tagRomanceVirtual No More Ch. 01

Virtual No More Ch. 01


The bathroom was filled up with steam just the way she liked it. Stripping down in a cold bathroom was not for her. This way the steam enveloped her skin as she peeled off her layers and as she climbed in the tub the hot water streamed against her tense muscles.

The past week had been particularly taxing and probably was the catalyst that had her here right now. As the water poured over her body she wondered how long one person could pretend that they were happy? "A long, long time," she sighed as she thought about her husband.

"Enough of this," Ruby said to herself. "Today you get to be happy!" Even though she was committed to follow through with today her mind obviously decided to play devil's advocate. As she lathered the rich smelling soap through her hair she could feel the nerves working their way into her thoughts. "After all", those traitorous thoughts said, "you are a mother who hasn't been able to spend much time on herself lately... years lately...and a married lady to boot". Glumly she thought, "What am I doing?"

"No more bad thoughts, today will be what it will be." And with that stern little warning Ruby put all thoughts out of her head but one.

Live in the moment.

And this moment was all about relaxing, feeling her muscles unwind under the pulse of the shower, the way her skin felt under the silky suds of her body wash. With that she felt a new feeling. Instead of the quiver of nerves she felt the tingles of arousal. They were small and tentative but they were there.

She poured exquisitely indulgent vanilla scented body wash on an equally indulgent cloth. Both of which she had tucked away for a special day. She had always felt she didn't deserve to use these things on a daily basis. "Why not?", she purred to herself, as she felt the smooth sudsy fibres pamper her skin.

With each caress across her skin she could feel her nerve endings come alive. She considered what she saw as she washed. Her breasts and hips were full...badges of honour from carrying two beautiful children. Her abdomen was slightly rounded... another badge of honour from her children. Definitely the body of a mature woman. She circled her hands around her waist. She had at least been gifted a much smaller waist giving her an hourglass shape. Would this be the body that a practical stranger would find attractive? One that had seen children, and years of placing herself last? She would soon find out.

"I could stay in this shower for ever," Ruby sighed, as she began to shave her legs. It was almost hypnotic to slowly guide the razor up over her calves, removing every last trace of shaving cream. A two minute shower was her normal routine so this was fantastic. With a last rub of her hands over her legs she was satisfied every last inch of them were satiny to the touch.

Now they matched the rest of her, she thought with a twinge of embarrassment. A few days before she had visited the local spa and they had made sure all her delicate spots were silky smooth too.

"Why should I be embarrassed," she said to the walls, as she lathered up some more of her body wash. "It's not as if I don't deserve to feel good about myself". And it did feel good, almost sinful, as she caressed the suds over her newly smoothed skin. For one quick moment the thought of a delicately placed kiss replacing the feeling of the wash cloth. Dropping the cloth she lingered over her tingling skin thinking about the day ahead.

In one short hour her lover could be knocking on that door...lovers of the mind she liked to think of them as. For they had never actually been with one another. Never been in the same room. But they had spent hours emailing, a few hundred at last check. During the week she would rush through lunch or skip it all together so she could steal a moment to chat live online. And there had been pictures, so it wasn't like they would be seeing a stranger when they looked at each other.

She thought of their last email, the one they knew would probably be the last before they met. It had started off innocent enough, as they really did talk of every day life, but as usual by the end of the email she had thoughts of what it would be like to feel him glide inside of her.

"You know what I want to do to you?", he had said to her. But before she could answer, he went on to say, " I can't wait to kiss you, taste you. I want to feel you wrap around me and wake with you in the morning."

It was right then that she told him she had a two day conference the next week. Her room was already booked. She would be there anyway and if he could get away he just needed to show up and knock on the door. If he couldn't come, he need not make any excuses or feel guilty. She knew he had a real life as well.

To her surprise he had said he would come right then but with life things could always pop up. Especially when your plans are secret to everyone else. But if he came...

Ruby was brought back to the moment with a burst of cold water, making her break out in goose bumps in all places but one. She had obviously been daydreaming longer than she thought and had managed to make her newly smoothed lips wet with excitement.

While she had given herself plenty of time to get ready she wanted to be in control of the situation. For as long as she could anyway. It kept the nerves away. She had planned every second right up until she answered the door and after that she was sure there would be no need of planning. Ruby began searching through her suitcase, the one she had stored at work for weeks. It contained a few items that she hoped would get someone`s heart racing. They were a first for her as she never bought anything so frivolous, so sensual, so much for her....

Standing in front of the mirror Ruby dropped her towel and began the slow, sensual process of dressing for her lover...for her. First she pulled out the thigh highs which were silky to the touch and had the tiniest bow at the top. Running then up her caves and then up her thighs she imagined his fingers caressing her in the very same spots...lingering just above the band. She could feel her own heat as she finished rolling up the other nylon. Watching herself dress in front of the mirror made her tingle in places that had long been dormant. "This is just the beginning," she said to herself as she imagined how much more intense the night would be.

Next she pulled out the most impractical and sexy panties she had ever owned. They were cut to fit straight across the hips and barely covered up over her ass. Adorned with little tiny ruffles and garters which she slowly attached to her nylons, she looked like she was ready to dance in a burlesque show. And she loved it. Loved how it made her feel.

The last item was the most delicately beautiful. It screamed all the erotic thoughts that were in her head. Made from a fine black lace she placed the bustier around her waist and adjusted the satiny laces on the sides. The peek a boo lace hinted to what was underneath and was fringed with tiny bows all along her breasts. "Jeez girl, you don't look half bad," she whispered as she did a twirl in the mirror.

Glancing at the clock she realized she still had at least a half hour. "What to do..." she mused as she once again twirled in the mirror. Maybe just take a moment to relax since she still had a few nervous twinges. Ruby climbed up on the bed and it cradled her like a lover. It was so soft, sinful actually, for a bed to feel so good. The combination of the cool sheets and her new outfit made her very aware of her own body and as she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror she let out a small gasp. The image of her lying in the bed was so erotic. She almost couldn't believe it was her. She moved her hands down her sides and the sensation was exaggerated as it went through the lace. She then ran them across her breasts and immediately they hardened with arousal causing her to let out a small moan.

Ruby shifted so she could see her whole profile in the mirror and slowly ran her hand down across her tummy igniting every nerve ending in her body as she did so. As her other hand continued to caress her nipples she slowly shifted her fingers underneath the tiny ruffles on her panties. She was already moist with need as she slipped her finger across her swollen lips and little lightning bolts danced across her eyes. With no need to rush she ran her finger down the whole length of her heat...slowly...enjoying each ripple of pleasure that was created. Probing deeper with each movement she could feel her desire build up to a very intense peak.

Caught up in her desire it took Ruby a few moments to register the soft knock at the door. She slowly raised herself up off the bed and made her way across the room. "No turning back now," she quietly said. Peaking through the peep hole just to make sure her intended guest was out there, she was startled by yet another soft knock. Between her recent activities on the bed and this shot of adrenaline she was wired for sound. She was sure with one touch her body would explode into pure bliss.


He was beginning to think she wasn't here, or wasn't going to open the door. It hadn`t taken much thought to convince himself to actually come to the hotel. He had agreed instantly, but as with all things, doubts had settled themselves into his mind. However, he had been emailing her for months now and there was something fiery in their conversations. He just had to show up.

Just as he was ready to give up she opened the door and his mouth fell open. She stood at the door with a shy, uncertain look on her face. But she was dressed to please any sane man's desire. Lace and tiny ruffles....and that look in her eyes... his mouth went dry. He had seen that look before. One of desire and deep arousal. If he was not mistaken she had been occupied when he knocked on the door. And since there was no one else in the room it was a safe bet that she was occupying herself. He went hard at the thought.


He hesitated so long at the door Ruby thought he was about to change his mind but as she looked at him she saw his eyes go dark. It made her knees weak so much so that she actually leaned against the door to keep from falling. It was then that she noticed his other sign of arousal. He was straining against his well fitting jeans and she could hear his shallow breaths. It was all she needed to close the gap and shut the door behind them. In one quick movement his hands were tightly embracing her waist and caressing her ass. His lips were tight against hers and with each kiss she fell deeper. Skillfully he managed to get her back up against the door, and in a moment of clarity she realised the Do No Disturb sign was gone. He must have been placing it on the door as she was doubting he would stay.

To be continued...

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