tagChain StoriesVirtual Reality: Pokemon D/P Ch. 3

Virtual Reality: Pokemon D/P Ch. 3


Virtual Realities: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl
Episode 3: Enter Team Galactic
By Deathlynx

Disclaimer: this story is a work of fiction based on the characters in the video game: Pokemon: Diamond/Pearl. I make no claims of ownership towards these characters, only the twisted things they do in this story belong to me. If you find this story on any site except Literotica, it has been stolen from me, I would appreciate you letting me know! Enjoy the story, and remember: Feedback is crack for writers!

Please note, I have extensive knowledge on the subject and have double checked with online research. All characters involved in sexual activities in these stories are above the age of 18 in both the game and the show. No "aging up" or other literary tricks were used to make characters legal age.

I was absolutely high on life! How could I not be? I'd just woken up from a very nice little dream in the middle of a flowering garden. Rather than freak out when I discovered the dream hadn't been a dream after all, I felt invigorated! I was in a world where animals were far more intelligent and could become boon companions on a great adventure.

Then there was the fact that I was naked. The nubile young body next to me was equally naked and both of us were well sated. The host of voyeurs that had watched the two of us go at it, unbeknownst to me at the time, had since wandered off while we slept off the effects of a rather remarkable round of orgasms. My second that day, and with as many partners to boot.

Hell, it was a wonder my head hadn't floated away! I've got a decent life in the real world but, really, how could it possibly compare with all of this? I probably should have tried to figure out how I'd gotten here. Probably even should be trying to find my way home, like in the old D&D cartoon, but seriously?

Let's be completely honest here. I'm not exactly stunning. Sure, I'm remarkably well hung but women in the real world don't actually look for that, even if they could tell at a glance! Which, somehow, the women here seemed to be able to do. Then again, when you're talking about a world where you can capture animals in devices a fraction of their sizes, you really don't have to wonder about that little improbability.

Suddenly, I'm in the world of Pokemon. (I still don't know whether it's the game or the show, but it makes very little difference.) I have two of the little critters in pokeballs on my belt, both obscenely high level. I might only have five dollars and change to my name but I know I can quickly build that amount by battling other trainers. Assuming that my dollars are even good here.

And, so far at least, every female trainer has looked at me and thought "Gotta catch 'em all!"

Even better, the whole affair had earned me a Forest Badge. It took a bit of willpower to continuously ignore the fact that I'd gotten it when I beat Gardenia in a battle. I preferred to think of it as a merit badge for an especially memorable roll in the flowers. Yeah, I think I'll stick to that particular story.

Short of waking up and getting my butt kicked out for moaning other women's names in my sleep, nothing could possibly bring me down!

"Hey! Dorkbag! Is that a gym badge?"

I really should learn not to tempt fate, even in the privacy of my own thoughts.

I already knew I would see a three-foot ten-inch terror when I turned around. He'd been the first person I'd met in Sinnoh. I didn't even know his name, and I supposed that he wasn't quite the brat I thought he was, but the little boy seemed to go out of his way to annoy me.

Before I could do more than glare down at the little terror, he decided I was still too stupid to understand English and repeated the question. "Is. That. A Gym. Badge?"

It took a little of my mental fortitude not to throttle the kid which led to reminding me I'd earned the badge battling. I wasn't as against that particular thought, at the moment, as I had been, however. It also reminded me he'd challenged me to a battle last time. The only reason I'd declined was because I hadn't known the strength of my little piplup.

"Sure is." I quickly answered before he could shout the question at me the next time. "You wanna battle now?"

The kid looked me up and down for a moment. It was rather unnerving that a ten-year old could level such an appraising gaze on anyone. Fortunately, he seemed to come to the wrong conclusion and nodded. "You got a gym badge, you can't be totally hopeless. I'll still kick your ass though."

I stared at him. Game or show, you wouldn't have heard the word "ass" tossed around. The fact that it came from a little kid only made it seem stranger. Or maybe it just felt like a little slice of home.

It wasn't pride in the fact that I already had two pokemon that led me to choose to battle with my ralts. Really, it wasn't! Sure, I wanted to show him I wasn't the same clueless bastard he'd mocked not so long before but there really was genuine strategy behind my choice.

The problem was that Chide, my piplup, was now an empolion. The moment I called him out, the kid would realize how strong the bugger was and would act accordingly. I wanted him to go on underestimating my skills for as long as possible. It might be petty, but I wanted to grind the monster's nose in defeat.

"Go, Lita!" I declared as I pointed her pokeball at the empty space between us. Red light poured out and my cute little psychic stood there, sucking her thumb and staring at my opponent.

It didn't take a bachelor's degree in theater to be able to read the nervousness beneath his determined facade. I waited for him to call out a pokemon, noting the three balls on his belt. When he did, I understood the fear. Budew looked like an un-grown flower but was probably also poison type. That meant weak against me raltz.

"Buddy, Double team!" Before I could even shout a command, my opponent's pokemon seemed to duplicate itself in a shimmer of air. Over and over again the image split until it surrounded my poor little ralts. I wasn't happy about the turn of events. My luck sucks so when an opponent does anything to reduce my accuracy, the effect always seemed to be far more pronounced than it's supposed to.

"Lita, psychic!" Just my luck, the little ralts was too high a level to care whether or not I was supposed to be the trainer. She continued to suck her thumb and stare at the images. The only concession to the changed situation was a cocked head.

"Buddy, bullet seed!"

That grabbed little Lita's attention. It didn't seem to hurt her but it annoyed her enough to react. Her eyes, the only facial feature visible, began to glow blue. Only one of the mirrored budew followed suit. Not a surprise a psychic could see through the illusion.

Just like that, it was over. The little plant lay on the ground, immobile. The kid scooped his pokemon up, dropped a pouch on the ground and scurried off towards Eterna city crying. I'm ashamed to say a small part of me felt glad about that. It wasn't making the kid cry; that was the shame part. It was the sight of the little pouch of money. Now I had more than my five and change to my name in this strange land.

A quick look inside the bag prompted my own run back to the city. After I'd stopped by the pokemart to pick up two ultra-balls (and where the heck had a kid had enough money to drop half and still have enough for a couple of ultra balls???) I set back out on the trail.

Only a few steps into Eterna Forrest and I spotted a woman who looked vaguely familiar to me. I hadn't met her, but I was almost certain she was a part of the game. Prompted by the ever-present RPG rule that I should speak to everyone ("I like swords!") I approached the distraught woman.

"Can I help you?"

The green-haired woman spun around, startled. I knew, for a moment, she looked at my black trench coat, black jeans, black hiking boots and black t-shirt and immediately assumed I was a bad guy. Thankfully, her gave lingered between my legs with the same inescapable radar-vision that the other adult women had and her expression turned coy and a little shy. Clearly, all bad-guys around here had small dicks.

"My name is Cheryl."

She responded as she fidgeted with the impossibly thick green braid. I quelled the thought that the tuft beneath her green and brown dress might very well be green as well. I didn't yet know if she was supposed to be a friendly NPC or adversary. I could use either, truthfully. After all, Cynthia seemed to be my instant rival, and we'd managed to have a little fun when I battled her.

"Well, Cheryl. I'm Lynx. Is there something I can do to help? You looked a little distraught over here."

"Actually, there might be. You see, I need to go into the forest for honey, but there's supposed to be some Team Galactic members skulking around. I don't think I'd be able to beat them if I ran into them."

I nodded in understanding. Team Galactic was definitely the bad guys. Maybe it hadn't been my masculine endowments after all. I wasn't in anything remotely resembling a uniform and I didn't have a giant "G" logo on my shirt.

"Sure." I immediately offered. "I can't say I know my way around the forest anyway, so it'll be good to have someone who knows where we're going."

"Oh, you're trying to get to Jubilife City then?"

I shrugged. Honestly, I had no idea where I was going. The problem with not having gotten very far in the game, other than my abysmal knowledge of the new pokemon, was that I didn't really know where I needed to go. I trusted that I'd find all of the gyms eventually. After all, there're only so many places you can go.

Cheryl seemed surprised by my nonchalant attitude but took it in stride. I was a trainer after all, even if a bit older than the usual wanderers. "Well, then there shouldn't be any worries over a detour to find me some honey."

The scenery was gorgeous, if a little dark. We avoided the pairs of trainers scattered around since, although I wasn't in any hurry, I never liked my travel constantly stopped by battles. That was another difference between the reality and the game. If I wanted to battle a pokemon, I had to spring on it rather than be continuously accosted as we walked.

The company was certainly nice. Cheryl was personable, if a bit quiet. I couldn't help but wonder what her body looked like under the bell-shaped dress. From the upper portion, she had a nice build, though her half-jacket partially obscured the brown corset and made any glimpse of promising cleavage much more difficult.

After only a few minutes of such pondering, I decided to drag my mind out of the gutter. After all, I was here for pokemon. Regardless of what had happened earlier, I was an adult, not a hormone driven teenager (or Brock). I'd even gotten off a couple of times! Surely that was enough to last my body for a little while?

Actually, it did seem to be. No matter how much my mind pondered the color of Cheryl's bush, there wasn't even a pulse of life from down below. The difference between a teen boy and a thirty-something guy? Apparently, the physical prowess to remain as amped up as the mind that powers the body.

I dragged my attention to the wildlife we passed and finally spotted a pokemon I could add to my arsenal. I won't go into details of the very brief battle, but the end result netted me a murkrow and Cheryl a wormdam. (Apparently even the pokemon in Eterna Forest feel the need to buddy up when they wander around.)

I knew something was amiss before Cheryl did. While she might know her way around the forest, I'd lived around nature most of my life. Of course, it doesn't really take a Team Rocket scientist to realize there's trouble when an outbreak occurs and a swarm of slakoth all slowly creep by with looks of terror in their eyes as they look back over their shoulders.

I felt so bad for the little buggers that I never even considered catching one. Of course, given how ponderously they crawled along, it also dawned on me that they were probably Sinnoh's version of a Snorlax. Maybe hard to defeat but frustrating in their application. Curious over what would terrorize the living moss-gardens, I backtracked the trail.

"Lynx. I'm not so sure we should be headed this way." Cheryl suggested in a quavering voice as she clung to my arm. Ah! there was the spark of life I'd been wondering about earlier. A damsel in distress for me to protect and suddenly my willie showed some interest. I really didn't want to think of what kind of sap that made me.

It wasn't difficult too find the source of concern for the pokemon. The two were in a clearing desperately trying to lever a large rock out of the ground. I knew at once that these were the Team Galactic members that Cheryl had been afraid to encounter. What I couldn't figure out was why! Aside from an assault on the senses, due to some atrocious taste in clothing, they didn't seem all that imposing.

"The Moss Stone!" Cheryl gasped. A fitting name for what seemed to be nothing more than a mossy boulder. "You leave that alone, villains!"

Both of the women looked up from their tribulations and stopped what they were doing when they saw us. Both women wore form fitting body-suits that looked like they might very well maintain their own atmosphere in space. Well, maybe not for the taller of the two. After all, one of the legs was missing from hers, replaced by a single black band around her thigh. Still, it looked a lot better than the redundant short skirt worn by the other.

It was the redhead with the bad sci-fi tutu who acknowledged us first. "Go away! This is none of your concern!"

I glanced at Cheryl. Although it seemed like nothing more than a rock to me, it seemed important to her. Maybe it was a national shrine or something. Whatever the reason, I knew these two probably shouldn't be allowed to have it.

"Sorry, but if you're going to try to steal the moss rock, you're going to have to go through us first."

I thought it was an appropriately heroic rejoinder. It would have been perfect if Cheryl hadn't tugged on my arm and corrected me in a stage whisper. "Moss Stone." Whatever.

"If it's a battle you want, it's a battle you'll get!" The red-head declared defiantly. "But it's going to be adult rules."

That surprised me. I wasn't averse to the idea, despite all the sex I'd already found, but I hadn't thought it would be possible in a double-battle situation. Given the male-to-female ratio, thoughts of a nice little orgy certainly perked up my flagging endurance!

Apparently, it surprised her maroon-haired partner as well. "Mars! We don't need those rules. If we beat them in a battle, it's not like they'll be in any condition to stop us from taking the Stone."

"Awww, cummon, Jupiter." Whined Mars. "Surely there's something you could demand from them. Besides, how long has it been since you got laid?"

Jupiter glared reproachfully at her companion. Mars blushed and looked a little abashed. She mumbled. "I don't mean last night. I'm talking about by a guy?"

This time it was Jupiter's turn to look a little embarrassed. The expression quickly turned thoughtful, however. Once more I was transformed into nothing more than a slab of meat as she looked me critically up and down. I was beginning to understand how women could object to the sensation. The only saving grace was that she then turned her gaze on Cheryl with just as much appraisal.

"Fine." Jupiter finally consented. A leer spread across her face as she made her decision. "Adult rules it is. But I'll want them tied to a tree while we have our fun." Mars giggled at the thought and pulled a pokeball from her belt.

Cheryl looked up at me, still clinging to my arm. I had no idea what was going on in that pretty little head of hers. She looked innocent and maybe a bit naive but the stipulations had been laid out clearly enough there could be no mistake what the villains intended. If we wanted to battle them, it had to be by those rules. Otherwise, we'd have to let them get on with what they were doing.

Cheryl glanced down and then back up at me before she turned to the Team Galactic members. "Fine. We accept. Though we won't demand you're tied up." It wasn't until my eyes followed the dart of her eyes that I realized she'd noticed the growing bulge in my pants. Whatever else she was thinking, she knew the idea appealed to my body at least.

"Poe, I choose you!" Crow, raven, same basic thing. And Poe sounded better than Edger. I wanted to try out my new murkrow. He certainly wasn't as strong as my Empolion, but it left me with options later, should I need them.

Cheryl called on Chancey. She knew her wormpul wouldn't be a match for anything such seasoned bad-guys would come up with. As for the aforementioned villains, Jupiter only had some kind of giant skunk (appropriately called a skuntank) and Mars had a purugly (one of the few pokemon I actually recognized due to it's proliferation early in the game) and another pokeball waiting in the wings.

"Skuntank, flamethrower!" "Purugly, iron tail!"

I was a bit surprised. In the game there was always a little bit of banter to scroll through before the battle actually began. Annoying but persistent. These two really meant business if they went straight on the offensive.

Poe spread his wings, startled into a literal flight response and Chancey simply stood there smiling as flame poured over them both. It subsided an instant before the cat pokemon darted up and swung a now-transformed gleaming metal tail straight into the side of the egg-shaped pokemon's head. The chancey staggered back a few steps but seemed relatively unphased. No big surprise. Those things had among the highest hitpoints in the game, and defenses to match.

"Chancey, egg bomb!"

The egg that every chancey carried in a bizarre marsupial pouch popped out and flew at our enemies. The other women looked nervous as it exploded in a large flash of smoke and light. Moments later, when the effect cleared, they both grinned in feral delight at the complete lack of damage done to their pets. Tough to beat, but the silly looking pokemon doesn't have much to fend you off with.

It was up to me. "Poe, wing attack!"

I'd like to say my intrepid murkrow swooped down and wiped the field clean with one attack. Unfortunately, A) wing attack can only target one enemy and, 2) Poe is considerably weaker than my other two. Still, his attack buffeted Mars' purugly and caused it to noticeably stagger.

The two women glanced at each other. Volumes of communication flowed between them in a manner that the genders can never hope to convey to each other. There're times I can just glance at another guy and relate; how hot a woman is, her general personality, whether she's worth the trouble and probably even her critical measurements. I try it with a woman and I'd get slapped. Come to think of it, maybe she would understand. Regardless, we men can't read the same glance from a woman.

Cheryl, of course, understood and cringed. The gazes of both of the Team Galactic commanders riveted on me. "Purugly/Skuntank, iron tail!"

My little Poe didn't stand a chance, as two cybernetic-looking tails crashed into him from either side. His wings folded and he crashed to the ground. Even as he fell, I had my pokeball out. Red energy beamed from the device and, hopefully, prevented any additional damage from terminal impact!

A frustrated frown curled the corner of my mouth. I always hated losing a pokemon. Particularly when it needed to level up, as my poor murkrow so obviously did. Maybe I shouldn't have avoided all of those trainer battles on the way in.

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