tagFirst TimeVirgin Guy's First (What If) Ch. 02

Virgin Guy's First (What If) Ch. 02


So a quick recap is in order. I got turned down from yet another job, ran into a seriously gorgeous girl that's nowhere near as innocent as I am, somehow ended up charming her, she ended up finding a way to get me to be around her without making it a date and paying for stuff for me that just made my time debt to her even more. Then after taking me to ice skating and hearing all the bored housewives swooning over me while the should have been watching their kids, she gets turned on and teases me to no end in the locker area while we were leaving. Then she makes me walk out exposing my bulge to everyone and showing only she got to have it, and now we head to dinner instead of just a bj in the car and hr wnting me to make her cum as part of the payment.. Is it really payment or does she just want me? I'm so dense..

**En route to Red Robin (gotta love a girl that eats fast food) in her car because she didn't want to ride in my Podunk POS no interior old mustang.. no matter how good it sounded or how much the vibrations would make her weak in the knees.

"Why are you being so nice to me? I hurt you, you went off on me, I destroyed your stuff, and you go and spend close to a grand on me, and then tease the hell out of me after the most fun 5 hours in my life, and now you are taking me to dinner, paying for that dinner, and I'm the one paying you back? What the hell is going on here? And why did you have to make such a scene in the rink, and why the hell did you grab a hold of me like that in the first place and why... mmf" she put her hand over my mouth to shut me up.

"I paid for all that stuff because I could see in your eyes that you haven't had much fun lately, and honestly it sounded like a great time to me, I just didn't know I'd be so bad at skating. You are paying me back for the panties by spending time with me, I told you that, but that doesn't mean you are my gigolo or something like that. I'm not that much of a bitch, I want you to enjoy your time with me, is it too much to ask to let a woman buy a cute guy shit to have fun with? Most people would just take it as a gift and run with it. They wouldn't be freaking out on me for spending money on them, and besides, like I said, you can just pay me back by spending more time with me and..."

"I'm not your fucking slave to order around! I'm not your fuckin pet to buy shit to make it complacent so you can use it.. This is some sort of sick joke. Girls like you would never give a guy like me a second thought.. You just touched me like that in the rink to make the other women jealous of you and make yourself feel superior and to make me get embarrassed and put me in my place, I'm not going to fuckin let you use me like this. Let me out, I will walk back to my car and go home." Yeah I lost it..

"What the fuck is wrong with you?! I try to be nice, make up for being a bitch, try to make you happy and this is how you treat me, you fuckin go off on me for being nice? What the fuck over? As for the thing in the rink, I wanted you to see that a girl as hot as me could find you attractive. I wanted you to see that all those women lusted after you, and I figured I couldn't be subtle with you about that you turn me on, I just had to grab you and show you, and the offer to give you head in the car is revoked now.. Get the fuck out." She pulled over and let me out on the side of the road, probably a good mile from my car.

Just as I go to get out, she locks the doors. I'm on the verge of crying.
"What is wrong with you, seriously? Why can't you see that I was just using the panty payback thing as a scapegoat to get to know you and hang out with you without you getting any more nervous than you were already?" She really sounded like she cared this time, but as usual I over reacted.

"I don't get what the fuck you are doing! People don't just help you some big ogre they meet in the mall. They don't just go, 'oh, you aren't happy, I'm going to drop a grand on you for no reason and then you will be with me for months to pay it back.' Shit like that just doesn't happen, least of all in my life. And now you want me to be not only your little errand boy or whatever, but your fuckin gigolo too.. Fuck that, fuck you, I'm out of here. Let me the fuck out or I will break your window." (told you)

"Wait, wait, relax, I'm sorry, don't go, I don't want you to go." I start to say I don't care what you think but she stops me after I don't. "I just saw you were hurting and saw you were really shy and nervous and I just wanted to make you happy. I'm so used to guys lusting after me and saying so many crude things about how I look and their retarded games of 'who can get the hottest pussy' and shit like that that when a guy that has a hard time even looking at me and is a complete gentleman shows up and obviously needs someone, I just had to try to help you without making it seem like a gift. I didn't mean to make you into a gigolo or pet or slave or anything. I'm sorry." A long silence followed as I sat there just not able to understand at all and having a really hard time trusting her. Every fiber of my being, every instinct I had was telling me she was just using me somehow and would just end up hurting me like everyone else did, that girls like her could never want me. And then one part of my mind said 'no one has ever wanted to take advantage of you before. You tried putting yourself up as a pet or slave on bdsm sites and no one wanted you, no one wants to put up with you for that. Maybe she truly does care, for some weird reason. Give her a chance, any chance at happiness is better than the certainty of being alone if you leave.. Plus that walk back to the car would suck and you wasted too much energy skating already. Just give her a chance, or at least wait till after a free dinner.' At that I started laughing like a psycho and had to explain I was arguing wih myself in my own head, not the best way to prove you aren't nuts though.

*sigh "Look, I'm not used to anyone wanting me around them, let alone doing anything nice for me ok? Normal for me is to either be pushed completely aside or used when it is convenient for the person, not me. I don't understand a lot of what you are doing or why, and I don't understand anything about social situations. I blew up because it's the only way I have to protect myself at all. I'm sorry for going off on you. I'm just emotionally wiped right now and exhausted and hungry. When I get hungry it amplifies whatever mood I'm in. If I'm down it brings me almost to a suicidal low, when I'm mad I lose it and could probably hurt if not kill someone if they pushed me too much, if I'm happy, I turn into Senior Psycho laugh my ass off, prankster, or just lets go do something guy. It's been this way most of my life. I don't know why it just is me. I'm sorry for going off on you but you don't know anything about me, you have no clue the shit I've been through and all the shit I've missed out on. If you are still offering, I could seriously use that dinner right now, just please don't ask me to make you cum in the restaurant."

"Sure, after that little spout I'm hungry too, and not just for Flesh Missile Fudge-Cicle either. *wink" With that I lost it, but then brought up "Well that's good, because I'm not a fudge, Fudd maybe but not fudge. I'm just your typical vanilla, well part scotch and Irish cream but.." We both started laughing hysterically over that one.

"Do you always have mood swings like this when you've been pissed or down?"

"Yeah pretty much, I know it's annoying. My sister used to say I have worse mood swings than a 13 year old girl. I guess part of it was my training. My father used to yell at me and even hit me when I'd cry for seemingly no reason or if he had gone off on me. He'd yell at me 'grow up and stop acting like a baby, start acting your age. If you don't stop crying I'm going to give you something to cry about.' Yeah, uh hello, I was acting my age dickhead, I was a little kid who didn't understand why he felt so bad when all it was, was I was lonely and didn't have any fun in my life, only my video games, books, and what I made up with my own imagination." At that point I noticed I went off on a tirade and apologized. "I didn't mean to go off on that, that's another bad habit of mine, I get going on one thing and it just keeps going. I'm sorry, let's get some food so I will shut up and feel better, though I never eat much around new people or in public at all."

"Ok, if you don't eat very much, does that mean you are leaving room for dessert? Maybe a nice pink vanilla pie?" and with that she started cracking up but drove to the restaurant, I just looked at her like she was nuts. Beyond that dinner was uneventful, and really peaceful, she didn't pester me about my past at all, although I could see she actually wanted to ask me a lot of things, she was trying to wait until I had some food in me and relaxed a bit. Part way through the meal when the waitress came back to ask if we needed anything else she asked me if I wanted a beer but I declined telling her I don't drink, and she wasn't going to get me drunk and rape me anyways. The waitress about fell over she was laughing so hard and made the comment about that it was usually the other way around but obviously I wasn't the normal guy so.. And she left us alone. It really didn't feel right letting a girl pick up the bill though, but when you are broke, what are you going to do.

Well after that it turned into the typical first date, we had dinner and we went to a movie (the new xmen) and I had to give her hell saying that she just wanted to stare at a half naked Hugh Jackman like most women do to which she retorted "well, I wouldn't need to look at him half naked if you'd take me home and strip for me." I just sat there staring at her. Within a few minutes I got back to my not normal self, well that is until she said she couldn't get comfortable (should've seen this coming) and she lifted the arm between the seats and the one next to her and put her legs up on the seat and put her head on my chest and my arm around her. Well at first it was a shock but soon was just way too nice, and I guess I wasn't the only one that was emotionally worn out because within probably thirty minutes, I could feel her softly snoring. I looked down and sure enough she was asleep with her head on my chest (slightly drooling as well as slightly snoring) and my arm around her.. It hit me hard but for once didn't scare me, it just made me feel accepted and made me think I loved her for it, but with that thought came the "I have no clue what love is" thought. So I sighed and just enjoyed the moment, yet regretting it because I knew soon it'd be gone and so would she and I'd be sitting alone dreaming about it and missing out on something yet again.

Before I knew it, even though I actually was paying attention to the movie, it was over and I had to wake her up. I reached down and slightly shook her and told her to wake up, the movie was over, and she looked up at me, rubbed her eyes and then smiled (which took my breath away) and then leaned up and kissed me out of nowhere. I was in shock, but luckily during the course of dinner she removed her lipstick at least so there was nothing on her lips and after a few moments, I kissed her back the best I could, to the sudden cat-calls and hollering of the people in the theater that could se us thanks to the lights being on. I was instantly scared out of my wits and embarrassed but she took over and told them to shut the fuck up, and took me by the hand and led me out to the car.

She apologized saying "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to kiss you, well actually I did because it was just so perfect waking up in your arms after having the best nap in my life, I didn't mean for you to end up embarrassed."

"It's ok. I'm just not used to girls kissing me or people watching that and being dicks. I still can't believe you actually kissed me, why'd you do that? Oh right, you just said why, but still.." I stammered.

"It was a great nap, I'm really happy about it, but I am pissed that I missed the movie, it was worth it though. Tell you what, it's getting late. We should probably go pick up your car before someone tries to break into it and I have to pay for whatever they steal. Care to go watch another movie at my place, and maybe get some dessert?" I gave her a wry look and then a shit eating grin of my own. "I mean ice cream or something like that you perv." She said giggling.

"Ice cream huh? Is that what it's called when you your girl cum in the bleachers of the hockey rink?" I think I stunned her with that one but then after a few moments she just lost it and laughed her ass off.

"Ok, enough innuendoes, lets just go get something to snack on and rent a movie and cuddle for a bit. I'm sure you need to call home don't you? It's almost 9:30 I'm sure your parents are worried about you." So I called, they freaked out on my ass, we got back to my car, some asshole broke out my side window and had stolen my stereo already, I freaked out, my parents freaked out on me (I was still on the phone) but then I hung up on them, cleared away the glass and went to Diane's house.. "Fuck 'em" I thought.

Well a couple hours and two lame ass movies later, we stopped half way through each, we both were bored but enjoying each others company. "How about that backrub I promised?" I asked out of the blue.

"Honestly, you couldn't make me any more relaxed right now even if I was smoking pot. *giggles Now, you on the other hand, after all that skating I'm sure you could use one. How about it, I've even got a heated back massager I could use on you to make it feel really good." She offered.

"Hey now! I'm not going to let you use your juice covered vibrator on my back, it'd probably only make my skin worse. I know what you girls do with your so called 'back massagers' or 'hand-held shower heads' you horny little bitches." If there was anything else for he to lose, she lost it, but surprisingly it didn't just make her laugh, it turned her on. All of a sudden she was on my lap kissing me and rubbing my neck with her hands.

"Mmmmmmm god you taste so good, and damn your bulge feels good up against me pussy." My mind was a haze already, it was so unexpected and strong, I had no clue what to do and was overwhelmed. She stared running her hands through my six or seven inch long, somewhat curly, thick dark brown, almost black, hair. In the slightest, sexiest voice ever "ung, your cock is so hard underneath me, and your hair is so fuckin soft, I can't wait to rub it on my nipples, or feel it on my inner things as you go down on me. Uhuh, that's going to be abs-so- fuckin- lutely amazing.." She trailed off to start sucking and licking on the right side of me neck (which is very sensitive and sent chills throughout my body and made my cock harden even more) Now she was also grinding herself on me and without warning "Oh my GOD!!!!UNGH!!!!!! Shit!" with that she was breathing really hard right in my ear. A couple minutes later, "Holy shit babe, holy fuck, I just came one of the strongest orgasms of my life, and we are both still fully clothed and you aren't even doing anything to me!" With that she pulled back and looked into my eyes and for the first time realized, I was off in la-la land, my eyes were just slits, I was breathing very slowly, you could feel the very defined 'thump-thump' of my heartbeat, and there was no light in my pupils. I was gone, wrapped up and overwhelmed by everything she had been doing, I was there, but the lights weren't on and no one was home at all.

"Babe? Babe? Are you okay? Hun..." She trailed off, not understanding what was happening and getting very scared as my heartbeat was slowing even more. She was so afraid she actually got up and called the paramedics. Who arrived twenty minutes later to find her hysterical and me just gone; eyes still slightly open, but just gone.

She, while crying tried to explain what happened, starting with how we met and going through at light speed until they got her to calm down a bit, and in the mean time they did some minor exams on me, asked if I was on any drugs or had been drinking or had any recent concussions lately. In the middle of their tests, I kind of snorted, then fell sideways on the couch, my eyes were closed and I was out cold. She thought I died, and at first glance so did the EMT's, and then I started snoring. She blazed up out of nowhere wanting to kick my ass for scaring her, but they restrained her while laughing and told her that she couldn't hurt me and that even though I was asleep, I might still be in danger. They told her they didn't know what was wrong with me but to make sure to wake up every couple hours over the night and make sure I was still breathing and if anything happened or if I didn't wake up in the morning, to call and get an ambulance sent out right away.

Ok a little shorter than part one, possibly even less 'good stuff' but I'm getting there. Part 3 to cum soon. Thanks for putting up with me. Please leave me some feedback on here. Take care everyone.

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