tagBDSMVirgin Turned Fuckslut Ch. 02

Virgin Turned Fuckslut Ch. 02


With a nervous knot of anticipation in the pit of her stomach, Mandy studied the map of the college for about the tenth time that day. She didn't remember the last time she'd been so worried.

She had arrived at the college the previous night, accompanied by her mother and stepfather. Her stepfather had taken care of everything for her, making sure that her registration and orientation would go smoothly. Although Mandy wasn't particularly fond of him, she had to admit that he had been really great about helping her plan her future. Not only was he providing the money for her to go to college, he was also showing a tremendous interest in her well being and future success. He'd pulled some strings and had arranged for her to have her own private dorm room, which was a privilege usually reserved for the third and fourth year students.

It was nice that her stepfather had done all of this for her, although he had become somewhat overbearing. In fact, he had taken it upon himself to set up Mandy's timetable, choosing which classes she would take for her. Mandy hadn't found out for herself which classes she was enrolled in until the night before classes started, at her registration session!

And she hadn't been overly pleased, either. She had been placed in some of the mandatory classes, such as those pertaining to languages and the social sciences, which was fine by her. However, as her elective classes, Mandy's stepfather had chosen Physical Education, Cosmetology, and Health & Wellness 101. Mandy was the most annoyed that she had been enrolled in Physical Education, as she was not very athletic and had despised it in high school, always feeling self-conscious and clumsy.

This morning she had attended English class without incident, and from there had gone to Health & Wellness 101, which surprised her a bit, to say the least. The professor was a rather young, attractive-looking young man, while every student in the room was female. Mandy had taken health classes before in high school, but they mainly focused on things like menstruation and promoting abstinence. This class was different though. Upon reading the outline for the semester, she found that while it dealt extensively with STDs and safe sex, the majority of the course was based on sex itself. There was to be a chapter on the female orgasm, one on female masturbation, and another entitled "Society's Taboos & Sex," the subject of which Mandy was somewhat afraid to even think about! It wasn't that she wasn't curious about that sort of thing, because she was. It was just that she felt uncomfortable about discussing issues like that in a classroom full of her peers, not to mention in front of a really good looking, young male professor. She supposed this college must be much more liberal-minded than her small town high school had been.

After lunch, Mandy was to report to the enormous gymnasium for her first Physical Education class. That's where she was headed now, already dreading having to change in front of the other girls in the locker room - she couldn't help but notice that most of the girls she went to school with were all drop dead gorgeous with athletic, tight bodies, great tans, large breasts, and perfectly styled hair. It made her feel that more self conscious of her curvy body and creamy skin.

Well, here she was. Taking a deep breath, Mandy steeled herself, then pushed open the doors to the gymnasium and stepped inside. Surprisingly, there were no other students in there. Instead, there were two men clad in sweatpants and baseball caps. They looked like the stereotypical coach - one even had a whistle around his neck and carried a clipboard.

Nervously, Mandy approached him. He watched her as she walked up to him, making her feel even more nervous.

"Afternoon, Mandy," he said indifferently, his eyes still not leaving her body. "I'm Coach Richards, and this is Coach Hudson." She was surprised that he knew her name, and, seeing her surprise, he explained himself. "We're going to work together one-on-one today." Checking the chart on his clipboard briefly, he continued, "Dr. Browne, while confident that you are in good health, felt it best that we start you off slowly on our physical fitness program and allow you to progress at your own rate, as you are not as physically fit as some of our more advanced students."

Mandy cringed just at hearing the doctor's name, remembering the mortifyingly humiliating physical examination he had forced her to endure. Then, when what Coach Richards was saying to her sunk in, she began to blush. What was worse was that he noticed this.

"You've no reason to be embarrassed, Mandy," he said kindly. "Not everyone is naturally athletic - it's okay. What Coach Hudson and I want to do is help you to become more physically fit. Not only will you become healthier physically, but you will also feel better about yourself, we are sure. We will closely supervise your progress and make sure that you see results. Now, how about you head over to the locker room, and put on your gym uniform. Oh, and it is important that you wear only what has been laid out for you in the locker room, okay? School regulations, you know."

Nodding that she understood, Mandy headed off to the locker room to change. She found the outfit that had been laid out for her. It consisted of gym shorts, a t-shirt, running shoes, socks, and a red thong. She couldn't imagine why the school would even assign underwear - and a red thong, at that - but did not want to start off on the wrong foot with the coaches; she had always been intimidated by people in positions of power - especially when those people had the authority to make or break her grade in Physical Education 101! So, Mandy removed all of her clothing and put on the "uniform" that had been assigned.

The only problem was that it did not adequately cover her! The socks and shoes were fine, but as for the shorts and t-shirt? The shorts were extremely tiny, and looked more like panties on her, as they were so incredibly short. They were also very tight, to the point where she could almost make out the bulging lips of her pussy beneath them. Whenever she moved her legs to walk, the red thong peeked out from beneath her shorts rather obviously. The t-shirt, too, was far too tight, and clung to her large breasts like a second skin. The material was very thin, and her large nipples poked out prominently. Standing frozen in front of the mirror, Mandy didn't know what to do. She didn't want to anger the coaches, but she certainly couldn't parade around out there in front of them like this!

Suddenly the door banged, and Mandy jumped as Coach Richards strode in. "What's taking so long, Mandy? Is there a problem?"

Fumbling for a towel, Mandy nodded. "Yes, there's a problem! My uniform doesn't fit me and..." lowering her voice a little, she continued, "you said to wear only what was assigned to me, but they forgot to issue me a sports bra!"

Sporting an expression of genuine concern, the coach reached for the towel Mandy held protectively in front of herself. "Let's see, then."

Before she could protest, the towel was gone, and Mandy was standing before the coach in a gym uniform that made her feel more exposed than she would had she been nude. Crossing her arms over her big breasts hastily, she cast her gaze downward as the coach examined the uniform, his eyes traveling from her .

"Your uniform is just fine, Mandy. I know you may feel a little self-conscious in it now, but there is no reason to. The reason the clothing fits you so snugly is so that Coach Hudson and I can ensure that your body movements are smooth and natural - we wouldn't want you to injure yourself! Surely you can understand that if you were to wear baggier clothing, we would not be able to see if you were moving in ways that could cause harm to your body - and you certainly don't want to end up with a strained or pulled muscle Mandy; those are painful! Oh, and about the sports bra; your t-shirt is snug fitting, so it should be adequate, thus a sports bra is unnecessary." The coach smiled reassuringly. "Now, let's not waste any more time! It's time for you to get out there so we can begin your first session of our fitness program!"

Coach Richards marched Mandy back into the gymnasium where he and Coach Hudson sat on the bleachers directly above her, watching closely as she sat on the floor and did her warm-up stretches. She was especially embarrassed when they instructed her to lay on her back and bring her knees up in front of her face, supposedly to stretch her lower back. The position it put her in gave them a direct view of her large, spread bottom and puffy pussy, outlined by the teensy little gym shorts. She knew that her ass cheeks were hanging out of the shorts, and worried too that they could see the red material of the thong on her pussy. Not once did their eyes leave her body.

"Okay Mandy, it's time to do some laps!" Coach Hudson announced. Begrudgingly, Mandy complied, only to discover that to her horror - and discomfort - her breasts bounced and jiggled painfully beneath the thing material of her white t-shirt as she ran. Biting her lip in determination, she brought her arms close to her body, trying to offer some support to the large globes of flesh. However, the coaches would have none of that. "Mandy!" Coach Hudson called out. "Arms above your head please! It will make you stand straighter and help you to breathe deeper!" And so, Mandy was forced to run with her hands above her head as her big tits and fat ass cheeks jiggled all over the place while the two men watched intently. It was torturous.

Finally, they told Mandy that she could stop, but instructed her that she must go into the sauna for a massage before she could leave, as they did not want her muscles to cramp from the strain she had put on them. They followed her and had her remove her skimpy t-shirt and shorts, then made her lay down on the table, naked except for the tiny red thong beneath the fluffy white towel. Coach Hudson then began to knead the back of her calf with strong, skilled hands as Coach Richards did the same to her shoulders. Mandy hated to admit it, but it did feel good.

Soon though, she was getting nervous. One set of hands traveled farther and farther up her legs until they were massaging her ass cheeks. Mandy didn't know if she should say anything or not. What was she supposed to say? So, she bit her lip and allowed the hands to explore her body. Seconds later though, the towel was pulled away, and her thong-clad ass was exposed to the two men. Coach Richards whispered something to Coach Hudson and the two men chuckled. Mandy wanted to die.

"I'm going to be late for my next class," she mumbled hurriedly, trying to get off the table while simultaneously wrapping the towel back around herself. Two strong pairs of hands held her down.

"You're not dismissed until we say you are," Coach Hudson informed her emotionlessly as more oil was poured on her ass and was rubbed in by thick, calloused fingertips. A hand pushed her legs apart and the thong was pulled to the side. Fingers moved between her ass cheeks and ran up and down, over her anus and then down lower to her moist pussy. They rubbed the oil in sensuously and Mandy squirmed as they began to evoke pleasurable sensations from her untrained body. Then she felt a fingertip pushing in on her anus, and as much as she fought to tighten up her sphincter and keep it out, it was useless, as it was coated liberally in the massage oil. The slick finger pushed harder and harder, and was soon embedded in her tiny asshole. Mandy writhed around on the table in discomfort as she felt her tight anus at first struggle to expel the finger and then, when that proved unsuccessful, relax and attempt to accommodate the intruder.

The finger began to fuck in and out of her asshole with short, fast strokes, and Mandy sobbed helplessly as hands reached under her and began to grope her large breasts, paying special attention to her big, pointy nipples, which were very hard due to the feelings of pleasure that the coaches' hands were forcing from her. Then, all of a sudden, her breasts were abandoned and the finger was yanked from her asshole with a loud pop. "We've got another class to teach," Coach Hudson said. "So NOW you're dismissed!" He patted her on the rump, then he and Coach Richards laughed and left the room, leaving Mandy half-naked, sobbing, and confused. Not to mention aroused. Trembling, Mandy pulled the towel tightly around her violated body and wondered what to do. Finally, she decided that she had no choice but to register a complaint with the dean...right after she went back to her dorm room to shower and rub herself off, of course. For the first time since she had arrived at the college, Mandy wondered just what she had gotten herself into.

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