tagIncest/TabooVirginia Ch. 08

Virginia Ch. 08


Virginia asked her stepfather to take her out for lunch on Tuesday. She had come up with some special plans for the afternoon.

"What can I get you today?" the waiter asked pleasantly, while trying to keep his eyes from staring too blatantly at Virginia's low cut dark blue sundress.

"Do you mind if I order for both of us?" she asked Jim.

He looked surprised but willing. "Go ahead."

"We'll start with the oysters on the half shell for an appetizer then..."

Jim smiled at the naughty look on Virginia's face.

Virginia didn't know if oysters were really aphrodisiacs but she did believe in the placebo effect. If someone believed a thing would affect him in a certain way, it often did.

After the waiter left, Virginia let her hand rest on Jim's leg, squeezing gently. "Do you know why seafood is thought to be an aphrodisiac?"

"No... tell me."

Virginia pointed up at the reproduction Botticelli painting of Aphrodite's birth on the wall. Aphrodite's one hand was trying in vain to cover her breasts and her other hand held her long blond hair over her pubic area. "Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, was born fully formed of the sea foam, according to Greek myth. It makes sense that anything coming from the sea would share her sensuality and promote love-making."

Virginia's hand slipped over Jim's leg to cup and fondle his groin under the tablecloth as she spoke. Color suffused his face. His eyes darted around to make sure no one was watching. She removed her hand as the waiter returned quickly with their appetizers.

Several times during the meal, Virginia's left hand returned to Jim's leg or his groin, building the anticipation for what was to come. Using the fingers of her right hand to pick up the shrimp, Virginia sucked them out of the tails and gave out tiny mmm's of pleasure as she sucked her fingers clean of the butter coating them.

The waiter returned toward the end of the meal to clear some plates. "Will you be having any dessert tonight?"

"Oh yes," Virginia replied. "I wouldn't miss the Tiramisu for anything. Jim?"

"Just coffee for me," he declined.

Virginia stood as the waiter went back to the kitchen to fill their order. "I'm just going to powder my nose, I'll be right back."

When Virginia returned, she took the seat opposite Jim, to his chagrin. There would be no more fondling right now, he assumed. Virginia smiled across at him and Jim felt a slight pressure on his balls. His eyes widened. Virginia's foot was resting on the chair between his legs, he realized.

The waiter returned with the dessert and coffee, but Virginia continued to nudge and caress her stepfather's balls and cock with the curve of her long bare foot, secure in the knowledge that what she was doing was hidden under the tablecloth.

Jim kept his eyes focused on the Botticelli painting and sipped his coffee casually as Virginia slowly ate her piece of creamy cake. Watching her eat cream would be just too much at that point. Her foot was amazingly agile as it applied gentle pressure up and down his cock.

When Virginia, had finished, Jim signaled for the waiter and handed him the money for their bill. "No need for change."

"Thank you, sir."

Jim stayed close behind Virginia as they made their way out of the restaurant and got into the SUV.

"You'd better be ready when we get home, young lady. You're gonna pay for that sweet little torture in there," Jim warned her.

"Oh, I know how to make up for that."

Jim glanced over at her and just grinned.

Once they were out on the highway, Virginia unbuckled her seatbelt. Her stepfather looked at her quizzically and she gave him her little devil grin in return. "Just set the cruise control."

She leaned over so that her face was almost in his groin and started opening the snap and zipper on his chinos. When his cock was released from it's prison, she sucked the semi-hard member into her mouth, feeling it swell again between her lips.

"Oh, God! Virginia, I don't know if this is such a good idea." Jim looked down at her then back at the road nervously.

Virginia swirled her tongue around the head of his cock in reply and rubbed her lips just under the head.

Jim was nervous but apparently not enough to keep him from getting hard for her. He made a quick decision as they came up on an exit and signaled to get off the highway. He was going to find a deserted side road in the hills where they could do whatever they wanted in the car.

Jim pulled down to the end of the exit ramp and tried to think. Which way? The soft, wet heat of Virginia's mouth on his cock made him groan but she was keeping her fingers held around the base of his cock like a ring. He looked up. There had to be somewhere there. Yes... there, it looked a road heading up into the hills down to the right. He signaled though there was no one around and turned right onto the road then left onto the dirt road. It said Merriman Hill Road. Heh, Merry man is right.

Jim winced. It was getting painful now though. She'd kept teasing him for the last hour and a half, keeping him erect with only short breaks for nearly the whole time. He needed to come in the worst way, his balls were beginning to ache. He wanted to push her blond head down and thrust into that hot mouth bad.

As the SUV climbed further the road became more rudimentary and narrower. Jim shifted it into four-wheel drive. He hadn't seen a house yet so when a clearing came into view big enough for him to pull into, some kind of turnaround, he pulled in. Shutting the vehicle off, he leaned back with a groan and closed his eyes, his right hand gripping the back of the seat tightly. Sweat was beading on his forehead and he was gasping a little now.

Virginia finally released her hold around the base of his cock and started stroking with it while she alternated sucking hard and licking. She plunged down on his cock and hummed as his hips moved involuntarily.

Jim moaned as his balls clenched. He could feel it coming. His eyes opened and he looked down at Virginia's beautiful silky blond hair as his come boiled up. It was sooo good.

Virginia came back up to hold his cock head in her mouth just in time for spurt after spurt of his come to shoot into her mouth. She swallowed and received the rest of it. Mmmm. Such a yummy way to end lunch.

Virginia sat up and leaned over her sweating and panting stepfather to kiss him. He opened his mouth and felt her tongue deliver a salty and gooey treat. He swallowed involuntarily. Was that? He was startled but grabbed her head and sucked at her tongue. What a kinky little slut! He was certain she would do anything and he loved that.

When Jim finally released her, Virginia sat back, wiped her mouth and grinned at her spent stepfather as he slumped back. "Want me to drive home?"

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