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Virgin Sacrifice


They ushered her into a new room, hands still tied behind her back. Her eyes were blindfolded so tightly she couldn't even see light, so she had no idea where they were now. She heard voices, then rough chuckles, and then she was thrown down onto the floor. Surprisingly, she fell among some silk cushions.

She lay very still, trying to hear anything that would help her get out of this place. It was hard to concentrate, however, as the tea she had been forced to drink earlier seemed to be doing something to her. Her senses were dulled to the world around her and she was flushed, and overly warm. She tried to concentrate.

By her accounting it had been two days since the mage had caught her and her adventurer friends sneaking around his dungeon. Surprisingly she had been ignored most of the time. Someone had pushed in a bowl of food twice a day. This morning, though she had been roughly taken out and given a bath. She still blushed to think of that encounter.

Instead of the normal guard that took her food bowl away, a group of very pretty maidens had come to get her. The guard was still standing behind them, however. They took her hands and led her out, chattering in a language she did not understand.

They took her to a room with an immensely large pool in it, all indoors. All around the sides were potted palms and plants. Heavy draperies hung from the walls, both concealing and enhancing the room. The walls were made of white marble, and beautiful statues of naked bathing women were positioned around the pool.

The guard remained outside but he locked the door behind him. She probably could have dealt with the soft, useless girls they had sent, but there really seemed no point as the guard was heavily armed. Plus, she really wanted a bath. She glanced around at the four girls. One was blonde, two with red hair that looked like twins, and one was a sweet little brunette.

She was surprised when they began to strip her efficiently. She was only eighteen, and as sweet and well-formed as any girl of that age. Her slim body came slowly into view.

She had raven hair that fell almost to her waist when unbound, and this combined with her green eyes had given her the nickname of Kitty. Her real name she didn't know, for she had grown on the streets and knew no other mother. She had vigorously defended her virginity, determined not to be like the other girls she saw, trading their bodies for a full belly or a pretty bit of ribbon. And so she had learned to fight to defend herself.

Her skin was smooth as silk, colored like coffee with a heavy dollop of cream. Her eyelids were heavy and sensual, and her eyes were large like a doe. A proud chin sloped to a long neck, and continued into slim pretty shoulders. The girls giggled and stroked her neck and shoulders. To her surprise, the blonde kissed her neck. Then one of the twins lightly licked her ear – it was almost as they were daring each other, egging each other on. Her breath caught in her throat as the brunette caught her face and kissed her sweetly on the lips.

Kitty had never even been kissed by a man before. The kiss was not unpleasant, and she was surprised to feel stirring in her loins as the kiss deepened and the girl's tongue slipped into her mouth.

The ties to her dress were loosened and she was quickly led into the pool. Hesitantly at first, then more boldly, the girls hands began to explore her virginal body. The girl was still kissing her mouth, but she felt another hand cup her breast. Her breasts were small and proud, and the nipples were a dark brown – somewhat darker than her skin. Her body was awash in unfamiliar emotions.

The blonde nudged the one in front of her slightly away, and a shock ran through her belly as the blonde took her nipple in her mouth and began to suck gently. The twins ran water over the entwined bodies, tenderly washing Kitty's body. She was beginning to squirm from the combined onslaught.

A hand – presumably one of the twins' – slipped suddenly into the wetness between her legs and Kitty gasped. The hand made no attempt to penetrate her, rather, it stroked the wet slit up and down, making Kitty gasp with each movement. She felt a tightness growing in her belly, building toward something – and the hand abruptly stopped. She could have cried in frustration.

Meanwhile, two hands were cupping her butt cheeks, squeezing, spreading apart, then relaxing. Occasionally they would run warm water between her cheeks, gently washing her clean.

The hand began to stroke again. Once again it built her to the same plateau and stopped. She moaned, and this time her own hand started to slip between her legs. The girls giggled, and they held her hands away.

Kitty didn't know how long they kept up their exquisite torture until they decided she was clean. They wouldn't let her come, no matter what. It was obvious they were extremely skilled. When they deemed her ready, they pat-dried her – even those gentle touches made her quiver – and then dressed her in a loose-fitting robe. They then bade her drink a tea.

They led her out and turned her over to the guards. As the guards bound her, she watched enviously as the girls, still giggling, slipped back inside the pool room. Even before the door shut she began to hear their moans of pleasure.

A loud voice snapped her out of her reverie. "It is time. Bring her."

The guards lifted her again, and carried her out of the room. She sensed that this room was immensely large, and she got the sense of many hushed bodies.

The guards lay her on some sort of platform. Before she had a chance to react, her hands were shackled into place on either side of her head. She didn't struggle. It was getting more difficult to concentrate on anything but her growing lust.

Someone lifted one of her legs and also shackled that into place. It was almost angled enough to hurt. Then someone lifted the other and spread her wide apart – and she began, dimly, to have some realization of what they intended. Before the panic could translate into actually giving some orders her other leg was shackled into place.

She felt a cold metal object run up first one side, then the other. She felt the robe part and realized it had been a knife. The garments were stripped away, and to her horror a cheer went up from the unseen spectators at seeing her nude flesh. Finally, her blindfold was cut.

The first thing she saw was a domed dark ceiling. She turned her head to the right and realized her table was on some sort of dais. Down a set of six marble steps there was a whole crowd of people, both men and women. At each end of the dais large candle stands were set, making it just visible that they were swaying back and forth. As her gaze fell upon them they began to hum.

She turned her head all the way to the left – and froze. For, sitting on the other end of the dais, was the mage. He was wearing silk robes and carried a scepter in one hand. Upon meeting her eyes he smirked.

She realized, fully, that she was naked and chained to what seemed to be an altar and everyone could see every inch of her. The candles hid the audience but they illuminated her all too well. And to her horror and shame she realized she was still extremely aroused. Her nipples jutted out, begging to be sucked on, and her sex was still deliciously wet.

Another cry rose up from the audience, and she lifted her head enough to see a door opening toward her feet. In stepped a bevy of guards, with someone in the center. She couldn't see at first, and then they stepped aside and she saw a glint on golden hair and bronzed skin.

In stepped the handsomest man she had ever seen in her life. The first thing she noticed was his eyes. They were piercing blue, yet somehow bland and a little dull. She presumed he had been drugged.

The second thing she noticed was that he was completely naked. His body was tight and muscular, with a flat belly and narrow hips. As her gaze traveled down his body, she realized his erection was standing stiff and straight in front of him. She goggled at his proportions. His hair there was also golden blond, almost unreal.

He began walking toward her, with a slow, steady walk. She could almost believe he was in his right senses, if it weren't for the eyes. He stepped up onto the dais, only a few feet from her.

She began to call out...and realized she really didn't care to. Her lethargy had increased, and the only thing that cut into it was the sharp stabbing lust in her loins.

Even as she watched, the same four girls she had seen in the bath came slinking up the steps. They entwined themselves around him, kissing, touching, stroking, licking. The blonde even went so far as to kneel and take his sex in her mouth. She watched, fascinated, as it throbbed.

After only a minute, though, the mage raised his hand and the girls slipped away. The man continued toward her.

The realization of what he was going to do to her slammed into her, opening her eyes wide. Instead of the shock and horror and fear she expected, though, there was a little surprise...and lust so powerful she almost orgasmed just laying there.

He reached her feet. Not slowing or speeding, he dropped his hands on to her feet and let them slide up her legs. Already his hands were squeezing, touching the flesh that no one except for Kitty had touched until today.

He moved up between her legs, and Kitty realized she was on some sort of altar that ended in a Y, allowing her legs to be spread wide apart. He walked up until his sex brushed against her.

His hands were resting on her hips, now they slid up and cupped her breasts and squeezed, hard enough to hurt a little. His blue eyes were looking at her with that same combination of intense lust and blankness.

His sex pressed against her, and with determination he spread her open enough just for the very tip of him to enter. She cried out. He lifted his head and turned to the mage. So did Kitty.

He was watching them both, with a smirk on his face. His eyes met hers.

"So, Kitty. Are you ready? Do you know what's going to happen to you?" He gestured behind him, at an immense statue of a god. The god was a thing of beauty, looking as though Adonis had been set in bronze. "You will raise the old god again, in your womb. For so the prophecy is written. You are innocence pure, and he is a paladin. Sworn to uphold good and duty, here he is, ready to ravish you at my command." And here he began to intone, in a deep voice.

"When pure goodness takes pure innocence forcefully,
When innocence and virtue arches its back in lust
When virginal blood is splashed over my altar
In the most defiling expressions of desire
Then shall I, Adiel, be reborn to this world."

As he spoke each line, the crowd grew more and more agitated. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that the men and women were pawing at each other. They were groping roughly but no one had joined bodies yet.

She looked back at the mage. For the third time, his piercing eyes met hers. Then he looked at the blond paladin, and nodded.

The paladin gripped her by the shoulders, and without warning or prelude he slammed his hips forward. Her scream was drowned out by other girls in the room who had been forced the same way at almost the same moment. He embedded fully half of himself into her, tearing her open.

He took one breath, and slammed himself the rest of the way in, seeming to rip her open. Then with equal coarseness, he pulled all the way back out in two rough strokes.

She was panting and dazed, but she felt someone grip her head roughly and lift it to look between her legs. Even as she watched, the blood dripped from his cock onto the altar. As it touched the altar, it smoked. Suddenly gongs rang out, and she heard the sounds of girls being raped all over the room. She had time to notice her little blond friend from earlier being fucked vigorously, while another man had shoved his cock down her throat and she was jerking one off with each hand, before the paladin slammed his cock back into her. This time he went to the hilt.

He began pounding into her with such force and vigor as could not be believed. He came for the first time in less than a minute, but it didn't even slow him down. The hot liquid splashing around her insides was merciful, as it lubricated his passage more. She felt her desire quickly returning.

He pounded her on the table, thrusting in and dragging back out each time. She felt herself begin to build again, higher and higher. Her fists clenched – and she came. She screamed his name over and over again, and felt him come at the same time. She clamped around him, screaming for more, more, more. Out of the corner of her eye she saw her brunette lover from earlier with the mage's cock embedded into her throat. Her face was actually pressed into his lap, and the mage was pulling her by the hair, grinding her face deeper into him. His eyes, however, were on the rape in front of him.

How long it went on Kitty didn't know at the time. How many times she orgasmed, screaming, in her lover's arms, she didn't know. Nor did she know how many times he emptied himself into her. Always with that same blank lustful look, like an automaton. Eventually it was all too much and slowly she drifted into darkness.

And as she did, she heard the god Adiel awaken.

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