tagIncest/TabooVirgin Sister and Cousin

Virgin Sister and Cousin


As I lay beside my sweet sister, a hand cupping her breast and pinching her stiff little nipple I smile and kiss her lips and then remind her of the day she caught our cousin and I making love. Cuz is only a year older than my sexy cunt of a sister. At the time I was home from college and my sexy cousin was 19 and sister 18.

"Remember you came home early and found us making out. I had the hots for her for a long time. When I thought no one was around, I made my move on her."

The day comes back to both of us as we caress and hug. It was early afternoon summer and we were sitting on the couch.

"Cuz, you're sooo beautiful. You know I love you."

"And I love you. But we can't do anything. It isn't right."

"It is if two people love each other." I pull her to me and kiss her on the lips. She doesn't try to pull away and I hold her tighter. I push my tongue into her mouth and she runs her hands up and down my back.

You watch, thinking this is nasty, ugly, your brother and your cousin. You see her pull away and watch as I unzip my pants. She looks at me and says, "What are you doing!?"

"I want you. I'm hard as a rock and I have jacked off to you for the last time. Now I want you. I want to feel what it's like to put my cock into a girl's pussy. I know you want to feel me inside you."

At first she puts up a fight. I grab her and you watch as I have to force her to the floor, tearing her blouse. You were too scared to do anything but watch. You saw your brother pull out his hard on from his shorts and as I forced our sweet cousin's legs apart. With terror, you watched as I reached between us and push her skirt up and grab her panties and tear them from her. I hold her down, pinning her arms and you can't believe your eyes as you watch your brother put his cock into her slit.

She kept saying, 'No, we can't. Please. You know I love you, but this is wrong. Please...." But I was beyond hearing her beg. I pushed it into her tight virgin pussy. She cried out and you watched as tears came to her eyes. But soon, as you watched my naked ass moving up and down, driving my cock into her, you noticed that she was no longer fighting, but moving her hips, meeting me. "Ohhh, god, Cliff, ooooooo, please, fuck me. I want it. Ohhhhh, don't stop. Harder. Damn it you fucker, harder!" You watched as I squeezed her tits hard, and then sucked on them. You moved your hands to your mound and rubbed yourself as you watched me fuck our cousin.

What surprised you, was when I rolled over and pulled her on top of me. You saw her set up and put her hands on my chest and she pulled her skirt up and slid down on my thick cock. She lowered herself onto it, her eyes still with tears in them and move her body up and down. You saw my cock, wet with her juices, sliding in and out of her cunt.

"Ohhh, Clifffff, I'm cummming. Ohhhhh," and you felt a sudden strange feeling shake your body as your fingers played with your young pussy. You had two fingers inside you tunnel and felt the wetness. More than you ever felt it before.

She fell on top of me and you watched in wonder as I pulled out of her and rolled her over on her back. I reached up and pulled a seat cushion from a chair and put it under her stomach, her round hot ass in the air. I pull her skirt off and she is now naked, her bra and blouse laying on the floor beside us. I reached down and pushed my cock into her pussy from behind. You didn't know it could be done that way and you hands were again busy. One with two fingers back into that wet pussy and the other squeezing one of your tits. You watch as I slide it into her, fucking her from behind. You hear her cries and moans and my grunts as I pound her hard and fast. You hear me shout that I am cumming. You watch with big eyes as I pull out and white cum shoots out of my cock head and splashes all over her ass.

She rolls over and you see her do something you only heard about. She took my cock and put it in her mouth and you watch as she licks and sucks her juices and mine from my cock. You can't believe your eyes as you watch me get hard again.

"Oho, yes baby, suck me. Fuck my cock with those lips of yours. I want to cum in your mouth. OH, wow, you are hot." You see me grab her head and pull her tight against my stomach. I move my hips and you know I must be shooting more of that white stuff, only this time in her mouth.

I pull out, but she doesn't stop licking me till she has licked all of the juices from it. "Oh, Cuz, you were great. Sorry I got rough with you."

"I wanted to fuck you for a long time. Your sis and I have talked about what it would be like. But you shouldn't have raped me like this."

"Sis? Ummm. I never thought of that, but she is hot. I love that tight ass of hers. And her round tits. I went to her room one night and pulled up her nightie so I could see them. I even kissed her nipple."

"You are nasty. I bet you could get her to fuck you. I would like to watch. But you are mine, don't forget that. That hard dick of yours belongs to me from now on. "

"Umm, my sweet Cuz is jealous. I promise. I will only fuck your pussy and hers. My two young sluts. Of course, we will have to work on Sis. Think you could do that?

"Yes." (What I don't know is that she has seen you leaning against the hall door, your hand still inside your shorts. She smiles at you when I lower my lips to her tits.) She mouths,

"You want to fuck him?" You nod your head yes and she laughs.

I raise up. "What's so funny?"

"Oh, nothing. I'll tell you sometime. Now suck on my tits. I like it."

"I will, if you promise to help me get her in bed."

"I promise. Maybe I'll enjoy being more than just a witness to you fucking her."

"Ohh? You like girls too?"

"I have kissed a couple of my girl friends when three of us had a slumber party. We ended up fingering ourselves, but one of the girls stared to finger me and the other girl. At first I thought it was nasty. And it was. Real nasty. And I liked it and we kissed each other. We then took turns fingering each other, playing like we were guys fucking. But I don't think I could do anything else."

"Wish I had been there."

"Not me. I wouldn't want to share that hard cock of yours with them."

"We better get dressed. Sorry about tearing your blouse, but it was fun doing it."

"Raped me. And you can do it again anytime."

"Come on you little slut. Hurry and go upstairs and get one of her blouses before she comes home."

Again she laughs as she watches you turn and head down the hall to your room.

She goes to your room and finds you laying on the bed, you have pulled your shorts off and your panties and your fingers are again playing with that sweet pussy of yours. "Did it feel good? Did it hurt? Will you finger me please....."

She goes to you and sits on the bed. She touches your face and then moves her hand down your body, just brushing your bare breasts. Her fingers move over your mound, pushing your fingers out of the way. She feels your wetness and slides a finger into you. Then she moves and lays beside you and then to your surprise she move on top of you body. Her tits pressed against your. Her lips go to yours and she tongue kisses you. You wrap your arms around her, pushing up your lower body to meet hers. You feel her remove her finger and grind her pussy against yours, her wetness running into yours. She kisses your neck and then moves down to your tits. She sucks on your lovely breasts, pulling a hard nipple with her teeth. You moan, your hands on her head, holding her tight.

"Ohhh, yes, that feels so so good. Suck on my boobs."

She kisses your breast, and bites one of your nipples. You let out a little scream, both pain and pleasure. Then she releases your nipple and rolls off you. "You watched your brother rape me and didn't do anything."

"I was scared. But you seemed to enjoy it once he had his...."

"His cock?"

"Yes. His cock in you. How did it feel?"

"Ummm, wonderful, once I got use to it. I wanted to keep it inside me forever. It's bigger than you and I thought. You heard he wants to fuck you?"

"Yes. But I won't let him. It was wrong for you two to .... to fuck. But our folks would kill both of us if they ever found out he and I did it."

"Did what Sis?" You both sit up and see me standing in the door way, naked, my cock sticking straight out. "I asked, 'Did what'?"

"You shouldn't be in here. What if someone sees us?"

Looking at our Cousin, I slam the door behind me. "Cuz, I think you and I will rape my sweet innocent little sister. What do you say? Will you hold her down while I push it in her?"

She jumps up and moves so she is behind you, her back to the head board. She pushes you forward towards the foot of the bed and slides her leg so one is on each side of you and then grabs you and pulls you back against her. You feel her tits press against your back.

"Yes Cuz, let's fuck this little bitch."

"What....what are you doing?" It happens so fast. She is holding you tight against her and I pull your legs off the end of the bed and spread them. "Ummm, Sis, your pussy is wet. Is it from what Cuz was doing to you, or thinking about what I'm going to do to you?"

"Please, no. You both can't do this. No Cliff."

I move close, just letting the head of my cock touch your slit. "Ohh, baby, you'll love it. I know you want to feel it in you. I love you both. I want to fuck you both. No one will ever know. I promise. You'll both be my sluts."

I then push forward, and the thick head slides into the entrance of your pussy. You let out a moan and lean back. She moves her hands under your arms and cups both your tits.

"Enjoy it."

I slide more of me into you, till I feel the barrier. I took one cherry and lost mine today. Now I'm going to take yours. I push hard and you cry out. "Ahhhhhh, ohhhh, please. Nooooooo!!!"

"Don't listen to her Cuz. Fuck her. Drive your cock in and out of that pussy of hers." I push it all the way in to you. I look into your eyes and I see first pain and fear. But as I start to move my hips, driving it slowly in and out of you, letting you get use to it, I see something else.

"Ohhh, yesssss. Oh, fuck me. Yes. Oh, it feels like it will split me in two. Don't stop. Do it. Make me your....slut."

I look at our cousin and she is smiling, yet I see the same lust in her eyes that I now see in yours. I know now that I have two hot pussies to fuck and eat whenever I want. I drive my cock hard now. Fast and hard, ramming it into you. My hands move up to your tits and I push hers away. I squeeze them as I feel your hands go to my hips. We forget that she is there as we enjoy the pleasure of two lovers doing what lovers are meant to do. Fuck. I hear you began to moan loud and cry out. She puts a hand over your mouth as I drive harder. I feel you shake as you climax and I follow about five minutes later. Your belly full of my cum. I don't want to pull out, but I see you almost fainting, so I slowly pull out of you. Our cousin nearly pushes you off the bed to get around and lay on her stomach facing the foot of the bed.

"Give me your cock Cuz. I want to suck it. To taste you and her."

I move over so she can feel my balls and bring my semi hard cock into her lips. She sucks and licks, tasting you on me. I grow again in her mouth. Being soooo hard and fucking as much as I have, it all most hurts, but I can't bring myself to pull away from her face as she sucks me. You lay back, cum dripping out of your slit as you watch.

I throw my head back and cry out that I'm cumming and I shoot into her mouth. Not as much this time, but still enough for her to enjoy it. I finally force my cock out of her mouth and crawl onto the bed. I lay next to you and kiss you. She is on the other side of me, but facing the other direction. I reach over and pat her ass and slide my fingers up and down the crack. "Umm, Sis, our Cuz is one hot cocksucker."

"I'll be a hot cocksucker too. Just let me rest first."

"Me too. You two hot cunts have fucked me nearly to death. You girls have to promise no one will ever know. Or we won't be able to do this again."

Our cousin, her hands playing with my cock looks up at us, "Oh, we promise. As long as this slab of meat is just for us."

"It is. You both are my little cunts. My sluts. I know where our folks keep their x rated videos. They show things in them that I want to do to both of you. What say we shower and then go and watch one."

"Sounds good to me bro."

"Me too. I get to wash both of you."

"Man, she is a dirty little cunt. But I think we both like her that way, right Sis?"

"Oh, yes. Nasty, naughty and wet."

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