tagFirst TimeVirginity and Lies

Virginity and Lies


Her mother was gone tonight.

She stood in her mother's bathroom looking into the mirror at her young body.

She was petite, barely breaking over one hundred pounds and standing 5'2" since the sixth grade. At 18 years old, she knew she wouldn't grow taller, but she often frowned at her small perky breasts and wondered if they would ever be full and round like her three older sisters'. She had seen her sisters' bodies while changing clothes and seen their silhouettes through the shower curtain. She knew her sisters' breasts were what men liked; full in the bottom like a fleshy bowl of firm Jello, topped with a nipple pointing toward the ceiling like sweet little cherries. One sister had small nipples with wide areola in a brown color similar to her own, another sister had dark peach colored nipples with light colored and dainty areola, and the other sister had nipples just like hers, but they looked better on her sister because of her full breasts. She tried to accept her breasts; they were perky enough, firm enough she knew. Logically she knew with all those men in the world, some would probably love small perky tits with thick brown nipples that refused to be hidden behind bras and shirts.

She hoped Ian would be one of those men. He seemed to like everything about her well enough. Or possibly, he just liked her extremely descriptive letters she would write to him, telling him how she would suck him, fuck him, and stroke him if she had the chance. She had told him she was not a virgin, she had agreed to meet him tonight, and she had lied. She had never touched a penis before, let alone had one in her mouth or pussy. Her hymen was not intact (although she couldn't remember why it wasn't) so if he really stopped to check, he would still believe her lie. Would he stop to check? She shivered at the thought of his face close up between her thighs, parting her legs far apart to inspect her pussy with his hands.

Glancing at the clock she realized it was time to get dressed and meet Ian out front. She dressed in regular comfortable clothes hoping not to look suspicious if anyone had come to the front yard before she was picked up. She stepped quietly out the back door and snuck through the gate connecting the driveway to the side-yard. She didn't see Ian's car. Maybe he parked behind the neighbors bushes? She cautiously walked up the driveway to get a better view of other possible parking spots. She heard a hiss to her left and then a yowl as her cat ran suddenly in front of her to escape the neighbor cat's affections.

"Oh just let him fuck you, you stupid pussy!" She giggled as she whispered to her cat, and picked him up as a police car slowed down in front of her house.

"Oh shit!" she thought as she realized he was looking toward her. Nonchalantly she carried her cat toward the backyard gate as if that was exactly what she had come out to the street after curfew to do. Well it was, actually! She fully intended on taking care of her pussy tonight! She gave another giggle and felt her pulse had quickened after seeing the cop. She stood behind the gate concentrating on slowing her breath. The police car rolled away and it didn't return.

Then Ian's friend drove up. What the hell was he doing here? She began to rethink sneaking out, until she heard Ian's voice calling her name from the passenger side. She walked out from the gate and tread confidently to the SUV as Ian said Hello. She saw his mouth move but her ears were full of the sound of her own heartbeat thudding loudly. She got into the back seat and buckled up, and heard herself say, "Where to, boys?" Moments later, they were driving and Ian was telling her to undress completely. She didn't want him to think she had never done that, so she grinned and flashed her green eyes at him in the darkness, and pulled all her clothing off quickly. Ian watched her body as they drove a few more minutes and then parked behind a building secluded from the streets.

Then both boys turned around to see her. Ian's friend said, "You need to show us you're serious, play with yourself and prove you want some dick".

Although shocked at these instructions, she reached down and stroked her sex a bit, easing her pelvis to the edge of the seat to give the boys a better view. She felt how soaked her pussy was and spread the juices over her lips before plunging her two middle fingers inside and stroking in and out at a steady pace. She was so nervous that her bottom lip began to tremble, so she bit it, and played it up like she was a sexy little slut, licking her fingers of her free hand and biting her lip, tossing her head back and closing her eyes for effect. It was starting to feel really good, she was starting to get into it for real when Ian abruptly told his friend to get out of the car. His friend frowned and grabbed his cigarettes, and said Ian had better save some ass for him, and other curse words followed as the door shut behind him.

When she and Ian were alone, Ian said " I've got my dick out. Come up here and ride it."

A wild thought came into her mind as she panicked a bit, thinking she might just grab her clothes and run into the night, possibly get dressed in some bushes and then walk home, they weren't parked that far from her house. How would she ever convince him she knew what she was doing if her very first time was going to be on top!

Suddenly she wasn't running, she was climbing up over the console and crawling over Ian to straddle him in the front seat. Who was she right now? She was surprising herself more and more as the night went on. She rested for a second sitting back on Ian's knees and looked down at his erection.

Her eyes grew wide and her heart beat quicker as she took in the sight of his huge member. She had no idea a dick could be that big! Was this normal adult size? What could she have expected though, Ian was about 6'3" with long lanky arms and legs, slim all over, except for in one spot she now knew! His dick was fat! As big around as a soda can she guessed and possibly twice as long. Before she could be scared of what a big dick like that could do to her virgin pussy, Ian wrapped one arm behind the small of her back and gripped her plump little ass, pulling her forward and up over his erection. He gripped his huge dick in one of his large hands and placed the head against her pussy.

She was almost dripping for him and felt little resistance as he pushed himself upward. Her pussy accepted half of the mushroomed tip and then they both felt the tightness. She felt no pain, instead she was pleasantly surprised to feel the warmth and tension of him pressing smoothly into her and suddenly she wanted more of him. She pressed her pelvis down as he gripped both of her hips and thrust upward.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" She whimpered and then her breath caught in her chest as her body was filled with his heat, she felt his wide dick stretching her pussy for the first time in her life and her head swam. She marvelled at how warm it felt inside her.

Ian sat back and moved his hips forward so as to be able to thrust himself into her better.

"Ride me like you told me you could" he demanded of her, his normally deep voice sounded husky, needy, with a slight crack in it, revealing that he was thoroughly enjoying entering her tight pussy. She heard the need in his voice and felt her pussy get even hotter. She began to rock her hips forward a bit, but Ian's strong hands stopped her.

"Wait, I'm not all the way in yet" his usual strong and deep voice was back and he quickly thrust his hips upward once, twice before she could even think about the fact that her thoroughly filled pussy still had not taken all of his length.

"uhhhnnn" she squeaked as his third thrust pushed her whole body upward until her head and then shoulders hit the ceiling of the car and her head was pushed down and forward. Her chin touched her chest as she felt Ian push his huge dick all the way into her. Her hand searched wildly for something to grip and found Ian's shirt, her other hand instinctively went up to the ceiling of the car to try and push back to lessen the pressure against her head and shoulders, but she found she could not move. She could breathe but the angle of her neck made it hard to make any noise. She felt Ian's pelvic bone rubbing up against her clit, his huge hands guiding her hips and the entire length of his huge hot dick heating up her insides and rubbing almost painfully in her gut.

"Ride me, now, Little Girl, ride me NOW!" Ian grunted. She tried to answer back that she couldn't move, but the pleasure waves pulsing from her pussy and up into her belly were taking her breath away. As Ian began to grind himself forward and back into her poor stretched pussy, the lights from the street afar off out the back window began to blur in her vision, chills spread over her legs and her mouth opened in a helpless, silent scream. She was pinned between Ian's hips and the ceiling of the car, forced to take his huge dick deeper than she ever imagined anything could be.

Ian was grinning at her helpless condition, knowing that her tiny body was being overpowered by his meat, whether she thought she could fuck or not was irrelevant, how many boy's she'd fucked didn't matter, he knew she couldn't handle his dick, now she knew too. She was so confident telling him she could fuck him, ride him, suck him, such a tease. For so long he had wanted to show her she wasn't hot shit like she bragged to be. Now he was going to drill it into her, she would know she couldn't take all of it, any minute now she would beg him to stop like all the others. He enjoyed making girls cry out, hearing them yell that they couldn't take his huge cock, then he would fill their mouths with nut and not care what spilled all over their faces.

Ian chuckled at the shocked look on her face as he pinned her on his cock. He felt her pelvic bone rub against his and realized that indeed this tiny little girl HAD taken his entire huge cock.

He felt her tight pussy clenching onto his dick, such a hot little slut she was! FUCK!

Suddenly he wanted to pound the daylights out of her, for a disoriented minute he worried he had hurt her badly, he had gone too far, but he saw her mouth open and her eyes closed tight, her cheeks were flushed red. He glanced at her thick nipples and saw that they were twisting into hard nubs, goose-flesh rising on her breasts and thighs. His balls churned watching her pinned above him. He could see her stomach muscles contracting with each breath and she was struggling to move from the ceiling. Her face was not one of pain. Her eyebrows were raised slightly in an almost surprised look. He watched her breasts sway slightly as he ground his dick completely inside her pussy. Her ragged breathing sent him over the edge.

He couldn't stop himself, he switched his grip on her hips to hold her up underneath her inner thighs so that her body stayed pinned to the ceiling. Fucking hell she was light as a feather! He had no problem forcing her body to stay in that position with just his arm strength while he let his hips relax and his dick slide out almost the whole way from her wet cunt.

"Shhhhhhhit!" He hissed as he felt her tight pussy pull at the head of his dick on the out-stroke. Then he could not hold back any longer, he gripped her small slender thighs and kept her pinned to the ceiling as he pounded his cock deep into her, once, twice, three times and his nut was ready to shoot but he fought it back.

He glanced up to her face and heard her whimpers as he fucked the hell out of her tiny body, her pussy was clenching and squeezing even tighter and he knew she was cumming or close to it. He turned his head to the side to look out the window to change his view and avoid cumming himself and possibly ruining her orgasm, but he saw instead the reflection of her body pinned up against the ceiling, the silhouette outlined by the light from the car dashboard, the profile of her face with open mouth and a drop of saliva dripping from her bottom lip down onto her chest.

He swore out loud again, grabbed her close to his chest, wrapped his arms around her waist tightly to keep her in the position he needed her in and began to pump his cock into her pussy with only half his dick entering her. His jaw clenched and his eyes squeezed shut as her clenching pussy pulled the nut from his dick over and over until he was empty and could no longer stand the friction on his dickhead.

He lifted her body off him and pulled his softening dick out of her, releasing a downpour of both their juices running down her sex and dripping onto his lap.

Her body was limp, she was muttering something incoherent into his neck and he could feel her thigh muscles twitching randomly. Her right hand was twisted up in his T-shirt, he had not even realized she was holding onto it. Her left arm was hanging down from the ceiling where her hand was hooked into the assist handle.

Ian called her name softly, but she didn't answer. He chuckled and waited a few minutes before he leaned over to flick the headlights on/off to signal his friend.

Ian's friend got into the driver's seat. He looked over at the limp girl and called her name. She did not answer. He swore and then reached over and slapped her right ass cheek hard, her body jumped from the impact but otherwise she did not acknowledge the hit.

Ian flipped on the car's dome light and saw a red hand print already showing on her ass. He looked at his friend incredulously.

Ian's friend almost yelled, "You fucking broke her, what am I supposed to do now, asshole?"

"Trust me, she's going to want more from me, I'll keep my agreement with you, just not tonight."

Ian reached under her limp body and zipped himself up, then picked her up carefully and carried her out of the car and into the backseat. He thought of the way her pussy had gripped and sucked the nut from his dick and it stirred his cock even now, and he knew he was going to want more from her, too.

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She wanted it and got it and he was happy and rode her again on the back seat. Okay, now what ?

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