tagIncest/TabooVirginia Ch. 09

Virginia Ch. 09


"Oh Daaaaaad-deeeee," Virginia called. She entered the living room with her friend Monica. "Monica and I are going to go have a drink in the hot tub. We were hoping you'd come join us?"

When Virginia grinned like that, Jim knew something good was in store. Both girls were dressed in little patches that were supposed to be bikinis but hardly counted. He sat up and took a good look at Virginia's friend Monica. She was as tall and curvaceous as Virginia but her skin was more of an olive complexion where Virginia's was golden. She was also dark haired to Virginia's blond. Together, they made a perfect mirror pair, one in the light and one in the dark.

"I'll be right there," he replied, setting down his newspaper. "Just let me grab my trunks."

He watched the girls start to walk out together but Monica reached down to squeeze Virginia's bikini clad bottom. Framed in the doorway, Virginia stopped and turned to Monica, drawing her in for a deep kiss, tongues languidly exploring. Virginia broke off the kiss and licked her lips as she turned back to her stepfather. She winked. "Hurry Daddy, or we'll start without you."

Jim couldn't wait to see what she was going to start. He hurried up to his room and changed into his swim trunks. By the time he got down to the hot tub, the girls were settled in and he found another pleasant surprise.

"We decided it would be more fun to just slip right out of our bikinis. That way the bubbles can go... everywhere." The girls smiled up at Jim.

He had to agree, as he looked at their nipples just above the water line. This was much more fun. He quickly dropped his trunks and stepped into the Jacuzzi himself.

The girls moved immediately to either side of him. They each turned toward him and pressed their breasts up against his arms. He looked first to one side and then the other. Virginia was on his right and Monica on his left. How lucky could one man get?

Virginia shared a smile with Monica. They were going to make sure Jim enjoyed his last couple days in the lap of luxury. It was the least Virginia could do for the way she was going to use him to get back at her dear Mommy.

Virginia pressed herself against her stepfather a little more, rubbing her left nipple up and down his arm. The water lapped from beneath at her flesh and her wet, hardened, nipple sent delicious sensations through her body. She ran her right hand up the inside of his thigh under the water.

"Don't you think Monica is pretty, Daddy?"

Jim looked at Virginia's friend, his eyes taking in her face and traveling down to her prominent nipples. "Very pretty."

"See," Virginia said. "I told you he'd be willing to play with us."

Monica nodded and smiled up at Jim.

"Daddy, will you do something for me?" Virginia asked Jim. Her fingers had come to rest just beneath his shaft in the water.

"What would you like, honey?" He'd do just about anything at this point to have her fingers reach a little higher.

" Daddy, will you reach down and slide your fingers between Monica's legs? I want you to find her pussy and slide your fingers into her for me. Tease her, make her come, make her moan."

Jim reached out and squeezed Monica's thigh then slid his fingers along the inside of her thigh, nearly to her pussy, stopped and slid them back down to her knee. He went up and back down again with his fingers, teasing her. "Would you like that?" he asked Monica.

Monica was already breathing a little more quickly. "Yes, pleeease, I'd love to feel your fingers playing with my pussy."

Jim smiled and slid his fingers back up, cupped her pussy and massaged it gently. He felt Virginia's hand close around his shaft at the same time and began to stroke him. Jim felt the surge of blood rush through his veins.

Monica closed her eyes and leaned her head back then moved her right leg to cross Jim's left and started rubbing her leg against his. As he increased his ministrations to her pussy, she began to lift her hips up to rub back against him. Breathlessly, she asked for more. "Please, Jim, put your fingers in me. Touch me inside."

Though he had planned to tease her for a while, working slowly deeper, Virginia's touch on his shaft had already heated his blood to simmering. Jim was ready for more too. Obligingly, he slid his fingers along her slit, deeper in and sunk them into her body.

Monica groaned and bucked against his fingers. "Fuck me with your fingers, Jim, please."

Virginia stroked Jim's shaft lightly and easily, just teasing and pleasing him so Jim could focus most of his attention on Monica. She wanted to watch her friend's face as she came too. She always enjoyed that when she had her own fingers in Monica.

The heel of Jim's hand rubbed Monica's pussy as he pumped his fingers in and out of her. She humped back and her lips parted with a gasp as her body shuddered her orgasm. "Oh... oh, yes! Mmmm."

Monica's eyes opened and her hand covered Jim's to still his fingers. She leaned in and pressed her mouth to his, then sucking on his lip as she drew back. With a impish smile, she looked up at him. "Thank you."

"I have an idea," Virginia said, her hand now just holding Jim's erection. "Daddy has this huge king size bed upstairs that he's going to be all alone in again tonight. I think we should take this party up there. So much easier to play with... everything. What do you think, Daddy?"

Jim pictured himself sandwiched between these two beautiful girls on that bed, hands and tongues going places he wouldn't previously have mentioned in mixed company. But it was the bed he shared with his wife. What if she realized?

Virginia followed his thoughts unerringly. She leaned in and kissed his ear then whispered into it. "We can have the sheets cleaned tomorrow, Daddy, when the maid comes in. No one will ever know what naughty things we do tonight."

She was very persuasive, Jim thought. "Okay, let's go."

The girls stood, water streaming down their bodies as Jim watched. He got up, his hard-on bobbing gently, to follow, then gave the girl's a hand each as they climbed out of the tub, naked flesh gleaming.

Monica and Virginia picked up towels. Monica stroked the towel in her hands over Virginia's shoulder and down her arm, reaching out to gently blot her dry. Virginia did the same for Monica, then leaned in to kiss her.

Virginia reached around the other girl with the towel in one hand, took hold of it with the other hand, using it to pull Monica's body against her own, their hips pressed together, rolling and rubbing. Virginia stopped and shook out the towel, letting it fall from Monica's back to cover her ass and bringing the two ends around in front to cross and tuck in, just over Monica's breasts.

Monica started to do the same as Virginia held up her arms but then stopped, using her terry covered hands to cup Virginia's breasts and tilt them up for her mouth to capture the right nipple. She licked then sucked the nipple into her mouth. Virginia moaned and shivered with pleasure.

Jim stood in the tub yet, mesmerized by the erotic play between the girls as they finished drying each other.

The two girls turned to Jim as one and smiled. "Your turn, Daddy," Virginia said.

Jim climbed out of the hot tub and the girls picked up fresh towels and moved in, stroking the plush softness over his body. They started at his broad shoulders and worked their way down, Monica in front and Virginia in back. Monica stroked down over his stomach and wrapped his throbbing cock gently in a cocoon of softness as he felt Virginia gently push the towel between his ass cheeks.

Monica released Jim's cock and sank to her knees in front of him as if to continue drying his legs but she stopped and looked at his cock, jutting out from his body.

Jim watched her face as her lips parted and she took his cock in her hand, then sucked it into her mouth. He groaned at the wet heat and soft sucking of her mouth.

From behind, Virginia continued her toweling dry of his legs, reaching forward to do what Monica was neglecting. "All done," Virginia said.

Monica sucked as she drew her head back, letting Jim's shaft pull from her mouth with a slight pop. She kissed the tip of his cock and then released it and smiled up at him. "I think we should continue this upstairs."

She rose gracefully in front of Jim and took him by the hand. Virginia took the other hand and the two girls led him through the house and up the stairs to the master bedroom.

Jim eyes were fixed on the girls as they walked in front of him. They moved with the easy grace of cats, but the delicious roundness of their assess begged to be cupped and kneaded as he thrust into them. How was he going to handle two women? He'd never done this before but his cock was absolutely aching to cum.

In the master bedroom, Virginia let go of his hand and moved to the bed, sitting down and scooting back to lie on the bed, propped up by the pillows. "Come here, Daddy, I want to suck your cock like Monica was."

Monica tugged at his hand and led him forward, then let go of his hand as he crawled onto the bed and straddled Virginia's luscious body, his knees to either side of her waist. Jim grasped the rails of the brass headboard. He offered his cock to Virginia's pretty mouth and watched intently as she sucked it in. Jim groaned and bit his lip. He needed to come so bad it was almost torture.

Virginia reached up and gripped Jim's buttocks as she sucked him in deep. Her fingers spread his ass cheeks wide with a purpose that Jim would soon find out.

Behind Jim, Monica returned to the room. He remained unaware that she had even left, his entire focus on the mouth sucking his cock hungrily. Monica now had a condom on her middle finger and was applying lube to it liberally. The bed dipped only a tiny bit as she climbed on and knelt behind Jim. With his ass cheeks spread by Virginia, Monica began to gently rub around the puckered hole of his anus, teasing the multitude of nerve endings.

Jim bucked at the first sensation, thrusting his cock hard into Virginia's mouth but she just looked up at him with her mouth stretched around his erection and winked. Jim groaned as the lubed finger continued to tease his anus. He wasn't sure if it was pleasure or torture.

Monica pushed in gently, penetrating Jim's ass expertly and pushing her thin finger into him. She began to stroke him as he thrust into Virginia's mouth.

With all the working up, Jim was desperate to cum. He couldn't hold out much longer. He was truly fucking Virginia's mouth now, thrusting as he gripped the headboard tightly. The finger filling his ass was a welcome intrusion. He'd never felt so alive. He looked down at Virginia.

"Cum for her, Jim. Shoot that cum into her mouth!" Monica urged him from behind as her finger fucked his ass.

Two beautiful young women working hard to make him cum, he marveled, and cum he did, hard. Jim felt it surging out through his cock as he thrust into Virginia's mouth. Shot after shot pulsed out of him. Virginia took it all.

Breathing raggedly still, Jim pulled back, letting his cock slip from Virginia's lips. She opened her mouth to show Jim the cum she held on her tongue. Jim felt Monica's finger slip out of his ass, letting the cool air rush in.

Knowing what Virginia would have saved her, Monica moved around Jim and leaned down to kiss her friend, sucking the cum out of her mouth and swallowing. She turned to Jim and grinned. "Very tasty."


Jim surveyed the scene in the privacy of the estate grounds. This was the life! There were at least fifty college age people in various states of undress in and around the pool. The music was pumping, a throbbing rhythm, and the liquor had been flowing freely all night. He didn't know where it was coming from, but he could also smell the sweet odor of pot.

He was feeling very relaxed himself. They were expecting her mother back the next day but Virginia had just brought him another cold drink and he watched as she greeted her friend Monica with a very inviting open-mouthed kiss at the other end of the pool. He shivered as he remembered what that had led to the day before.

Monica slid one arm around her friend's waist as they smiled down the length of the pool at Jim. "I understand what you want in the pictures, but aren't you worried your mother will realize you had something to do with it?"

"We've known each other for how long?" Virginia used her fingertips to tease the sensitive flesh at the top of Monica's thighs where it met her buttocks.

"Two years." Monica felt pressure start to build in her pussy. Virginia knew just how to touch her. She couldn't wait to feel her friend's fingers sliding into her, or better yet, her tongue.

"And yet you've never met my mother in that whole time. Huh, imagine that." Virginia feigned a look of surprise. "Neither have any of my other friends here. My mother has nothing to do with my life. She never has. Well, she's finally going to meet my friends, in those pictures."

Monica nodded.

Virginia and Monica walked down the pool toward her stepfather and each took a hand to lead him to a lounge chair. "Sit here, Daddy." Virginia started to seat him then held him up as Monica slipped in behind him. Virginia let him settle back and Monica positioned him so that his head rested against her breasts.

"Oooo, that tickles," she giggled.

Jim turned a little and realized she had taken off her top as she sat. His head was cushioned against her bare breasts and his hair was tickling her nipples. Monica's hands rested on his shoulders and she started rubbing them very soothingly. "Mmmm, doesn't that feel good?" she murmured.

As Jim looked around from his vantage point, he realized that the party was turning into an out and out orgy. Couples were making out in every direction and more and more clothes were being discarded. He should have expected as much with Virginia.

Two women approached Virginia and she slid her arms around their waists. "Daddy, I'd like you to meet Stephanie and Nicole. They've come to thank you for having the party here."

"It's my pleasure," Jim said as the two young women joined him, one on either side of the lounger he was reclining against Monica on. The two girls were almost mirror images of each other - young, blond California girls endowed with all the blessings God could give.

Without saying a word, they smiled at him and knelt beside the lounger. Each slid one hand under his lower back, urging him to lift his hips and the other hand of each girl grasped his swim trunks and peeled them down his legs. Virginia helped pull the trunks all the way off, leaving him exposed, but then she simply stepped back.

Behind Jim, Monica took the bandeau she had been wearing around her breasts and covered his eyes. "Some things should just be felt," she murmured into his ear.

Jim felt the soft wet tongues of the two women touch his cock and begin to stroke in opposite directions. One slid up his shaft while the other went down to tease around his balls. Soft lips began to press kisses back down his cock, which was filling and pulsing to life. He pictured the two blond heads bent over their task and sighed.

Maybe the marijuana smoke was getting to him. He couldn't decide whether he just didn't care if people watched or if he was actually aroused to have these three young women ministering to his body as people watched. No, he was definitely enjoying the thought of everyone watching his cock swell as the girls licked and sucked him.

With his eyes covered, Jim listened more intently and heard moans and cries from his left and right. The music was softer now and held a rhythmic beat perfect for a slow fuck. People were clearly enjoying it. He heard the wet sound of a cock thrusting into a sopping pussy close by to his right. A woman gasped and cried out.

It was almost like a jungle, Jim thought, though he'd never been in one. The sound of wild animals and the thrill of drums as the night pressed in. The wet licks, breath and sucking on his cock and balls was slow but thrilling.

One of the women sucked the head of his cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. Jim thought of shooting his load into a warm mouth and listening to her gulp it down. He wasn't ready yet but the anticipation quickened his pulse further.

The soft wisp of the girl's hair teased his legs and Jim sighed again. He'd never thought he would have experiences like these in his wildest dreams, and he had Virginia to thank for it all. She was a joy to fuck herself, but he thought of her watching and smiled. He could have her almost anytime he wanted. There would be many more delicious fucks with her.

Lips rubbed Jim's cock and opened to let the mouth suck low on his shaft, licks and softly blown air teased him toward release. He never felt their fingers on him, just their lovely lips and wet tongues. Occasionally, a nose prodded him gently as they nuzzled his cock.

Jim felt his balls tighten as he prepared to shoot his load. To his surprise and disappointment, the girl's mouths left his cock as his cum began to spurt out. A hand grasped the base of his cock as he shot his load and he felt it land on his body. Only when he was finished did their warm tongues return to lap up the spilled cum. His lips curved as he realized they were sharing equally. What good girls.

He never heard the beep and clicks as a digital camera took pictures of his arousal and subsequent cum. Virginia made sure to stand as far away as she could and still get good pictures with the zoom. One of her male friends came to stand behind her, his erection pressing against her ass as his fingers slid down into her bikini and pressed into her wet pussy. She ground her ass back against his cock and enjoyed the orgy now raging around her. She took a couple more pictures then abandoned the camera in favor of her friend's cock. Life was good.


The door of the apartment opened and Virginia threw herself into Jim's arms. "Oh, Daddy, I've missed you so much." She pressed her lips against his and rubbed her body against him provocatively. It had been a month since she had seen him.

Jim broke the kiss and pushed her gently back. "Virginia, what are you doing here?" He looked a little haggard. After the pictures arrived, Virginia's mother had thrown him out of the house and pushed a very quick divorce through. It had been a long month. He had just gotten this apartment. He was ready to relax and try to put it all behind him. Having Virginia here didn't quite feel like that. "I'm not sure this is a good idea."

Virginia smiled impishly. She shut the door behind her. "My poor Daddy." She rubbed her hands over his chest and linked her hands behind his neck. "I think it's a perfect idea. The divorce is settled, you have nothing left to lose or gain. We can do whatever we want. Mommy gave you a good settlement so she wouldn't have to go to court."

Virginia had played on her mother's vanity, warning her that she would be humiliated if it was dragged through the courts. Her mother had never guessed that Virginia had set it all up. Virginia had told her she had spent the weekend at her friend Monica's house. Of course, her mother never knew that Monica was the one with the naked breasts behind Jim in the pictures.

"And now, we can see each other whenever we want and do anything we want. For instance," Virginia let go of Jim and walked past him into the apartment. She stopped and lifted up her skirt to show Jim her freshly shaved pussy then turned and leaned over, spreading her ass cheeks to show him the sweet little puckered pink hole, with the end of a string of anal beads trailing naughtily out. The beads were the size and color of pearls. "You can have me whichever way you want me, right now."

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