tagLesbian SexVirgin Mary: The Camp

Virgin Mary: The Camp


Wearing only her hot pink panties, 18 year-old Mary Ann Migallos kneels by the foot of one of the queen-sized beds of the motel room and begins praying. She is thankful for the uneventful day-long drive she took in the morning, despite the destination she is to be sent to.

After the counseling sessions with her family priest Father Daniel, where she engaged in sexual act with him, leading to the loss of her virginity and his subsequent death, Mary meets with the late priest's colleagues, discovering them to be part of a secret order of the church that seeks out girls like Mary, leading to her first semi-consensual group-sex with five priests and two nuns.

Mary recalls about the next day, when Father Grant and Father Samuel went to her home to talk her parents about Mary. All that Mary's parents knew of her involvement with Father Daniel was of the priest counseling their daughter of some minor curiosity about sex, completely unaware of the full on sexual affair between the two. The visiting priests convinced Mary's parents that the death of Father Daniel was detrimental to Mary and her only option was to send her to a special camp for morally-wayward girls run by the church.

Even though Mary didn't want to go to some strange camp, she knew she didn't have any choice, other than confessing her affair with Father Daniel to her parents and face the repercussions. So when Mary's parents and the priests sat her down and proposed of her going to the camp, Mary tried to look sincere as she forced herself to smile and accepts.

"That's enough praying, Mary." Sister Denise orders, walking to Mary. "Stand up."

Mary obeys and gets on her feet, facing the nun but looking down.

Sister Denise takes a moment to admire the petite girl's mocha-skinned body in hot pink panties. "Are you excited about the camp?"

"Yeah, I guess." Mary answers in a low voice.

"You guess?" Sister Denise repeats. "I was hoping for a bit more enthusiasm." Sister Denise places her hands on Mary's hips as she steps closer. "We just want to help you, Mary." The nun's hands slides down to the cheeks of Mary's ass. "Help you deal with your desires."

"Did it help you?" Mary asks, still looking down.

"Yes, it did." Sister Denise removes one of her hands from Mary's ass to guide Mary's chin up so the nun can look into Mary's beautiful hazel eyes. "I was like you once, young and horny, wanting have sex, not thinking about the consequences. But then my mother caught me giving head to my boyfriend and told Father Daniel."

"Did Father Daniel make you do the things I had to do?" Mary inquires.

"Oh, yeah." Sister Denise answers. "But there were other priests involved, not just him. After that, he and the others sent me to the camp."

"What can I expect there?" Mary asks.

Before Sister Denise could answer, the door to the bathroom opens. Emerging from the steam, walks out the nude, alabaster-skinned Sister Dorothy with a towel wrapped around her wet hair, drying herself off with another towel.

"Off to bed, Mary." Sister Denise gives a gentle pat on Mary's ass. "We have a long drive in the morning."

"Hold on a minute." Sister Dorothy speaks out, walking passing the bed close to the bathroom and to the bed meant for Mary. "I need to do something first."

Stopping at Mary's bed, Sister Dorothy pulls off the blankets and throws them aside at the corner of the room then doing the same with the pillows.

"Lay down." Sister Dorothy orders Mary, pointing at the bed.

At first instinct, Mary was about to object to sleeping with any blankets or pillows but then realizes that could incur the naked nun's wraith, causing her to resort to punishment, like spank her or making her sleep outside of the motel room in her panties. Or maybe spank her outside the motel room for any passersby to see before making her sleep in her panties in the middle of the parking lot.

"Yes, Sister." Mary complies, mounting the bed.

As Mary lies on her back on the bed, Sister Dorothy takes out a handful of black silk scarves from her duffel bag and hands some of them to Sister Denise.

"Spread your arms and legs." Orders Sister Dorothy.

Mary moves her arms from her body as she parts her legs, Sister Dorothy walks to one side of the bed as Sister Denise walks to the other side. With both nuns at the head of the bed, Sister Dorothy is the first to take Mary's hand and ties one of the silk scarves around her wrist, Sister Denise does the same.

"Wait, what are you...?" Mary anxiously asks.

"Be quiet and lay still." Sister Dorothy commands as she ties the other end of the scarf to the headboard.

With both of Mary's hands tied to the headboard, the nuns move on to Mary's feet and tie them to the bed posts, leaving Mary helplessly bound to the bed.

Sister Denise walks away from Mary's bed as she begins to undress while Sister Dorothy mounts the bed, crawling between Mary's spread legs. Stopping passed her legs, the naked nun places her knees to the sides of Mary's waist. As much as Mary wants to look away from Sister Dorothy's penetrating gaze, she is too scared to.

Sister Dorothy pulls off the towel from her head, letting her damp, long dark-brown hair fall over her back and shoulders. As Mary looks at Sister Dorothy completely out of her nun clothes, she finds herself attracted to the beautiful naked woman over her, fixated on her bulbous bosom.

"Now that we can be certain you won't run away, we can sleep easy now." Sister Denise says, lowering herself over Mary.

"I wasn't planning to run, Sister, I swear." Mary explains.

"But you were planning to touch myself, didn't you?" Sister Dorothy questions.


"Don't lie." Sister Dorothy asserts.

"...yes." Mary confesses.

Mary feels the fingertips of Sister Dorothy on her stomach, slowly sliding down.

"Why are you so horny, Mary?" Sister Dorothy inquires. "We're you thinking about the last time you were at a motel? Is that what's turning you on?"


"Is it from the last time you were in Father Daniel's office than?"


The exploring digits slide under the waistband of Mary's panties. Mary shudders as she feels them discover the delicate folds of her labia.

"Am I turning you on?" Sister Dorothy smiles.

"Yes." Mary manages to admit as she closes her eyes and moves her head back from the caressing fingers playing with her pussy.

"Have you thought about having sex with me?" Sister Dorothy asks. "You must have, siting in the backseat all day on the drive with Sister Denise and I, thinking about the last time we fucked you."

"Yes, I thought about having sex with you." Mary confesses between moans.

"What about me?" asks Sister Denise as she approaches the bed. "Didn't you like it when I ate your pussy?"

Mary opens her eyes to see Sister Denise standing near Sister Dorothy and is mesmerized by Sister Denise's naked light chocolate-brown body with her curly, long raven-black hair draping down to her lusciously round breasts.

"Oh, you two are so beautiful." Mary blurts. "I never stopped thinking about what you did to me at the church. I hoped you would both have me again."

"Isn't that sweet?" Sister Dorothy smiles.

Mary feels Sister Dorothy's fingers diddling her wet pussy pull away and watches as Sister Dorothy hold her fingers, wet from Mary's sex fluids, to Sister Denise. The chocolate-skinned naked nun begins to lick and suck the juices from the fingers.

"Mmmmm, very sweet." Sister Denise utters.

"But the thing is, Mary," Sister Dorothy continues. "You left me unfulfilled and disappointed when you failed to make me cum and I just don't have the patience right now for a girl who's as inexperience in pussy-eating as you." Sister Dorothy pulls Sister Denise close to her and plants a passionate, open-mouth kiss on her. "Now you, I can certainly count on you to get me off, and more than just once."

"I do have a talented tongue." Sister Denise grins. "And it's made a lot of girls happy."

Mary watches as the two nuns have another open-mouth kiss, lasting longer than the previous one. After the kissing temporarily stops, Sister Denise jumps on the bed next to Mary's. With a sinister look, Sister Dorothy turns her attention back to the restrained May, holding the final silk scarf. Mary gives no resistance as the nun forces Mary's head up as she wraps the scarf around Mary's eyes and ties it.

"Why the blindfold?" Mary asks. "Is it to help me sleep?"

"Not really." Answers Sister Dorothy as she dismounts Mary and the bed. "I just don't want you peeking while we fuck. I know I have nothing to stop you from hearing, so you're just going to have to ignore us."

Sister Dorothy turns off the lamp at the bedside table between the two beds, leaving darkness in the room. Mary hears Sister Dorothy mount the bed where Sister Denise eagerly awaits her, the sounds of kissing follows, along with moaning and heavy-breathing. Mary is unable to ignore the sounds of sex as they get louder and more intense, echoing throughout the room, causing her to imagine the sex acts and positions the two women having girl-on-girl sex in the bed three feet away her are engaging in.

As Mary's sexual-frustration grows, she pulls against the silk scarves restraining her, hoping to free a hand to alleviate her need for gratification, but is unable to. In desperation and frustration, Mary wildly rocks her hips to free herself. Even though the effort proves fruitless, Mary continues to struggle against her bonds in hope of freeing herself but eventually tires out.

Mary tries to be patient and wait for the nuns to fall asleep so she can sleep as well. She wonders if the sisters even noticed her trying to pull her free or were they too absorbed in each other. Or maybe they did notice. Mary takes several deep breathes to calm herself and the stir of desire from her sex, trying to ignore the wet spot on her panties. The softness of the bed reminds her of the last time she laid naked on a bed in a motel room.

Mary remembers that night her family priest, Father Daniel, when he went between her parted legs and plunged his hard cock in her virginal cunt, forever losing her virginity. Mary remembers the look on Father Daniel's face as he pumped his rod in her wet and breached pussy, and when it discharged its man seed. She remembered how much she looked forward having more sex with Father Daniel as he laid his hot and sweaty body on top of her as he rested.

Although the pleasant moments after the sex horridly halted with the heart attack that ended Father Daniel's life, Mary concentrates on the moment when she had sex with the priest and relives it over and over until she eventually falls asleep.


Feeling a tongue forcing its way in Mary's mouth abruptly wakes her up. Surprised by this, Mary welcomes the intruding mouth kissing her and kisses back. Mary feels the caressing mouth breaks away from her as the blindfold is pulled from Mary's eyes, which takes a few seconds to adjust to the daylight shining through the window. As Mary's vision finally clears, she sees Sister Denise leaning over her, still naked.

"Did you sleep well?" Sister Denise questions.

"Yes." Mary answers.

"Oh, good." Sister Denise replies as she walks to the foot of Mary's bed. "I was worried you won't able to the way Sister Dorothy and I were going at it last night." Sister Denise begins to undo the silk scarf tied to one of her feet. "It's a shame she blindfolded you, you missed quite a show."

Sister Denise unties the young Filipina's other foot while Mary looks over to the other bed and finds Sister Dorothy lying still on her side with no blankets covering her, giving Mary a good view of the nude nun's beautiful backside.

After Sister Denise frees Mary's other foot, she mounts bed and kneels between Mary's thighs. Without a word, Sister Denise takes hold of Mary's ankles and pulls up over her head, joining them together. Resting the back of Mary's knees on her shoulder, Sister Denise hooks her fingers around the waistband of Mary's panties and pulls them up her slender legs, leaving Mary now wearing only the scarves tied around her wrists. After Sister Denise parts Mary's legs and places them on either side of her, she holds Mary's panties close to her face and inhales through her nose the lingering aroma, gazing into the eyes of the bed-bound girl with a mischievous smile.

Mary lightly gasps as she watches Sister Denise puts the panties aside and lowers her head to her pussy. She lets out a sudden moan as she quivers from the kiss she feels under her belly button. The nun plants several more kisses on her hips and thighs before directly kissing Mary's clit. The tongue gently slides between the folds of Mary's labia, sending waves of pleasure throughout Mary's body. The kisses move up to Mary's stomach, continuing to her ribs. Sister Denise stops at Mary's breasts where she teases Mary by circling the tip of her tongue around one of the nipples, followed by some gently sucking. Sister Denise resumes crawling up until she is face-to-face with Mary.

The nun lowers her naked body on top of Mary's. Mary feels Sister Denise tits pressed against her as well as the nun's mound lighty grinding against her sensitive clit. Sister Denise gives an open-mouth kiss on Mary's accepting lips. Mary is in the ecstasy she was cruelly denied all of last night and feels herself close to orgasm from the gently tribbing from the nun.

Sister Denise breaks the kiss as she raises her head up, looking down at Mary.

"Do you want to cum?" Sister Denise asks.

"Yes." Mary immediately answers. "So bad."

Without breaking contact between the two pussies, Sister Denise lifts her upper body, rocking her hips back and forth faster, allowing her wet pussy to give pleasure to Mary's wet pussy.

"Do you really think I'm beautiful?" Sister Denies looks to Mary, still smiling.

"Yes, very beautiful." Mary smiles back.

Sister Denise gives Mary another kiss before sliding her body down, stopping at Mary wanton pussy, where the nun takes her expert mouth to perform cunnilingus on the young Filipina. Mary closes her eyes and arches her back as she is instantaneously overwhelmed by the divine rapture of pleasure.

"Oh, god, yes." Mary blurts, pulling the silk bonds while her back straightens. "Please don't stop. Please make me cum."

"Don't cum!"

Mary opens her eyes to see Sister Dorothy standing over with a stern scowl.

"Don't you dare cum, Mary." Sister Dorothy orders. "If you cum, you will be punished."

Mary feels Sister Denise's sensual tongue go deeper and licks faster coincidentally the second Sister Dorothy gave her warning, even if Mary wanted to resist her incoming orgasm (which she really doesn't), her body yet again betrays her.

"Oh, god! I'm gonna cum! I'M GONNA CUM!"

Mary's entire backside rises off the bed as she loudly climaxes, nearly bucking Sister Denise off.

Mary falls back on the mattress, catching her breathe. Sister Denise removes her mouth from Mary's gratified sex, turning to sit up on the bed. With a finger, the black-mane nun wipes the sex-juices from her lips.

"You dirty, little slut." Sister Dorothy says to Mary.

"I'm sorry, Sister." Mary apologizes. "I couldn't help it. Sister Denise was eating my pussy when you..."

"Are you saying Sister Denise forced herself on you?" Sister Dorothy interrogates.

Mary hesitates to give her answer.

"Of course not." Sister Denise adds, standing up from the bed and walks to Sister Dorothy. "She was practically begging for it." Sister Denise reaches around Sister Dorothy's waist and sets her hand on Sister Dorothy's hip. "How could I say no?"

"The real question is why didn't you say no, Mary?" Sister Dorothy questions Mary. "Haven't you learned by now the consequences of giving in to lust? Didn't what happened with Father Daniel teach you anything?"

Mary tries to respond but guilt and shame prevents her from thinking of an explanation or even vocalize one.

"...I'm sorry." Mary struggles to say.

"So how are we going to punish you?" Sister Dorothy asks, sounding as if she already has an idea.


Mary stands in the bathtub of the bathroom as her arms stretches upward with Sister Dorothy behind her as the nun ties the silk scarves around her wrists to the faded chrome pipe of the showerhead above her. With her hands bound over her head, Mary can barely move, standing on the balls of her feet. After Sister Dorothy finishes, her hands glides down Mary's arms and to her shoulders. Mary cringes when she feels Sister Dorothy's fingernails lightly scratches the sides of her torso down before giving a light pat to her ass and stepping out of the tub.

Moving her head back from her arms, Mary sees Sister Denise approaching her, rolling Mary's hot pink panties into a ball. Before Mary could ask about the panties, the naked, light-brown skinned woman grabs Mary's long black hair and pulls her head back further. Mary cries out through her open mouth but any plea Mary could make is prevented from the balled-up panties stuffed in Mary's mouth.

After Sister Denise releases Mary's hair, the naked Filipina girl rests her head on her raised arms as she tries to resume breathing. Mary moves her head back again and sees Sister Dorothy standing near her, holding a small wooden spanking paddle. Mary tenses up at the sight of the paddle, know her punishment is about to begin.

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