tagLetters & TranscriptsVirgin Brother With Sister & Boyfriend

Virgin Brother With Sister & Boyfriend


** Author's Note: The following is an unedited copy of a live chat. It contains some incest and a threesome between a virgin brother (25) and his sister (21) and her boyfriend (40s). I totally understand if the chat format is not your cup of tea, but I am sharing this with those of you who might like it. **

CK: hello

rashleyjohnson: Hey back!

CK: how are you

rashleyjohnson: very good. you?

CK: i'm good

rashleyjohnson: 40s mwm here; sometimes rp as a college girl

CK: i was wondering if you'd RP where i walk in on you and my sister

rashleyjohnson: *smile*... yesss.... my age/sex? your sisters name?

CK: would u rather be you or a female?

rashleyjohnson: as long as there is one girl, I am fine... I just don't like guy only... *smile*

CK: i'd rather have you be you... this time

rashleyjohnson: *smile* happy to do so

rashleyjohnson: sisters name? age?

CK: so, my idea is, i walk in, i'm upset, stunned, confused, getting angry... you act super sweet and manipulate me into staying and watching and (if you're up to it) getting involved... interested?

rashleyjohnson: mmmm sounds hot... (you do this rp a lot?)

CK: i try to... is that bad?

rashleyjohnson: not at all... tell me sisters name in rp (and real life, but I will use your prefered rp name for our chat)

CK: She's Liz, 21... wanna see pics?

(You have accepted the invitation to start photo sharing.)

rashleyjohnson: yesss

rashleyjohnson: so you really want to walk in on someone fucking her?

CK: in RP, yeah... idk about real life

CK: its a fantasy

rashleyjohnson: so we are going at it when you enter her room. (do you konw why you entered?)...

CK: well, let's start where i walk into the house... i think no one is gone, but i hear noises upstairs

rashleyjohnson: we think you are gone for the night, so not trying to be quite

CK: Liz, are you ok? I start walking upstairs

rashleyjohnson: we don't hear you, but we are having a lot of fun

CK: Outside her door... Liz? are you alright?

rashleyjohnson: The door is open a few inches... not totally dark, but dim lighting... you hear muffled noises and see tossing on her bed.. you think she might be having a nightmare

CK: I hurry in, Liz are you alright?

rashleyjohnson: still hearing noises... it seems to you she is trying to wake up from a nightmare... under her sheets...

CK: i pull the sheet back... Liz?

rashleyjohnson: you see your sister on her back, nude, with my face between her legs eating... her eyes are closed and she is enjoying me... she thinks I pulled off the sheet, and I think she did... neither of us hear you or see you or know you are there immediately

CK: what the hell is going on? (if you like, you can play her too if u want)

rashleyjohnson: you want to play Liz???

CK: id rather just be me, unless you need me to be liz

rashleyjohnson: no, I can be both LIz and myself (Rick)

CK: cool, id like that

rashleyjohnson: *smile*... Do you watch for a second, or interrupt immediately?

CK: stunned for a few seconds, then say what the hell is going on?

rashleyjohnson: Liz and I hear you and we both jump... me wiping my face as I sit up, and Liz covering her tits and pulling her legs together... "What are you doing here? she asks, surprised, but not angry"

CK: my plans got cancelled, what the fuck are you doing and who is he?

rashleyjohnson: "Don't get all uppity" Liz says... "This is Rick.. he is a great guy I know from school/work"

CK: Rick huh? I stare at you, you can see how pissed i am

rashleyjohnson: "Hey man, sorry... I htink Liz is a great girl... I don't want ot get off on the wrong foot with you"

CK: you're a lot older, you like cradle robbing?

CK: you can feel i'm a very protective brother

rashleyjohnson: I can be myself... 40s mwm... know Liz from work...

CK: she is way younger than you, like 21

rashleyjohnson: yes... (and you are older than her? younger?)

CK: (25) and did you say married?

rashleyjohnson: yes in rt, but will rp as you want

CK: please be single RP

rashleyjohnson: yes indeed... Liz's boss at work?

CK: yeah... Liz, did he blackmail you? Sex or you're fired?

rashleyjohnson: "No!" she says... "Rick is a great guy and we really like each other... I invited him here tongiht becuase I thought I had the house alone all night..." (I nod my head to her story)

CK: you can tell i'm still upset, but not as much

rashleyjohnson: I look at LIz, and she looks at me, then at you... "Why don't you have a drink and sit down and relax... why did you come home? What happened?" she puts on a tee shirt and pours you a drink

CK: I got dumped

CK: (she's in only a t shirt, you cover with the sheet

rashleyjohnson: (you notice her ass and pussy as the tee shirt does not cover it all... the room is lit enough that you can see her much more than you ever have before) "Im sorry, honey" she says, rubbing your shoulder as you take the drink and drink it

CK: you see me accidentally stare at her, getting beet red

rashleyjohnson: I smile... feelign more comfortable as I see Liz caring for her older brother and you looking at her ass and pussy.... I watch quietly for a bit as things unfold... Liz talks sweetly to you "Oh, no... that bitch... I never liked her, you know"

CK: i know... looking down, embarrassed that i peeked... it just sucks

rashleyjohnson: you finish your drink.. and Liz looks at me... "Do you mind if we take a break... I feel bad for him..." (I say "Of course. Its tough to get dumped..." and then I make a drink for myself and Liz and you)

CK: should I leave? let you two be, you know, whatever?

rashleyjohnson: [are you likeing this?]

CK: (yes, so much... are you?)

rashleyjohnson: yes... have never done this rp before... its nice... *smile*

rashleyjohnson: I say "No, please stay... family matter most..." and I hadn you and LIz your drinks...

CK: thanks

rashleyjohnson: I am holding the sheet around my waist... for a guy in his 40s I look pretty good... you think that Liz has good taste, and chuckly to yourself for thinking that... as you finish the second drink

CK: i stare down, unable to look up, from sadness and embarrassment

rashleyjohnson: "Dont' be sad" Liz says... "She was an idiot, and ugly..." (laughing)... I ask, "So she was not hot like you?" and Liz says, "Hell no..." and slaps her nude ass

CK: Liz!

rashleyjohnson: (she laughs) "Well, you know she was not as hot as me" and she takes off her tee shirt... the alcohol affecting all our judgements... "Admit it", she says, "her nasty body did not look nearly as good as THIS" and stands nude for both of us to admire

CK: liz, i'm your brother, i cant look at you nude... you hear me say it, but you know my heart is not behind that statement

rashleyjohnson: "Oh, relax CK" she says... its not like you haven't seen this before...

CK: what?

rashleyjohnson: "I know you have seen me changing before... I leave my door cracked open on purpose... I like that you think Im sexy... " and she walks up to you, nude, and leans in and gently kisses you on the cheek... "I think its cute"

CK: blushing, speechless... you can tell in your gut that i'm a virgin... but Liz has no clue

rashleyjohnson: (would you like if Liz ended up blindfolded? or if you did?)

CK: hmmm, me

rashleyjohnson: "Lets play a game" LIz says... "Ok" I say

CK: what game?

rashleyjohnson: we each finish one more round of drinks.. then Liz says... "A guessing game..." and she pulls out a blindfold and puts it on me... then she drops my sheet and says I have to guess what she is using to touch me with... then she uses panties, pillow, scarf, and hands... I guess them all... you are watching as my nude body responds to her touching...

CK: uncomfortable with it, but watching

rashleyjohnson: The liquor is relaxing you, and you find yourself enjoying watching my cock respond to your sisters touch... after a short while LIz says "Your turn" and walks over to you.. she is nude (we both are) and she stands in front of you holding the blindfold toward you

CK: what? i dont think i should...

rashleyjohnson: "Come on.. you need to relax... Its just a game..." Liz says... I cover myself back up with the sheet, but I give you a good "Its OK" nod of approval to play the game...

CK: ok...

rashleyjohnson: as you take the blindfold in your hands, your sister gets on her knees and quickly pulls off your pants and underwear... your cock is limp and exposed.. you protest, but Liz says "its how the game works.. don't make such a big fuss.. you baby" ... you step out of your pants and are nude from the shirt down

CK: i put the blindfold on

rashleyjohnson: you feel something gently touching your legs... you think it may be your sisters scarf...

CK: scarf?

rashleyjohnson: she has a silk scarf in her room... she used it on my legs and cock when you watched... so you remember and say "scarf" and she says "YES! Very good..."

rashleyjohnson: The game contineus and various soft obejectsp lay with your cock and balls and leg and belly... then she says "Now lets play a new game"

CK: what?

rashleyjohnson: "good question" she says... "any ideas?" she asks us both

CK: you see me getting a little uneasy

rashleyjohnson: "maybe he needs a drinking game" I say, and we all laugh... it helps ease the tension...

rashleyjohnson: "How about "DARE"... We all write some dares on cards and then draw them and have to do them..." LIz says "GREAT" and quckly we are writing down dares... I write the fastest, and Liz writes a few herself... you are stuned by the whole situation

CK: (can i still be blindfolded?)

rashleyjohnson: (what do YOU wnat to happen her? I was thikning a dare would get your sister fucked by one of us whiel the other watched... is that cool?)

CK: sure

rashleyjohnson: so the first card is drawn by your sister and it says "pick one person to fuck you"... we all laught (you a little uncomfortably, but still you find it funny)... Liz knows how embarrased you would be to fuck her in front of someone, so she picks me to fuck her... she does not know you are a virgin... she lays on the bed and I crawl between her legs and lay my cock into her and gently fuck your little sister in front of you

CK: watching, not a lot at first, but then staring more

rashleyjohnson: (do you like any of hte pics I sent?) I fuck your sister and start to really enjoy it... and so does she.. we quickly remmeber that we are horny and forget the game...

CK: getting lost in watching (they're nice, but to be honest playing with you is better )

rashleyjohnson: *smile* ty!

rashleyjohnson: I make your sister cum and then I cum too... you watch and get really exited by our fucking.... your sister so cute and nude and fucked... then we catch our breath... "Your turn" we say, and you draw a card that says "pick one person to give you oral sex"

CK: ummm, well, i mean...

rashleyjohnson: LIz and I are smilign as you look at us nerviously

CK: i dont know

rashleyjohnson: Liz says "I have an idea" and she puts the blindfold on you... then lays you on the bed, then she and I get on teh bed next to you and lay against your body... Liz says "you can guess whose mouth is on you" and then she stops talking and you feel a mouth over your cock, sucking you

CK: oh wow...

rashleyjohnson: your sisters hand is on your belly, and so is mine... we are both laying beside you, and you cant tell who is blowing you, but you think it may be your own cute nude sister because you think you feel her hair laying on your belly and legs

CK: moaning, loving it

CK: my hands take yours and hers

rashleyjohnson: a nice threesome of hand holding as your cock is sucked and you are blindfolded

rashleyjohnson: (pretty hot, yes? *smile*)

CK: (god yes, you're so good)

rashleyjohnson: (or so bad! *smile*) you feel cum buidling up, but since it is a blowjob rather htan you storking yourself, you cannot slwo down the explosion... you say you are close to cumming... (does it stop, or do you blow in someones mouth?)

CK: i'm not in charge of that am i? so you tell me

rashleyjohnson: you say you are cumming and try to push the mouth away (embarrased to cum so quickly) but as you do, I grap your hands and give your sister full access to your cock... she puts her hands on your hips and ass and sucks you harder as you get closer... I hold your hands and remove your blindfold so you can see your sisters face bobbing up and down on your cock... you explode when you see her and she gags but keeps sucking... yoru cum rolling out of her mouth adn down your cock....

CK: oh fuckkk

rashleyjohnson: cum flows out of her mouth and down your cock... her hands rubbing your belly and side... she lifts her face and smiles at you, happy that she relaxed you and made you cum.... you see her beautyful nude body between your legs and your cock jumps, even after having just cum

CK: rock hard again instantly

rashleyjohnson: "my turn" she says and she lifts her pussy over your cock and puts your cock at her tip... you on your back, her on her knees over you and lowering... she pushes you into her... not knowing it is your first pussy... you try to stop her, but she will not let you, and neigther will I...

CK: my head rolls back, eyes shut

rashleyjohnson: You are nude on your sister's bed as she fucks you with her boyfriend watching... you try to resist or stop it, but each time I make you continue... Liz is horney and fucking you good and you realize she is going to cum with your cock insider her... it makes you cum too, and you shoot yoru cum inside Lizzies pussy

CK: oh godddd

rashleyjohnson: *smile* (good, right?)

CK: (you are amazing, best RP partner i've ever had, i mean it)

rashleyjohnson: *smile* you had a good scene to work with... I hope you came hard

CK: havent cum rt yet

rashleyjohnson: WHAT??? really?? Damn, dude! you shoudl have blown when you came inside Lizzie's pussy

CK: i am close, can u keep going buddy?

rashleyjohnson: Lizzie crawls over your body and kisses you... "don't you worry about that slut... you have me and I will take care of you" and as she kisses you, you feel hands between your legs and then you feel a mouth licking your cock... you realize I am about to blow you even as Liz makes out with you.. your hands feeling your sisters small firm 21 year old body as her older 40s boyfirend is sucking your cock

CK: there it is

CK: came really hard

rashleyjohnson: lol... *smile*

rashleyjohnson: :-)

rashleyjohnson: :-)

rashleyjohnson: I am actually going to save this chat, it was so good... (smile)

CK: you are such a good playmate... this has to be more than a one time thing, please?

rashleyjohnson: hopefully... *smile*...

rashleyjohnson: glad you came hard!

CK: did you?

rashleyjohnson: yesss

rashleyjohnson: :-)

CK: can we become permanent playmates?

rashleyjohnson: maybe so... looking forward to next time

CK: me too

** I ENJOYED THIS CHAT SO MUCH THAT I WANTED TO SHARE IT. I HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT TOO! (This is my first time sharing a chat history. Comments welcomed and appreciated. **

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