Virtual Reality: Dragon Quest IV


Two more dancers hit the stage after the blonde. Both were quite beautiful -- and a lot better dancers than the first. I finally flipped my tankard when the third woman started her dance, wisely moderating my consumption after my first experience with the potent local brew.

Candy did a lot of bending over to show her cleavage, and brushing up against me as she delivered my drink. When I pulled out the coins to tip her, she shoved her tits in my face with a wink. I deposited the coins in exactly the same location as I had the first tip I'd given her. I missed most of the third girl's dance thanks to the closer action of the waitress.

Loud whoops, tankards banging on tables, and feet stomping on the floor signaled the emergence of the next dancer on the stage. I looked back from where I was watching Candy's swishing bottom, and saw Mara take the stage.

Her outfit was far more risqué than those of the previous dancers. Mara's firm, handful-sized breasts were almost completely bare, with only the nipples truly concealed. Likewise, ample amounts of her dark brown skin -- identical to her sister's -- showed through the nearly transparent silken skirt she wore. It looked like she wore some sort of panties beneath the skirt, but they blended so well with her skin that it was difficult to tell.

I blew out a low whistle when Mara started to dance. Her movements screamed of sensuality, even before she started to weave through the crowd, gliding her hands over the patrons in the front row. Pirouetting sprites from the game didn't do her ability any more justice than the sprites representing the sisters did to show their true beauty. I thought that exotic dancers on any world would probably gnaw their own livers watching Mara dance. Her dance was so overtly sexual, it was nearly like watching porn. You almost forgot that she was dressed at all.

Coins flew left and right onto the stage. Whenever a large amount of coins clattered on the wood, Mara would spin in the direction they had come from. The larger the amount of coin, the more attention she paid to the person who had tossed them.

Grinning mischievously, I pulled out a handful of coins, and waited until Mara spun away from another table. I tossed the coins onto the stage with a loud clatter, and saw Mara's eyes light up when she turned and noticed me.

The scene from History of the World where Josephus is being tested as a eunuch popped into my head as Mara danced around me. Rock hard instants after she arrived at my table, I quoted a line from the movie in my head, The jig is up!

For just a moment, I thought I caught the scent of arousal from her. Considering how close her pussy was to my face at that point, I really didn't doubt it. I also knew that she wasn't wearing anything beneath that thin skirt, and that she was shaven bare.

The music built to a crescendo as Mara spun around my chair, her hands roving over my chest and arms. When the music finished with a flourish, Mara finished her dance by spinning to her knees at my feet. She slid her hands up my legs as she stood, saying, "So, we meet again. Did you like my dance?"

"You're, very -- very good," I replied.

Mara glanced down without the slightest hint of shame at the bulge from my erection. She smiled and said, "I guess you did like my dance. I'll be back out in a little while for another spin, will you be here?"

"I think I might stick around," I answered.

Mara laughed and danced her way to the stage, to collect her coins and take a few bows. Once she went backstage, a poet came out. The patrons appeared to be tolerating him as a necessary evil, while the dancers and musicians took a break.

Signaling the formerly rude employee, I told him to save my seat, and took the opportunity to walk over to the musicians. Pulling out coins, I said, "You all have a lot of talent, and nobody pays much attention to it because of the girls." I then started distributing generous tips to all the musicians.

A man with a fiddle-like instrument spoke for the group, obviously the leader of the troupe. "It is nice to be appreciated, Sir. Is there anything you might like to hear? We play a few songs during the second break, before the back room show."

Raising my eyebrows, I asked, "Back room show?"

"Oh, new in town are you? The dancers perform a special show, for those who can afford admittance, after the regular show each evening. If you have enough coin to be so generous to us, I would suggest catching the show."

"I think I might just do that. I had a good day at the tables, so I've got plenty of coins to throw around. Do you know this song?" I whistled a little bit of Nara and Mara's theme, much to the delight of the musicians.

"No, we've never heard it, but I like it a great deal," the fiddle player answered. "If you can whistle the entire song, I'm sure we can learn it in short order. We have quite a long break still, as Wallen goes on forever with his poetry, and then we have a magician. The patrons drink a lot while those acts are going on, so the owners have stretched out their time. Nobody wants to lose their seat, so they stay through the whole silly thing."

"I've got one more too. Does Mara dance in the special show later?"

One of the other musicians blew out a whistle, "Does she ever!"

I laughed and said, "Okay then, let's save both of these for when she dances in the special show. You can start out with the first, and then transition into this one." I whistled a few bars of the sister's battle theme from the game.

The fiddle player clapped his hands, "Marvelous! Come, teach us these songs. They will fit perfectly with our standard set."


The troupe proved true to their leader's words, and they had mastered both songs during the break, even before the magician finished his act. I promised that I'd come back by later and teach them a few more. Many of the songs from the rest of the series would be good dancing music for the girls as well. They would also fit perfectly into the set, as they were written by the same composer.

Taking my seat again, the third dancer took the stage first this time, her dance a little more provocative than her first outing. She still couldn't hold a candle to the pure sexual energy Mara exuded when she danced. Dipping into my coins, I tipped all three of the other dancing girls generously, figuring they could use the boost in confidence. Having to come back on after Mara was probably hard on the ego, even with the boring poet and magician in between.

Candy got another rain of coins into her cleavage when I flipped my tankard again too. I'd had more beautiful female flesh pressing up against me in this one night than I'd ever had in real life. Mr. Sandman, I'm so going to kick your ass if you wake me up before Mara does her special dance.

Even as I thought it, doubt as to whether this actually was a dream crept through me. After all, I'd slept through two nights here in Endor, and I'd never had a dream so long, or detailed. Even those annoying dreams where you work an eight-hour shift, only to awaken to the alarm and find out you have to do it for real, had never been this long and full of meaningless little details.

Oh well, whatever it is, I'm having a blast. May as well enjoy it for now.

Mara took the stage again to the same enthusiastic greeting. Once again, I stole her away at the end of her dance with a generous rain of coins on the stage. When Mara walked backstage this time, I noticed many of the other patrons were scowling at me. I just shrugged my shoulders and sat back in my chair with my brew. It wasn't as if I'd be doing this every night. I was only celebrating my first win. I'm too much of a penny-pincher to spread coins around the way I was tonight for very long.

I sat and nursed my beer, listening to the singer on stage. She was quite good, and I made sure to drop several coins in the collection jar passed around for her when it reached me. I settled in and listened to her, waiting for the special show to start. Most of the patrons were leaving the stage area, having come for the dancers. So, when the man carrying the singer's collection jar started back toward the stage, I waved him over and added a few coins to my tip.

When the young lady finished her songs, she went backstage. After playing a few songs, the musicians went through the same door. A large, dangerous looking man took up a station in front of the door, while another mousy man set up a table nearby. A well-dressed young fop walked over and poured a generous handful of coins into the bowl on the table, and the human wall moved out of the way to let him pass.

A couple of other men, and at least one attractive young woman, started toward the door, digging into their coin purses. A few more people filed into the casino, proceeding immediately toward the guarded door. I stood up and got in line behind them, assuming the special show would be starting soon.

When I reached the table, the mousy man looked at me and said, "You're new, aren't you?"

I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Suppose I am."

He recited the list of rules with all the passion of a man reading a honey do list from his wife. "You will keep your hands at your side at all times, save to distribute coins, drink, or eat. You may not touch the dancers, waitresses, or any other employee in any way. They may touch you in any fashion they wish, which you also approve of. You need only raise your hand above your head if you feel uncomfortable with anything the dancers are doing. If you break any of the rules, you will be forcibly removed, and banned from the casino entirely. Do you understand?"

"Simple enough, you can look but you can't touch," I said, dropping the amount of coins indicated by a sign next to the bowl into it.

The man guarding the door, who looked to be half ogre to me, stepped out of the way, and I walked into the backstage area. I grunted in surprised approval when I saw the soft looking chairs and piles of cushions scattered about the area. The musicians played a slow, quiet tune, and nude waitresses distributed drinks to the twenty or so patrons lounging around the room. The waitresses all wore a thin belt, adorned with a silken pouch. A place to carry their coins, I assumed.

Candy's eyes lit up when she saw me, and she bounded toward me, her large breasts bouncing hypnotically. "I'm glad to see you. I'm afraid I don't have anywhere to put coins now, though." She affected a teasing pout, posing perfectly to give me a nice view of all her naked body's best features.

"I'm sure you'll figure out something. I like my Candy unwrapped."

Giggling, Candy escorted me to a couch near the stage. The stage was small, and I assumed that the dancers didn't make much use of it. As soon as I sat down, Candy leaned over me, straddling my legs, and letting her nipples scrape across my shirt. Her whisper was so suggestive, it could only be classified as an outright offer, "Would like anything?"

"Yes, but considering the rules, I guess I'll have to settle for another beer."

Candy laughed and stood up, but not before she rocked forward and let her breasts rub up against my chin. "I'll be right back."

Candy was as good as her word, and when she sat the beer down, I reached in my pocket to get her tip. Once I had the coins in hand, Candy leaned in close, pressing her breasts together, creating an attractive little pouch at the top between them.

"I told you that you'd figure something out," I laughed, and then dropped the coins into the beautiful little basket she'd created.

Candy let out a little yelp, "Oh dear, those are cold." She stood up and let the coins drop into her hand. She then deposited them in the little pouch on her belt. "Maybe next time, I could just get them from your pocket for you."

"There's another good idea, Candy. I'll give you a wave if I need another drink."

"Save some for me, once the dancers come out," Candy requested, putting on her pout again.

Leaning back, I laughed and told her, "I had a good day, don't worry. I've got plenty of coins to go around."

Candy licked her lips and nodded, then bounded off toward the bar again.

The couch was comfortable, the music was good, and the scenery couldn't be better. My eyes kept roving over toward the one female patron, who got just as much attention -- and seemed to enjoy it just as much -- as all the men in the room. She tipped lavishly, and she soon sat just as naked as the waitresses, the man who had entered with her stroking her thigh the whole time.

The music picked up, and the first of the dancers came out. What ensued was more or less a long, roving lapdance. The dancers fished for coins in pockets, and other places, grinding their bodies up against the patrons, including me. I was already painfully stiff long before Mara took the stage, only the relief of the dancers and Candy 'looking for their coins' taking some of the edge off my arousal.

Mara took the stage, and the musicians launched into the sisters' theme song from the game. Mara smiled at the musicians, closing her eyes and falling into the music. Unlike the other girls, she actually danced for a while, not immediately moving to the patrons to add her touch to the tip drawing enticements.

When the troupe increased the tempo, making the transition into the battle song, Mara followed right along with the beat. As erotic as her dances before had been, they were nothing compared to the pure, undeniable sexuality of her dance this time. She let her hands rove over her nude body, and when she spun close to me at one point, I could actually see that she was wet.

The patrons were all waving coins in the air, attempting to attract Mara's attention, but she was lost in the dance. I chuckled, thinking that the song would obviously resonate with her, as it was written for her in the game. Finally, she slipped back into reality, starting to move amongst the customers.

I simply watched for a while, adjusting my throbbing erection on occasion, to keep it from driving me crazy. Mara's eyes kept flashing in my direction, and when I finally pulled out a few coins to jingle them in my hand, she moved toward me in short order.

There was absolutely no mistaking the scent of her arousal this time. Sitting in my lap, she pressed her body up against me, whispering into my ear, "The musicians told me that you taught them this song. I love it. The beat is so -- exciting."

"Glad you like it," I said. She stood up to lean over me, not just putting her breasts in my face, but actually pressing her right nipple up against my lips. Fighting the temptation to let the hard little point slip between my lips took a tremendous amount of effort.

Mara danced around me, actually sliding over the couch back in a movement that I thought would be impossible to make look so graceful, and sexual. When she slipped a hand over the bulge in my trousers as she rose, I noted a slightly darker spot there, evidence of her wetness when she'd been grinding against my erection earlier.

Slipping off the couch, Mara dropped to her knees, and sinuously wove her body in front of me, saying, "Were those coins just bait to lure me over here, or do you actually have some to give me for my dance?"

"I think I have a few for you," I said.

"Let me get them," she said, and immediately put her hand down the front of my pants. Her hand stroking my cock was like heaven, as aroused as I was, and considering how long the tease had been going on.

"I can't seem to find them," Mara said with a crooked smile. Her hand continued to stroke over me, her fingers swirling over the head when she felt a drop of pre-cum ooze from me.

"They're in my pocket, but you can keep looking if you'd like."

Mara laughed and withdrew her hand from my pants. Bringing her fingers to her lips, she sucked them with a moan, and then slipped her hand into my pocket to fish for coins. She made sure to brush up against my cock several times in the process of removing the coins.

Sitting in my lap again, she whispered, "Don't leave when they start clearing the room. I'll take care of it."

She then spun out to finish her dance, the musicians taking the cue to bring the song to a crescendo. Mara finished with a spin that ended with her arms high over her head, her back arched, and her breasts thrust out to the room. Thunderous applause met her as she bowed to the crowd.

The room was abuzz, and the most common thing I overheard was that Mara almost never touched anyone when she danced. Tonight, virtually no patron in the room had gone without having Mara in their lap. They were all quite pleased to have been here for such an exciting occasion.

The employees let everyone stay for a short while; to talk and drink up a few more overpriced beverages. Then they started clearing the room. As Mara had asked, I remained in my seat. I got a few strange looks from the other customers leaving, but the staff paid me absolutely no mind. Mara had stopped briefly on her way to leave the stage, in order to speak with the bartender. Apparently, word had passed that I was to be allowed to remain.

A short while later, even the employees and the musicians left the room. I took the last pull of my beer, and wished I'd thought to order one more. I could still hear the noise from the casino, loud and boisterous despite the late hour.

I didn't have to wait long, though, because Mara appeared in the backstage door shortly after the last employee left. She was still nude, and gestured for me to approach while leaning seductively up against the doorjamb.

As soon as I was within range, Mara reached out to pull me toward her by the waist of my pants. She pressed her lips to mine, even as she squeezed my erection through the material covering it. When she released me from the hungry kiss, she said, "I'm so glad my sister ran off to be a good working girl, and missed her chance with you. She never lives life, she's too busy working."

Once again, my conscience reared up and screamed at me. Just as before, however, an excited woman, and the knowledge that none of this could be real overwhelmed it. Mara was already nude, and she pulled down on my pants even as she finished speaking. I'd have to be some kind of huge idiot to pass this chance up.

Mara stroked her hand over my now bared cock, letting out a purr. "Oh, I like it nice and smooth like that. Most men don't understand how annoying all that hair down there is."

Slipping a hand between her legs, I caressed her baby smooth nether lips, slipping a finger between them, into the wet heat beyond. "I like it too. You're so smooth -- not even a hint of a bump."

"I cheat, I use magic. Hair will never grow anywhere except on my head. I have other magic too. I can give you your strength back, and get that beautiful cock hard again only a few minutes after you've filled up my mouth, or my pussy." Mara stroked me with short, quick pumps as she spoke.

"I like the sound of that." There's a little common magic between healers and mages that they never mention in the games, I thought.

Mara tugged my shirt up over my head, and then pulled me by the convenient handle of my manhood into the backstage area. She guided me over to a couch, and dropped to her knees simultaneously with my move to sit down. My ass had no more hit the cushions, than she leaned forward and swallowed my cock.

Swallowed is the only word to describe what she did. In a single smooth motion, I slipped past her lips, and right into her throat. I gasped when I felt her throat squeeze around the tip of my cock. An instant later, her lips slid along my length back to the tip, and then she engulfed me again, her nose pressing up against the curly hairs above my shaft.

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