Virgin Ch. 03


My last thoughts before I fell asleep were that I was now his, a thought that has washed away since and been replaced with shame as I wake with a pillow in my face. Shame, shame, and more shame. Why did I do what I did? What possessed me so? I kissed another man! I let him grind up against me and dry hump me. I even grinded back! I sucked his cock and came whilst doing it...

I was drunk and dressed as a girl and have never had sex before, maybe I'm just a horny guy that was influenced by alcohol and the perverse circumstances!? I'd like to think I'm still a man, so long as I continue on as one. Ok. Maybe I did suck his cock. Plenty of straight men have sucked cock before. And maybe I still am a virgin, technically. Are these things really so bad? Does it make me a loser or a faggot?

It's up to what I do from now on. I've had my fun and now it's time to call it quits. I shall forge a new path. I am greeted by Brad as I stumble into the kitchen.

'Morning, slutty virgin.'

'Good morning, Brad.'

Did I really just answer to 'slutty virgin'? And so casually too... I now realise that I'm still wearing makeup and what remained of my clothes last night, cum encrusted panties included. Fuck. So far it has been a terrible start to forging a new path.

Brad slaps my ass, causing it to jiggle.

'You kissed like a girl last night, Crissy.'

The reminder haunts me.

'Errr, thank you.' I'm not sure that it was a compliment, though. He snickers in contempt.

'Well, I've got to get out of here, kitten. You clean up the house like a good house wifey. Umm, and clean yourself up too. I've got some things for you in the bathroom. Bye.'

He doesn't give me any time to reply and walks out the door and for some stupid reason I'm expecting a goodbye kiss as he closes the door behind him. It never comes. Gosh, I feel like shit. My crotch is all sticky and itchy and I have a pounding headache. Heading to the bathroom doesn't sound like too bad an idea. I have got to get out of these dirty panties.

I see a basket and ignore it for the time being, strip out of my clothes and jump into the shower. I wash off all the makeup and have the longest hottest shower of my life to counter act the dirtiest I've ever felt in my life. Shower milk and soap and loofah all contribute in the cleansing. Afterwards I feel refreshed and am quickly reminded of the smoothness of my body, arousing at the touch by my own hands.

It is now that I look into the contents of the basket left by Brad that I dismissed before I rushed into the shower. The contents include K-Y Jelly, a black butt plug and an enema bag with instructions. Absurd! Absurd, yet intriguing. I've heard of how good it feels after an enema, after flushing out all the shit from inside of you. I could do with some more cleansing.

By the instruction's command, I pump water into my anus and leave it there for ten minutes, then release it. I repeat the process once more to be thorough. The results prove the task worthy of under taking as shit no longer resides within me. I feel clean and aroused even more so now. The butt plug draws my attention next. If there was ever a time to fulfil such a curiosity now was the time to do so, Brad needn't ever know. Using the lubricant I ease it into my hole, sliding the sleek black tool further and further up. It widens at the base and becomes harder to slide, the pain sharpening as it parts me, yet the feeling is somewhat erotic. Luckily it isn't overly large, despite the stuffed feeling I have, it is already completely in. This is rather kinky, my dick is half hard.

I try to make haste to my room for clothes, but am forced to take smaller steps than usual with my ass now plugged, walking like a girl so that it doesn't hurt me too much or slip out. Back to boy clothes at last! I would see an end to this unfortunate series of events. Brad's last request before he left was to clean up the place, I figure best to get it over with quickly.

I decide to wash the clothes first. The blouse, stockings, skirt and panties are all painful reminders of what happened the night before. The panties are a mess, before I throw them in with the other clothes I take a sniff, the smell is strong. The last piece of clothing is Brad's underwear, the thought takes hold and I lightly sniff them too. The smell is pungent, giving off a far more overwhelming aroma than that of my panties even when they were soaked in cum. It stings the nostrils yet I'm left wanting for another whiff. I divulge for a moment and bury my nose in them. It lasts longer than a moment. My own panties had left me indifferent, yet my base instinct and desire drives me mad for his dirty underwear. As I fill my nose with his scent, clarity finally strikes me and I hurl his underwear in with the others in a jerk reaction, my face reddening, my heart glad that no one was here to see this.

I carry on, with butt still plugged, washing up in the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming the house. The scene of the crime; in Brad's bedroom, proves most difficult to clean. I find myself on hands and knees cleaning up the wet sloppy mess on the floor where so much of Brad's juices and my saliva had pooled.

Most duties are out of the way before midday arrives and I relax, my mind at ease.


The day has been a good one. I finally completed one of my favourite video games and watched some quality comedy on TV. It's 5 o'clock. I shift on the sofa as I hear the door shake and my filled asshole reminds me of the black friend residing within it. Shit. I can't let him find out I'm actually using it so I pull it out quickly and run for the bathroom. It's too late. He sees me as I put it back into the basket.

'So, you enjoyed my little gift I left you this morning I see.'

'Look, Brad. This is not what it looks like.' He bows his head down slightly and raises his eyebrows with doubt. 'I mean, yes, I may have used the butt plug, but only out of curiosity. This thing between you and me... it's over, I'm not doing it any more. I'm not a faggot. I'm not your bitch.'

'Oh really,' he replies sarcastically.

'Yes. Yes really.'

'You cleaned up just like I told you to, though. Look, no dirty clothes, clean kitchen, everything put away. You never ever clean, you lazy little cunt, yet you obeyed my command like a good bitch would. Didn't you, Crissy?'

He is right. I did do what he said. I must say something...'I thought it would help see an end to this matter. And do not call me Crissy.'

'Or what...' He pauses. 'CRISSY!?' He called me Crissy once more.

I hesitate with my answer, 'Errr-,' and am cut short by his laughter.

'Just as I thought. That's your problem, Crissy. You've got no fucking balls. Which is why you're so suited to being the soft little pussy you are.'

'I am not a pussy,' I shout.

He walks with purpose towards me, growling, 'Yes you fucking are.' He thrusts two large fat fingers into my mouth. My lips instinctively wrap around them in an instant. I look up at him with my eyes, filled with horror.

'See,' he continues, in a calmer voice 'your mouth is eager to be filled. You are a bitch, my bitch. You do deserve to be called Crissy.'

He pulls his fingers out of my mouth, pushing me at the chest sending me backwards with a mere shove, and speaks again, 'Here, take these and put them on otherwise you'll be wearing my fist in your face instead.' He hands me a bag of clothes. 'And don't forget that pretty makeup.' He throws me into the bathroom by the arm.

What choice do I have? I put on the god damn makeup just as I did the night before. Foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara, lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner, and blush too. I never was able to remove the nail polish this morning in the shower. Nevertheless, I touch it up a bit.

The bag, it has a whole new set of clothes for me to wear and a new wig. I put it all on. Pink and black frilly panties and padded bra to match, black pantyhose, and a black dress which leaves the entirety of my back and shoulders bare, joining up in a curve at the bottom of my back, covering my ass and reaching half way down my thighs. I fear for his reaction without them, and find the gel breast forms in the glory box. A pearl necklace that fits tightly around my neck, 4 inch black high heels and a sleek black bob cut wig completes the look. All the black I'm now wearing contrasts with my pale white skin and the pearls. I am now a woman. A crying woman that is, as I look into the mirror.

I step from the bathroom, head hung low in shame, ass sticking out. He claps three slow loud claps. They are claps of satisfaction and approval.

'Well, well, well. I've outdone myself this time,' says Brad. 'Here, drink these.'

I see 4 shot glasses on the coffee table.

Brad speaks again, 'Cock sucking cowboys they are called. Drink up.' He hands me one.

It tastes sweet. I down another. And then another.

'You like being a girl, don't you, Crissy? It's ok to admit it.'

'Yes, it's kind of nice,' I answer.

He slaps my ass, causing my back to arch, shoulders to jerk back and chest to stick out in reaction. He turns on the stereo system and plays some music.

'Dance. Dance sexy for me.'

I dance sexy for him. With the aid of the alcohol, the heels and the music, I swing my hips about and move my hands all over my body, stroking my hand down the middle of my chest and sliding it further down around my ass and thigh and back up again, sticking my ass out as I go. The feeling of the movements and the clothes is amazing. I bite my lip and crouch down low and gyrate. I can feel my cock become stiff. I'm enjoying this at least. He sits down and beckons me to give him a lap dance. I comply.

I mince around him and move to the music. My hands find places on the sides of my thighs as I stick out my pelvis and thrust forward as my back arches. He spurs me to come closer with the curl of his finger. I yet again comply. I turn around and swing my ass about in circular motion as my hands slip down to my knees, my skirt riding up and revealing a little more than intended. I turn around again and wrap my arms around his neck and my soft bottom makes contact with his knee. I slide up further on his leg, swaying to the music and wiggling my hips in the mean time. It's happening again, he is looking at me.

I keep sliding up closer, feeling the bulge in his pants press up against me, his eyes pierce mine. He grabs my lower back and pulls me in even closer. I can smell him. My eyes draw attention to his lips, they are moving. I try to resist and remind myself of this morning. But I am weak and I give in... My lipstick covered lips meet his and I melt in his arms, my cock regrettably twitching in delight. I am not a man after all.

He even leads in the kiss, dictating the pace and flow of it, his tongue controlling all the action. My body grinds up against his leg without thought, his hands grip my ass. Never before have I felt happier and never before have I felt worse about myself. After a few minutes it is up to him to put an end to it, as he stands up lifting us both, my legs wrap around him, but he drops me.

He laughs. 'Haha. Yes, you are very keen, but just one moment.' He heads to the bathroom.

The last cock sucking cowboy slides down my throat whilst I wait. I then go to his bedroom and flop myself on the bed like a star fish. He returns to me completely naked, with the K-Y Jelly in hand. He is so hairy and muscular and his cock is gargantuan.

'Your eyes widen at the sight. You have a true love for the cock, Crissy. There is no denying it. You can no longer fight against it and hide your shame.'

He takes hold of his cock and waves it about teasingly as he steps closer. I shuffle backwards whilst on my back to give room. He enters at the end of the bed on his knees and approaches. He slides his hands up my pantyhose covered thighs. It's electric. He lifts up my dress to reveal the top of the pantyhose and my frilly pink and black panties. He pulls them down to reveal my cock and balls. This is the first time he has seen them.

Snorting with uncontrollable laughter, Brad takes a moment to speak, 'No wonder you're a virgin. Look at that thing!' My face reddens. He moves his own cock up, resting it on top of mine, comparing the two. 'Not even half my length and your penis is as hard as it will go. Even your balls are fucking tiny.'

The mix of shame and embarrassment and the feeling of his cock touching mine sends it screaming with pleasure, my breathing grows heavy. He flips me over and pulls down my pantyhose and panties, leaving them around my ankles just before my heels. He grabs the K-Y Jelly. My heart rate instantly sky rockets and my entire body shakes. I'm incredibly nervous with excitement...

'I'm going to take you now,' he says.

He didn't say I'm going to fuck you in the ass, he didn't say spread your ass cheeks, Crissy. No, nothing like that. He is going to take me he says. Take my virginity, take my body, claim ownership of me. I hear the squirt of K-Y Jelly onto his fingers. He jams it in my asshole and spreads more around the entrance. He slathers it on his cock. It's hard as granite, yet soft to the touch as it prods my hole, as it slides between my soft cheeks.

My ass had a taste of the butt plug all day long and it yearned for more, I've felt empty ever since I pulled it out after Brad got home. I can now feel my puckering asshole plead for his cock as he rubs the tip of it against me. I let out a whimper.

'Very well then,' Brad replies.

The head pops in, much thanks to the lubricant. My body welcomes the new visitor, inviting it further in, I move my ass towards his body. Deeper it goes, slowly filling me, the pain of my anus widening for his phallus eclipsed by the sheer ecstasy of it. The enema, the butt plug; it was all in preparation for this, and deep down inside I secretly knew it all along. I am but a mere vessel for Brad, so that he may feel pleasure and release his seed within me.

I gasp and moan. And whisper 'No,' as he begins to pull out, only to giggle in pleasure as he thrusts back into me even deeper. I lay there, spread eagle on my stomach. He pins my arms down by the wrist with his powerful hands and begins to pick up pace, fucking me harder and faster as more time goes by. I find myself moaning louder and louder, matching his grunts.

'Congratulations, Crissy. You're no longer a virgin.'

'Mmmmm. YES!' I scream.

'You will never feel the touch of a woman. You will never graze upon the soft pink lips of a vagina, never to get your dick sucked, never to kiss a girl again.'

His thrusts become more aggressive.

'Mmmm. I don't want to. I only want you,' I reply.

'Pathetic. You are a slave to my cock, forever a sissy, Crissy. Nothing more than a cock craving faggot.'

I just moan in pleasure back at him as my clit spits pre cum.

Brad pulls out and I cry out, moaning in complaint. He laughs a cruel laugh. I want him back in me. He flips me over, spreads my legs and lifts them up on to his shoulders. He penetrates me once more. I can now see his face and body, and he mine. My cock bobbing up and down proves to be a comical sight as he plows into me, my fake tits bouncing around, his ball sack slapping into my ass, stripping away every last shred of dignity I may have once had. It's in this moment I realise that there truly is no going back and that I will never love a woman, never have a wife, never have a child. I am to forever be bound by cock and balls.

I can feel his meat pulsating inside of me, I scream, 'Fill me!'

He fucks me even harder and lets out a growl. The walls of my anus grip around his shaft and squeeze it, begging it for reward. He starts to shoot his hot load into me. I reach for my own cock and just as I touch it he catches my arm and pulls it away, denying me of attending to my own pleasures. However, the one touch was enough, as he pumps me with his seed I squirt all over my dress in an orgasmic supernova.

I instantly feel weak and enter an extremely relaxed state. He drops my legs from off his shoulders and goes soft whilst still inside me. I look up at him as he smiles down at me. His eyes fill me with content.

'I love you,' I say.

He slaps me hard across the face.

'Shut the fuck up, bitch. Love!? Are you kidding me? You're just my fuck toy. Now come clean up.'

I'm crying as he presses his cock upon my lips. I tidy up him up, whatever cum that was left slides down my throat.

'Can I stay?' I ask of him.

'Sure. But you must now call me Master.'

'Thankyou, Master.'

I take my heels off and sneak up under the sheets, trying my best to ignore my seeping asshole, filled with lubricant and Master's cum. The lights go off and Master slides up next to me from behind, pressing up against my bottom, wrapping his arms around my body and lightly kisses me on the neck.

He whispers gently into my ear, 'Goodnight, my little sissy.'

I nuzzle my shoulder and close my eyes. I am now truly and utterly his.

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