Virtual Reality: Dragon Quest IV


Pausing at the end of one slow suck, Nara suddenly bobbed her head quickly, over just the mushroom tip, for several strokes. Her tongue caressed me as she sucked, and I felt my balls tighten. When she swallowed me whole a moment later, I knew I wasn't going to last much longer.

"If you..." I had to pause to gasp before I could finish. "If you keep that up, you're going to delay your half of the vision by a bit."

Nara's lips slid back over me with agonizing slowness, releasing me with a pop. She looked up into my eyes with a satisfied, mischievous grin. "Feel good?"

I chuckled weakly, "Yep." Rolling over onto my side, I took Nara's hand and guided her to move up toward the head of the bed. Now, of course, is when I'll wake up from this dream. That's always my luck.

I didn't wake up, though. I kissed her neck, moving upward to suckle her earlobe lightly for a moment, and then started back down again. Her nipples were pebble hard when my lips reached them. Her moans were sharp and loud, as I sucked the stiff points, flicking them with my tongue. The pace of her breathing picked up, and I saw her hand creeping between her thighs in my peripheral vision.

"Oh, you're making me ache," Nara said in a breathless whisper.

Releasing her right nipple -- giving it a final curl of my tongue around it -- I told her, "I think I can do something about that."

Nara gasped as I kissed her tummy, and then she moaned as I traced kisses over the taut flesh toward her mound. I moved my arms out of the way, one at a time, giving her room to part her legs. The scent of her arousal washed over me, prompting me to speed up my journey toward the source of it.

Short trimmed, dark, curly hair adorned her sex -- just hiding the treasure beneath. A slow slide of my fingers parted her labia, revealing the sharply contrasting pink between them. Looking up into her eyes, and smiling for a moment, I lowered my lips to her.

Nara let out a quavering gasp, one of her hands coming to rest on the back of my head. The very first swipe of my tongue over her wet folds revealed a uniquely spicy taste. Whatever caused it, I certainly liked it. Pressing my tongue in deep, I swirled it over her walls, gathering up the abundant, flavorful juices.

It took only a few moments of experimentation to discover that Nara preferred a soft touch. I worked my tongue in slow strokes, teasing her labia, just brushing the pearl at their apex, stoking her fires steadily higher.

"That feels so good," Nara moaned. I looked up to see that she was now rubbing her fingers over her stiff nipples, stimulating them as I lapped her.

I gave her a deliberate swirl of my tongue on her clit, drawing a sharp yelp from her, and causing her hips to rise up to meet my mouth. I returned to the swollen bud a moment or two later, receiving much the same reaction.

When I closed my lips over the center of her pleasure for a moment, she gasped out, "More!"

With devilish intent, I released her clit and wiggled my tongue downward, between her labia. A broad stroke upward touched her special spot for a second, and I let out a sensual chuckle, as the pleading tone of her moan revealed what she wanted.

I edged her higher with flicks of my tongue, and my suckling lips. Her breathing quickened yet again, and more of her juices washed over my tongue every time I moved downward for a taste of them.

"Oh, please, I need to come," Nara said in a strained voice.

I had already started to lift her hood, even as she said the words. Her body language had revealed her need long before her words. A warbling scream of pleasure burst from her as I gave her a strong stroke of my tongue over the bared nub.

Nara's fingers curled into my hair, and I knew the time for teasing was over. Her hips rocked rhythmically up toward me, pressing me tight against her sex, as if I needed any additional encouragement. Wrapping my lips around her clit, I circled it with my tongue, increasing the speed of the strokes with every swirl.

Yelps, moans, and gasps erupted from her as she climbed higher. When her fingers fisted into my hair, and she thrust her wet heat hard against my face, I knew she was there. Her thighs clamping tight around my ears muffled her scream of release, but I could feel the power of it reverberating through her entire body.

I let up the pressure just long enough for the initial shock of her orgasm to pass, and then attacked her clit once more, with even more gusto. Her grip on me tightened, as she went into a string of multiple climaxes.

Despite the ache in my neck and jaw, I was far from done with her when Nara pushed me away. Curling up into a fetal position, she clamped her hands over her sex, trembling and jerking as the aftershocks of her orgasm continued to rock her.

I stroked her back, giving my painfully throbbing cock a quick stroke of my fingers to calm my own need as I did so. It took Nara a couple of minutes to uncurl, and she still gasped for air even then.

"Oh, it has been too long," she moaned. "I've been touched by nothing more than my own fingers in months."

Licking my lips, I said, "There's plenty more where that came from. I love how you taste. I could lick you for days."

Shuddering from those words, she rolled over to brush her fingers over my cock. "I want to feel you inside me."

I started to tell her I didn't have any condoms, but realized that the odds were she would have no idea what I was talking about. "Even if I pull out before I get there, there's still a risk of getting you pregnant."

Wrapping her hand around me, stroking her hand over my hard flesh, she informed me, "It is safe now. My abilities have never failed to predict when I might become with child. Now is not such a time."

Groaning from the feeling of her hand stroking me, I said, "I honestly don't know how long I'm going to last. I feel like I'm going to burst right now."

Purring, Nara rolled onto her back and parted her legs wide. "Then do it. I have magic that can restore your vigor in very little time. I love feeling a man come inside me."

The sight of her, legs and lips parted wide, teasingly stroking her folds, made that an easy request to fulfill. "Well, since you asked so nicely..."

Nara chuckled quietly, and then purred as the head of my cock pressed up against her. She leaned up, and moaned as she watched me vanish into her tight canal.

I closed my eyes, loving the tight squeeze of her, as I slipped easily into her saturated depths. "Damn, you feel good," I groaned as I hit bottom.

"Mmm, so do you. Take me." She gasped as I withdrew, letting out a high-pitched grunt a moment later as I filled her again. Her fingers moved in slow circles over her clit, and she licked her lips sensually as I started thrusting in earnest.

As tight as she was squeezing me, and as worked up as I was, I knew I wasn't going to last long at all. I tried to hold it back, hoping to get her to her peak -- or at least close enough to finish her off before I couldn't handle the sensitivity. After only a few more strokes, I knew the effort was going to be fruitless. Already teetering on the edge, it was going to take only the slightest change in the pace, or angle of my thrusts to make me explode.

She saw the strain in my face, and stopped rubbing her clit. Gripping her legs behind the knees, she pulled them up toward her chest and said, "Give it to me, Thakkor. I want it."

I didn't really have a lot of choice at that point. Tightening my grip on her hips, and spreading my knees a little farther apart, I dropped any pretense of control. The sound of our bodies coming together quickened for a few strokes, and then I was there.

Letting out a growling scream, I erupted into her hot depths. She echoed my scream with a squealing moan, placing a caressing hand over her mound. As I haltingly rocked my hips, still spurting inside her, she softly said, "I like being able to make you lose control like that. It feels so good."

"Gods, yes," I groaned. "Damn, you're wet."

"It's been too long, and I was already wet from the moment I had the vision of us," Nara responded.

Pulling free, amidst a protesting moan from Nara, I collapsed back onto the bed. "That's going to have to be some powerful magic, if you're going to get me up off this bed any time soon."

Nara reached down to gather up a stream of her creamy juices, mingled with a dollop of my escaping semen, and brought it to her lips. Reaching between her still parted thighs for another taste, she said, "My magic has never failed me before."

Nara rose up to her knees, licking her fingers clean. Moving her hands and speaking softly, she cast her spell. My eyes opened in surprise, as I felt the fog of ecstasy in my head fade somewhat. Strength flooded through my limbs, even as blood rushed back into my slowly softening cock.

I sat up, still a little in awe of her magical trick, and Nara dropped to her hands and knees on the bed. Whipping her hair as she looked back over her shoulder at me, she said, "I like it this way. Do you?"

"Oh, yeah," I replied, as I got up on my knees too. Nara slid her hands forward slightly, causing her hips to rock upward, giving me a clear view of her still dripping pussy.

I teased her, running the tip of my erection over her slick lips, and then grasped her hips with both hands and drove my cock home. Nara sighed as I penetrated her, saying, "So deep."

After only a pair of strokes, I could tell I wasn't going to come any time soon. I was still too desensitized from having just exploded in her only a minute or two before. After a few more strokes, her body language revealed that she wanted me to take it easy, as I had when lapping her.

I set a measured pace, pulling back until the ridges of my cock head slipped from between her lips, and then pushing back in until my body pressed hard against hers. I knew the steady strokes had to be letting her feel every inch of me, and I certainly felt every inch of her, gripping me tight.

Every few strokes, I would lean back, or forward a little, changing the angle at which I slipped into her wet heat. Every time I hit a new area of her depths, Nara would let out a long, deep moan. That prompted me to try turning slightly to the left and right as well, giving her even more varied sensations.

Nara leaned down to lie with her upper body on the bed, reaching beneath her to rub her clit. At the same time, her hips started to move back toward my thrusts, indicating that she was ready for me to move away from the gentle pace.

I increased the speed and strength of my thrusts, my loins starting to slap against her now jiggling bottom on every stroke. Between her wetness, and my semen still inside her, little squishy sounds joined the claps of our bodies meeting.

I was starting to feel the first tingles of a building orgasm, but Nara was far ahead of me. Her hips thrust back at me hard, and I matched her obvious desire by giving her harder pumps of my pelvis as well. I could just see her fingers flashing over her sex, and she was panting for breath.

Rising up for a moment, flipping her hair, and looking over her shoulder again, Nara gasped out, "Faster!"

Getting a better grip on her hips, I gave her exactly what she wanted. Warbling screams of ecstasy bubbled from her as I took her with all I had. Just as I thought I'd have to slow down, or erupt inside her again, she came.

Her face pressed into the mattress muffled Nara's scream, but it was still quite loud. Her walls clamped down tight on me, actually holding me in place. I probably could have pulled free and thrust again, if I'd really tried, but her hands reaching back to grab me indicated clearly enough she didn't want me to. She held me buried inside her, rhythmically contracting around my cock, and screaming her pleasure into the sheets.

When her hands fell to the bed again, I felt a crooked grin crossing my face. The pause had staved off my own climax, and I knew that if I kept up a rapid pace, I would last even longer still. Grabbing her hips tight and spreading my knees apart, I pounded into her.

Still coming, Nara let out a sharp scream when I started thrusting again. The scream was rapidly replaced with a growl as my cock slammed into her. I didn't relent in the slightest, assaulting her with all my strength. Her cries turned more animalistic by the moment, as I drove her to even higher plateaus.

Sweat glistened on both our bodies, as I neared my own point of no return. Nara had reached the point where she could no longer voice her pleasure, emitting only rapid, blasting breaths from her wide-open mouth. She only found her voice again, to release a drawn out groan, when I buried my cock inside her and coated her walls with my cum again.

I leaned over her, my knees feeling too weak to support me. Nara continued to gasp, trembling from the aftershocks of her orgasm. When I simply couldn't remain upright, I jerked from her with a scream, rolling heavily to my back on the bed.

Nara's hips sank to the mattress, little tremors still rocking her. For quite some time, neither of us could do more than gasp for air, and pray nothing touched either of us within a foot of our oversensitive nether regions.

When we both could move again, Nara asked me, "Where are you staying?"

"Over at the Inn, I'm just visiting," I replied in a weak voice.

"My sister will be home before much longer, but I don't want this to end just yet. I'll leave her a note, saying I went out to do a reading for someone in a nearby farmstead, and will be saying the night. Would you like to take me back to your room at the Inn?"

Ah, what a wonderful dream, I thought. "I'd love to, just as soon as I can move again."

Nara giggled and snuggled up against me. "You were wonderful."

"So were you. Do you think we can top it?"

"We can try," she replied with a laugh.


I woke up the next day, still sticky and weak. Nara's spells proved quite potent, and I was able to get a rise twice more. I didn't even remember pulling from her the final time, before I collapsed into an exhausted slumber.

Nara awoke a short time later, rolling over and kissing me. "Good Morning."

"Probably closer to afternoon," I chuckled.

Nara's eyes opened wide. "Oh -- oh dear. I have two important people scheduled for readings today. I must go, before I miss them."

"I'll find something to do for the day," I said, folding my arms behind my head.

"And I'll provide you with plenty to do tonight," Nara whispered sexily into my ear, before kissing me again and rising to look for her clothing.

I lay in bed for a short while after Nara left, still feeling pretty worn out from the marathon sex the night before. Finally, boredom got to me, and I climbed reluctantly out of bed.

A quick bath a little while later helped me feel better, and I hit the streets, dressed this time in common clothing. I passed Taloon's shop, and I almost went in. The crowd looked pretty thick, however, and I didn't really need anything. I decided to give it a miss for now, and head over for a long overdue date with the casino.


I laughed as I lost yet another bet on the monster fights. The coins didn't really mean much, as I was just goofing off by that point. I'd lost two hands of poker upon first sitting down, but after a few double-downs on the third, I had sixty-four thousand coins in my casino account.

After a couple more big wins, the dealers had started to scowl at me, so I decided that was enough poker for the day. Heading over to the slots, I played with a tiny percentage of my winnings. After quite a few losses, I hit a couple of big jackpots, and got back well into the black again. With a nice bankroll safely away from my gambling lust, I played for a few hours on the numerous machines. They were far more varied than those in the actual game were, and it was a great deal of fun.

When the casino employees started scowling at me again, I moved on from the slots. After all, there was no sense in pissing them off and being thrown out my first day. Since then, I'd been watching monster fights for several hours. Once again, I'd only used a small percentage of my slot winnings, adding to the stockpile of coins from poker. I only had a few of those coins left, and with nightfall approaching, I decided to call it a day.

One of the bunny girls walked over, offering me a drink. I grabbed the foaming tankard, and then slowly dropped a dozen casino coins into her cleavage with a wink, as a tip. Twitching her eyebrows, she said, "Just call out if you need anything. My name is Candy."

"I'll do that. You're sweet, Candy." I managed to keep from chuckling at my own purposely-lame joke.

"You don't know how sweet," she said as she turned. She looked back over her shoulder before stepping away, and added, "But maybe you'd like to find out?"

I chuckled as she walked off, with a little extra sway in her shapely bottom -- much of which hung out of her skimpy costume.

"No! Damn!"

I recognized the voice, and turned to see Mara leaning her head up against one of the slot machines. She thumped her head against it a couple of times, and then sat bolt upright when a small troupe of musicians began to play.

"Oh no," Mara gasped. She then hurried through a door near the casino stage. The door was labeled Performers Only.

"So this is where you dance," I mumbled. Casino employees were in the process of moving around tables, and bringing out additional seats. I noticed that there were quite a few patrons, mostly men, also filtering in through the front door of the casino.

I moved up toward the stage, planning to take a seat right up front, but a spindly worker put his hand on my chest before I could sit down.

"If you want to sit in front, you have to pay. Three coins up front -- and you're expected to tip the dancers."

I scowled at the guy for a moment, and then glanced down at his hand on my chest. He moved his hand, looking a little worried and apologetic.

I pulled four casino coins out of my pocket, tossed them on the table, and said, "There you go. Take the fourth and buy yourself some manners, jackass. I'd be happy to teach you for free, if you'd like."

The guy obviously caught the warning tone in my voice. "That won't be necessary, Sir. Thank you, Sir. Would you like a drink, Sir?"

I chuckled and sat down. "That's better. If you're going to be in customer service, I suggest you moderate your attitude. You can take care of business without acting like an ass. Keep your eyes open. When I turn this tankard upside down, send Candy over with another one."

"Of course, Sir. Enjoy the show, Sir." He then scampered off to the other side of the stage, to help where he would be as far from me as possible.

I chuckled, thinking, If all my dreams were this much fun, I might actually get some regular sleep. Nara's planning to do naughty things with me again tonight, and Candy certainly looks like she's game, if things don't work out with Nara.

I felt a little guilt for thinking that for a moment, but laughed it off and took another long pull from my beer. Screw it, this is just a dream. No sense in stifling it with my damn conscience. It isn't like I'm actually going to be hurting anyone's feelings; they're figments of my subconscious imagination.

The music changed, and the first of the dancers came out. A blonde woman with an overly generous endowment topside, it was obviously that salient feature that drew the whoops and coins she earned for her dance -- because she wasn't that good. I tossed a coin her way, just to be polite. I was actually enjoying the music more than her dancing. It wasn't any song from the game, but it had all the flavor of the soundtrack. I always loved the game's music, and I found my feet tapping to the beat of the songs. I made a mental note to go tip the musicians when I had a chance.

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