Virgin Sacrifice


"I thought you didn't like that word?" Isaac said. Seila tapped him on the side of the head.

"Don't talk back. Just say what I say." She used her strong legs to pull him down so that they lay face to face on top of the sacred stone. Over the edge of the hill, the lights of the town looked like fireflies now, dancing in front of Isaac's delirious eyes.

"You're mine now. My offering. My sacrifice."

"I'm your offering," Isaac repeated, breathless. "Your sacrifice." After every word she leaned up to plant another nipping kiss on his mouth. "I'm yours. Your offering. Your sacrifice."

She grabbed him in one hand and pressed the tingling, vulnerable tip of his cock against her slippery lower lips. He had to clamp down to avoid losing control immediately. She soothed him with soft whispers in his ear, punctuated with nips of her sharp white teeth, as she let him slide inside her, coaxing him a little bit at a time.

"Not all at once," she said. "Close your eyes and feel it. Let yourself know every new sensation."

She cupped his face with both hands and rested her fingertips on his temples. Isaac bit his lip. The tight, wet, intimate feeling of their bodies coming together was alien but somehow inherently familiar. "Oh god," he said in a shuddering whisper when the last space between them vanished and the inside of Seila's body squeezed his naked cock on all sides.

His trembling seemed to pass through her and down into the rock beneath them. "Yes," said Seila, pushing against him so that he gasped. "This is god. Flesh is the only god that's real. The more we feel, the closer we are to it. You finally understand?"

"I understand everything," Isaac said, and at least for the moment he meant it.

The ripe red blush of blood under her naked skin, the tickling of the small, sensitive hairs on his body stimulated by the trickle of sweat, and the wet animal smell and sound made by the thrust of her dragging his cock into herself and then pushing him back out made everything else in the world seem fragile, flimsy, unreal.

"Be my offering. Give up everything you have to me," Seila whispered, and he murmured his assent. She grabbed hold of him and clung so tightly Isaac imagined he might break, but even this didn't make him stop.

His animal body assumed a directive of its own, spurred by the delicious sensation of naked skin on naked skin and the sweet, throaty sound of Seila moaning as her eyes rolled in her head and she grabbed his ass with both hands while he rose up and down on top of her, gripping him as hard as she could while she shivered and shook.

Their mingled sweat covered the surface of the sacred stone, mixing with Isaac's blood, the precious virgin blood that was now spent and that he'd never again give any more of. She'd taken all of it that she needed and then taken everything else too, devouring him with insatiably hungry kisses, her tongue stabbing into his mouth while they both panted.

Isaac's knees ached from the hard feeling of the rock underneath him, but he didn't care about that either. Seila practically hung off of him as she squirmed, thrashing her head from side to side in the billowy cloud of her own hair as it coiled underneath her.

"Oh yes," she said, stretching the final syllable out a long as it would go. "Be mine. Be all of you mine. Give me all of you, now, down to the last drop. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes," Isaac said, gasping the word out before he was again rendered briefly unable to say anything at all.

The hot, wet burst of his orgasm took him by surprise. Seila sighed and cooed in abject gratification, putting her arms over her head and smiling up at the night sky while he squirted into her, continuing until he was spent but still for a while unable to stop, pumping uncontrollably on top of her while she held him tightly against her again.

When he finally rolled over the sudden sensation of the cold stone on his hot skin shocked him. Breathless, raw, exhausted, and unable to believe anything that had happened, Isaac stared up at the chilly night sky. Seila nestled close and put her head on his chest.

"Now do you see how much better life can be when you're willing to put a little work into it?" she said. She teased his naked skin with the tips of her fingernails again, and they lay together like that in the dark for so long that Isaac lost any sense of the time at all.

"Uh huh," Isaac said, still breathless, although he actually wasn't sure he knew what she was talking about. She kissed him again.

"They say you never forget your first time," she said. "And you know, I never forget it either..."

They lay together in the dark until Isaac almost slipped into a kind of half sleep. Seila jarred him back awake by sitting up and then freezing in place, as still as a cat. She seemed to be listening for something.

"Do you hear that?" she said.

"Hear what?" Isaac said, muttering. He was dealing with a sudden onset of heightened lucidity, as if the giddy madness of the last hour was a drug and now all of sudden he was crashing. With everything over he was increasingly unsure of how he felt about what had happened. He got down off the rock on unsteady knees.

Sitting up further, Seila said, "The Sabbat is starting. You really can't hear it?"

"What's a Sabbat?" said Isaac. He was looking at the remains of his ruined clothes, trying to sort out if any were salvageable and keeping Seila in his peripheral vision in case she did anything else.

"I'll show you," Seila said, touching his bare back. "In fact, you'll take me there."

"I will?"

"Of course. You won't have a choice."

Suddenly uncomfortable, Isaac put his hand on his throat. It was hard to breath. Although still naked, all of a sudden he felt like he was wearing clothes two sizes too tight. "What's happening?" Isaac said.

"You're changing," she said. "That's what you wanted, right? Not to be the old Isaac anymore?"

"I don't...I don't..."

But talking was becoming difficult. Isaac tried to run but fell and landed on all fours. Seila watched with her eyes lidded, looking intrigued but also detached. Suddenly she did look older, less like a girl and more like a woman, full and knowing and strange. Isaac's body shook so hard that he worried he might split apart.

"Why?" he managed to say.

"You said you gave yourself to me completely. Well, I need a little something different out of you now. And it's really about time you started carrying your own weight in life anyway..."

Isaac tried to reply but his mouth was no longer the proper shape for speech. His entire body stretched and distorted, muscles rippling and skin wrapping tighter. He felt his bones pop and shift into new arrangements as the diagram of his interior rearranged itself. His last thought before the transformation overtook him was to wonder why he was suddenly rubbing his forehead against the ground. It was only then he realized what was growing out of his head: horns.

And by then it was over. Where Isaac had once been there was now a great, shaggy ram, its beautiful horns arching up above its soulful eyes. Seila's eyes shined when she looked at him.

"Oh my," she said. "What a beauty you are. And I'll bet you feel so much better, don't you?"

The ram came to her. She stroked its horns, wound her fingers through its thick coat, and kissed the tip of its snout.

"Now my lovely one, will you carry me?" she said. "Will I ride you to the Sabbat?"

The animal bent its knees in offering. She climbed onto its back, holding on tight.

Once mounted she gave a small kick to both its sides and the great animal ran on its strong legs toward the precipice of the hill, its hooves printing deep in the dirt with every galloping step, charging straight toward the drop and then leaping into the air at the last moment before they both fell...

And never coming back down. The ram carried Seila up into the black sky and she hugged him as tightly as she could as they flew through the air, naked with her hair streaming in the wind.

Together they rose, until the entire world was a shadow beneath them. And she laughed as they flew up into the equally shadowy sky, and vanished.

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