tagCelebrities & Fan FictionVirgin Goddess No More Ch. 2

Virgin Goddess No More Ch. 2


Hours prior to this moment, the once virgin Goddess of wisdom, daughter of Zeus, enemy of Eve and her blood, learned to explore the front gates of mortal lust. Though her heart was rapidly giving itself to the young girl who she once demanded the life of.

Eve! That name. Eve! The very name that made her lips tremble at the moment as the young dark haired angelic one lay between w/ her head between Athena's beautiful shapely legs, her lips and tongue sampling the sweet nectar that came from the immortal woman's sore, but well fucked pussy.

"Evie!" Xena sighed as her hands roamed her daughters back thighs. "I think it's time for us to leave the Goddess to herself for a while."

"NO!" Athena's voice nearly brought down the house at the very suggestion from the warrior woman named Xena.

"I mean..." she was one the verge of babbling. "I ... I, I just need her for a little while longer."

Eve giggled at the Goddesses content for her, and looked back at her mother. "It's okay, mommy. I'll stay here for a while..."

"As you like." Xena grunted as she moved over to Gabrielle as she lay asleep on top of Ra with his cock still buried to the hilt in her well fucked cunt.

"Wakey, wakey." Xena said in a sing song voice as she patted Gabrielle's bare ass and woke both lovers.

"I feel we all need a bath." Xena made Gabby coo at the suggestion. Ra also seemed to enjoy it, as he raised up and fallowed, leaving Eve and Athena to themselves.

Athena let out a pleasurable sigh as she felt Eve's hot wet tongue moving within the depths of her immortal pussy.

She marveled at the way Eve made her feel. The Way Eve carried on without getting the least bit tired of the chore. The way Eve just plain out continued to eat her wet pussy.

Her head swam in the most beautiful of plains of the heavens as she felt Eve lips close on her most sensitive piece of skin bellow her. Eve's fingers slowly but almost perfect and firmly ridding down and then up the insides of her creamy thighs. Her breath becoming ragged at the pleasurable feelings Eve was giving her. The way the wonderful girl was driving her wild.

"oh, Eve! Oh, Livia.! OH GODS!!" her voice rising in the air as Eve used her tongue to lap the underside of Athena's clit, back and forth in little strokes, moving the teeny bit of skin up and down the tender and swollen piece of pussy skin.

Eve's fingers messaging at the beauteous mound that surrounded the sweet tasting lips of Athena's womanhood. Staring up at the naked goddess as her mouth caused her hips to jerk up at her, brining her roaring fast into a hard orgasm that seem to last forever. Coursing through Athena's entire body, driving her to a swamp of quivering jelly feelings.

"Eve! EVE! EEEEEVEEE!!" Athena's screams arouse through the hall of her bed chambers. Making it almost certain that the know world would hear the Goddess cries of blunt and wanton frenzy.

"Oh,oh, oh gods, oh gods!" she was panting and whimpering hard as her hips thrust up at Eve's face.

"Mmmmmmmmm" With her left hand clasping to her breast, pulling her swollen nipples tightly while her right hand ran through her hair. Her body slowly gyrating and coming to a quiet calm.

With her lips in a wider smile then they'd ever been, Athena came down from heaven and lay breathing hard. Much harder than it would be thought for a Goddess to do. No mortal's had ever worn out the Gods through sexual pleasures.

"I take it you don't wanna kill me anymore.", a sweet voice came from bellow.

Athena's eyes opened and beheld a young girl named Eve, laying next to her legs on the lower half of the bed. Her head propped up by one arm, as the left hand of the other arms soothingly traced up and down Athena's thigh. Sending shocks of electricity through her.

"Only if you were to leave." they both laughed.

"To think..." Eve spoke, "You once wanted to kill me, and rid the world of the one person who had the power to kill Gods."

"oh damn!" Athena groaned. "I do not even wanna remember that anymore."

"Too bad we have to move on." Eve gave a sad sigh.

"but!" Athena became defensive. "I don't want you to go... I, I want you to stay."

"What about the others?" Eve asked.

"Xena, can stay. Even Gabrielle and Ra..."

Before she could finish, Eve cut her off by holding her hand up to Athena's lips and interrupted. "Not them!... The other Gods. They still want to kill me."

Athena's heart sank painfully to the bottom of her chest. The love she developed for this young girl had happened hours ago, but she knew it was real. She could already barely stand the thought of Eve leaving, but couldn't possibly stand up to the other Gods.

Tears roused through Athena's eyes and began to silently fall at the thought of losing her new love. The first true love she ever felt.

Eve could barely stop herself from reaching out a whipping those heavy tears away from the wisdom goddess.

"I can try and..." Athena choked out a sob. "I can try and stop them."

"But you know you can't, Athena." Eve spoke with gently sincerity as she propped herself next to the trembling woman and held her lovingly in her arms.

"We have to try." Athena began to sob softly as she reached around Eve with her left arm and held her tightly against her shoulder.

"We have to try..."

To Be Continued In - "Plans Formed In Bath."

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