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Virgin Princess


Once upon a time, there was a virgin princess. She was very nice and innocent, but was born with less than a pretty face. Even so, she kept on growing up in life, obeying her family, doing her studies, waiting patiently that one day someone will see her real beauty. You see, even if she didn't look like a princess on the outside, she and her family knew that she was a princess, underneath.

And so this princess wanted to go to school, out of town, away from her royal pain the ass family. But she could not go, because things did not work out. Even so, she kept her head up on her shoulders and imagined a life as though she were away from home, at a new place far far away with new people. And every day, she would go to this place, away from her home, and travel back home at night .

One day, while she was eating at a local pub, she ran into a nice man. She did not pay attention to him, for the last thing on her mind was to find romantic interest in this handsome gentleman with perhaps tons of experience with flowergirls unlike herself....

To her surprise, he began asking her about the sport of tennis, something she was very involved with. They began to converse, and the princess began to glow from excitement.

Could it be? Could this strange, new fellow be a perceptive human being? Someone with real eyes who can also see the beauty in this hidden princess?

But she could not trust this strange new handsome fellow so soon, for he was quite older than she, and she was but a nymph.

Even so, she gave him her email address instead of her phone #, since she did not want to be mean.

They exchanged messages through the private wall of a place called the world wide web. They would exchange private memos about once a week , for this strange new older man had a hard time replying back quickly.

She would ask questions about this strange new handsome man, and he would reply to her answers truthfully. The more she found out, the more she became nervous that this man may not be what she had been looking for.

Eventually, princess came to the conclusion that she should not get involved with this strange new handsome man with a complicating background. She told him of her decision, and they parted ways

Princess never thought of him again,... until one day...

a few months later, she received a new memo from that strange, handsome man from the summer before.

At first, she was surprised, and then secondly, she was flattered. Perhaps this strange, handsome man is a good man, she contemplated to herself. Someone with proper vision.

And perhaps this man did not want to give up on her because he immediately saw her beauty and fell in love with it already.

She decided to play along with it and give him a chance. After all, if many strange men would not bother giving her the time of day just because of her appearance, then she is, in a way, a hypocrite to look the other away because of this man's background.

So she started to talk to him once again, to see what was in his soul.

One day, this no-long strange man (we'll call him "Big J" for short) asked princess to meet up with him. After all, it had been almost a year since he had first met her.

Princess agreed and set up a time and place to meet. They met in the month of April, on a pretty, sunny day

Upon meeting, they both instantly drew to each other, as though they had known each other for a while.

They talked and laughed and talked, and they both revealed intimate parts about each other.

They even kissed.. many times, in fact. Each time she would break away, he would ask for another one. She was in delight, for she had never been treated this way before.

They fell in love rather quickly, so quickly that princess did not know what to do and got scared once again. She did not want to make a bad decision.

She kept looking at Big J and saw a beautiful man, who reciprocally saw a beautiful woman in herself.

She knew that this kind of love was rare, although she did not doubt her beauty, but she underestimated other men's ability to see beauty of her quality.

So she convinced herself to secretly see Big J to see what kind of flower could bloom from this odd pair of seeds

They reaped and sowed each others harvest whenever they could , delicately savoring each and every inch . Some days, she would stumble upon new odd-looking wooden trees and nut-shaped fruits. She would imagine she was Eve from the Garden of Eden and taste these erotic fruits. She liked what she ate, and added them to her diet whenever she was with big J.

Meanwhile, she was beginning to worry about her future with big J. Was Big J going to eventually leave her? or did he want to stay with her... maybe forever? If so, her family would never approve, and she would lose her title of hidden-princess. And she would not know what to think of such an extreme idea.

Or was Big J going to just eat her fruit as long as it is bearing abundantly?

These concerns jogged through princess's mind as she continued to spend more joyful times with Big J, learning more and more about life, herself, and beauty.

One year went by, and Big J and princess were still together.

By this time, she had met his family and was comfortable with his environment. But still, it was her environment that would mark a huge hindrance in their relationship.

So one day princess decided to have a talk to her beloved Big J.

She knew she could talk to him about anything, and so she decided to talk about her concerns.

Big J thought about what had concerned her, paused , and then said....

"Princess, I knew that you were not just another flowergirl when I met you. I have met and danced with many flowergirls who were wilder and more bloomed than you. But of them all, I have not found anyone as beautiful from the inside out until I bet you....

I never expected that I would want to settle down with another flowergirl again ever. But you.... you are quite an exception, I have come to find out. I have fallen deeply in love with you, and not just for the wrong reasons. I want what is best for you, and I only want to give you the best.

If you want to be my flowergirl-princess, I'd be honored to have you. but I know that my flowergirl-princess is beginning to bloom into a queen herself, and she has many voyages to venture before settling down, I am sure (for I was like that as a young lad).

Let's not worry about the future, my flowergirl-princess, and let the future come to us. I know deep in my heart that I will accept whatever you decide, but for now, I want to spend my life with you as much as possible.

Now, quit your worrying and help chop my wood."

And so flowergirl-princess, took all his words to heart, agreed, and did just that. She chopped his wood, shared her nectar, and they consummated.

Now, it has been almost 2.5 years and they are still together. Who would have known it would have lasted this long?

(to be continued ...)

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