tagIncest/TabooVirginia Ch. 06

Virginia Ch. 06


Virginia woke the next morning late and rolled out of bed naked. She walked into her private bathroom, opened the shower door and turned the water on as hot as it would go. There was no telling when her mother would be leaving so she didn't worry about it. When she was gone, Virginia would pick up where she'd left off with her stepfather. It was Monday morning and she was going to give him a week he would remember for the rest of his life.

For now, she stepped into the steaming shower and wet her hair down, sluicing the water through it. She poured some gardenia scented shampoo into the palm of her hand and worked it through her hair. Just as she was finishing the rinse out, the shower door opened. She jumped a little then smiled as her stepfather got into the shower with her.

He grinned down at her. "Your mother's gone again."

"Perfect timing," Virginia replied, taking his hand to draw him under the water with her. The water was like extra fingers traveling over her body. "I was just about to soap up. I could use some help with my back... and my front... and everywhere else."

"I think I can handle that."

Virginia took her net puff off a hook and soaped it with body wash. She handed it to Jim and turned her back to him, lifting her hair up off her back.

Jim drew the puff gently across her shoulders then down under her arm and forward to circle around her right breast, teasing across the nipple. He pulled it back to soap her in lazy circles down to the small of her back before going forward on the other side to circle her left breast.

Pressing his body forward against her back, he slid the puff down her front, over her softly rounded belly to her pussy and pushed it between her legs, forcing them apart and passing it into his other hand, which drew it back up along the line of her ass.

"Mmmm, that feels sooo nice." Virginia voiced her approval. She let her hair fall and braced her hands against the wall of the shower. She was becoming increasingly sensitive to the water running down along the crack of her ass. She reached down and started a small massage of her clit as Jim stroked the puff down, around and around her right leg, passing it from hand to hand, then back up her left leg the same way. By the time he'd reached the top of her left leg, she'd already had one quiet orgasm, her first of the day.

Virginia turned around to face Jim in the warm embrace of the shower. Her nipples pressed stiffly against his chest as she took the puff from him and pressed her body against his to kiss him, thrusting her tongue hungrily into his mouth. She kissed him hard then pulled back quickly. "Your turn to get cleaned up now."

She used the puff to lightly soap the hair on his chest then worked it down and very lightly over his erect cock. She teased him with the soft puff, gently bounce his erection against it until he groaned. She continued down, barely touching his sensitive ball sac then working down between his legs. Kneeling right down so that she was before him in the shower, she reached through between his legs and soaped his ass with her cheek pressed to his cock. She turned and pressed a soft kiss to the left side of his balls and then moved her head around to kiss the right side. Her wet hair rubbed against his thigh as her hand drew the puff over and around his legs.

Standing again, Virginia let her breasts rub teasingly against his cock, then his abdomen and finally his chest before stepping around his body. She reached up to hang up the puff and her hands moved over his broad back as the water rained down. Her right arm went around his waist to lay her palm flat on his abdomen and her left reached around him to take hold of his erect cock. She squeezed him until he grunted in mild discomfort then released her hold and started to stroke.

"It's time to get woken up properly, Daddy. I want you to shoot your hot come for your little girl against the shower wall. Will you do that for your little girl, Daddy?"

Jim grunted. "You bet I will."

Virginia smiled as she stroked him, varying the speed and pressure she used to stroke his cock, working slowly and building up then easing off as she stroked him tighter for a few seconds.

"Oh, Daddy. I've had so much fun with you this weekend. I'll never forget my first taste of you that night, or the way you fucked your little girl in the library at the governor's mansion."

The picture of her hot body spread before him on the desk in the library swam before Jim's eyes and his hips started to thrust.

"You were so hard in my ass yesterday morning then the way you woke me up after our nap yesterday was... mmm... sooo goood. I love being your naughty little girl."

Jim was panting now as his cock thrust through her fist.

"It felt so naughty and right to have you fuck me in the kitchen while mommy was just down the hall. There's so much more that I want to do to you. This is going to be such a fun week."

Damn straight it is. Jim moaned as his come spurted out and hit the shower wall.

Virginia milked him until there was nothing left. She leaned her cheek against his back as his breathing returned to normal, her nipples pressing against his back. She intended to live out a few of her own fantasies this week with her Daddy.

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