tagBDSMVirgin Turned Fuckslut Ch. 03

Virgin Turned Fuckslut Ch. 03


Mandy felt so alone. Miles away from home, she was stuck in a strange, intimidating college where she knew no one. She'd tried to make the best of it, but her situation just kept getting worse and worse. She'd been forced to endure a humiliating gym class in which her coaches made her do exercises that displayed her voluptuous body in vulgar ways. She should have left right then and there, but she'd been too worried about offending the coaches and being kicked out of the school. Since she was there at her new, rich stepfather's urging and he was paying for everything, it wasn't like she had many other options.

But, maybe if she'd left as soon as she began to get a bad vibe, she could have spared herself the embarrassing ordeal in the steam room - she still couldn't believe that the coaches had forced her to disrobe and played with her innocent body. After all, they were teachers - teachers aren't supposed to do that! They'd even stuck a finger up her bum...shuddering, Mandy tried not to think about it, instead concentrating on what she should do next.

She knew she had to go report this to the dean - surely he'd help her and see that the two coaches were fired, and hopefully charged with sexual assault. Pulling out her map, Mandy located the building the dean's office was in and set out for it. When she arrived, the lady at the desk said that the dean could see students by appointment only, and asked if Mandy could come back at a later time. Mandy, however, refused. She knew that she should report the incident in the steam room so that it wouldn't happen to other students, but also knew that her courage probably wouldn't last forever. She was worried that if she couldn't say what needed to be said now, she might not do it at all. So, she first begged and then demanded to see the dean immediately. The lady at the desk initially pursed her lips in irritation, but finally relented and called the dean, asking him to squeeze Mandy into his busy schedule.

And that was how Mandy found herself sitting across the desk from the dean of the university.

He was a distinguished looking man, probably about the same age as her stepfather. He wore an expensive looking suit with a silk tie, and she noticed that his fingernails were neatly manicured.

"Ahh, Mandy...so you're Chuck's stepdaughter, eh?" Surprised, Mandy nodded. "You know my stepfather?"

"Know him? We were in the same fraternity in college...but that was way back in the day," he chuckled affectionately. "Boy, could I tell you some stories about good old Chucky...but anyway, what can I do for you today Mandy?"

Mandy's throat felt dry. Now was her chance to stand up for herself and point her finger at the two perverted coaches, but she didn't know how to begin. What was she supposed to tell him, that they pinched her nipples and stuck their fingers up her bum?

"I, um, I want to register a complaint," Mandy told him timidly. "A-about Coach Hudson and Coach Richards." Mandy paused, took a deep breath, then blurted out in one big sentence, "They shouldn't be teaching here, they're not coaches, they're perverts - they do inappropriate things and take advantage of their authority!"

The dean regarded Mandy quietly for a moment before saying in a calm, serious tone, "Well that's a very serious allegation that you're making, Mandy. Those are two of my best coaches you're talking about. I plan to fully investigate this matter personally, let me assure you. For the time being though, I think it is only fair that the coaches are called in and informed that these allegations are being made against them. Perhaps we can sort this unfortunate incident out?"

Before Mandy knew it, the coaches had been summoned to the dean's office and were sitting in chairs on either side of her. This didn't feel right at all.

"Coach Richards, Coach Hudson, Mandy here has made some very disturbing claims. She says that you two did inappropriate things to her. Naturally, I want to get to the bottom of this. Therefore, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask some frank questions of you two - Mandy, feel free to interject at any time you disagree with the coaches' responses."

Mandy couldn't leave. She was far too mortified, frozen to her seat, her body unwilling to do what her brain was screaming at it to do: get out. She cringed as the dean began to interrogate the two men, feeling as though she were nothing more than a body, a piece of meat.

"Did you take her virginity?" The dean demanded. Mandy thought this was a strange question to begin with, and besides, how did he know that she was a virgin? Dr. Browne couldn't have shared the information on her chart with them, could he? It was supposed to be confidential!

Returning to reality, Mandy tuned into what was being said in time to hear the next question.

"Did you insert anything into her vagina? Her anus?"

"We didn't stick anything up her cunt, no," Coach Hudson replied crudely. "And all she took up her shithole was a finger."

The dean looked at her. "Mandy, is this true?"

Shocked that the dean would allow this sort of language in his office, Mandy could only nod. Finally she found her voice and told the dean, "I don't think coming to this college was a good idea. I think I should withdraw."

The coaches snorted, and for the first time, the dean smirked faintly. "I'm afraid that isn't possible, Mandy. You belong to us for the next four years." Seeing the look of disbelief on her pretty face, he elaborated, "You see, you were a minor at the time your stepfather first applied to have you admitted to this school. Normally this isn't how we run things, but like I was saying, Chucky's an old friend of mine and so we pulled some strings. To make a long story short, he as your guardian signed you over to us to train you sexually for the next four years, at which time you'll become his property to do with as he pleases."

"You're making that up," Mandy retorted. "It's not legal to own another person in this country. How stupid do you think I am?!"

Hiding his smile, the dean thought to himself that she was very stupid indeed, for a smarter girl would have been out the door and at the police station within ten minutes of arriving! Perhaps Mandy was a bit too naïve for her own good. But, he reasoned, that would soon be taken care of.

"This is more than just a institute of learning, Mandy. This school has ties to a world I bet you haven't even imagined exist. The underworld of society, really. A world of organized crime, sex and violence. So yes, you may walk out of here right now if you wish. But know that if you do, you have broken the contract your stepfather signed on your behalf, and this school does not view breach of contract lightly. In short, Mandy, our contacts in the world of crime will come after you. And they're good, Mandy. Really good. So if you want my opinion, I advise you to stay here and follow through with your contract. You may not like all of the requirements of your degree, but trust me, nothing you are made to do here will be as painful as getting on our bad side. If you go against us, you will not be killed, Mandy, but let me assure you, you will wish you were dead."

Now Mandy was afraid. What should she do? What COULD she do? She was more or less their slave for the next four years. Rashly, Mandy decided to go along with them to keep them from becoming angry with her, at least until she'd had time to think this over and figure out her next plan of action. "Don't hurt me," she said meekly. "I'll be good."

The dean chuckled. "We won't hurt you...yet. You have much to learn before that lesson." Mandy didn't like the sound of that one bit.

"Can I go now?"

"No. You've told me your decision, now I want you to show me your compliance. And Coaches Richards and Hudson, as well. Remove your clothing." The three men watched bemusedly as Mandy's face reddened and she came to the conclusion that she had no choice but to obey. Their eyes never left her as she fumbled clumsily with buttons and a zipper and finally her bra clasp. She nervously took her bra off, her large round tits revealing themselves to her audience, her nipples red and perky. Then she slid her panties down her thighs, the hairy "vee" between her legs exposed for the men to see. She was aware that, as she bent over to pull the panties past her ankles, her tits wobbled and jiggled.

"Lean over the desk and spread your legs wide," the dean ordered.

As she did so, Mandy was painfully aware that the coaches, who were seated directly behind her, had an unobstructed view of her moistening pussy. As she was made to bend forward further, she could feel her outer lips parting and her ass cheeks spreading, and knew that her tiny anus was peeking out at the two perverted coaches. Meanwhile, the dean, who sat on the other side of the desk, was obviously enjoying the sight of her big breasts hanging down obscenely. He reached out and poked at them, watching them sway back and forth, then grabbed the tips of them, one in each hand, and pretended she was a cow and he was milking her heavy udders. The coaches found that hysterical, and the three men roared with laughter as Mandy winced in discomfort and shame.

"Well, go on - have fun, men. Just remember that we have agreed to leave her hymen intact for her stepfather," the dean told the coaches. That was all the invitation they needed, and almost immediately Mandy felt hands spreading her ass cheeks and a fingertip run threateningly over her defenseless rosebud. Another hand reached around her body and ran across her tummy, then down lower to her snatch. Fingers yanked cruelly on her pussy hair, causing her to yelp and squirm. A finger then snaked its way down her slit, cautiously dipping inside her tight, virginal hole. As it played with her, to Mandy's horror, her cunt made a loud squishing noise - the sound of her pussy juice sloshing around inside her as the finger poked her! She wanted to die.

"Shit, the bitch is creaming all over herself!" Coach Hudson exclaimed, frigging her snatch extra hard to emphasize his point. The men snickered and the next thing Mandy knew, the finger that had been lightly playing over her anus had speared the small hole, forcing its way up inside her. Just like in the steam room. "God, I love this tight asshole," Coach Richards murmured. "She was made for fucking!"

Mandy didn't think it could get any worse until the dean pulled out his hard penis and put it to her lips. "If you bite, I'll make you regret it," he informed her, then proceeded to shove the tip of it between her soft, delicate lips. Mandy didn't know what to do, as she'd never given oral sex before. That didn't seem to bother the dean, though. He simply grabbed her by the hair, held her in place, and began to fuck her mouth violently. Mandy thought she would choke when he rammed the whole thing down her throat, and began to gag. The men all cackled at this as they continued to run their hands all over their body, driving home to her the fact that they now owned her and could do anything they wanted to her.

Her body betrayed her the entire time, her nipples constantly erect and screaming to be touched - and they were. Although the finger up her bum was uncomfortable and embarrassing, she was too preoccupied with the attention her pussy was receiving: The finger kept running up and down her sopping wet slit, occasionally stopping at her clit, teasing her but never lingering long enough to give her release from her arousal.

All of a sudden, the dean thrust his hips forward with extra force, and with a groan, began to cum in her mouth. He still held her head in place, so she could not pull her face away from his squirting, engorged cock. He made her swallow some of it, seeming to enjoy watching her choke and sputter as it spurted down her throat. Then he pulled out and, still holding her firmly by the hair, made her hold still while he coated her face with his hot, sticky cum. At the same time, she became aware that the two coaches were ejaculating all over her shapely ass and the backs of her legs, their fists pumping madly over their swollen cocks.

When it was over, the dean said "I'm glad we had this little chat, Mandy. Feel free to drop by any time," and then sent the thoroughly humiliated teenager back to her dorm room to replay the day's events over and over in her mind.

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