tagLesbian SexVirgin Until Marriage Ch. 01

Virgin Until Marriage Ch. 01


In my country a girl of position must remain a virgin until she is married. This is not something that is just assumed it must be verified. The day of the wedding a physician is brought to the home and the bride is examined. If her hymen is not intact the wedding is called off and the family shamed forever.

I come from a very wealthy family. We have many servants and I have a personal assistant. My assistant helps me with everything from bathing and dressing to escorting me to public places. She sleeps in my room and has been with me since we were both young girls.

My assistant's name is Viesha. She is very beautiful with dark black hair and gorgeous blue eyes. She draws attention everywhere we go. Her body is perfect with large firm breasts, a small waist and teasing hips. She is 2 years older than me but we could pass for twins other than she has dark hair and I have blonde.

Viesha is not from a wealthy family in fact she is an orphan and has only me for family. As I am an only child we have always been close like sisters and I love her with an unconditional love. Viesha feels the same about me and would do anything for me.

I have just found out that there are plans to betroth me to a man whom is the son of a business partner of my fathers. This is common and even though I have never met this man I am glad he is not overly old. We will be wed on my 21st birthday. Having just turned 18 this will give me 3 years to adjust to the idea. I only hope he is handsome and kind.

Viesha is so lucky. She does not have to marry a man she does not know or love and she does not have to stay a virgin. Actually she has not been a virgin for years. When she tells me about her sexual adventures with boys and men my nipples ache and I feel a warm tingling in my private area.

She tells me stories of men putting their manhood inside of her mouth and shooting their seed into her mouth. She says they like her to swallow it. I cannot imagine doing that.

She says men have different sized penises and you never know what you might get. Some big men have little penises and some small men have very large penises. Some men with small penises know how to use it so well that it can actually feel better than a man with a large penis that doesn't know how to use it. I laugh at her stories but my vagina always gets wet and my heart races at the thought of being able to do these things with a man.

"What if your husband does not know how to satisfy you?" Viesha asks me when she finds out that I am now betrothed.

"I will not know the difference." I shrug off her silly question.

"But to never be able to have an orgasm would be a terrible thing." She continued.

"Viesha, you know this is my destiny, I will have to learn to be happy." I move away from her silly talk but she follows.

"I know how you can have an orgasm without you losing your virginity."

I look at her like she is crazy. "And how is that? Does it not take a penis to pleasure a woman? And do men not want to place their penises inside of a vagina? And does not a penis inside a vagina deflower a virgin?" I shake my head and pull my arm free.

"I can show you what I do when I cannot have a man but my body needs release." She smiles at me shyly.

"Truly; there is a way to do this?" I look at her suspiciously.

Viesha nods her head vigorously and takes my hand. She leads me to my bedroom and closes the curtains and locks the door. "Let me help you out of your clothing and lay on the bed." She instructs me.

I allow her to help me out of my cloths and my body is already growing excited. As she removes my bra she sees that my nipples are hard. "Touch your nipples. It feels so good." She tells me.

I place my palms against my breasts and the sensation is wonderful. My nipples extend even further pushing into the softness of my palms. I shiver and Viesha giggles.

"Now roll them in between your fingers." I look at her confused. "Like this!" She reaches out and pinches my nipples then rolls them in between her fingers.

The sensation is overwhelming and I moan out loud. "Awwwhh!" I feel the wetness grow between my legs.

Viesha moves away from my nipples and I am immediately disappointed. She slides my panties down. Her face is but inches away from my vagina as she bends down to take them off. I know she must smell my woman odor and notice my wetness. I am pinching my nipples when she stands back up with my damp panties in her hand. She stares at my breasts for a moment and licks her lips. I blush when she looks up to my eyes.

"Get on the bed." I move onto the bed and lay back against the pillows.

Viesha climbs up on the bed with me. This is not an unusual thing; we have slept together in my big bed many of times. This time was not going to be like those times as I was about to find out.

"Keep playing with your nipples, doesn't it feel good? Do you feel a sensation in your vagina?" I nod. "Good, now run your hands down your body and touch your pussy. That is what the men call it."

I let my hands trail down my body as my best friend watches. I can see she is as excited as I am. Her nipples are poking against her thin blouse and I have the urge to touch them. I stop and touch the blonde hair that covers my most private place. I leave my hand rest there.

"No." She shakes her head. "Touch the inside of your pussy. That is where the pleasure lies." I hesitantly touch lower until my finger finds the moist spot. My finger slides against my slit and feel so good!

Viesha places her hand on top of mine and guilds it to a hard little nub that makes me jump. "That's right that is your spot. Just rub it in little circles and you will see how good you can really feel."

She moves her hand away and I continue to rub my spot until I feel the tingling makes me begin to tremble. "Oh this feels so good."

I lick my lips and watch Viesha's reaction to my reaction. Her lips are parted and her hands have moved to her nipples. She is rubbing her palms against them and moaning softly. I begin to moan in unison with her.

"Why don't you take off your clothes too? I would feel less embarrassed." I tell her hoping to see her hard nipples free from her top. She stands and slowly removes her cloths. My body reacts to her nakedness by becoming wetter.

She climbs back onto the bed and lays down right against me. My skin tingles where hers is touching mine. I feel her hand move over my stomach and toward my hard tender nipples. She cups my right breast in her hand and I jump.

"Relax, you will love this." I force my body to calm down as I watch in amazement as her lips take my taunt nipple into her hot mouth.

"OH! OH! OH!" I feel my body shaking. Her mouth is so wet and warm. She suckles my breast as a baby would nurse from her mother. I continue to rub my spot as my body quivers.

I want to taste her nipples. I stare at the small dark areola and the hard dark nipples. They seem to beg for me to suckle them returning the favor. I move my hand from my vagina to her breast.

She moves from my breast allowing me to latch onto her hard nipple and suckle it as she had just done to mine. I move from one breast to the other as she moans my name. My pussy is on fire now and aching for something.

Viesha's hand finds my wet inner lips as I suck on her tits. I feel her fingers sliding frantically against my entire pussy. I moan against her hard peak which causes her to moan in return.

I move my mouth long enough to exclaim. "OH Viesha, my vagina needs something, it is on fire!"

Before I can reclaim her nipple she has moved down on the bed and gently lifts my legs, pushing them back knees toward my abdomen. My vagina is fully exposed to her now and I watch as in slow motion her head moves down to my wetness.

My mind is screaming "No, this is not right. We should not be doing this." But my body is screaming "Yes bury your beautiful face against me!"

As her mouth touches my hot pussy my hips thrust forward and my eyes close. The first touch of her tongue on my spot has me thrashing about on the bed. I feel juices flowing out of my vagina and coating her face. My body spasming against her lips and I had my first orgasm.

Viesha moved away from me and laid back beside me on the bed as I try to catch my breath. She smiled at me and traced my nipple with a finger.

"You are a woman now. That was an orgasm and you will never be the same."

I smile back at her and touch her nipple. "Can I taste you?" She is surprised I can tell but lays flat on the bed and waits for me to move to her dark mound.

I slide down her body and push her legs up like she had done for me. I look at the dark inner lips and hard little nub that will bring her the most pleasure. I think of all the men who have been here before me and it makes me feel a little dirty. I slowly run my tongue through the folds of her private place enjoying her musty smell and taste.

Viesha is moaning out loud in sheer pleasure. "Oh yes you are so much better at that then men! Put a finger inside of me."

I slide my index finger into her hot tight hole. It felt weird inside but very sensual. It seemed to open up to me and I pushed another finger inside. My mouth continuing to lick away at her wet lips; I inhale deeply loving the smell of her. I begin to thrust my fingers inside of her as she writhes under my touch.

"Oh God, yes more! Push more fingers inside!" She encouraged me.

I slide three fingers inside and feel her stretch to my hand. I find her spot and suckle it like I had suckled her nipple, all the while finger fucking her tight hole. I love everything about this. I want to continue licking her forever.

Viesha begins to pant harder, short heavy pants until she isn't panting anymore. She is holding her breath and her hips are rising off the bed propelled by my hand. I refuse to move my mouth from her hot slit. She bucks against my mouth and finally inhales as her body falls trembling and shaking against me. As much as I want to stay like this, face planted in the most wonderful place in the world, I know she needs me to release her.

I move back to her and kiss her on the mouth as any lover would do. "I wish I could feel your fingers inside of me." I whisper.

"I have a solution for that too. But we will save that for next time." She kisses me back and I know my virgin adventures have just begun.

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