature, including graphic descriptions of consensual "vanilla" sex within marriage. If you find such material offensive or are underage, do not read further, but please bypass this story for one more suitable for you.

This story is written for enjoyment and entertainment purposes only, and no commercial profit is expected to be made from it. It may be copied for personal use or for posting on other free sites, provided . . . it may NOT be posted on any site that requires a "membership fee" of any kind. Posting is permitted on a site requiring an 'adult verification service' provided it only costs a few dollars a year for access to many sites (the way "Adultcheck" used to be) but not on an "Adultcheck Gold" site, which requires much more money.

The couple in this story (they are married and obviously both of legal age) use birth control measures. They are behaving responsibly, just as all reasonable adults should behave responsibly when participating in sexual activities and they wish to avoid unwanted conception and the spread of disease.

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Chapter 1 – The wedding

"You may kiss the bride!"

Jerome gently lifted the veil revealing a breathtaking smile. He took hold of her face in his hands, hesitantly moved his lips to hers. Their lips met in a gentle kiss that probably lasted 15 – 30 seconds, but it seemed to go on forever. Jerome heard the ripple of applause that spread throughout the watching congregation.

It was their first kiss. Early in their relationship, they had agreed not to participate in any activity that might lead them into improper behavior. And they had agreed that kissing fell into that category.

The kiss ended and their eyes met again. Hunger raged through Jerome. He pulled her into another kiss, generating more applause from the onlookers. Angela's arms encircled him, pulling him closer to her. The applause had concluded as the kiss ended and he looked into his wife's adoring eyes. It was too much! He kissed her again, pulling her to him.

Good-natured amusement drew an approving chuckle from the congregation as Jerome pulled Angela into their third kiss. Jerome wanted to ignore the congregation completely and to devour his bride. As their lips separated, he began to pull her back to him again, but she leaned away from him fractionally and whispered, "That's enough, Jerome!"

Fear, embarrassment and impatience all flooded through Jerome at the same time. Embarrassment that he had acted 'inappropriately' before the church members, fear that he might have embarrassed Angela, and impatience that he had to pull away from this woman that he loved so much. Still, she had asked him to stop, and her request, more than anything else, induced him to withdraw. The two of them turned to the clergyman, who quickly concluded the ceremony, prayed over them and presented them to the congregation as husband and wife.

Angela and Jerome worked their way through the throng of well-wishers moving to the pavilion where the wedding luncheon had been prepared. The bride and groom sat at a small table in front of everyone else. They probably enjoyed the meal, although, later on, neither of them remembered much of that afternoon. The afternoon seemed to take place in a haze. They were there, but couldn't really enjoy it. After the meal, there were the pictures, the cake, and the mandatory socializing with everyone. Throughout all of this, Jerome felt the presence of his beloved beside him. He could do nothing more than hold her hand, or put his arm around her, or maybe give her an occasional kiss.

Finally the two lovers were in their car on their way.

Angela placed her bridal veil in her lap, and took the pins out of her hair, letting it fall loosely over her shoulders. It was an enormous relief to be away from the crowd of well wishers. It was just the two of them together. Jerome allowed himself the sense of satisfaction that came from being away from THEM! But suddenly, a new tension hit him a hundred times harder than anything he had experienced yet today. They were on their way to the 'honeymoon' cabin that had been lent to them for six nights.

Terror washed over Jerome. They were both virgins. Jerome suspected that Angela had never been kissed by a man before. For that matter, he hadn't kissed many girls before either. And when he had, it had been more a display of his manhood than an expression of love.

It had been difficult for Jerome not to kiss his fiancée during their engagement. But now that they were married, he felt they had made a wise choice. Both were somber as they drew up to the isolated cabin deep in the woods. They parked and Jerome gathered their overnight cases and carried them to the entrance of the cabin. The door was unlocked as promised.

Unsure of what to do now, Jerome dropped the bags and swept his bride into her arms to carry her over the threshold. Angela laughed as he picked her up, and she threw her arms around his neck holding him close . . . was it so she wouldn't fall . . . or was it because she wanted to have her arms around her husband?

In the foyer, Jerome gently placed Angela on her feet again. She kept her arms around his neck and gazed into his eyes with love and devotion. Jerome was certain that Angela was as much in love with him as he was with her. He kissed her. He didn't know how long the kiss lasted. He didn't care! At last he was alone with his wife --- HIS WIFE --- and she was alone with him!

The kiss came to an end and Angela glanced at the door. Jerome followed her eyes and realized that the door was standing wide open and the bags were still outside. Slightly flustered, Jerome excused himself to bring the bags into the cabin and lock the door behind him. He was thankful for the diversion. He really didn't know what to do next or how to proceed now that they were married and – it was permitted.

As Jerome set the bags against the wall, Angela moved to the sofa in the living room, and carefully set her wedding veil on the coffee table. She was still wearing her wedding dress: a white linen gown with a modest neckline (of course nothing else would be expected), three-quarter length sleeves, bodice composed of horizontal folds around her torso and a floor length flowing skirt. She was radiant in white! Like every bride on her wedding day, at least for today, she was probably one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Jerome approached her again and she turned to him slipping her arms around his waist and looking up into his eyes. She was about 5' 3" and he was 6'1", and she took great pleasure having this giant as her protector.

"I love you!" Jerome whispered, and Angela responded with the same words and she tucked her cheek against his neck. He rested his chin on top of her head as he had so many times before. The herbal scent of her hair was intoxicating.

Jerome was unable to put his uneasiness into words, but if he could, he would have realized that both he and Angela were virgins, totally ignorant of sex other than reading a few books, the mandatory but useless sex education course in high school which only taught them to use a condom, a brief visit with a doctor and a conversation with Elder Johnson at church. Now they were married, they had spoken the magic words, 'I do!' and suddenly the entire word of sex was opened for their indulgence. But neither knew what to do, when to do it, or how.

Mr. Johnson had given Jerome an assignment: During the next year Jerome was to tell his wife every day, at least once a day, that he loved her. Jerome considered it a silly assignment, since it was so easy to tell his bride he loved her. But he had determined to follow Mr. Johnson's advice.

Simultaneously they sank side by side on the sofa. Jerome sensed some apprehension in his bride, and he paused to ask her what was wrong.

Angela sighed and turned so she could lean against his chest. She was comfortable being enfolded in his arms.

"I'm afraid. . . ." Angela confessed. "I was thinking about what Mrs. Johnson told us a couple of months ago. She said that every girl lives her life anticipating her wedding. But she also said that there is life AFTER the wedding, too." Angela rubbed her cheek against Jerome's enfolding arm.

"She was right," Angela continued. "For the past several weeks, every thought has been directed toward the wedding. Now the wedding is over. And it's time to move on to life AFTER the wedding."

Angela had two other concerns that she was much too afraid to mention to Jerome. She was deathly afraid of the next few hours. Of course she had the normal fear of losing her virginity which every woman has as she approaches her 'moment of truth'. But secondly, she was acutely aware of her small breasts and narrow hips. She had been late developing. In eight grade boys had referred to her as "little miss no-bod." They hadn't said it to her face, but she had heard it whispered. At that time, she angrily thought her development would start soon and when it did, 'she would show them'! But she never did develop, at least not much. Her bosom had remained small, her hips narrow. And she had always been shy. She never dated much, and when she did, her shyness interfered with her relationships. Finally she came to the conclusion that no man would ever be able to love her because she was too shy and her breasts and hips were too small. She believed that her small breasts would never be able to satisfy any man.

Then she had met Jerome. And she had fallen in love. And he had fallen in love.

Rather than interfering with her relationship with Jerome, Angela's shyness seemed to charm him. And she became madly in love with his handsome, rugged personality. Of course, to Jerome, Angela had no reason to be shy. She was a beautiful, attractive, vibrant young woman whom he deeply loved.

It was not until after she had accepted his proposal of marriage and they had told their families that Angela's concern that she might not be able to satisfy him returned. Angela was afraid to talk to anyone about it, even Mrs. Johnson at church.

She had made a date with Jerome to go swimming at a public 'hot springs' pool, ostensibly because she enjoyed swimming, but in reality so that Jerome could see her in a bathing suit. But when she went into the dressing room, she couldn't bring herself to put on the bikini she had purchased specifically for the occasion, so she wore her one-piece suit, after carefully removing the padding that had come with the suit.

When she returned to the pool area, she saw Jerome's eyes scan her as he approached her. Then he took her hand and they spent an hour swimming and frolicking in the pool. Jerome had seen her in a swimsuit, but nothing else seemed to have changed. Was it possible he simply hadn't looked, or hadn't noticed?

Angela went to the diving board. As she prepared to dive, she looked at Jerome sitting on the side of the pool. He had watched her intently as she climbed to the board and moved into place. She saw him continue to examine her as she prepared to dive.

Then she noticed the bulge in his trunks. Immediately embarrassed, she made her dive, and shortly after that, had told Jerome she was tired of swimming.

Jerome had seen her in a tight fitting swimsuit. But nothing in their relationship seemed to change. He had held her hand as they drove home, and if anything, he had seemed even more loving than he had before. How could he have seen her in her bathing suit and not noticed that her . . . body . . . was . . . small? Then she remembered the bulge in his trunks. He had seen her small body. Was it possible that her small body - - - had effected him - - - effected him like that?

Now, they were married. And it was time to move on to life "after the wedding." Angela was terrified of revealing 'her secrets' to Jerome.

She still felt terribly shy. She was quiet and unsure, and very nervous. And in the back of her mind, she was afraid of doing something that would make Jerome laugh at her. She wanted to run away. And she wanted to stay. She wanted to take off her clothes for her husband and show him exactly what he had married. And she was afraid of revealing her 'secrets'. She wanted to make love with Jerome. And she was afraid that when he saw her naked, he wouldn't want to. Angela was determined to know if her body would be good enough for her husband. And she wanted to know it as quickly as possible. In her mind, she had decided to quickly reveal herself to her husband. That was the only way she would know for sure. If he refused her because of her small chest and hips, she wanted to know it now, rather than extend the torment she was feeling.

But, she couldn't just take off her clothes and stand before him like a whore. Could she?

When Angela had mentioned 'life after the wedding', Jerome felt the needs he had been experiencing surge to the forefront. But he also felt a blush flooding over his face and was thankful that Angela wasn't looking at him.

Jerome began stammering, "We don't have to rush each other. We have the rest of our lives . . ."

Angela raised her head and smiled as she noticed the color in his face. Seeing that he was embarrassed relieved her embarrassment, and she loved him for it. "Some cultures don't consider a marriage complete until it has been consummated. I've read that in books."

Jerome turned absolutely crimson! He looked away, totally at a loss for words.

Angela had started it. She was determined to get her ideas out as quickly as possible. "I'm your wife! According to the laws of this state, we were married this afternoon." Angela felt her face growing warm and knew she was blushing, too. "Now, I want to be your wife in every way."

Jerome turned back to his bride. Angela almost felt pity for him. He looked like a drowning man, not knowing what to do next. She placed her hand on his cheek and gently kissed him. He responded to her kiss, but his every emotion was aquiver.

Angela withdrew slightly. She knew she must be beet red, but she wasn't going to stop now. She held Jerome's eyes as she took a deep breath. "I want to consummate our marriage." She dropped her eyes. There, she had said it! "And I'm scared to death!"

Jerome pulled her to him and held her tightly. "I'm scared, too!" he admitted.

This simple admission endeared him to Angela more than anything else he might have said or done. She loved him. She knew guys were supposed to be the 'know-it-all' experts about sex and everything. They were always supposed to be self-assured and ready for anything. It gave her immense comfort to hear him say he was afraid, also.

They kissed again, a gentle, sweet kiss. Then she disengaged herself from him. Knowing that she needed to back up her words with actions, Angela turned away, presenting her back to Jerome. She drew her hair long hair forward so it was falling over her shoulder.

"Please, unbutton me." She whispered, a slight tremble in her voice.

Jerome's heart fluttered and sank at the same time. He had been anticipating this moment for months, and suddenly it was here! He was eager to undress her, to lead her to their bed, to make her his wife. But he was petrified now that it was actually here!

There must have been 15 buttons between her neck and her waist. All these buttons had been quite attractive when Jerome had seen them at the reception this afternoon. In fact, he had had a brief fantasy of manfully and self-assuredly opening them one at a time. But now, but they presented a daunting task to him.

Jerome raised shaking hands to the top button, but his trembling was so great that he found him self getting more and more frustrated trying to manipulate it. Suddenly, her hand covered his. The warmth of her touch settled his nerves. He bent down and kissed her hand. Then he successfully opened the top button. He could sense the satisfied smile in his bride as she released his hand. He moved to the next button.

When seven buttons were opened, the top of her bra became visible. Jerome separated the material and kissed her neck, and then he kissed downward along her back. She leaned into him, just enough to respond to his kiss, but not enough to interfere with the work his hands were doing.

Soon, the last button was opened and she had to lean away from him so he could find the two hook-and-eyes at her waist and the zipper. Jerome opened the hooks and pulled the zipper down as far as he could. Her bra strap was exposed and he could see the top of her half-slip.

Her dress was open from the nape of her neck to the small of her back, just above her half-slip. Jerome gazed at her smooth, ivory skin, broken only by the narrow strap of her bra.

Again, he spread the material, running her hands over her back and he felt an involuntary shiver from her. He ran his hands upward and outward, gently sliding the material over her shoulders. But he hesitated. "May I?" he whispered to her. She nodded and took hold of a sleeve to pull the gown off her shoulder and down her slender arm. When one arm was free, together, they slid the other sleeve off, and the bodice of her wedding gown fell to her lap. Once again, his hands on her bare shoulders Jerome covered her back with kisses until Angela pulled away and stood. Afraid to meet his eyes, she kept her back to him. She worked the top of her dress down over her narrow, boyish hips and over the half-slip. She permitted gravity to pull her wedding gown downwards and stepped out of it, carefully laying it over the far end of the sofa.

Looking over her shoulder, she watched Jerome's eyes crawled over every inch of his nearly naked wife. Her cheeks colored with embarrassment. Her small body shivered in the cool air.

Then, she turned to face her husband.



<If you need to split this story into multiple parts, this would be my choice of where to make the split. >

Chapter 2 – To the bedroom.

The vision of his wife took Jerome's breath away! Nothing was unexpected. He knew she had small breasts, a narrow waist, an almost too slim body of a late bloomer, and incredibly sexy hips, but actually being able to see her practically naked almost made him swoon! Of course he had gotten quick looks at her bra when her blouse had gapped to reveal her, and he had even gotten fleeting peeks at areas of 'forbidden' flesh on occasion. Once, he had gotten a glimpse of her nipple! In his fantasies, he had imagined her with larger breasts, but the 'real thing' was immensely more gratifying than any fantasy! This was real. This was Angela! This was his wife!

She took his hands and guided them to the waistband of her half-slip, and, at her encouragement, he tugged the garment downward until it fell to the floor. Angela stepped out of the half-slip and stood before him. Looking down, she suddenly was afraid that her pantyhose might be too much for him to handle, so she quickly slipped them off and threw them on top of her wedding dress.

Irreverently, Jerome wondered if paradise could offer anything better than this.

Although revealed to him, she was still not exposed. Knowing that he might not be enthused with her body, Angela knew that she might be able to distract him. She had married him. If he left, she still wanted her wedding night!

Angela's sweet, petite hands released the top button of his shirt. The other buttons followed. She knelt between his spread knees and kissed his chest as she slid his shirt and vest from his shoulders. The buttons on his sleeves thwarted her efforts, and Jerome quickly had to release the buttons so the shirt could slip from his arms. He wasn't wearing an undershirt.

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