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Virtua Mischief v.2


At this point in the evening, I was still pleasantly damp from my shower, a towel draped across my shoulders. Wandering back into the living room, I had my eyes fixed on the plain black box that sat within the cabinet. The glowing blue letters of Sony were emblazoned on the front, the red 'ready' light blinking away as it responded to it's connection to the main servers. On the arm rest of my chair lay the thin pseudo-headphones of the ANVR connection device.

It was a self conscious moment, as I took in the stark silence of the apartment, feeling perhaps a little foolish as I fingered the still wrapped condom I held in preparation. Here I was, alone, about to have sex with a video game character -again. Either I could accept this as a sign of being extremely pathetic and set myself straight, or, shit, I could just do it, enjoy myself, and to hell what anyone else thought. If I was going to be self conscious and timid every time I wanted to give myself an orgasm, then I'd be walking around with a severe case of blueballs for a very long time.

Easing myself into the chair, I closed my eyes and thought about my next target. I also wanted to get myself sufficiently aroused to slip on the condom before I entered the V.E. environment, so a bit of pre-fantasy was definitely in order. This time I wanted more clothes to unravel, a bit more fun before the final conquest. I also wanted someone a bit more fey, more delicate and feminine than even those lissome Beach Spikers babes had been. I think the sense of power that came with the Genie made we want to use it against an obviously frail creature, someone untouchable in any other context.

I immediately thought about the first game I'd considered testing the Genie on, and had rejected. It wasn't just that Legend Of Zelda was a hugely popular and very well crafted game. From fairly basic fantasy story elements, Nintendo managed to create a surprisingly enduring legacy of characters that have become very familiar. It has also managed to survive from the very first generation of gaming all the way to the present. As a series it had gone through a number of twists and turns in it's design, from cartoon to a certain hyper-realism and even abstraction. The character of Zelda herself had thus emerged from a collection of pixels that vaguely resembled a blonde woman, to one of the most exquisite and well rendered virtual characters of all time.

I thought about what it must be like to have and to hold a woman like that. I evoked her image in my mind, of her long pointed elfin ears and crystal blue eyes, of her straight blonde hair and delicate, refined features. Her character was never designed to be sexy or an object of obvious desire, but she was attractive, and always portrayed as wearing elegant and elaborate clothes. I let myself imagine what must lie under those clothes, my hand drifting towards my cock as I created the fantasy. Soon I would be able to live it in digital life (as opposed to real life), but I had to get hard to put on the condom first. I imagined throwing her forward over the back of a chair, roughly turning up her long skirt and running my hands up the length of her thighs. This quick flash or mental pornography, as well as my deft hand, soon had me rigid enough to retrieve the condom and quickly roll it over my hardened erection.

Ready now for the game, I put on the ANVR and quickly accessed my V.E. player. The entire living room disappeared from sight as I was switched into the virtual lobby room, and it's bookshelf of available games. To the opposite side was the billboard and vending machine from which new games could be seen and purchased, but that wasn't going to be necessary tonight. My copy of The Legend Of Zelda sat very obviously at the end of the shelf.

Now, in an instant, I was sent swooping over a wild verdant landscape; the game's opening title screen. I didn't have any need for the usual cinematic preamble, so I quickly moved my way through the initial options screen in order to access a save file and get into the game itself. This sent me into the heart of Kokiri Forest, in the guise of the eternally youthful Link.

The forest itself would be an impressive sight to anyone not used to the kind of artistry and detail found in many V.E. games. It wasn't simply that the trees were majestic and verdant with leaves, or the way the light filtered down through them to create exciting and unusual shadows on the ground. The magic lay in the depth of detail, where small twigs and stones littered the ground, where birds and insects could be heard and even seen with a keen eye, and the breath of wind that swept through it all.

It's been estimated that the total size of the virtual area inside this game was equal to Manhattan Island. There is no such a thing as fatigue in V.E. space, but even so, it would take ages to walk the distance. Fortunately, with the Genie, I could blip myself anywhere I wanted to go. That's fine, as long as one knows where one is going, but the exact distance and direction to Hyrule Castle wasn't something I was crystal clear on. So, instead I transported myself a ways up north, beyond the fringe of the forest; thus leaving Link behind. Standing there as an essentially brain dead zombie, I hoped nothing would wander close and attack him, ending the whole session prematurely. It wasn't likely, since the 'start points' are supposed to be relatively safe, but it was theoretically possible. I would just have to be quick.

From this point in the meadow, I could barely make out the curve of a river to my far right. Having been in this game many times before, I was able to take my bearings that way and make another blip. This time I was standing before a wooden fence, which encircles a not far off ranch house. But further in the horizon I could just make out the top spires of the castle I was looking for. That was all I needed. One more blip, and I was inside the front gates. The non-descript chain mail guards completely ignored me, which wasn't surprising since I was basically invisible and my character was actually miles away.

Hyrule Castle was apparently modeled loosely on a real castle in Germany somewhere. It was certainly realistic in most aspects, with a wide ranging and numerous crew of NPCs (non-player-characters) performing all the essential and unglamorous jobs associated with such an edifice. Feel sorry for the poor sods who's endless and perpetual job is to clean out the stables or the chamber pots -well, you would feel sorry for them if they were real. Most non-important NPCs could be recognized by their relative lack of detail. Like the crowd of Beach Spikers, most of the throng lacked the fine level of detail that went into rendering the more important characters. Of course, you could talk to any one of them, since they all had pre-programmed lines. I even suppose, if one wanted, you could corner one of the serving women in a vacant room and let the Genie work it's magic as you molest her. I dare say there must more than a few people out there with serving wench fantasies.

I wasn't going to be diverted from my prize though. Instead, I wandered unheeded into the main courtyard and worked out my bearings. I blipped myself up a level, and finally remembered exactly what corridor I had to cross. Within short order, I was inside the inner sanctum of the castle.

The upper courtyard was smaller than the main one, sealed off for the private use of the royalty. It was set out like a garden, with a wide lawn of green grass and a fountain towards the far end. The fountain was rather like one of those pools designed for mediation, with a pile of carefully balanced rocks laid at one side, the water spilling down over them in a miniature waterfall. The pool itself teemed with large white-and-red patterned goldfish, of the kind found in Asia. All of these details were there to be appreciated, but the real focus of the scene was the young woman seated on a low stone bench by the pond.

She was sitting sidelong, facing towards me, but with her head turned back to the water of the pool. In the game, as Link approaches, she would turn and the story would continue with their first meeting, which consisted mostly of Zelda providing a lot of exposition. With Link absent, she remained sedate, deep in her own contemplation as I strode closer. Wisps of her long blonde hair brushed against her cheek in response to the gentle breeze that blew across the courtyard.

It almost feels redundant to try and describe Zelda, but I know not everyone is a gaming geek, so I really should try. Although taller than the main character Link, she still was not a tall woman by any means, at least not by human standards. The reason I say that is because Zelda is, in fact, not human. Her very long pointed ears betray a much more arcane ancestry. All of her facial features could be described as sharp, from her nose to her lean face, but they were not cruel. Instead, her face had an aristocratic beauty, an austerity that can make one feel rather meek in her presence. Her lips are colored a light pink, as if wearing gloss. Her eyes are a bright blue, with long dark eyelashes. Her hair is a special kind of blonde, the shade that people romantically compare to spun gold. It flows across her back and shoulders, with some spilling forward from her jutting ears. She is wearing delicate gold earrings shaped in the familiar TriForce design, and also wears a tiara of similar make.

Her dress is long, shaded a cherry blossom pink, with a high collar but absent sleeves. It is picked out in gold, with elaborate epaulettes. She is wearing low heeled shoes of the same color -probably not consistent with medieval fashion, but flattering. Over her dress is a kind of elaborate tunic, fixed at the waist with a gold metal belt, and the dangling apron brightly patterned with the TriForce. Although mostly disguised under her long silken skirt, her slender white stocking clad legs were almost certainly my favorite feature. It must be the same kind of obsession as the Victorian's had; you can be turned on just by the sight of her ankles peeking beneath the hemline. In keeping with that Victorian standard, she also wore long, white silken gloves, her hands braced on the edge of the bench as she leans slightly over towards the pool.

With that kind of rich attire, there would be no mistaking her as anything other than a princess. I found myself holding my breath, as if afraid to disturb her, despite the fact I could be shouting the Star Spangled Banner and she wouldn't bat an eye in my direction. I reminded myself of this fact as I took a seat at the end of the bench. I gently took hold of her chin and tilted her head towards me. Her expression was serene, her blue eyes staring back at me -or, rather, at nothing. I took her hands and folded them neatly onto her lap. As she remained still, I soon realized she was basically a puppet. Unlike the players in Beach Spikers, there was no A.I. dictating her actions on a moment to moment basis. Until the arrival of Link, Zelda was only a prop, awaiting the trigger that would set her to life.

I looker her up and down for a short while, formulating what I wanted to do. I bent forward to taste her lips in a soft kiss, but the way she kept looking and staring into space was just a bit too creepy. Instead, I gently closed her eyelids. Shifting back, I saw that her eyes remained closed, and I knew now what I wanted. Sleeping beauty, the prefect scenario.

I rose and laid the body of Zelda flat on the bench, hands still folded across her lap, legs stretched out, feet together. I fanned her long hair out to either side, feeling the computer generated strands slide between my fingers. She looked the perfect part. I even felt giddy and nervous as I watched the slow rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. This felt very different from my first time with the nearly-naked-already Beach Spikers women. Despite the obvious fantasy elements, Zelda seemed even more real and present than they were. This was a gift I was going to unwrap and savor.

Going to the opposite end of the stone bench, I slipped off her shoes. Holding her feet, I slid my hands slowly up her ankles towards her hemline. It was amazing. You hear the phrase 'silk stockings' every so often, but in the real world, they're mostly made from ordinary nylon. Zelda's really were silk, just like her dress. There are coding specialists who work exclusively on touch sensations. Creating visuals and sound on computers is a time worn practice, but with all the senses accessible to the ANVR, entirely new opportunities arose. So, just as there were chemists who worked on creating natural tasting artificial flavors, there were computer experts who manufactured textures. The texture of this silk would make Chinese dress maker swoon.

Pulling up the hem of her skirt, I revealed more of Zelda's legs, just past her knees. I actually felt a small lump in my throat as I contemplated lifting her skirt still further, and I remained for a time simply stroking and caressing her calves through her stockings, finally letting my hands slid under her skirt to her thighs. I pressed myself closer, imagining the warmth that must be coming from her body. In every other respect, no imagination was required. She was solid, and her skin beneath her clothes was soft and supple. Pushing her skirt until it bunched at the waist with her apron, I took in the sight of her lovely long thighs, and the swell of her pubis. Her stockings ended just short of her white silk bloomers, meaning she was pretty much covered all over, though her underwear was smooth and tightly fitted.

I took Zelda's nearest leg and pulled it towards me, her foot dropping to the ground, her thighs now slightly spread apart. Unable to resist, I cupped her crotch with one hand, feeling her through her silken undies. As I expected, I could make out the soft petals of her Genie appended labia, and the matt of pubic hair that surrounded it. Rubbing the spot, I reflected how cool it would be if the next generation Genie could simulate a real sexual response, since I'd love to see that moisture collect on the smooth cloth that covered her.

Placing my knee on the vacant space on the bench, I lay myself over her, settling my weight on Zelda's body. I lay my head against her bosom, and felt the soft cushion of her breasts against my cheek. I could tell even without seeing it that my cock was rock hard, and it brushed against Zelda's inner thigh in a very exciting manner as I hugged her to me. I rose up just a little more to kiss her long neck, which was mostly covered by the high collar of her dress. My hands wandered down her torso to her metal belt, and I fumbled to find the latch or hook to undo it.

After a short time, I realized why I couldn't find it; it wasn't there. I'd forgotten that just because her appearance and clothes so closely mimicked that of real ones, it didn't mean they worked the same. There was no practical or normal way to remove her belt, which probably meant her dress was going to be impossible to take off too. Perhaps Nintendo was thinking ahead. I was more that a bit put off at the moment, but at the same time, I think it made me bound and determined to strip this elf princess naked. I enjoyed a challenge.

One great thing about this virtual silk is that while it proved impossible to tear, it was just as slippery and sheer as the real thing. The only real problem was getting her top off, which was made of something not unlike cotton. It was tucked into her belt, with the lower end forming the elaborate apron. I had had it all bunched up past her waist, but I soothed it out once again to try and slip it up under her belt. Impatient and horny, I literally straddled Zelda's chest as I pulled and worked the bottom end of her purple tunic free. Once that was accomplished, it was an easier task to raise Zelda's arms and get her top off her completely. This done, only her dress now remained as a barrier to her modesty. Annoyed, I soon discovered that it proved nearly as difficult to remove as her top. Though sheer and smooth, there was a lot of material, and it all gathered in an unworkable heap at her waist.

Sitting Zelda up, I pulled and pulled until it finally started coming free. This must be what it's like to try and put someone to bed when they've drunk themselves into unconsciousness. The idea of the princess Zelda getting herself piss drunk off her feet was amusing enough to dispel some of my frustration. The secret life of the Hyrulian royalty; who knew the faire blonde waif had a taste for the hard stuff? Of course, very soon she'd be getting a taste of something else that was very hard...

Getting rid of her troublesome clothes, the girl was mostly naked. She still wore her sexy white silk stockings, her gloves, and that belt. Her epaulettes had come off with her dress, while her tiara had been knocked askew, her hair now a rampant mess. Her bloomers came up to her waist, while her breasts lay entirely bare. They were not large by most standards, but enough to give her a pleasing shape through her clothes, and were especially charming without coverings. I was not surprised to see them capped by pink, rosebud nipples, exactly like Hilda's. With Zelda still sitting up, and me behind her, I took those wonderful orbs in my hands as I pressed against her back, kissing her along the neck and shoulders.

Unlike the Beach Spikers women, Nintendo hadn't seen fit to code the same fluid mechanics, which meant fondling Zelda's boobs felt rather like feeling someone's bicep. It was soft and supple, yes, but didn't have the same liquid give. Evidently, elves had a different anatomy -or perhaps this just ensured they wouldn't sag when she got older. Regardless, this minor break with reality didn't put a hold on my ardor.

I let my hands glide down her smooth flat stomach until I reached the waist band of her panties. I was half afraid her bloomers would be impossible to remove as well, but my fingers slid easily under the thin fabric. As I expected, Zelda's pubic hair was as straight and fine as the hair on her head. I gently combed it between my fingers before parting them and thrusting my finger tips between her labia and up inside her. My cock twitched in sympathy, and I pressed her body closer to mine as I fucked her with my digits.

Unable to resist any further, I pushed Zelda's torso forward, her chest flat against the stone bench. Raising her hips, I impatiently pulled her bloomers down and off her legs. In the process, I inadvertently caused her stockings to slip down to her knees in a rather sexy, disheveled manner. With her ass bare, she couldn't have been a sexier sight. Her naked back, thin and lean, her arms dangling, hair plastered over her sleeping face, and her legs all askew. Leaning into her, I moved her thighs even further apart so she was effectively straddling the bench. I slipped one arm underneath her torso, gripping her right shoulder from beneath for stability while I awkwardly tried to get the head of my penis inside her.

In this position, penetration wasn't deep, but the feeling of her soft ass against my pelvis as I rutted into her more than made up for it. I held her so tight I'm sure I would have hurt her if she was in any way real, and I sucked and nibbled on her elongated ears as I fucked her. Zelda's body quivered under the force of my coition, and her Genie created cunt enveloped the front end of my cock like a velvet glove.

I didn't want this to end too soon, so after a short while of fucking her like this, I stood up and turned her onto her side. I lifted one leg high and re-inserted myself inside her slack open cunt. Zelda's slack unconscious body offered no resistance as I abused her in any way I saw fit. I turned her again so that she was kneeling over the bench, her head hanging off one end while I plugged her deeply at the other.

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