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Notes- I did not create nor do I own the rights to the videogame Metal Gear Solid or any of the characters and situations from it used herein. I draw no financial profit from this fantasy story and wrote it for entertainment purposes only. Feedback is welcomed. Hope all readers enjoy.

This story is part of the "Virtual Reality" chain of Literotica stories in which a character based on the writer finds themselves drawn into a video game they enjoy and able to manipulate its elements to their liking. Thanks to friend FallingtoFly for starting this chain. I was honored to participate. All Metal Gear fans, please excuse the spoilers within this story and the adult satirical depiction of the game we love. Now, without further ado...


Virtual Reality- Metal Gear Solid

"Snake? You alright, Snake?"

I frown, opening my eyes to a strange darkness. My body seems odd, and heavier than normal. I can't see my surroundings, and I can hear little apart from the woman's voice. It's a nice voice, sort of familiar, but... I shake my head and jump back, bumping into a wall. Something between me and the wall stops me from hitting it directly and I bounce off. This sets off a cacophony of barks and howls from sources I can't see. What the heck?


I stretch out my arms, grimacing, and meet with walls around my shoulders. Frowning again, I try to pull myself together. Okay, what is going on? Where am I? The last thing I remember, I was up very late, playing one of my favorite addictive videogames, and... Oh my God.


I grope in the dark, find the edges of the sheath I'm in, and feel them. Yep, just as I thought. Cardboard. I'm inside an upside-down cardboard box. And judging from that voice and the noises of dogs barking and howling... no, not dogs. Wolves. I'm in the Wolf Caves of Shadow Moses Island. Somehow I've entered the video game I was playing just before I fell asleep. Not only that, I'm in the body of the lead character. This has to be some kind of weird dream, or maybe someone's playing a trick on me. I pinch myself and feel the objects strapped to my body. Shoot, I really am in a cardboard box and military jumpsuit. Shoot, I really have a pack containing a FA-MAS assault rifle, combat rations, and all the other gear I should have at this point in the game. Shoot, I'm not waking up. This is no dream, no trick. As if to accent this realization, I hear a panting and sniffing close to me. Then there is a low growl.

"What's wrong, Snake? Don't you like dogs?"

I open my mouth to reply, but before I can the wolves growl again. I am worried about them, but then I remember that close to the woman who's speaking to me they aren't dangerous. They consider her part of their pack for some reason and thus don't attack Snake when he's close to her. This calms me down.


I push the box off me and open my eyes to the dim light of the surrounding caves. The wolves are in the shadows of the rock walls, keeping their distance. A lithe redhaired woman is looking at me with a petulant expression. My eyes roam over her well-proportioned camofluage-clad figure and I grin. Yep, I'm where I thought I was. Either that or this is one heck of a role-play setup. I discard the latter possibility as I look myself over and again see the weapons and my gray jumpsuit. No way this is a role-play. Nobody could have gotten a garment this tight onto me while I was asleep.

Meryl Silverburgh steps closer and puts a hand on my cheek. I grin at its warmth. She raises an eyebrow. I look her over again, smiling. A fitting heroine for this action video game, I think. Smart, resourceful, and a hell of a looker. That short red hair, those flashing green eyes. Such a body too, and now it's real and up close, not pixelated. I wonder if... She crosses her arms and steps away frowning. I drop the idea.

She's perceptive, I remind myself. And supposedly she underwent psychotherapy to destroy her attraction to men upon entering the military. Didn't want it to cause any problems. She's still one heck of a flirt, though, and very adept at hard-to-get. The game's hero, Snake, likes her, and I do too.

"Are you okay?" Meryl asks. "You went still for a minute there."

"Fine," I reply, and she frowns. I frown too, realizing it's my own voice that's coming out and not Snake's. I look at my body and see that it's the same too. Somehow Snake's been taken out of the game and I've been put in his clothes. I look a lot like Snake- same unruly dark blonde hair, rougish good looks, and muscular build- so it's not a big deal, but Meryl has to be noticing the subtle differences. I wonder how I can possibly explain.

She shakes her head. "You put on a new disguise, huh? I was wondering what you were up to under that box."

Okay, phew. She came up with a good explanation on her own. Thank goodness. I nod, trying to clear my head and remember what's going on. Shadow Moses Island, I recall the game. A force of twisted terrorists led by my character's evil twin brother have taken over an Alaskan military base and are fixing to start nuclear war. My character, Snake, has been sent in to stop them. My only allies are Meryl and... I slap my head, realizing something all of a sudden. If I'm in the game at the same point where I was before I blacked out due to fatigue...

"Snake?" Meryl grimaces at me again.

I wave her to silence and check my wrist for my communicator. Good, it's there and simple to figure out. I key it to the right frequency and raise the mike to my lips. "Otacon? Are you there? Otacon?" Meryl shakes her head and steps away from me, walking to a large door in the far wall.

It takes a few seconds for my character's nerdy engineer buddy to come on. "Snake, is that you? You sound weird."

"Never mind," I snap. I debate for a moment, wondering if this will even be possible. Try it anyway, I tell myself. "I need a favor. You know the Armory?"


"Go in there to the locked Level 5 room and get the Sniper Rifle. Bring it to the bottom of Communications Tower A. I'll meet you there."

"Snake, what are you talking about?"

"You have Stealth Camoflauge, Otacon!" I remind him. "No one can see you. You have a Level 6 keycard and a handkerchief with the right scent on it to get you past the wolf pack in the caves between the Armory and the Tower. I need that rifle and I need it now. Don't argue with me. Just get it here." I check my supplies. "And pick up some extra rations and ammo too, okay?"

"Uh, are you alright, Snake? Did Psycho Mantis mess with your mind or something?"

"Just get me the stuff, Otacon," I growl. "I would have gotten it before if I could. I need it ASAP."

"Okay, calm down. I'll have it there in a while. Hang on." I nod and click off.

"What's the matter?" Meryl asks, stopping at the door.

"I have a bad feeling," I tell her. "The bad guys have one of the world's deadliest snipers on their team, and we're about to walk into her prime hunting grounds. I need to be able to fight back."

She stares at me, then smiles. "Mantis must have messed with your mind in a good way before he died. You've suddenly gotten smarter."

I grin back, not bothering to reply. Okay, I think I can get through this, I tell myself. I'm probably only here temporarily- I'll be out before I know it. Until then, I can have some fun. It's not hard to think of a plan. I've played this game often enough, I'm familiar with all the weapons and moves. And I'm already about halfway through. The bad guys are hurting right now. They've lost their M1 tank and a lot of their soldiers. The master of disguise Decoy Octopus and the psychotic psychic Psycho Mantis are both dead. Revolver Ocelot, the Russian gunfighter and torturer, is missing a hand and not a serious threat anymore. I know exactly what's ahead of me and how to get through it. Not only that... I laugh, remembering something else.

"Snake?" Meryl raises an eyebrow as I take the keycard she gave me earlier out of my pocket and snap it in half. "What are you doing? That card is the only way to stop the nukes!"

"Wrong," I counter as I discard the pieces. "It's the only way to activate the nukes. They don't have the passwords they need, and they were planning to trick me into using this to arm the warheads instead." I add a lie to explain myself. "Mantis told me with telepathy when he got remorseful before he died."

"Are you sure that he wasn't..."

"Trust me!" I chuckle and key another frequency into my radio. I am about to hit the transmit button to gloat at the traitor I know to be the enemy leader, but then I change my mind. Best to keep the element of surprise for now. "There's a minefield on the other side of that door, right?" I ask Meryl. "Between us and the Communications Tower?"

"Yeah. Don't worry, I know how to get through it. I..."

"It's okay," I nod, opening the door. "I do too." I step into the enclosed snowfield on the other side and look at the Communications Tower across the way, trying to keep a smile off my face as I think of what lies ahead. The game's bad guys aren't a threat on a worldwide scale anymore, but they still need to be taken down. Then Meryl and I can go home triumphant. But I better impress her some first, just so it all works out okay. I look around and nod, then crouch down and start crawling around. Each time I near a mine, I carefully take hold of it, smile as it instantly disarms itself at my touch- hey, this is a video game!-, and stow it in my pack.

Meryl watches nervously, a strange look on her face. Good, I think. Maybe now you'll associate me with the legendary commando who defeated an M1 tank singlehandedly, the hero your uncle Colonel Campbell told you about. Not the idiot you've gotten the drop on twice. If clearing this minefield doesn't work, the next bit I remember...

"Okay," I finally say, standing up. "The path's clear now. You go first."

My companion frowns, shrugs, and takes a few steps forward. I coil my body like a spring, hoping I have the timing down. Then, just as Meryl reaches the far side of the minefield, I leap and tackle her to the ground. "Hey!" she screams. A split second later, she gasps as a loud crack goes off and a bullet impacts on the snow inches away. "How did you..."

"Sniper!" I yell. No time for explanations. "Get under cover!" She nods and ducks into the shadow of a wall. I hurry along behind her. Two more shots ring out, and both miss. I wipe the sweat from my brow.

"Where is he?" Meryl asks, drawing her Desert Eagle. "I can..."

"No," I put a hand on the weapon, huddling close and trying to ignore the feel of her body near mine. "Nothing we have right now has enough range. We have to wait for Otacon and then we can get her."


I nod. "It's Sniper Wolf. Has to be. Don't worry, she isn't going anywhere. She's the ultimate patient hunter. She can wait here for days, and she will. We don't have a time limit either, not anymore."

"Are you sure that..."

I put a finger to her lips. "Just stick with me, Meryl. We're gonna get out of this."

She pauses for a second, then nods. "Okay, I trust you, but..."

Her questioning look is enough to set me off. Before I can stop myself, I grab her shoulders and kiss her mouth. She moans in protest, but then suddenly her arms encircle me. She kisses back hard, hot breath flaring against my lips. The tip of her tongue touches my lips and I open them to admit it, my heart suddenly beating faster. I knew that psychotherapy bit was sheer bull! I deepen the kiss and lick at Meryl's tongue with mine, pushing her back against the wall. The snow crunches under us, its chill muffled by our body heat. Then Meryl's hands push against my chest, shoving me away as she pulls back from our embrace.

"I wanted you to do that," she says nervously. "When I asked you to hold me and kiss me in the Commander's office earlier, you probably thought it was just Mantis overpowering me with lust, but..." She grins. "He didn't put it there. He just brought out what was there already. All the stories my uncle's told me about you. Everything I've seen of you since we met. You're great, Snake. I... like you."

Of course you do, I chuckle to myself. Why else would you be helping me and flirting with me so obviously? You met me in the Ladies Room earlier, wearing no pants and pointing a gun at my head without your finger on the trigger. I noticed, but then you fed me a line of crap and played tough. You've been smiling at me so much since then, mocking me with every step. Part of me thought you were a bitch, but...

"I like you too," I tell her. "That's why I saved your life just now."

She nods, looking at her Desert Eagle. "That wasn't the first time either. I remember when Mantis made me put this gun to my head, and you..." She puts it away, frowning. "Listen, Snake, when we get out of this..."

"Of course," I tell her, praying I'll have the opportunity. I'm still not sure how I got here, or if I can get out. Before I worry about that, though, I am going to have as much fun as I can breaking the fourth wall. I grin and kiss her again, then move away, smiling at the enthused look on her face.

She puts her hand on my arm. "Don't you want to..."

I put a finger on her lips again, nodding but looking at the open area behind us. She gasps, remembering our current situation. I take a deep breath, watching the red beam of light from the sniper's perch playing over the snow. I grab my comm and key in Otacon's frequency. "Hey, are you there? What's your status?"

"Snake," Otacon's voice comes back immediately. "I'm just now getting the rifle. Be patient, okay? And listen- if it's Wolf you're planning to use this against, I..."

"I know, Otacon!" I cut him off. "You like her, and she gave you the handkerchief. Don't worry, it will be fine. Everything will work out. Just get that gun here, alright?" I change frequencies. "Colonel?"

"Snake," Colonel Campbell's voice replies. "What's up? Are you and Meryl okay?"

"We're fine. Listen- tell the President the nukes have been disarmed. I have Metal Gear's chief engineer on my side and your niece too. We'll have this wrapped up soon enough. Oh, and don't tell Master Miller anything! He's really Liquid in disguise. Go to his house and you'll find the real Master Miller's dead body!"

"Snake, how do you..."

"Never mind, Colonel! Just trust me. And put Naomi on, right now."

There is a burst of static and then another voice comes on. "Snake?"

"Hello, Doctor," I chuckle, recalling her long black hair, stunningly slim body, and promise to let me do a strip search on her when I get back. "I need you to deliver a message to your brother, Gray Fox."

She gasps. "How did you..."

"Never mind. Tell him thanks for all the help he's given me so far as Deep Throat. I know he's on my side and I want to work together directly. Tell him to meet me and Meryl in the foyer of Communications Tower A in two hours."

"Um, okay, but..."

"I'll explain later," I promise her, then change frequencies one more time. "Mei Ling?"

"Yes, Snake?" replies the cute Oriental communications tech.

"Save my progress. And by the way, I really like all the quotes you know and the way you laugh."

"Thanks, Snake!" Mei Ling beams. "I'll get right on it! I..." I click off the radio, interrupting her enthusiastic praise.

Meryl is frowning at me again. "Snake, are you sure you're alright?"

"Fine," I tell her. Now for the next thing I want to do. "Look, it's gonna be a while before Otacon gets here. We can't take out that sniper until he does and we don't have any better ways of passing the time, so..." I take hold of her shoulders and kiss her once more.

She kisses back, but there is a hesitancy in it. "What about..."

"Relax. She can't see or hit us from where she is and she won't move. And if she does..." I grab one of my Claymore mines, arm it, and toss it into the narrow space between us and the approach to the Communications Tower. "There. Now no one can get close to us without setting that off."

Meryl nods, laughing at me as she watches the red beam of Wolf's gunsight playing over the mine. "You know, I wasn't lying about the psychotherapy. They really did make me go through it. But I didn't pay much attention and faked my way through the tests. I was going to tell you later."

"I kind of guessed," I smirk. I stop her further words with another kiss. We are both flushed now, turned on by our proximity and current situation. I can also feel a raging hardon in my pants. She must feel it too, because she rubs her thigh against it. Her hands caress the muscles of my back, her lips on mine. We have time, I tell myself again, and I want her. I've wanted her ever since the first time I played through this game. Now my fantasy's come to life.

I laugh and kiss Meryl hard, fingers moving over her arms and then her back towards her spine. She sighs as I trail a hand up and down it, lingering on the points of sensitivity. Her hard nipples push into me as she huddles close, rubbing my muscles through my suit. The air and snow are cold around us, but we are quickly warming each other up. "The buckles," I prompt her. "Undo my suit's buckles."

"Okay," she says, and takes hold of one. I shrug my pack off and move to help her. We don't remove the whole suit, just enough to let down my pants. She smiles as she takes hold of my bare organ. "Nice."

"Thanks," I reply. "Just a second." I grab her green tank top and pull it over her head. Nothing under it. I shake my head. How are we surviving in the Arctic wearing so little? Never mind.

I move my hands to her breasts and squeeze them, thumbs playing with the large peach-colored nipples. The flush deepens across Meryl's freckled skin. She moves her hands off me for an instant, pushing the last of my suit's interfering pieces away. Then her hands return to my thighs. The right one goes to my cock, pressing against it and stroking up and down. The other rubs my balls and then caresses across my waist as she leans into me. I kiss the top of her head and then pull her up on me, still rubbing her breasts.

We roll back against the wall, our touches getting bolder. My cock rubs against Meryl's black denim jeans, growing under her attention. Her left hand squeezes hard at my rear before moving up over my back and grabbing my hair. She presses her lips to mine, and her body as well. I can feel it tingling against me, and my own body shaking too.

I drop my hands from her breasts, wanting to touch her other treasure. She continues to kiss and stroke me as I move, rubbing her stomach and unfastening her pants. Part of me is still bothered by our surroundings- the cold, the video game I don't know how I got into, the danger of Sniper Wolf nearby- but I am quickly forgetting all this. Meryl is with me, and I am going to make love to her. Nothing else matters. Her tongue thrusts deep into my mouth as I push her pants over her hips.

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