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Author's Notes: The characters of Nara, Mara, and Taloon ( as well as the world setting ) are not my creation. I have added my own take to each of them. This is a fanfiction fantasy, and simply draws upon the original world/characters as a setting. No toe-stepping is intended.


I awoke in clothes that felt stiff and damp, blinded by the bright sunlight streaming down on me.

"Young Master, this is a most unwise place to take a nap, I must say."

Squinting through the glare, I made out the silhouette of a man standing over me. Gradually, my eyes adjusted. The man was dressed garishly, with a wide comical mustache of gray.

Looking around, I didn't notice anything familiar. In fact, everything looked entirely too green. The air smelled odd too -- cleaner. Sitting up, I muttered, "Where in the hell am I?"

"You are a few miles southwest of Endor, young Master," Mr. Mustache answered me.

I laughed, "Endor? Should I be looking for Ewoks or Taloon?"

"You know Master Taloon? I would expect one acquainted with such a shrewd arms merchant to be better equipped. Unless you have things hidden in that obviously magical bag your head was resting on."

Oh, man, I must have fallen asleep playing D.Q. Four. This is one fucked up dream, I thought with amusement. What the hell, may as well play along.

"Thanks for the wake up call, good merchant. I assume you're a merchant by your sack of wares."

The wandering dealer smiled, and replied, "Indeed I am, and I am at your service, should you require anything."

"Well, let me go through my bag here, and see if I need anything." Picking up the bag, I could tell it was magical the moment I opened it. There's far more space inside the thing than it could possibly contain.

Digging into the bag, I quickly recognized Erdrick's Armor. That should impress the hell out of the locals. Attempting to remove it from the bag, however, proved impossible. An attempt to drag out the Armor of Radiance from Dragon Quest three failed as well. What the hell? Grabbing a suit of leather armor, I found it came out of the bag easily enough. A maker's mark on it listed it as coming from the village of Lifecod.

Testing a theory, I dug around until I saw something else familiar. The maker's mark on the wing of the wyvern said Leftwyne, and I was able to pull it from the bag without any problem.

Okay, so something has to be common to all the games in order for me to get it out of the bag. Either that, or it has to come from this world. Not a problem. What's the strongest common armor? Magic Armor should work.

After a moment, I found exactly what I was looking for. Pulling it out of the bag, along with a broadsword, I told the merchant, "It appears I'm fairly well supplied, I'm afraid, good merchant."

Shrugging his shoulders and smiling, the wandering salesman said, "Such is my luck. I must warn you, there are many bubble slimes in this area."

Having recognized several healing and antidote herbs in my bag, and now almost dressed in my Magic Armor, I wasn't terribly worried. I found the armor to be quite light, and the broadsword felt completely natural in my hands. The only thing I could guess was that my skills in the game were transferring over as skills within it.

Attempts to cast a spell after that proved fruitless, however. Damn it, I laughed mentally. A good Zap spell or two would be pretty impressive. Oh well, I guess I'll have to depend upon my trusty sword here.

Sheathing the sword, I said, "Thanks again, good merchant. Now, if you would be so kind as to point me in the right direction of Endor?"

"I travel that way, if you wish to walk with me," he replied.

"Sounds like a plan to me. Shall we go?"

As we set off, I hoped I wouldn't wake up too soon. This dream was actually kind of fun. Seeing the Dragon Quest sprites as real, flesh and blood people was a real blast. I whistled Wagon Wheels March as we walked, and found that the tune actually set a good cadence for a quick hike.

"That is quite a stirring tune, young Master. I recall now that I do not know your name."

Well, I use this name the first time I play through any game, so it seems appropriate. "Just call me Thakkor."

"Thakkor it shall be then, young Master. You may call me Bertir." He hesitated a bit as we continued on, tilting his head as if listening. "I would advise having your sword ready, Thakkor. I believe I hear something."

Snapping my weapon free of its sheathe, I discovered the merchant's advice was quite sound only a moment later. A pack of three bubble slimes came bounding out of the underbrush along the trail, their smiling faces from the game nowhere near as amusing in real life. They bounced toward us at a quick pace, and the merchant next to me readied his sword, even as I brought mine in front of me.

With a gurgling cry, the first one leaped at me. I reacted with perfectly timed instincts, slapping the creature aside and cleaving a great rift in its poison-oozing hide. The creature hit the ground and almost appeared to deflate, fitfully undulating in an attempt to rise again.

I didn't have time to admire my handiwork, as the other two bubble slimes were already on the attack. Bringing my sword back across, I caught the slime attacking me with the flat of my blade. The blow sent it hurtling into the distance like a line drive.

My merchant friend didn't have such good luck, and he took what looked like a painful wound to his right shoulder. He managed to batter away the attacking slime, and I stabbed down right through the center of it, holding my breath against the acrid stench of the creature's poison. For good measure, I jabbed the still twitching first slime, to make sure it stayed down.

Glancing toward where the final bubble slime had landed, I saw it rapidly running away. I whistled the 'end of battle' sound effect, tilting my head as if listening for the level-up music to follow. "Damn, not enough experience, I guess," I chuckled.

Turning back to my fellow traveler, I saw him breaking out in a sweat, not looking well at all. I asked, "Poison?"

Bertir nodded, and then pointed weakly at the dissolving remains of the bubble slimes. Lying upon the ground were a few gold coins, and a pair of herbs. Those would be antidote herbs, of course. Bubble slimes drop antidotes, when they drop anything. Bertir having pointed out the herbs more or less confirmed it as well.

Snatching up one of the herbs, I handed it to Bertir. He rubbed it on his shoulder wound, and almost immediately started to look better. After a minute or two, he said, "Thank you Thakkor. You fight quite well. I am lucky to have found such a worthy traveling companion."

Clapping him on the opposite shoulder from the wound, I said, "No problem, Bertir. That's what you do on the road -- take care of your fellow travelers, right?" Picking up the coins from the ground, I handed half of them to Bertir. "Oh, and share the loot, of course."

Laughing, and refusing to take the coins, Bertir said, "You did all the fighting, young Thakkor. The coins belong to you. I find I enjoy my gold more when I earn it through bartering, anyway."

Pocketing the coins, I said, "Fair enough. How far are we from Endor?"

"Just over that hill, and we will be there," he replied.

Gesturing for him to take the lead, I launched back into Wagon Wheels March as we walked.


Endor was a big town in the game, but it paled in comparison to the sprawling city before me. Everywhere there were merchants, buying and selling. People bustled here and there, roaming from shop to shop, and home to home. The entire city seemed to be alive with movement as I walked the streets.

Off in the distance, I could see a tall stone structure, with bright pennants on top. At first, I thought it was the castle, but then I noticed an even larger mountain of stone in the distance, and determined that the first must be the casino. I certainly planned to check that out at some point.

"I must go to set up my booth. It has been a pleasure to travel with you, Thakkor," Bertir said, sticking out his hand to shake.

"Same here. I'll be sure to look you up if I need anything," I replied while shaking his hand.

Bertir walked off into the throng, and I took in the sights. The people were somewhat exotic, and oddly dressed, but otherwise they were regular people. I ran into an assortment of friendly, rude, and indifferent townsfolk, just as I might have expected to encounter in any fair-sized city. Fortunately, I had plenty of gold in my magical little sack, so I had an excuse to wander through a lot of the shops, adding to my stash of items.

I also had plenty of gold for the local brew, which went down like water, but kicked like a mule.


I woke up from a dream about home, my head pounding and my mouth dry. Once I was able to open my eyes, I dimly recognized the room at the Inn I'd stumbled into the night before.

Can you dream in a dream? I expected to wake up at home, but I'm still here. This is getting just a little bit to frikkin' weird, I thought as I tried to drag my still partially inebriated carcass out of the bed.

I was glad to find that healing herbs worked just as well on a hangover as a sword slash, and shortly after taking one, I was up and about again. I headed back out into the streets, planning to hit the casino and try my luck at some poker. I'd always done well in the game, so I decided I'd give it a shot. It looked like I was stuck here at that point, so I figured I may as well have a little fun.

As I meandered through the streets, I happened across a gathering crowd. Curious as to what they were pushing in to see or hear, I wandered that way. I heard a female voice when I got closer.

"... great darkness, and light. They will contend, with the fate of the world in the balance. This city carries a torch on the side of light."

I managed to edge my way through the crowd, and I knew exactly who I was looking at, the moment I saw her. Leaning over a crystal ball, the fortuneteller speaking prophecy could have only be Nara. She appeared to be in a deep trance, but snapped out of it almost the moment I got a good look at her.

"Bah, more vague prophecies," one man near me said, as he turned to walk away.

A woman a few feet away said, "She predicted my husband's return, though. What if she's right?"

A buzz rose up from the gathered people, as they all argued about the validity and relevance of Nara's prophecy. Seeing that Nara looked weak and dazed, I pushed my way through the crowd.

"You okay there, Nara? You don't look so good," I asked.

Nara replied, "I am fine. Sometimes visions come upon me, which are so strong, that they leave me a little out of sorts." A moment later, her head came up and she looked at me curiously. "How did you know my name?"

Twitching my eyebrows, I said, "I have my own abilities, much the same as yours. I know what's going to happen. I believe your prophecy, by the way. You're one of those carrying a torch for the light too. You and your sister."

May as well have a little fun with my knowledge of the game, I thought.

Looking a little apprehensive, but obviously intrigued, Nara stood and said, "Would you please come into my tent? I would hear more of what you see in the future."

"Sure, why not. Name's Thakkor," I replied. Nara wore heavy, concealing robes, but they couldn't hide the swell of her bosom. It took quite a bit of effort not to stare at her breasts, or any of her for that matter. She had sun-browned skin, big expressive eyes, full lips, and long, dark hair. Her sprite from the game certainly didn't do her justice.

Nara walked over to her tent, the sway of her bottom a hypnotic sight indeed. She turned and pulled back the flap of the tent, gesturing for me to enter. The flap quickly closed behind us as soon as I stepped inside.

"Please, have a seat, Thakkor, and tell me what you know," Nara requested, sitting down on a cushion within the tent.


To say Nara was intrigued by what I told her would be a great understatement. Having played the game a million times, I was able to describe all sorts of things from the future. Nara listened with rapt attention, asking questions on occasion. Finally, I finished, and Nara summed up her thoughts in a single question.

"You say that I, my sister, and these others will face a great evil, in times to come? One will come to draw us all together, and lead us to our destiny?"

I answered, "That's it. Endor is important, but you, and those you'll meet here, are more important by far."

Nara asked, "What is your place, in this destiny?"

"To guide you, I suppose," I replied. It was more or less the truth, as when playing the game that was what I did.

"May I try to get a sense of your future, Thakkor?"

Smiling, I said, "Sure, why not."

Reaching out, Nara took one of my hands, and laid it between the palms of hers. She closed her eyes, and almost immediately jerked, as if hit by a jolt of electricity. A gasp accompanied her sudden movement, and her eyes popped open a second later.

I asked, "Did you see something?"

A rather mischievous grin spread across Nara's beautiful face. "Yes, I did."

"Sister, are you here? People are saying that you riled up a crowd with a prophecy today."

I turned to see Mara pulling back the tent flap, and stepping inside. She looked much like her sister, save having a lither figure, with smaller breasts and narrower hips. She was also dressed in far from a conservative fashion, showing a great deal of very attractive skin.

Mara paused upon seeing me, and raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Oh, now who is this?" Her voice was seductive, and suggestive, the question directed as much to me as it was to Nara.

"This is Thakkor. He sees the future, as I do. I will tell you of our visions later, as I know you will dance tonight. I would not wish you to be late." Nara's tone indicated that there were some silent communications going on between the two sisters, something I was not privy to.

Mara let out a little amused sound. "Very well, I'll be by as soon as I'm done dancing tonight."

"I will see you then, Sister," Nara responded with a smile that bordered on smug.

A little bit of competition between the dear sisters, I see. They certainly glossed over this in the game script. I chuckled, and then realized, And they're competing over me. Well, well now. This has some interesting possibilities.

Mara left, and Nara stood up almost immediately. "Will you come with me? I don't think this is the appropriate place to reveal my vision to you."

I picked up just a touch of anticipation in Nara's voice. I raised my eyebrows in a silent question, and received an equally silent answer when color flooded Nara's cheeks. "Sure, lead on. You certainly have me wondering what you saw."

Nara exuded an almost visible sense of excitement as I followed her through the streets of Endor. We soon reached the room she shared with her sister, and Nara quickly ushered me inside. The only furnishings were a pair of canopied beds, a table with two chairs, and a few trunks.

I heard a bolt slide home behind me. Turning around, I found Nara facing me, locking the door behind her back with practiced ease. She asked, "Would you like to know what I saw in my vision?"

"That was the plan for coming here," I laughed.

Shaking her head slightly, Nara said, "No, my plan in coming here was to make that vision come true. In my vision, we both lay in my bed, spent from a wonderful evening of lovemaking."

As she spoke, she walked over to me -- her hips swaying, and her hands working on the ties of her robes. By the time she reached me, her robe was slipping open, revealing the cleft between her large, firm breasts, and the tanned skin of her flat tummy.

"I have to say -- that sounds like a wonderful vision of the future."

Knocking on my breastplate, she said, "Take off that armor, and let us fulfill my premonition."

I was rapidly discovering one of the significant drawbacks of metal armor -- it doesn't give very well against a swelling erection. Nara swept past me, pulling her robe down off her shoulders. I kept my eyes on her, while unbuckling my armor as fast as I could. When she reached her bed, she let the robe pool to the floor, revealing her full, naked backside in all its glory.

Nara climbed into her bed, covering her body in the gauzy curtains, in what was a sexy display of feigned modesty. The nearly transparent material did nothing to hide her large breasts, capped by small, dark nipples, or the carefully manicured nest of curls adorning her mound.

I started toward the bed, the final plates of my armor clanging to the floor even as I took the first step. I tugged my shirt over my head as I reached the bed, but Nara took the initiative after that.

Pulling me close, using the waist of my pants as a handle, she pulled them down as soon as my knees pressed against the bed. I kicked off my boots, and stepped out of the material gathered at my ankles. Nara reached out to my smooth-shaven cock with a look of delighted surprise.

She let out a little moan as she wrapped one hand around my shaft, cupping the orbs below in her other hand. "It's so smooth. I've never felt something so wonderful."

Sighing from the soft touch of her hands on me, I responded, "I think I can safely say the same."

Licking her lips, Nara said, "I think I can top it."

Letting out a sharp gasp, I managed to say, "I think you're right," as her lips slipped over the head of my cock.

After that first suckle, and a few tickles from her tongue, Nara appeared to be unhappy with the awkward angle, lying on her belly to reach me with her mouth. She tugged me onto the bed with her, and a push on my chest instructed me to lie down.

My back barely hit the mattress before she leaned over me, sliding her hands up my legs until they reached my hips. She then lay down on her side next to me -- her breasts pressing against my leg with firm, delightful pressure -- and took me in her mouth again.

I groaned as she engulfed nearly my entire length with that first slow suck. She then sucked in her cheeks nearly concave, sliding her soft, wet lips back toward the tip. Nara kept a tight vacuum on me, her full lips sliding over my shaft in a slow, teasing motion.

Normally, it's very difficult to get me off with oral sex. Something about the angles, or the pressure, just keeps me below the point of no return. Such was not the case as Nara worked her magic on me. I could feel the itch building after only a few bobs of her head, and it steadily intensified with each wonderful stroke of her mouth.

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