tagNonConsent/ReluctanceVirgin Dancer Ch. 02

Virgin Dancer Ch. 02


Standing up in front of Ruth's hanging body, I reached up to cut her hands loose. As I released her wrists my cock, covered with cum brushed against her cheeks and lips. The smell was potent and would fill her nostrils for some time. I retied her wrists behind her back and attached them once again to the rope hanging from the ceiling. With her arms bound behind her, Ruth's huge tits thrust out invitingly before me.

Sitting back down, I slid my feet between her open thighs. I teased the soft flesh of her inner thighs with my toes and then pulling on the pulley rope, her wrists were drawn higher and higher as her body was forced to bend forward. As her beautiful tits hung before me, I reached out and caressed them. Ruth relaxed a bit and then I slapped her tit hard with my palm. She screamed in pain and surprise as her huge tit quivered. I continued to slap her tits and pinch her nipples as she squealed into the gag. Her huge tits were deep red and hurt like hell.

Another tug on the rope and Ruth's face was in my lap. The smell of cum on my cock was potent and Ruth had few doubts as to what would come next. I removed her gag once again and forced her mouth to my cock. She opened her lips to accept my cock and I felt her lips slide up and down the length of my shaft as her tongue slithered over the sensitive skin of my manhood.

It did not take long for her lips to begin to stir my cock and she could feel my ramrod begin to grow in her sucking mouth. Ruth felt my cock get rigid in her mouth and then felt my hands close around the back of her head. She knew she would have little choice in what happened next. As I continued to pump her sweet lips up and down my ramrod, I could feel my balls about to explode.

Forcing her face down on my shaft, I pumped into her mouth and then, just as I started to shoot my load, I pulled her head back until only the tip of my cock remained between her lips. The young beauty felt the force of my explosion as cum gushed out of my cock and across her tongue. She tasted the saltiness of my seed as it sprayed against the back of her mouth. She gulped and swallowed hard as she was afraid she would drown in the sticky liquid.

I released the pulley rope and Ruth was able to stand up, though not completely. Her huge tits hung forward and I began to twist and pull on her nipples. As her nipple became fully erect, I tied a piece of thick string around her hard, little nubbin. Taking hold of her other nipple, I pulled on it and then tied it the same way. I pulled on the strings to make sure that they were tight enough not to slip off her taut nubs. Ruth felt the tightness on her sensitive flesh.

Replacing her gag, I pulled Ruth's hands around in front of her body and then tied them together and attached them to a second rope that hung down from the ceiling. The second rope was behind the first and so as I pulled up on the slack, her body was pulled backwards. I pulled up on the rope until Ruth's feet barely touched the floor. The strain on her arms and shoulders was intense. Her huge breasts were pulled tight against her chest as the strings attached to her nipples dangled below her huge tits. I pulled on the strings, taunting her sensitive nubs and then tying the strings together, attached them to the first pulley rope. I took the slack out of the rope and Ruth felt her huge tits being pulled up toward the ceiling by her bound nipples.

I let enough rope out of the second rope for Ruth's feet to firmly reach the floor. But as her body lowered, she immediately felt the strain on her nipples as her massive tits were pulled up towards the ceiling. To add to her discomfort, I began to tease her open pussy. As her body squirmed, each movement brought new pain to her tortured nipples. I left her for a moment.

Returning to the bedroom, I held the tall tapered wine bottle in my hand. I rolled the cold glass bottle over Ruth's warm body and she tried to figure out what it was. She recognized that it was glass and round but wasn't sure just what it was or what it was for. She did know that there was little chance that she was going to enjoy it.

Pressing the bottle neck into her tight pussy, I eased it in and out several times as the tip was coated with her warm, sweet flow. Then without warning, I slid it back between her open thighs and wedged the neck firmly against her virgin asshole. Pulling on the bottom of the bottle, I stood it up so that the mattress pushed it up hard against her tight sphincter. Ruth pulled hard against the rope holding her wrists as she tried to lift her body off of the tall bottle that was driving right up into her virgin asshole.

I let a little more slack out of the wrist rope and watched as the terrified, young beauty pulled with all of her strength. Her arms and chest tightened and her ass and thighs flexed. Tied as she was, she was not able to straighten her knees or lock them and her entire weight was now supported by her straining muscles. It would only be a matter of a few moments before her tired and weakening muscles gave out and she would sink fully onto the bottle. I sat back and watched in fascination as her tortured body continued to strain.

Her arms began to weaken and her thighs shook with the strain as her body ever so slowly descended onto the bottle. She screamed into her gag as the tip of the bottle forced its way into her virgin asshole and stretched her tight sphincter. As her body continued to slide down onto the neck of the bottle, she felt the bottle widen as her tight asshole was stretched ever further. With each passing moment, her body sank a bit further onto the impaling bottle and then she felt her massive tits once again being pulled up towards the ceiling by the strings tied around her tender nipples.

As her body sank further onto the bottle, the neck got wider and wider, forcing her ass open. Her body was wracked with pain as her huge tits were stretched beyond endurance and her tight, virgin ass was forced to open wider and wider. I slid my finger between her engorged pussy lips and fondled her oozing pussyflesh. She was drenched.

I let my beautiful captive dangle in her predicament for some time. Her nipples were red and chaffed and the bottle was buried deep between her beautiful asscheeks. I was ready to continue.

I brought a bolster in from the living room sofa and laid it across the huge mattress. I eased the cords holding Ruth's huge tits and she immediately felt the strain ease on her tender nubs. They were terribly distended and sore and what she didn't realize was that in several minutes they were going to hurt even more than they did now as they tried to return to their natural shape and blood flow returned.

I removed the strings and then began to massage her torn nipples as she screamed in pain. As she suffered, I let go of her nipples and then released the ropes holding her knees open. Lastly, I wrapped my hands around her tortured chest to keep her from falling over. I unclipped her wrists from the overhead rope and she slumped in my arms as the bottle remained wedged deep in her tight asshole.

As her arms fell in front of her, I reached down between her still open thighs and taking a firm grasp on the bottle, rammed up into her ass, lifting her body and throwing her forward onto the bed and over the bolster. Her body landed with her massive breasts and face on the mattress, her arms pinned under her body, her ass high in the air and her legs splayed out wide to either side of me. The bottle still wedged in her ass stuck out obscenely pointing at the ceiling.

I climbed between her open thighs and gripping the bottle, began to pump it in and out of her tight asshole. Holding the glass bottle by its base, I turned it as I pushed it in ever widening circles as I really reamed out her ass and then pulled it loose from her tight hole. Placing my palms firmly on her asscheeks, I pressed them apart and aimed my rigid cock at her open asshole. Pressing forward between her thighs, I filled her virgin ass with my ramrod. In spite of the bottle, I could not believe how tight her ass was. Her ass closed tight around my invading shaft as I began to thrust into her heaving body. Ruth grunted as I plunged my rod into her bowels again and again. Her body rocked back and forth over the bolster as my cock rammed deep into her ass like a piston.

Reaching under her body for her tortured titflesh, I continued to plow into her virgin ass until I felt my load building again. Letting go of her tits, I began to slap her ass and each slap caused he r to clench her already tight muscles and increase the pleasure to my invading cock. It did not take long and I exploded in her ass, sending gobs of hot sticky cum deep into her bowels.

Pulling from her tight ass, I flipped her body over and then sitting down hard on her tortured chest, I forced my cock between her lips. Ruth knew she could not resist and she opened her mouth to accept my spent shaft. She sucked on my tool as my hands played with her battered tits. Stepping off of her body, I gathered my things and left my captive young beauty on the bed cum oozing out of every hole she owned.

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