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v.0 - Bootup

The very idea was, undeniably, juvenile. It was also irresistibly compelling. Ever since the first generation of virtual entertainment, then called by the more prosaic term 'video games', there had been various kinds of code-hacking -and a definite fascination with T&A. From Lara Croft 'nude codes' to naked skins for The Sims, there were people who enjoyed the idea of stripping these computer generated images bare and watching them do naughty things with each other. I can only assume that the seeds of this desire reside from natural voyeurism, mixed with the feeling of control, and the fact that the imagination doesn't discriminate between the real and the fictional.

Naturally, when one is on the cusp of puberty, these video-game femmes can often seem more accessible than real life girls. As the industry grew and came to encompass older demographics, the level of titillation increased, becoming more self aware and sophisticated (this point can be debated, assuming how aware one is of names from the past like 'Tecmo' and 'Rockstar Games')

Sex sells; this has always been true, but actual pornography is pretty rare in the realm of V.E. There have been attempts, but most of these fringe products tend to be more laughable than effective. Just as filmed pornography cannot compare to the smooth polish of a Hollywood epic, these X-rated games didn't have the benefit of expert programmers such as those at Capcom, Konami or Sega.

But, while crafting an entire game from scratch is a blinding technical challenge, hacking an already existing one is comparatively easy. Still not a job for amateurs, since any virtual reality program is a sublimely complex entity. It follows then that the average kid player wouldn't be able to rip open their favorite game and, for instance, give themselves unlimited gun ammunition -or take off the clothes from those female ninjas. Any adults with that kind of expertise would never admit to spending their free time with that kind of hacking. Somewhere in the middle of these extremes lies the enterprising young college student.

This prologue hopefully explains how such an enclave like The Code Monkeys came to be. I had been aware of them for some time, and was sometimes consulted. A loose knit group of some dozen students, these maverick programmers had specialized in breaking privacy protections and copywrite protocols, in addition to hacking and 'playing around'.

The 'Genie', named after the very first video game cracking device, came as a black, lozenge shaped module designed to fit into a V.E. systems RAM port. The software it contained allowed the user to explore the parameters of a V.E. game from within while actually playing. The popular term for this was 'going off-road'. The Genie gave the player absolute freedom of movement within the game. It could also, with some custom code, grant wishes.

I was one of the first to test this device. I was an unabashed games player, and had progressed from college into a basic coding job for a local accounting firm. In the face of those stale numbers day to day, the appeal of gaming was probably at least as strong as it had been before. I also hadn't lost touch with what was going on on-campus either. I was also painfully single, as you may have already guessed. It wasn't any kind of secret, and I suspect may have been part of the reason the Code Monkeys had given me this particular Genie to try out.

In many ways it was very basic, I was told, and wouldn't, at this stage, allow for the hacking of A.I. or game mechanics. But it did allow the user complete freedom of movement, and the ability to manipulate the environment, especially character models.

I was informed, in no ambiguous terms, 'you can do anything you like to them -and I do mean anything', with the hint of a few surprises that I would have to discover for myself.

* * *

Arriving home in the early evening, I put aside my briefcase and removed the newly acquired Genie from my jacket pocket. The matt-black surface of the eraser-sized module was unmarked, giving no obvious hint of what the ROM chip within contained. Like any memory stick or accessory, it was designed to simply plug into the V.E.'s console RAM port. It should go without saying that I already had an extensive library of games at my disposal. So, the question now was, which should I try out first? I'd been assured it would work with virtually any and all software. Or, I could do the prudent thing and make myself a much needed dinner first, then...

Nah, I was far too excited and interested to put this off. I opened up the cabinet to my home entertainment center and deftly plugged the Genie into the open slot of my Sony V.E. console. I then lay down on my rather expensive recliner chair -you need a really comfortable seat when spending a lot of time in-game, or else you come out with a lot of aches and stiffness.

I should perhaps explain for those not au-fait with the current technology. When the Virtual Space Interface first emerged from research on aiding the handicapped, it was adopted very quickly. The groundwork had been laid already through fiction and conceptual design in the previous century. But, big V.R. helmets and DataGloves were never going to be mainstream. It also wasn't a popular idea to accept surgical neural implants either, though a lot of pioneering work did emerge from that field. In the end, the leap came with the advent of ANVR. Refined to a headphone-like controller, it worked much like the previous neural interfaces, but without the necessary surgery. Nothing had to be plugged in, either into the machine or yourself. At the most basic level, one can operate a computer hands-free; this pretty much put an end to inelegant Voice Recognition systems that tried to do the same thing. At the most invasive level, the ANVR can circumvent the user's own senses and plunge him or her into the computer's own generated reality. Gaming would never be the same, though the actual games one ended up playing on these new machines were very familiar. It can't be a mistake that the biggest selling ANVR compatible game to date is The Legend Of Zelda.

I quickly entered the Main Menu environment, visually scanning the library of games I had access to. No one actually 'owned' games anymore, but rather payed for 'keys' that let own download whatever title one wanted to play. But, old habits die hard, and the Main Menu was modeled after a bookshelf, with the individual games laid out like novles one could pick up and read. I thought about taking on Zelda, but knew that was already pretty free in terms of player movement to begin with, and might not be the best choice to test the Genie on (my opinion on this would change once I'd given the Genie a spin, as you'll soon understand). I skipped past a few RPGs (too involved) and fighting games (though I felt I was getting warmer there). Then my eyes alighted on 'Beach Spikers'; the V.E. version of Sega's ongoing series of beach volleyball games. Here, I thought, would be a cool place to start.

v.1 - Beach Spikers

I was greeted with the usual title screen, which I quickly pushed past, clicking through the initial menus to get to the game. I had chosen a straightforward VS match between Australia and Germany in the L.A. stadium. I switched off the background music, but left everything else alone before finally entering the game environment itself.

The effects of the Genie were immediately apparent from the fact I could dissociate myself from my designated game character. With a single step, I was able to remove my 'self', now standing as an invisible entity beside the young woman who was to be my in-game avatar (for those wondering, it isn't unusual at all to play games as the opposite sex, though you can make up your own minds just how salacious that prospect is). She stood, one foot firmly before the other, spinning the blue-white volleyball restlessly between her fingers in a perpetual ready state. She was essentially brainless and without volition now that I was gone. The other computer controlled characters waited anxiously for the service shot that would never come.

Having left the confines of my character, I noticed that the icons had disappeared from my vision as well. The score and Power bar meter were missing. Everything else appeared solid though. I knelt down and felt the fine beach sand. Very refined particle physics had gone into it's creation, and little trails were left behind as I dragged my unseen fingertips through it. The actual feeling was very much like real life sand too, the only difference being that it didn't cling at all, having no moisture to speak of.

I wandered over to the net, testing it's strength and resilience. It did behave just as one would expect from the real life equivilant, with the odd exception that the spaces between the mesh weren't actually spaces. Rather than model each string of the net individually, it was constructed as a single piece, as if it were a soft flexible window with the net painted on. This was so far about the only break from reality I'd detected so far.

Wandering a bit further, I stepped past the dividers at the edge of the play area and walked up the steps of the stadium. This was a view of the action that, as a player, you'd never get to see. At the moment, of course, there was no action to speak of apart from four fit young women in swimsuits standing at the ready. The spectators were kind of interesting. Unlike the player models, the masses that made up the crowd were less well rendered. They looked fine from a distance, but up close they appeared more like the polygon generated characters from the games of the PS2/Xbox/GameCube era.

Having gone to the top, I peeked out over the wall to see what lay beyond it. Unsurprisingly, there was nothing. The beach volleyball field essentially floated in a spaceless void, existing in an eternally bright sunny day, surrounded on all sides by blue sky, above and below. The palm trees that towered above the rim of the fence were rooted to no earth.

With the freedom of movement now afforded me, I blipped myself down to court level, not bothering to walk all the way back. I had returned to stand on the opposing side, beside the two German women the game called Anita and Hilda. I had more or less chosen the teams at random at the beginning, but I'd have been hard pressed to find two cuter examples of the virtual athletes the game offered. Anita was slightly shorter, with sandy blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. She had narrow blue eyes, but a generous smiling mouth. Hilda had short, sharply cut brown hair, with rather more delicate facial features. They were both very beautiful, and wore identical uniforms; tight two piece swimsuits patterned with the colors of the German flag. The lean physichs of these women would have been the envy of anyone in the real world. What's more, they were modeled with almost anatomical perfection. Every contour of muscle, very fingernail and toe, every strand of hair. They blinked, showed emotion, and their chests moved with the action of breathing.

I gingerly ran a hand along the length of Hilda's forearm. Here the illusion of reality was somewhat broken. Real human skin has all sorts of minor imperfections, such as small hairs, pores and blemishes. These sort of minute details are never be included in a computer generated model, since they're too small to visually observe. Under the sensitive touch of one's fingertips though, their absence made the texture of the skin feel more plastic than flesh, perhaps like soft latex. It most other ways, the simulation was right on the mark. The best way to simulate anything is to give it as many characteristics of the authentic thing as one can. Hilda's skin had all the suppleness and flexibility of real skin, and was shaded and colored absolutely right. Since she offered no resistance, I lifted Hilda's arm, testing her internal structure by pressing my fingers a little harder. I could feel the give of her muscles, and the rigid frame beneath that supported them, just as bones would do.

I came to stand in front of her, and curious to see her reaction, pushed her by the shoulders. She stumbled back a couple of steps, looking anxious but not surprised or annoyed by my action. She tried to return to her original position, but I was easily able to keep her at bay with a single hand against her chest. It was like she had no weight, no substance. It was kind of funny to watch her futile struggle, but it also evoked a strange sense of power as well. I really could do anything to these athletes I wanted to; and I suspect that included much more than simply beating them at a friendly game of volleyball.

I think at this point it should be obvious where my attentions were turning. So, it shouldn't be a surprise when I tell you I slipped my hands beneath the tight, spandex-mimicking material of her swimsuit top. The A.I. of these beautiful beasts apparently didn't include modesty, as Hilda only blinked when I pulled up her top to expose her pale, well rendered (and well endowed) breasts. Because there are an entire plethora of uniforms and suits contained in the game, the separation between character and clothes models didn't surprise me. What did cause me to chuckle were the appearance of pink round nipples capping each smooth round breast. This had to be one of the 'extras' found in the Genie's coding, since I doubt very much that the game's programmers would have included this kind of detail themselves (though, I wonder about that sometimes...).

Naturally, I couldn't resist taking one of those feminine orbs in hand, the fluid mechanics of her modeling making it feel and respond just as a real human breast would. I flicked the nipple with a finger, noting the difference in texture (almost definitely a bit of Genie coding there). Toying with her chest a little longer, I even bent down to take one between my lips and suck on her nipple. There was neither warmth nor taste, but it did feel right, and the effect was just as arousing. My rapidly growing erection didn't appear to care much that what I was feeling only existed as a digital chimera in my brain.

Hugging her close, Hilda's bosom pressed against my chest. I tilted her head up and forced her lips apart with mine, stealing a long deep kiss. The sensation of empowerment was very strong now, and fiercely erotic. She was my life sized puppet, to play with however I chose, and it was brilliant. Bless her creators, she even had a tongue. There was no moisture, but it was soft under my own.

I came to stand behind Hilda, having always admired the perfectly shaped asses these players presented. Naturally I took a good long feel of those buttocks, once again finding the simulation impeccable. I pressed myself against her, wrapping my invisible arms around her torso. Not having an avatar, and because of the lifting of restrictions due to the Genie, there were no limits on the sensations I experienced. In other words, I was effectively naked in this virtual world. My pelvis pressed against hers, my cock resting deliciously on her rear. I took hold of her swimsuit top and, moving her arms up, pulled the slick garment off her completely. I glanced over to where Anita stood not far away, still eagerly waiting for the game to begin. To an outsider, the scene would have looked very amusing and odd, with Hilda being molested by some unseen entity while everyone else peaceably ignored what was going on.

As far as I'd gone, I'm not sure I fully intended to 'go all the way', since I had no idea if that was even possible. Still, what was happening now was wonderful pornography, and I was driven to do more. I grabbed the waist of her tight bikini-bottoms and quickly pulled them down off her hips. Now that her meager clothes were only a pile at her feet, her wonderful ass was completely bare. Kissing the nape of Hilda's neck, I touched and squeezed those smooth orbs. I then let my hand slid around towards her pubis. I expected to find the same smoothness, but was shocked to find hair beneath my fingers.

Turning her around, I could see a small triangle of pubic hair at the junction of her legs. I bent down to examine them more closely. Her pubes were short and fine, the same color as the hair on her head. Unlike what you would find on a non-Asian woman though, they were completely straight. I realized that the Genie must have mapped the characteristics from the hair on her head, thus creating this virtual pubis. Clever.

Perhaps even more clever was the modeled vulva she'd been given as well. I slid my fingers between her labial lips, testing the extent of her unreal cunt. From the difference in form and texture, this was probably a software 'patch' created by the Genie. I found I could easily press as many digits as I wanted within her soft, pliant vagina. Hilda didn't even flinch at her immoral violation, which kind of disappointed me. Even a little yelp of surprise would have been cool. Still, it was remarkably exciting to be able to hold her and so wantonly finger this beautiful virtual woman. It was obvious that my fingers weren't the only thing I could stick inside her.

Pushing Hilda roughly down onto the sand, I was met with the first real bit of resistance from her. Where probing her cunt hadn't caused a shrug, moving her out of her set position had her desperately eager to return to her feet. All I needed was a single hand against her chest to keep her pinned to the ground, so there was no danger of my would be lover getting away. Indeed, having her move around like this just made it all the more exciting. This had the blow up love doll beat by a mile. This might count as nothing more than a form of masturbation, but it was going to be the best masturbation session of my life, and I'll be damed if all my bodily senses weren't telling me I was about to enjoy a good old fashioned fuck.

Laying on top of her, I allowed my hands to wander up and down her body, from her hips and thighs to the length of her lean neck. If I could, I probably would have had my eyes closed in rapture, but all the sensory information through ANVR is sent directly to the brain, so there are no virtual 'eyelids' to close. Hilda was braced on her elbows, knees bent and feet planted on the ground, all in a futile attempt to rise up, but which also mimed the missionary position exactly. I could hear her slow even breathing in my ear. I dare say my own breathing was anything but slow and even.

I had no visible body, so it took a few awkward moments for me to line up my erection. Feeling no resistance, my cock slid up easily inside her, the soft spongy interior enveloping my length. I let out a very ungainly grunt, clasping her tightly to me. For a while I barely moved, just enjoying the sensations of the feminine body beneath me and the feeling of containment and penetration around my cock. After a very short while, I began to stroke myself back and forth, fucking her to a steadily increasing rhythm. It was great because, unlike whenever I've been with a real women, I didn't have to worry one bit about putting all my weight on her, trying to make her feel good, or taking too long or coming too soon. It was a purely selfish fuck of the first order.

I clutched at her breasts with one hand, cradling the back of her head with the other. Her hair was so well rendered I could even grasp and pull on it as I increased the fervor of my thrusts. I looked down to watch the subtle heaving of her hips, my unseen body making it's presence felt very physically. Her lean legs were spread apart, the most beautiful limbs. I could see myself caressing them for hours. I could do any number of things with Hilda for hours, terrible wanton things, but what I was doing right now was not going to last for very much longer. My heart was racing, and I could feel the erotic tension build up to the inevitable point of no return deep within my organ.

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