tagFirst TimeVirgin Chronicles Ch. 03

Virgin Chronicles Ch. 03


I first met Debbie in Sept of 1972. I was working at a car wash as a laboroer, and Debbie had come in to get gas and her car washed. She was driving a yellow Maverick 2 door and when she opened her door, I saw that she had on a very short mini dress. I mean “SHORT”. It was up to her love line and she had great looking legs. Debbie got out of the car and I saw her little white pantied crotch, immediately causing my cock to rise.

When I finished pumping her gas, I drove the car around to the wash. I spoke to her about what services she needed on her car, as well as found out her name and gave her my phone number. When the car was done up front, I opened her car door for her to get in and again was able to enjoy her smooth legs and white panties. Debbie was about 5’1” tall, about 100lbs, with waist length red hair and blue eyes. As I shut her door, she smiled and said she would call me. Damn, it was hard walking back to work with a major hard-on and all the guys started teasing me about it.

That following Friday night, I got a call from Debbie, wanting to meet me at the local Shoney’s. I drove over there and parked next to her car. She jumped out of her car and came over to mine. As she did so, I noticed she was wearing a very short skirt and boy, did her legs look great! She opened the door and slid into the seat and we began to talk a little. After ordering some cokes to go, we left to go riding around. As we drove I was mesmerized by her short skirt and smooth legs, sporting a massive erection. We drove up to a spot on the ridge to park and got out of the car. As she sat on the hood of the car,

I stood between her legs, softly caressing her face and kissing her deeply. I began to slide my hands up her legs under her skirt, inching slowly towards her pantied crotch, when she grasped my hand and told me “Not now”.

We spent a long time up on the ridge, laying on the hood, making out, as I caressed her legs and tummy. Each time I would move my hand closer to her breasts or pussy, she would stop me. Talk about getting frustrated. After awhile, we got back into the car and drove back to Shoney’s. As I was driving, I kept thinking, “Fuck this bitch, the little prick teaser”, “No more dates with her!”. I dropped her off at her car and after she kissed me goodbye, headed on home.

Although I had told myself, she was just a tease and not worth the trouble, I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I waited a few days before calling her again. In the meantime, she had been calling my house leaving messages on my answering machine. On a Thursday afternoon, I called her house, only to be told by her mother that she wasn’t home from school yet. Debbie called me later and we made a date for Friday night, for dinner and a movie. I asked about her school and she said she was 18 and a senior in high school.

On Friday night I picked up Debbie at her home; she was dressed in a white one piece dress, very short. We drove to Red Lobster for dinner then went to see a movie. When we returned to her house, we parked outside to talk for awhile. Debbie loved to kiss and soon had her tongue buried in my mouth. Damn, she could kiss!!

After a few minutes, I pulled Debbie over to sit in my lap with her legs across the console. While kissing, my right hand was constantly caressing her legs. She was wearing pantihose, and I love the feel of nylon under my fingers. I knew she could feel my hard cock poking her in her ass, but she never let on. Each time my hand would slide under her dress, she would close her legs. But, finally she began to let me caress a little higher up her legs, almost to her pussy. Just once, I slid a finger over her mound, she moaned, but then grabbed my hand to stop me. She told me that she was still a virgin and didn’t want to lose it in a car seat. Debbie asked me to please be patient and someday we would make love. Soon, we kissed goodbye and I left for home.

Over the next 5 months we dated and always ended the date parked in her driveway, kissing and some light petting. Sometimes, I would get off work late at Shakey’s Pizza Parlor where I worked as a manager, and go to Debbie’s house, where we would sit on her couch in the living room and make out. She would be wearing usually babydoll pajamas, and to be so close to her being undressed and couldn’t touch her was very frustrating, to say the least.

One Friday night we had left the Rogers Theater after seeing the Posiedon Adventure and was in my car on a nearby parking lot. She had driven down to meet me and her car was nearby. Debbie was wearing as usual a very short dress and no pantihose, so I was able to caress her bare legs and thighs. She was sitting in my lap and as we hugged and kissed, I was caressing under her skirt. As my fingers slid up her inner thighs, nearing her panties, she spread her legs wider for me. I finally was able to slide a finger up and down her mound, feeling a slight dampness.

I slid a finger into her crease, causing her to moan softly, so I slid a finger under the edge of her panties, moving the finger into her wetness. Debbie was so wet...so juicy, as I began to slide my finger up and down her pussy, finally sliding a finger up into her. She was so tight around my finger, but as I moved my finger in and out of her, her hips were moving in time with me. I slid my hand out and went under her waist band of the panties, moving down to cup her crotch, my middle finger deep in her hole, my thumb strumming on her clit. Soon she began to moan into my mouth and I was able to bring her to an orgasm, as she pushed on my hand, her pussy grasping at the two fingers in her hole, cumming all over me. As she settled down, we softly kissed, with her telling me how much she loved me. She pulled her dress down and got out to get into her car and leave for home. As I drove home I was licking her juices off of my fingers..mmmmmmm. I knew it wouldn’t be much longer before we would be fucking!!

A few nights later while I was at work, Debbie called and asked that I come over after work. I told her it would be very late, she just told me to tap on her bedroom window when I got there. Around 1am or so, I drove over to her parent’s house, tapped on her window and she peered out at me, smiling and motioning toward her front door.

I went to the front door and Debbie opened it, letting me into the living room. She was wearing just a tshirt and panties. Her mom and step-dad was asleep in their bedroom and her older brother was asleep in his room. Debbie turned the tv on, as we sat on the couch to begin to hug and kiss. As we were laying side by side on the couch, I was feeling her tight little ass we were kissing. My hand was under her panties, caressing and squeezing her ass cheeks, my tongue deep in her mouth. I soon moved my hand around so that I was feeling her mound, eventually sliding my finger into her pussy.

As I fingered her, I used my other hand to expose her tiny titties, so that I could suckle her taut nipples. She was softly whimpering in my ear, as she built slowly to a climax. I eased off the couch, kneeling beside it, to pull her legs over my shoulders. I pulled her panty crotch to the side as I slid my tongue up her crease. Her legs tightened around my neck as she humped her pussy against my face. I licked up all of her juices, savoring her taste and aroma. I was tongue fucking her hole as a fingertip rubbed circles on her clit. I soon switched, putting two fingers into her hole, as I sucked and nibbled on her clitoris, soon bringing her to an explosive orgasm. As Debbie was cumming, I was rapidly swallowing her juices, coating my face in her cream. As she began to come down from her cum, she pulled me up to kiss her. Debbie was sliding her hand up and down my hard cock in my jeans, before motioning me to get up.

We went into her bedroom, closing the door. Her bedroom was right next to her parents and I asked if this was safe, to which she replied, “Yes”. We lay down on her bed and immediately started to kiss and hug again. As I begin to rub her pussy under her soaked panties, I moved between her legs. I raised my hips so that I could unzip my jeans and pull my cock out. Leaning on one arm, I pulled her panty crotch to one side as I eased my cock to her pussy. I slid the head up and down a little bit before asking her to raise her hips a little, so I could position the head at her hole.

When my dick head touched her hole, she looked at me and smiled. I gently began to force my cock into her tight pussy. As it slid in a little, Debbie winced in pain, so I eased out a little bit. I was slowly moving a little in and a little out, to let her get used to my thickness, when she wrapped her legs around my ass. I looked at her in her eyes, before kissing her deeply. When I pushed in deeper, I felt my way blocked by her hymen, and again she winced in pain. I asked if she was sure and ready, to which she replied, “Please, do it”. “I love you, Ric”.

I pulled my cock back a little bit, before putting all my weight behind it, forcing it into and through her hymen, my tongue deep in her throat, to keep her from screaming too loud. Once I was in all the way, my balls resting on her ass, I held still so her pussy could get used to my cock. Soon though, I felt her hips move a little bit. We began to make love nice and slowly. My cock was sliding in and out of her slowly as we both began to kiss deeper.

Within a few minutes we were both moving fairly rapidly building to a mutual orgasm, my cock and her pussy perfectly happy together. We began to fuck harder, as I rammed my cock deeper and faster, her hips rising to meet each thrust. My balls were slapping her ass as we could hear the sounds of our juices mixing in her pussy. She began to softly moan that she was about to cum, so I began to fuck faster. Right at the moment she pushed her hips hard against me, I shot my load of sperm deep into her pussy, just as she came. We kept fucking all throughout our orgasms, mixing our cums together, squishing them out around my cock. We finally stopped and just lay there kissing and hugging. As my cock lost it’s size, I pulled out of her slowly, we both looked down to see my blood-cum covered cock and the blood and cum leaking from her pussy. She got up and went into the bathroom to clean up a little.

Soon after, I kissed her goodbye and left, thinking how lucky I was to get her cherry and looking forwarad to fucking her again for a long time. Debbie and I dated for about a year before finally breaking up. While we were dating, I was able to take the cherry of her best friend, Linda B, with Debbie’s permission. I wonder where either one of them are now.

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