tagIncest/TabooVirginia Ch. 02

Virginia Ch. 02


After giving her stepfather something to think about with her blowjob, Virginia made herself scarce that night, leaving a note and slipping out to have some fun at a club with her friends. She let herself in late and her mother woke her the next morning with a knock on her bedroom door.


"Yes, Mother?"

Her mother let herself into the bedroom and looked down at Virginia in the bed. Virginia had hoped that her stepfather might open that door sometime in the night and slip into her bed for an encore performance but it was a little soon for that.

"I'm going out of town until next weekend. I'll be in Hong Kong on business. I need someone to attend a very important function tonight at the mayor's house. I'm sending your stepfather and you. The information and invitation are on the dining room table. I'm leaving now. I'll see you when I return."

"Yes, Mother."

And as simple as that, her mother turned and left. No motherly hug or peck on the cheek, just orders. No problem, Virginia would do as ordered, and add a little fun into the bargain.

She went downstairs and into the kitchen in her little tank top and short shorts to get some coffee. Her stepfather was already sitting at the table, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.

"Virginia! I think we need to talk about what happened yesterday," he said, laying down the paper.

"Didn't you enjoy it?" She saw him turn red. The memory of that blowjob was guaranteed to get his motor running for a while. "What's the problem? You were feeling bad and I wanted to make you feel better. It worked. What time is the party?"

"It's... it's at seven o'clock. Virginia, I really think..."

"I'll be ready at 6:45 to leave," she said, opening the patio doors to go out to the pool.

Sure that her stepfather was watching every move, Virginia stripped off her tank top and panties so that she stood with all her golden curves on display then dove into the pool. Nothing like a swim first thing in the morning.


Virginia was ready when she said she would be. She walked down the stairs in a gold lame halter-top evening dress that ended at mid-thigh. Mmmm, yummy, she thought as she saw him in a tux. He had just the build for it. As she greeted her stepfather, she turned around, showing him the V of her dress back, or rather lack of back, that plunged to her ass.

"What do you think?" she asked with a smile.

"Very nice," he said stiffly.

Oh dear, it looked like he was going to make this difficult. Well, there were a few things she could do about that. He held the door as she went out and they headed to the party.


At the mansion, Virginia and her stepfather were greeted by the mayor. He took her hand as if to shake it but held it warmly, just like she'd held his cock last spring in his library before sucking it into her mouth. "Virginia, I'm sorry your mother couldn't be here, but I'm so happy you could join us. Perhaps we can have a little private chat later, in the library. Is this your date?" The mayor turned to her stepfather and nodded.

"In a way, this is my stepfather, Jim." Virginia introduced them then they moved further into the mansion.

"Let's get a drink to calm you down," Virginia said, noticing Jim's unease. She steered him toward a bar in the corner. He probably wouldn't know anyone here and that was just as well for her. It meant she could monopolize his time quite effectively.

"I'm fine," he protested but when the double bourbon came he drank it straight down. She ordered him another.

The mayor got up on the bandstand and made a little speech thanking everyone for coming and their donations to his campaign fund for the coming election. Everyone applauded politely and then got on with the task of enjoying the drinks, food and music that their money had partially paid for.

Once he had a couple drinks in him, Virginia took Jim by the hand and led him out to the dance floor. "Come on, let's get you moving. That'll help."

"I don't really dance all that well," he protested.

"No problem, we'll just sway to the music." Virginia put her hands on Jim's broad shoulders as they started to move to the slow music. Gradually, she pressed her body to Jim's as they moved. Bringing her hand down between them on the pretext of straightening her dress, she let her hand slide over his cock through the fabric of his pants. His mouth opened and he gave a start then looked down at her and started to pull away but she whispered, "You don't want to make a scene, do you?"

"Virginia, we need to talk about this," he whispered back.

"Okay. Come on, I know where we can talk." She took his hand and led him out of the ballroom and down a hall, making a couple of turns then opened a door and they were in a library.

Virginia locked the door behind them and crossed the room to the desk. She turned and looked back at him. Easing herself up onto the desk, she untied the halter top and let it fall forward, releasing her full breasts. Virginia laid back and brought her feet up to lay flat on the desk. Her skirt fell back onto her belly, giving him a delicious view of her juicy pussy.

"Oh Daddy, I need to feel your big cock in me. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since last night. Pleeeeaaaase."

As he watched, Virginia reached down and slid a finger into her pussy, sliding it in and out, rocking her hips so he could see how badly she wanted it. She stroked her clit with her other hand. He felt himself become erect as he watched, fascinated. How was any man supposed to resist that? Feeling dazed, he unzipped as he walked over to her. Virginia smiled as she heard him moving toward her. She moaned again for emphasis.

"Please Daddy, please," she whispered. She couldn't wait to finally feel his big cock in her. She'd wanted this since she'd first seen him. She looked up into his eyes as she stroked her pussy, running her fingers over her wet lips and around her clit, then flicking it. She moaned again, letting her eyes slide shut. She felt him rub the head of his cock on her pussy lips.

"Put it in me Daddy, make me your little slut, pleeeaaase."

Jim slid into her easily. She was so wet. He pulled back and thrust hard as she moaned.

"Oh Daddy! Fuck me hard!"

He grabbed her hips and thrust hard and fast into her juicy pussy. It felt incredible, so tight and hot. He watched as his cock disappeared into her cunt and sucked in his breath at the feel of her pussy squeezing it. He looked as she pulled and pinched her nipples while he fucked her on the desk.

"Harder Daddy, harder," she begged.

He thrust furiously into her, feasting on the vision laid out before him. She pinched her nipples and shuddered as she came. He wanted to lick her everywhere and he wanted to do every nasty thing he could think of with and to her even though he knew how wrong it was. That just made it hotter. What was happening to him?

He came hard, gasping as he shook and spurted his come into her pussy. When he was done, he pulled his cock out and started to zip up. Virginia sat up languidly and pulled him to her, seeking his mouth with her own, a hand reaching up to his neck to pull him down a little. Her little pink tongue slipped into his mouth and probed teasingly then she pulled back.

"Thank you Daddy. That felt so good."

This time he grabbed her and kissed her back. He couldn't resist any more. He didn't want to resist.

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