tagMatureVirginia's Ambition

Virginia's Ambition


Virginia was the boss's wife, and an outstanding lady in two ways. Her bosom and her bottom. Both were great assets. Although far from fat, she was inclined to plumpness, being a cheerful, energetic woman, full of life and fun. At least, that is, when she and her husband were with friends and colleagues, which was almost every evening since they did a great deal of entertaining.

Now in her late forties, Virginia was man-crazy, drooling over photographs of nude men. She was a voyeur, with a secret passion for pornographic pictures. Because of her strict catholic upbringing, she was too ashamed to go into a shop and buy magazines designed for the woman with men in mind, Thomas, her husband, persuaded his secretary to buy them for her. He pretended they were for some research work; but his secretary was a woman of the world.

Virginia was a curious mixture of shyness and audaciousness. She was a shameless flirt with the younger colleagues Thomas brought home to entertain, with many hilarious evenings, heightened by generous quantities of alcohol. But reserved with strangers, although occasionally she would form an immediate rapport. Strange! Virginia would develop a deliberate crush on some of the visitors, fantasizing about their bodies; particularly that bit of them, which held most mystery and interest to her.

For his part, Thomas had a lecherous ambition to watch his wife copulating with another man and bringing her to as noisy orgasm - for she was very vocal at the time of her climax. The mere thought of it aroused him during their love-play. They would speculate together on who the other man might be, encouraging each other's fantasies by describing his virility, the size of his penis and every physical sensation Virginia was feeling as the imaginary person heaved into her. But they never quite had the confidence to approach any suitable third party.

A stranger would be ideal, of course, but Virginia was too shy and restrained to let herself go with someone she didn't know. On the other hand, Thomas was unhappy about approaching someone they knew well in case they made utter fools of themselves; something he could ill-afford in his position.

During one hot summer in the 'anything-goes' 60's, Virginia took to slipping a cotton, sleeveless mini-dress over her otherwise naked body before going into one of the smaller London parks. It was pretty obvious that she was scantily clad. Her breasts swung as she walked - that's how she liked it. Thomas would follow her at a short distance. Virginia enjoyed watching the courting couples reclining on the grass, kissing and fondling.

Her particular interest was searching for the bulge of an erect penis in tight jeans. No one took any notice of passers by any more. They continued petting and lovemaking in total oblivion. On this occasion, she was sitting on a park bench watching a young woman astride her lover, flared skirt spread wide. As the woman kept leaning down to kiss the man Virginia was sure that she was impaled on him. She sight fascinated her. Speculating on the instrument buried deep inside the young woman, Virginia's imagination was rampant. The thought made her even wetter than ever. She almost had an orgasm on the spot.

Across from Virginia, and to her right, was a clump of trees. The nearest was a fairly large willow tree, feathery leaves almost reaching the grass. Under this canopy, with his back against the trunk, sat a young man watching her with a smile on his face. He was partly hidden by the low hanging spurs. Her attention was drawn to the tree by a movement. She was sure that his hand was stroking his crotch.

Unable to resist the temptation, Virginia stood up and strolled nonchalantly across the grass. She stopped at the edge of the tree pretending to gaze across the park, but her gaze was sideways, to watch what was happening under the tree. Sure enough, he was stroking his crotch. Without looking up, the young man slowly unzipped the flies of his jeans provocatively. His palm prevented Virginia from seeing what was inside the opening. The, sliding it to one side, he exposed his rigid penis.

Virginia's eyes widened. Her mouth dried up. As she looked into the face of the fellow, he smiled at her, beckoning with a slight gesture of his other hand. After glancing round, Virginia stepped under the canopy of branches, gazing down at the prick. Knees hinged open the young man had unfastened the waistband, flapping the jeans open for her to see his cock more easily.

Now open to view, Virginia could see it was at full stretch, a handsome thing. Swarthy and uncircumcised, with a purple head. The heavily veined shaft twitched and nodded. He curled his hand round the shaft, starting to work it up and down in a slow, teasing rhythm. Mesmerized by the action, Virginia planted her legs firmly apart, taking the hem of her short dress in her left hand, and raising it to show her hairless groin to the young man. It was his turn to open his eyes wide.

Determined not to be outdone, Virginia unbuttoned her dress from top to bottom, putting her magnificent breasts on display for him. Placing the fingers of her other hand in her smooth groin, she eased open the lips of her labia, covered in her juices, to openly display her soft pink folds. The second finger curled back to expose her clitoris, stimulating it.

Excitement had overcome reticence. Virginia took a step closer until she was stood at his feet. Grunts accompanied her growing agitation as she rubbed herself faster.

Eyes glued to her genitals, the young man increased his jerking rhythm to match hers until they were both openly masturbating for each other. Virginia's heavy breasts were shaking with the effort. Her brain started to spin. Her eyes were fastened on the fast pumping action before her. Her vaginal muscles tensed and lurched. She gasped. Contractions in her belly. She was coming! The sweet agony started in the pit of her groin, pulling and dragging at her. She moaned softly.

The young man's loins jerked. He held his penis thrust out. Suddenly, a small splash of sperm spat out, to be immediately followed by a long gush. Then another. And another. As Virginia was reaching her peak she counted seven spurts before her own orgasm overwhelmed her. Her eyes screwed shut, blotting out all vision with shattering flashes of ecstasy with subdued grunts.

It was a long climax. When the spasms finally eased, she opened them again. The young man had gone. But on the grass was the evidence of his coming.

Thomas had watched the whole episode from the park bench. So had the other young couple, now openly copulating, covered by her spread skirt. Thomas crossed to Virginia. Taking her by the arm, he guided her behind the willow. There, pushing her up against the trunk, he slipped his ready penis deep into the excited vagina, wet and stimulated. It didn't take many thrusts before he was spurting into her.

Not every foray into the park resulted in such lecherous activities. Virginia's fantasies, coupled with the knowledge that she was naked beneath the thin dress, was sufficient stimulation for the average evening's sexual encounter.

II Virginia had trained as a nurse, partly because she was a caring person, partly because she needed to work with others in a congenial atmosphere. Her interest in pampering men's bodies also had something to do with it.

It was when Virginia joined his company as their industrial nurse that she met her husband. She had worked there some time before there was occasion for her to tend the boss when he had a fall and twisted his back. He was assisted to the nurse's medical room and helped to strip to the waist and lay on his belly on the treatment couch.

The pain wasn't too bad, and Virginia's massage of his back soon aroused Thomas's libido. Being a frank chauvinistic person, he drew her attention to the way she had stimulated him. Virginia, pretending to be unconcerned by such natural physical occurrences, laughed heartily, telling him that he should be so lucky! She went so far as to taunt him a little.

"Perhaps you'd like that massaging as well?"

Virginia surprised herself with her forwardness with the boss, but he was one of those people who made her feel she'd known them for ages and they got on with each other from their very first meeting. As the banter developed she jokingly threatened to spank his bottom for being naughty, dragging his trousers over his hips and thighs to reveal his well padded buttocks. These she promptly slapped gently with her open palm.

This only increased the firmness of his erection. Thomas managed to hook his thumbs into the top of his underpants and push them down, revealing the pale jelly-like flesh of his bottom.

"You can now handle the plums," he told Virginia. She protested with mock severity, insisting that it wasn't professionally allowed to fondle clients' private parts without a proper medical reason, but was sufficiently curious to comply with the request. She could never resist the examination of male genitals whenever the opportunity arose. Fondling them gave her even more pleasure.

"Bloody hell!" was all that Thomas could mutter as her cool palm closed over his testicles and gently squeezed them. He squirmed, grinding his hips into the top of the hard couch.

"Have you stiffened up?" she asked him with apparent innocence.

"What the hell do you think?"

"Come on! Let me see if I can help to reduce the swelling."

Virginia squeezed her other hand under his belly, reached the stiff muscle and held it lengthways in her palm. She gave an exaggerated gasp.

"My, what a big boy! It certainly is stiff!"

Thomas squirmed as much as the pain in his back would allow, pushing his stiff cock against her hand, jerking into it until, with a grunt, he filled it with his hot, sticky seed.

There was a sheepish silence.

"My, my!" she breathed, "You were certainly ready for that! What a nice offering."

Virginia managed to ease Thomas over onto his side to examine the sticky protrusion. It was already losing its rigidity. Paper towels were at hand on the side of the couch, which she used to wipe away the evidence. She did this with great care, taking careful note of the details of his softening phallus.

In doing this, Virginia's bust was brought deliberately close to Thomas's face, prompting him to unbuttoned her overall and blouse without any protest from her. The brassiere had a front fastening which Thomas unhooked without difficulty, allowing her plentiful breasts to spring into view.

Virginia's magnificent orbs confronted him, his eyes popping out of their sockets from sheer astonishment. She knew what effect her breasts had on all who saw them. Thomas was no exception. He was mesmerized by their abundance, and, in particular, with the enormous crowns of pinky-brown, heavily goose-pimpled nipples, the size of large saucers, tipped with a prune-like teat.

Men were usually rendered speechless by their sheer ostentation. The nipples were already swollen with sexual arousal. Thomas had seen nothing like these breasts before. He stared with disbelief as the ridges of the nipple smoothed themselves out as it inflated, until it resembled a large grape.

"There," Virginia said, with some pride, "I think you've taken enough liberties for one day. Come back in the morning if your stiffness still troubles you." She stood up, scooped her breasts back into the brassiere and fastened her blouse, giving him a big cheerful smile. Her loins were moist, aching with her own lust, but she knew that the boss wouldn't rest until he'd feasted his eyes on her glorious orbs again. Patience!

And so it proved. They became lovers. Thomas became a prisoner to those dominating breasts. She would flaunt them in front of his face, bounce them up and down, trap his face between them, and push the ample nipples into his open mouth.

Thomas found Virginia to be a resourceful and inventive lover. She would squeeze his erection between her magnificent orbs, mould them round his shaft and slowly lift them up until the penis disappeared and push them down until the head re-appeared from the deep cleavage, already wet with his involuntary emission, She increased the movement of the breasts until the friction brought Thomas to a gasping climax, his sperm spurting over her neck and dribbling over the tops of her breasts. She would scoop it up with her fingers and suck them clean.

Thomas would reciprocate by pushing his face into her hot, fleshy groin, sniffing her musty sex. Virginia would moan loudly whilst he sucked hungrily at her with his tongue, as though her fleshy vulva was a soft, juicy peach. She would reach a noisy orgasm, gasping for breath, with convulsive thighs and lurching groin. This would encourage him to push his erect shaft deep into her sloppy, wet flesh.

When Virginia discovered that Thomas enjoyed mild spanking she entered into the activity with relish. After teasing him with her naked bouncing breasts, making him chase her round the room, Thomas would force her to the floor to enter her roughly from behind, thudding his shaft into her until she reached a screaming climax. She would then roll away and admonish him.

"You've been a naughty boy. You shouldn't fuck ladies from behind like that. I'm going to spank you. Bend over!"

And Thomas would bend over the arm of the chair obediently, allowing Virginia to pull down his underpants if he still had them on. Using a flat wooden ruler, she would slap his bottom with increasingly hard smacks until the cheeks glowed a blotchy red. At the same time, she would reach round his waist, take hold of his rock-hard cock, pumping it up and down in rhythm to the strokes until he ejaculated into a towel spread over the arm of the chair.

At other times, Virginia would make him lie on his back, on a rubber sheet spread on the floor, where she would squat over his face, rubbing her sloppy genitals over his nose and lips, whilst slapping his thighs and pulling at his stiff penis. As he started to jerk, Virginia would open her bladder and pee over his face, into his mouth. This would trigger off a mighty climax with several jets of sperm which she directed over her dangling breasts.

Or she would dribble a spoonful of clear honey over the tip of his erection, allowing it to trickle down the shaft before massaging it with both hands into the whole column. When he came, Virginia held the palm of her hand over the head so that the sperm became mingled with the honey. She would then lick away the sweet, sticky mixture with relish.

Thomas became a regular visitor to Virginia's flat and, eventually, after he separated from his wife, Virginia and he lived together. After his wife divorced him, they finally married. Thomas's work then took him to London where they rented a small flat. But, in spite of her outgoing personality and interest in sexual freedom for women, Virginia was unusually shy with strangers.

This didn't prevent her speculating to herself about the shape and texture of the men's genitals, but she could only relax properly with people after she had got to know them well. When she did, Virginia would talk and behave in an openly provocative manner. For these visitors she enjoyed wearing diaphanous blouses and lace brassieres so that the dark shadow of her expansive, luscious nipples could be seen.

Since going topless was fairly common in those days, it was possible on hot days to ogle girls sporting their bare breasts. The sale of dark glasses soared as many men, both old and young, wore them so that they could indulge themselves without appearing to stare.

Thomas had a malicious interest in watching the reactions of his colleagues whilst Virginia, convincing herself she was unconscious of her actions, teased them with a glimpse of her globes before drawing her cardigan together. As the evening wore on, her natural reticence overcome with sufficient alcohol, she would remove her cardigan and unfasten the top two buttons of her blouse with the excuse of being too hot - she always turned up the thermostat beforehand for that very reason - encouraging the men to take off their jackets.

Much laughter, with a friendly grip of the men's thighs, as she hooted shamelessly at risqué stories, would often stir their manhood into involuntary movement. Virginia watched for these telltale signs. Thomas enjoyed her promiscuous behaviour, encouraging her in these activities to enhance her sexual fantasies, which she would later put to good use during their lovemaking later that evening in bed.

This gave Thomas extra stimulation knowing that his wife was imagining that she was sucking some imaginary stiff phallus or being penetrated by her latest make-believe paramour. Thomas would talk to her quietly and provocatively about the fantasy she was enjoying, describing the shape and size of the latest colleague's genitals. This stimulated her imagination even further and gave added intensity to her orgasms.

They experimented with Karma Sutra and sent away for mail order sex toys. Virginia took up photography as a hobby, rigging up a dark room to develop and print photographs. Together, they photographed Virginia in erotic poses and, using the delay mechanism, both of them in lewd positions. Virginia was keen to experience whatever sexual activities she could, with a threesome her favourite ambition.

Thomas was equally eager to meet her wish but Virginia couldn't quite overcome her final timidness, nor could Thomas afford to jeopardize his authority with an unfortunate choice of participant. So their interest in troilism had to be satisfied by voyeurism. Videos, magazines and erotic literature provided them with the visual stimulation. But they still hankered after the physical experience.

III When Johnnie joined the company, it took Thomas several weeks to persuade him to meet him and his wife for dinner. Johnnie was in his early forties, of average build and looks. Quick witted, he had a sense of fun, was a good conversationalist and got on with Virginia like a house on fire, sharing jokes and theatrical experiences.

It wasn't long before the translucent blouse and lace brassiere were worn for Johnnie's benefit. He pretended to take no notice at first but eventually, offered pointed comments about her charms, turning the discussion to one of a provocative nature, with risqué jokes and general ribaldry.

The unforeseen problem was that Virginia, without realizing it, began to fall in love with Johnnie, which made her fiercely active in her love making with Thomas after Johnnie had been out with them. Thomas didn't mind. He and Virginia began plotting how they could induce Johnnie to join them in a threesome.

At first, this was a sheer fantasy, but eventually it became a serious objective, with Virginia's shyness no longer an obstacle. She had become hopelessly infatuated with Johnnie, finding him a wonderful, fascinating and sensual person. Not realizing the depth his wife's obsession was becoming, Thomas was not in the least jealous of her passion, providing it didn't affect their relationship.

Thomas would try to engineer for the two to be together. They sat together on the sofa. He would encourage them to put arms round each other. He would even decide to go to bed leaving the two of them alone in the lounge. It was on such occasions that he suggested to Virginia that she might make the first move. Perhaps encourage him by opening her legs to give him a view up her thighs. Tease him with a glimpse of her knickerless groin; get into her dressing gown and tease him with her cleavage, or even a glimpse of nipple.

But, when it came to it, she was too embarrassed, although her eyes would frequently stray to Johnnie's groin, seeking the telltale bulge of a stiffened muscle, which he sometimes displayed for her. He smiled at the gleam in her eyes, but Johnnie never went beyond patting her behind or stroking her shoulder.

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