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Virgin Departure

byR. Richard©

I went to a high school in a medium sized town. Very few who went to the school with me will remember me.

My father died when I was still in grade school. My mother raised me by herself until some ass hole killed her in a $39 robbery.

As an orphan I was cared for by the state until I was 18-years-old. Then the state, in effect, told me not to let the screen door hit me in the ass on the way out.

Since my only hope for a decent life was a college degree, I had studied very hard all through high school. I studied so hard I had little time for anything else. I studied hard enough that I won the kind of grades I needed for a scholarship and was all set to attend State University. I had the insurance money from my mother's death and, with the scholarship, I could just about make it through college and then I could support myself. In the meantime, money was tight.

I plan to take the Greyhound over to State and find myself a place to live in town there. I am packing what little stuff I have when, who comes to call on me but Michelle.

Michelle is the daughter of the richest man in town and has been a big socialite in high school, up until we both graduated. I have never really met Michelle all through school. Well, Michelle did interview me for the school newspaper. The interview was just to nail down the exact scholarship I had won, that I was going to State and my grade point average, stuff like that.

Michelle has some good news for me. She will be driving over to the area where State is located and she will give me a ride over.

I can't believe my good luck! I will get to State without having to pay Greyhound. My finances are looking up!

Michelle wants to pick me up early in the morning. Hell, if I can save the Greyhound fare even 2AM is fine with me. Actually, it is more like 6:30AM.

Michelle picks me up and I load my trunk and my suitcase in the trunk of her convertible. I notice that Michelle already has a large suitcase in the trunk. When we are loaded up, away we go.

As we drive along, Michelle has more good news. Her father has talked to someone over by State and they have a little cottage they will rent me cheap. Since cheap is about all my budget will stand, I am delighted.

Then Michelle asks me about my studies and my plans after graduation.

I think this last request is a bit strange, since it is deadly dull stuff. I plan to take studies that will lead me to a pretty good job in the big city. Thus, I will work and study at State and then try to find a job in some big city. I tell Michelle as much. She has more questions and the questions stop only when she seems quite satisfied that I will never return to her hometown. I wonder why that last matters to Michelle.

She then starts to tell me something about her big romance with the boy who will take over as manager of her father's business empire. The stud is tall and handsome and thrilling and sophisticated and so on and so on.

I am curious to know if he can also walk on water, but I think it best not to ask.

In the course of time [actually quite a lot of time] Michelle finally works her way around to her area of concern. Her big handsome stud is a man of the world. He obviously deserves a woman experienced in the ways of the world, etc.

It turns out that Michelle lacks experience in one specific area. The need for that particular experience is why Michelle wants to drive me to State. What Michelle wants me to do is fuck for my fare to State.

Well, I am willing, even eager. I tell Michelle that she is the girl from school I would most like to sleep with. Michelle just grins, however, she does not meet my gaze.

We get to the State University area. Michelle has a map of where we want to go. The place where we are to have our experience is on a quiet little side street just off a main road.

It is a motel named 'The Garden Of Eden.' It is rather plain from the outside as a high brick fence surrounds it. We drive in to the fenced courtyard and register as Mr. and Mrs. John Smith. Michelle then drives us back to our assigned room and I get our suitcases out of the trunk.

The room is fancy looking in a sort of shabby, elegant way. It is decorated in red, black and wood paneling. The lighting is so dim that the casual visitor won't notice that there are patched places in the walls. There is a big bed at one end of the room.

Michelle just goes into the bathroom without a word to me.

I get undressed, put on a condom that Michelle furnished me and lie in the bed. I am a little nervous. I wait for quite a long while and then an also very nervous Michelle comes out of the bathroom in a very tiny little see through nightie. She runs over and kind of jumps in the other side of the bed.

Michelle is so damn nervous that I think to calm her a bit before we get started. I tell her how sexy her tits are. Michelle smiles and arches her back a little to show them off to me. I reach over and softly start to stroke one of Michele's tits. She doesn't stop me or really say anything, she just moans softly. I inch over and, with my other hand, I start to gently rub Michelle's closely trimmed pussy. I don't know how much pressure to use, but Michelle solves that little problem for me as she begins to gently buck her hips into my probing hand.

Michelle moves to me and begins to softly moan. She then commands me to take her and moans some more. She says to take her a second time.

I then get on top of Michelle and find her opening with my rock hard cock. I penetrate only a little way when I feel resistance. I push a little harder and my cock goes much further in.

Michelle lets out a little scream as I fully penetrate her.

Then we are completely engaged in our lovemaking. I have never felt so much pleasure and I probably would have cum very quickly. However, Michelle is trembling and moaning and it at first distracts me. We continue for a bit and then I can wait no longer. I feel myself go into orgasm and I shoot cum over several strokes.

Then, suddenly, it is over. Michelle has not climaxed and, when I roll off her, she gets up and goes into the bathroom. She is in there quite a while. I go over and tap on the door.

Michelle tells me to stay out.

I point out that it has maybe been a little painful for her and that she should come out and we need to talk. I then go back to bed.

Michelle finally comes out and does not want to get back in bed. Finally she rolls into bed with me and tells me to stay away.

I point out that it hurt on her first time. I also point out that we need to do it again, if she is to prepare herself for her boyfriend.

Michelle says that she was very excited at first and then it hurt a lot more than the girls had said it would.

I tell Michelle that I have heard that girls always hurt the first time. After that, it should be much better. We need to do it a second time so that she can learn how good it can be.

A trembling Michelle finally agrees. However, I can tell that she is not convinced. I also figure that she needs to know how it is going to be the next time so she can plan for her dream boy. She is willing to risk more pain to find out.

Once again, I work her up and she begins to softly moan. This time I move in close enough to lick and suck on her nipple as I rub her pussy with one hand. I gently slide my finger into her pussy and she flinches. I ask if I am hurting her and she tells me no. I work my finger in and out a few times. Michelle starts to get really excited and tells me once again to take her.

I mount her and begin to slowly slide my cock into her. This time there is no problem and I penetrate a ways. I then begin to stroke into Michelle, getting deeper with each stroke. This time there is no trembling and I feel Michelle move her hips to better feel my cock inside her. I begin to feel the same tingling I felt when I climaxed before only this time Michelle beats me to it!

I can feel Michelle's pussy tighten and then I hear her long sigh as she climaxes. She has drawn me right along with her and all I can feel is the biggest release of tension I have ever experienced.

I roll off Michelle and we lie there for a while.

Michelle finally says that the second time has been a lot better.

I tell her that she has been incredible the second time.

With the mission accomplished, Michelle's attitude toward me cools a great deal. Her answers to my questions are short and very distant. The hired stud has done his work, now why does he think he can talk to the beautiful princess? We get cleaned up and leave. We are two people together only physically.

We drive over to the place where I am to live while I am at State. I get out and remove my suitcase and my trunk from Michelle's car. Michelle gives me a quick goodbye. Then Michelle jumps into her car and drives off, leaving me standing in the middle of the street. Parting is such sweet rejection.

I tote my stuff onto the porch of the house where I am supposed to stay. By then I am not all that sure I am actually going to have a place to stay. However, a young looking woman answers the doorbell and I am expected!

I am to live in a little cottage at the back of the lady's house. The place is small but has a kitchen, a bedroom, a little study desk and a bathroom. Best of all, it is only a few blocks from State and I can walk to class. Actually the great location may have been second best.

It seems that the lady is a recent widow. She has her social position to think of and can't date for a time. It seems that she expects the same services I have provided for Michelle.

It seems that I, a mere child of 18-years-old, am expected to be a sort of hired stud, serving at the pleasure of my mistress. Hot damn! It doesn't get any better than that!

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