tagRomanceVirgin Sacrifice Ch. 03

Virgin Sacrifice Ch. 03


This is basically a love story and of course all characters are over 21. I want to thank Navaura for her spot on editing and suggestions for the improvement of this story, it is a much better story because of her editing. I tried to be as accurate as I could without being boring, so any errors are mine.

I hope all of you enjoyed the story as much as I did writing it.

Chapter 3 -- The Wedding & Rites of Union

James woke up with the sun and his contented kitten was still in his arms, however she had shifted during the night and instead of her back pressed against his chest her head on his chest and her arms around him. This also meant that her hard nipples and wet pussy were in contact with parts of his body that were also rapidly waking up. As he lay there trying to figure out what to do Charlie begin squirming and grinding her succulent pussy against his now hardened cock. James slid Charlie up just a little bit so he could fit the head of his cock inside her pussy lips and left it there. As Charlie slowly began grinding in her sleep, his cock would move slowly and deeper inside her and when he was about half the way inside her eyes popped open and she moaned. "Oh God I thought it was only a wonderful dream."

They slowly made love until the alarm went off and then made love again together in the shower. Today Charlie had to go back to work, so they both had cereal and coffee and when it came time to dress for the bookstore, Charlie felt confined in her old clothes, so she put together some sexy underwear with a very shear top and then covered it with a blazer and moderately short skirt. James insisted on driving her to the bookstore and he stayed with her the whole time doing his work via the bookstores free WiFi. After last night's scare with the white van, James was going to stay with Charlie at all times until the sacrificial ceremonies were over. Also they had never picked up Charlie's car after the night that James had abducted her from the bookstore so she couldn't drive to the store.

The next six weeks became a blur. They would go to the gym in the mornings and workout together, much to the disappointment of the gym's male membership. James would take Charlie to work and generally stay in the bookstore around her, working on his laptop and phone. Charlie had never had anyone care or watch over her and James was never possessive, but he was always in sight and available for her. Having him around made her feel warm, loved, safe and secure, everything felt right, like it should be this way.

Her staff of the bookstore was almost giddy with happiness seeing her so much in love, and every one of them thought James was the perfect match for her. Their complete love and devotion to each other made everyone at the store jealous and everyone wanted to know her secret. They threw her engagement party which she was appreciative of, but it was one more thing that conspired to keep her out of James' arms. Charlie was starting to be resentful of anything that pulled her away from James.

When she couldn't stand it anymore, she would take breaks and sit next to him basking in his love and warmth. She didn't think it was possible, but everyday her love grew even stronger and his eyes told her he felt the same. When James was working and dealing with other people he was hard and driven, but the minute he saw or touched Charlie he softened into a big loving teddy bear. In those times Charlie would dream of his lips kissing her all over and the way he worshiped her made her anxious to get home and make love to him.

On the nights that Charlie was not working at the bookstore they would be in James parents' house for various pre-engagement or pre wedding parties. Most of the parties were chances for Brigid to show Charlie off and Brigid wanted to groom her for the role of priestess Branwen. Brigid had outfits selected for Charlie for each party with each and every one more scintillating than the last showing how stunningly gorgeous Charlie was.

The outfits that Brigid chose fit into one of two categories. The first group was similar to the first outfit Charlie showed James, it showed lots of skin with glimpses of Charlie's flawless figure. Charlie had rapidly turned into an exhibitionist and loved unashamedly showing her dazzlingly displayed body with the side benefit being she was voracious in bed after showing off and James looked forward to Charlie's wild sexual side.

The second group of outfits was for the more conservative parties and these outfits covered her, but were skin tight with most looking like they had been painted on and showing tantalizing bits of her figure. Charlie wowed everyone young, old, man, women, liberal or conservative. It didn't matter everyone was captivated and loved her. After a month of these parties, there was a groundswell to initiate Charlie into the clan and start her priestess apprenticeship. Everyone agreed that she was the perfect Branwen, but she needed time and wisdom before she could be a priestess.

With their crazy work and party schedule, both James and Charlie were feeling a little crazy being forced during the day and good portions of the night to be separated. Both of them felt something just wasn't right when they weren't in physical contact with each other, so they took every opportunity to be together. During her breaks at work they would go for walks wrapped tightly in each other's arms. They would have lunch together, eating in some isolated place; usually someplace with grass or trees. Charlie would generally sit in James lap, and lean against him while they ate. The energy of grass and trees seem to enhance their bonding time.

As time went on Charlie started to resent her job, mostly because it took her away from James, but being cooped up indoors and being forced to wear confining suits also added to her resentment. One night when she was cuddling in James arms, she told him she wanted to quit her job and then ask him if he was okay. James responded that he would support her in any decision, but wondered why she would want to quit.

Charlie told him that she was resenting anything that took her away from him, that she also felt confined with the suits and being cooped up indoors. Basically she just wasn't happy there anymore. This was James response, "Baby, I love you so very much and anything that gives us more time together I am all for, but this is your career, so this is a decision you have to make. No matter what you want to do I am behind you and I will support you. If it makes any difference baby, we're fine with money and we don't need your salary."

Charlie pulled herself tighter into his arms and said. "The bookstore was never really my career choice and I want to start my new life as your wife and as an apprentice priestess." Then she looked up into James eyes and said. "What would you say if I said I wanted to start my new life as a mother to our children."

James smiled broadly, pulled her tight into his arms and kissed her sweetly on the lips and then said. "Nothing would make me happier than feeling new life growing inside you, and the fact that the new life is something our love created is just that much sweeter. Charlie my love for you is so strong that there is no way to put it into words, but you are my perfect woman, partner and lover. By the way baby, you have so much love inside you, I think you'll be the most incredible mother any child has ever had."

Charlie's eyes misted with his sweet words, but that was soon replaced with a twinkle and she said. "You want to go practice?" And she lay back over his arm, rolling her head back on her shoulders presenting her soft and vulnerable throat, surrendering herself to the man she loved. James growled and aggressively started nibbling and sucking on the soft delicate skin of her neck and Charlie felt her whole body shiver and goosebumps covered her skin. James picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom all while ravishing her tender neck, only releasing her neck when he laid her on the bed.

Charlie looked up at him with love and passion in her eyes and pleadingly said. "Bind me to bed and make me your slave tonight, make me a slave to your love."

James looked at the woman that had captured his heart and he felt his love for her welling up inside him. He went and got the cuffs that he had used on her the very first night they'd made love and came back to her holding out her arms for him to buckle them on. As he buckled the cuffs on her wrists and bound her hands to the head board his eyes never left hers. They both felt the passion for each other growing out of control. Then James fell on her growling as he aggressively began to kiss, lick, nipple and suck on her face, neck and breasts. Charlie arched her face and chest into his attack, wanting all his love and everything he had to give.

Charlie still had on her nighty. With his hands and teeth James began to rip and tear the nighty from her body, then he would make love to any newly uncovered parts of her body. Charlie gasped and quivered as she bowed her back, presenting herself for his ravishment. She loved it when they made slow soft love, she loved being the aggressor sometimes, but mostly she loved it when James aggressively took total control. When she felt the most helpless in the presence of his aggressive and all-encompassing love, was when she completely surrendered to him and when she achieved bliss and nirvana like she had never known.

This time James unmercifully teased Charlie until she was begging and pleading for him to make her cum, but he took her even further and when Charlie was begging for release and her body was glistening with perspiration he took her to orgasmic rapture as he made her cum with his fingers, his lips and finally his cock. He kept her orgasms coming one after the other until she was floating through a fog on a sea of orgasmic bliss. In all the times they had made love, this was the most incredible and she couldn't believe that he could still take her places she had never known.

When he finally came inside her, she was in the midst of yet another hard cramping cum and with her pussy clamped tightly around his cock she felt every pulse of his cum. She felt the warmth of his cum filling her. She felt like each pulse was his heart beat joining with hers. It had almost become a tradition as she surrendered her neck once again so his lips could feel her heart beating for him.

James kissed her gently as he untied her from the bed and then he surrounded her tiny body as he spooned her next to him. He held her tightly as her quivers and shakes still had control of her body and when they had receded he kissed her ear and neck. Charlie thought, now I knew what heaven is and it is being held tightly in the arms of the man you love, while the euphoria of your lovemaking is still quivering in your body. When the occasional full body shiver would ripple through her body, James would kiss her and pull her tightly against him, only reinforcing her vision of heaven.

Charlie quit her job at the bookstore the next day, but because she had given them two weeks' notice , she still had to work. The wedding was only three weeks away and there was still lots of things to do. Charlie and Brigid were designing their own wedding dress and James could only imagine how devastating she was going to look. He hoped he could make it through the wedding without ravishing his bride. Meanwhile he and Charlie had been working on the wedding vows and they felt like they had finally come up with something that described their feelings for each other.

At this point the wedding was more for everyone else. Neither James nor Charlie could ever imagine being apart from the other and in their minds they were joined at their hearts and that was all that really mattered.

For the wedding the upcoming lunar eclipse was chosen as the date. This was one of the days for Druid fertility rites of the Union and the plan was to have a traditional wedding during the day followed by a reception. The wedding would be a fairly modern Druid wedding and would involve many themes in a Christian wedding, but also include Celtic hand binding. James Senior would be the officiating Elder and Brigid would be the Marriage Guardian and would be the third person in the wedding ceremony. That evening the clan would convene in a sacred place in the forest and the fertility rites of Union would take place.

The mating during these rights would be conducted as a group effort with the woman and the man being symbolic for each side and when done during a lunar eclipse the mating would create a divine alignment between the two participants. It would also create the proper balance between the masculine and feminine energies. Most of the Rites were symbolic these days and while it was rare that an actual man and woman coupling would take place, that was exactly what James and Charlie wanted. They wanted to join and during their union feel the energy and balance as they became one.

Charlie's life had become chaotic with designing and creating her wedding dress, going to bridal parties, working and starting her apprenticeship, and she was spending most of her time at James parents' house. There were more than a few nights that she didn't even make it home to James and her body and heart were craving his touch and his tender kisses. She needed to be wrapped in his arms and she frantically needed to feel him buried deep inside her.

James was madly working on his projects, trying to get them to a point where he could take some time off after the wedding and take Charlie on a proper honeymoon. He remembered that he was supporting both of them now so he drove on, despite the ache in his heart and emptiness in his arms. On more than one occasion he would catch himself holding her pillow to his face, inhaling her scent and daydreaming of making love to her. Both were feeling very lonely and desperately missing each other. Brigid noticed Charlie daydreaming and knew she was missing James, so she gave her an idea to surprise James.

Charlie started looking for just the right outfit, one she knew James could never resist, but she had no idea how to find such an outfit on her own. So, she resorted to the Internet and hit pay dirt when she found a website called "BodyKandi.com" and here she found so many beautiful skimpy, sexy and tantalizing outfits that she wound up ordering six. There were different types of dresses, from the skintight choker minidress, to the cowl neck mini dress with plunging neckline, to the fishnet dress or a backless gown. She ultimately decided on a backless cowl neck top that came perilously close to completely exposing her breasts and a miniskirt bottom that barely covered her tight sexy ass.

Saturday night came and she put on the outfit, she was very satisfied with the results. She was virtually naked with drapes of fabric strategically hiding her assets, but in this outfit there was always a danger of something slipping out. The whole outfit screamed ravish me. She enlisted James Senior help to get James to a bachelor party that was complete with stripper. James was reluctant to go because Charlie was all he wanted, but his dad insisted so he went.

James dad drove him to a rather upscale gentlemen's club and the closer they got the more nervous James was. Growing up his whole philosophy was to live life to the fullest and he still felt that way, but life to the fullest was when he had Charlie in his arms. As they walked into the strip club James glanced around at all the girls on stage and not a single one interested him and he told his dad so. His dad told not to worry that he had already picked a stripper for him and she was waiting in a private room.

His dad guided him around the stages and they went to the back to a darkened hallway and into a room at the very back hallway. His dad opened the door and ushered James inside, and as he went inside his dad closed the door behind. He had no idea what was going on but he knew his dad would not betray him and set him up. So he turned and looked into the darkened room and then the spotlight came on above the stripper pole in the small stage underneath it.

His dad's voice came over the speaker and said. "Enjoy the show son and remember the house rules the stripper can touch you, but you can't touch her. You're stripper for the evening is named Candy." Then as he finished a guitar riff and some body thumping music started, a head of long blond hair swept onto the stage and spun around the pole. Her face was obscured in a mass of long blonde hair but her body was a beautiful tight little package and the outfit displayed her in a most dazzling way.

James sank into a chair to watch the show has Candy twirled around the pole stretching, bending and climbing around the pole to display her taut body in its best light. Her top was a drape of fabric that was tied around her neck barely obscuring her nipples and the only reason it wasn't completely flying off of her breasts was the bottom string tied around her back. The bottom was a micro miniskirt that was very low slung and still didn't cover her ass cheeks as she twirled James could see the bright blue thong between her legs. Her entire beautifully muscled back, flat and sleek belly, gorgeously sculpted arms and legs were all completely bare with just her lustrous, satiny skin gleaming in the dim light.

As the stripper Candy was twirling around the stage displaying her sultry body, James began to think that this girl could be Charlie's sister their bodies were so close to each other. Then as the light hit her left arm just right he saw some Gaelic lettering that had been mostly covered in makeup and he knew this was the love of his life giving herself to him once again. James got a lump in his throat and his pants as he realized everything she had done to give him this night of pleasure so he endeavored to make it just as pleasurable for her.

About halfway through the first song Candy (with the blonde wig he was thinking of her as Candy ) reached around and untied a string around her back and now she twirled around the stage her top would fly around alternately hiding and exposing her breasts. James had to admit her dance was very erotic and the more she teased the harder his cock got. As the first song ended she untied her the top string on her top and it fluttered to the floor, exposing her fabulous breasts as they bobbed and wobbled, calling and beckoning to him in time to the music. When the second song began Candy ( Charlie ) flipped upside down on the pole and began the slow descent twirling around the pole. The muscles in her legs and belly were sharply defined under her soft smooth skin and as her muscles shimmied and undulated in the dim light drawing attention to her taut muscled belly, butt and hips.

Candy ( Charlie ) was doing her best to keep the long blond hair covering her face so he would not know who the stripper was. As her back came softly to rest on the stage she spread her legs wide displaying her blue thong with camel toe underneath framed by her legs and breasts. In the move he still didn't know how she did, she was on her feet, bent grabbing both her ankles with her ass bobbing in front of him. She slowly dragged her hands up her legs and when she was standing she ripped off her skirt. Apparently it was a quick release with Velcro holding it closed. Now she pranced and strutted in only her thong.

As the second song was ending she slid the thong down her legs and kicked it to the side. She stood up with a flourish displaying her completely naked, stunning body and in a Godiva moment the blonde hair was hanging to her waist, not really concealing, but teasing him with hints of her spectacular figure. She froze for a moment of presentation and then stepped off the stage with her back to James as she bent over and began to rub her ass up and down the front of his pants. He thought he heard her gasp as she felt how large his engorged cock was and as she continued her erotic lap dance, he saw her quiver and softly moan.

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