Virtual Reality: Pokemon D/P Ch. 3


I was done playing around. It was time for the big gun. Water gun, that is. Besides, either or both of the bitches' pokemon looked like they could have been dark types. I wasn't sure what other attacks my ralts knew, but psychic wouldn't work.

"Chide. it's your turn!" Moments later, my giant, trident-faced, penguin appeared on the field. The women shared another look and turned back towards me. Their mouths opened for another command. Not this time, ladies (and I use the term very loosely)! "Blizzard!"

Our opponents visibly paled as tiny shards of snow, ice and slush began to pour out of a white ball of energy that instantly sprung from between my empolion's outstretched flippers. They had every right to be afraid. Purugly fainted dead away and it was impossible to tell if there was any fight left in the block of ice that used to be Skuntank.

"P-p-purugly, return." Mars stammered. Jupiter seemed determined to ride it out but I knew the battle was sealed. They'd need a hell of a lot more if they wanted to take down Chide. "Bronzor, get him!"

That wasn't it. A floating cog might have intimidated some people, but not me. Chide's ice and steel attacks wouldn't be much use, but there was nothing to stop his water from rusting away the little sprocket.

"Bronzor, psychic!"
"Chide, hydro pump!"

The little metal pokemon's eyes began to glow blue but my penguin was just too fast for it. An impossible jet of water spewed out from Chide and caught the disk dead center. Bronzor vanished amid the torrent and was thrown back to slam into a tree. Just for good measure, I sent Chide in with a steel wing to the block of ice. In moments the skuntank was free of its captivity and both of the opposing pokemon lay in unconscious heaps.

"Well, that's it then." Cheryl piped in merrily from behind me. The other two women continued to stare dumbly at Chide as if they'd never seen a giant blue penguin before. "I'll just take these ropes and be off to collect my honey. You two enjoy your defeat!"

Her tone was nearly giddy as she skipped over to collect the spoils of our battle. Adult rules meant you could claim anything you wanted from the defeated, so I suppose that included the equipment they had tried to use for larceny. She giggled at my questioning raised eyebrow. "These could come in handy climbing a tree. Have fun and remember, you are allowed to be a little rough if you want. Just not too much."

With that, I was left alone in a clearing with two women in spacesuits, a bored looking giant penguin and two little heaps of napping opponents. For their parts, Cheryl's parting comment reminded the two women exactly what kind of battle they'd just lost. Woodenly, they retrieved their fainted pokemon and sank to their knees. The stunned expressions never left their faces.

I returned Chide to his pokeball as I walked up to the women. The view was interesting. The radar dish that Mars called a skirt completely covered her lover body when she sank to her knees. Although in a similar pose, the lack of one leg exposed a considerable bit more flesh on Jupiter. As I looked her over, I tried to figure out whether the aborted black section was part of the overall outfit or simply her boy-shorts underwear blatantly revealed from beneath the otherwise gray bottom of her unitard.

"So, what should we do, now that we have a little time on our hands?"

This time, I could perfectly read the look the two exchanged. Perhaps I'd misunderstood the earlier quip about the last time Jupiter had been laid because both women shot daggers at each other. After a brief, narrow-eyed, stare down, they suddenly brightened simultaneously and turned their gazes on me.

Okay, that was a bit freaky.

Mars shifted her pose slightly. Although her head sank in apparent submission, she thrust her chest forward to emphasize the already tight fit of the suit that hugged her breasts. The effect would have been much more powerful if the outfit didn't cover up to her neck. As it was, the lack of actual cleavage weakened her position. "You have defeated us. You can do anything you like to me."

Jupiter refused to be outdone. Rather than play the sub, her knees spread as she leaned back to support herself with her hands. Her hips thrust forward, slightly, to emphasize the delicious "v" at the juncture of her legs. As with her companion, the outfit defeated the pose, slightly, since the partial leg couldn't ride up to show any more flesh.

Truthfully, Jupiter's appeal affected me more strongly than Mars'. It wasn't really a commentary on the attributes of either woman. The simple fact was, I'm more aroused by the sight of a woman's crotch than her breasts. So long as they're relatively equally clothed, I'll choose that way every time. Frankly, un-attired, it would have been less effective than fully clothed, as they both were.

Jupiter shot a triumphant look across at her now-rival. Neither of them were done yet, however. I didn't know what the stakes of their contest were, beyond seducing me, but they were in it for the long haul.

Without releasing her slumped shoulders or dipped head, Mars reached back and began to part the back of her outfit. The action caught my attention not so much because of her stripping (which was a nice touch obviously) but more because I was genuinely curious how those damn things fastened! There were no visible seams anywhere on either woman! Unfortunately, even watching as the fabric parted left me equally clueless how it worked.

A disgusted grunt drew my attention back to the other side of the glade. The very pose Jupiter had used to lure the first point to her made a similar action very difficult. She'd already lost the advantage based on the fact that she would have to shift positions just to keep up. She quickly rolled to lounge on her side with one leg straight and the other perpendicular to the ground. She wasn't about to forget which part of her body hypnotized me so and left herself very exposed as she reached back with the hand that didn't prop her up and began a similar treatment.

By virtue of her head start, not to mention a less complicated position, Mars managed to peel away her top first. It hung from her waist to reveal her pert breasts, lovingly cupped by a fine lace bra the same color as her hair. I forced myself to remain where I was. I really wanted a closer look. Purely to see if those really were her areola I thought I saw through the gaps in the fabric.

The fact that Mars' lower half remained concealed behind the tent that was her short skirt was probably all that allowed me to look away. I was not only the judge in this battle of theirs but also the prize. I couldn't properly decide between them if I didn't asses both. Of course, I had no intention of actually choosing, beyond these little stages they worked through. I didn't care who had the most points. In the end, I'd be the winner.

Jupiter had managed to work her arms out of the long sleeve and held the fabric against her body as if in panicked modesty. Slowly, almost reluctantly, she began to release her arm. She added to the effect by looking away as she did so. Together with the blatantly spread legs, she gave the impression of a barely-legal model browbeaten into stripping for the camera. So what if she looked to be in her thirties? Attitude and expression can make an illusion.

The effect was utterly ruined when she peeled it back far enough that her bare breasts sprang out. While deliciously firm, even despite the fact that she was considerably larger than her rival, the lack of undergarment failed to impress me. The suggestion of mystery and the forbidden that underwear, or even swimsuits, offer is irresistible to me.

Mars had expected to lose that round. She had two strikes against her, according to common societal logic. First, her tits were smaller, no matter how delectable. Second, she probably already knew her companion had to worry about strap-lines beneath the skintight material and had forsaken the bra. That was the reason she'd raced to be the first to strip. The quicker she got that stage over with, the quicker she could begin to gain some kind of advantage once more. Her hand already reached for the clasp behind her and couldn't manage to work it.

I surprised them both when my eyes instinctively drifted back towards the woman with the short red hair. Mars actually looked up from her supposedly submissive status. Her eyes were wide and held no little bit of appreciation and wonder. Jupiter let out a shocked gasp that held more confusion and injury than denial or anger.

Quick to play upon her advantage, Mars dropped her hand away from the still clasped bra. When she stood up, she uncoiled like a serpent. A light, unobtrusive, touch of her fingers guided the skirt around her hips so that it remained firmly on the ground as she rose out of it. I couldn't help but appreciate that the panties matched to the point where my body practically pulled me forward to gaze carefully at the spot of pink that peeked through.

Mars smiled, knowing she already had an advantage. There wasn't a hint of fear or concern when I managed to pull my head around to look at Jupiter. The other woman had foregone her pose to stand as well, she remained half-clothed but had turned her back to me. She had figured out her disadvantage and intended to accommodate with performance what she lacked in clothing.

Agonizingly slowly, her hands began to drag the form-fitting outfit over her hips. Immediately, I knew she would not lose the round in the same manner when individual black strings appeared. They had been designed carefully and worked beneath the natural lines of the body-suit. That and they were so thin as to be nearly invisible, even when so thoroughly exposed.

Jupiter kept her legs tightly together as she bent over and guided the suit down her legs. I reveled in the sight of the small batch of semi-gloss material fabulously displayed between clenched butt cheeks. I was almost disappointed when she straightened and the view disappeared.

My dick gave one large jump when she turned around to display a g-string thong so small I'd have expected it was a Wicked Weasel had we still been in my world. Still, the overall packages were hard to judge between. The tease of the black postage stamp or the seduction of the matching bra and panties. My head oscillated back and forth. Both women realized at the same time the decision of round three (or was it four by now?) was a draw.

So slowly it was painful to watch, the rivals began to saunter forward. Although it probably never dawned on either of them to attempt to compete with mere strides, I couldn't help but compare the two. Jupiter had a lithe grace that spoke of a dangerous sensuality. Mars was more straightforward. She led her body with her breasts and hips, focusing more on her physical attributes than the impression of her skills.

They draped themselves over my arms at the same time. They were determined not to let the other get the drop on them. Although their faces and eyes were turned up towards me, I knew their focus was on each other. They watched their peripheral vision to make certain.

It was an interesting dichotomy. My mind was very much turned off at the obvious lack of enthusiasm they didn't even realize they displayed. I was incidental. If left to their own devices, I'm not sure either of them would have willingly sought me out. Just enough of my mind remembered that they had issued the challenge to suggest they might have but it wasn't enough to arouse me.

Their bodies, however, were more than enough to turn me on! I'd have had to have been blind, dumb and senseless not to feel the way their smooth flesh pressed against me. The lace of Mars' bra tickled my arm while the same sensation ground against my leg. On the other side, the shining black patch of fabric glided smoothly up and down in a similar fashion. I had to resist the urge to look down to see if the aggressive humping caused either of those undergarments to shift for an illicit glimpse.

The animosity that lies between them really is a shame. They could work so well as a team if only they tried. Their hands began to trail down my body as if choreographed. As one, they stepped back. Fingers slid beneath my shirt and they peeled it up and tossed it aside. There wasn't even a scuffle of confusion as their fingers met and worked first my buckle and then button free.

The whole thing could have been incredibly sensuous! Two hands slowly stripping me in perfect harmony while the other two clung to my shoulders almost lovingly. Equal looks of devotion and desire on their faces as they looked up at me. Unfortunately I couldn't escape the undercurrent of conflict or the fact that they never really noticed my body as they peeled my clothes off.

I wondered what would happen now. There was no way they'd be able to both work my zipper and still keep it sexy. I could very easily imagine they would each grab an edge and yank the flaps apart. Fortunately, they also seemed to realize how poorly it would reflect on them if they did.

Mars relinquished her claim first. Even as Jupiter pulled my zipper open, Mars' free hand reached up to cup my cheek and turn my head towards her. Her body once more encased my side as she lifted and rubbed her way up to kiss me. I barely heard Jupiter's disgusted gasp as a haze settled firmly over my mind, fueled by a strawberry flavored mouth.

As delightful as the passionate kiss proved (she's good enough to fake it with a kiss, that's for sure!) Jupiter knew how steal back the focus. My boxer-briefs and pants virtually disappeared given the speed with which she dropped them to my ankles. This time I did note the gasp in the pause that followed. So did Mars and I felt her conflicted desire to continue the seductive kiss and to pull away and see what her rival had discovered. In the end, the latter need won and she reluctantly pulled back and glanced down. Another gasp followed.

(What do you know? Not one but two women who hadn't managed to use their mysterious x-ray vision to size me up ahead of time! Then again maybe they'd just been too distracted to bother.)

My hands felt useless. Once free of her surprise, Jupiter clung to my leg. Her hips rolled forward and back with such speed that I could actually feel the g-string slipping. A shudder ran through me at the thought that her exposed lust now occasionally rubbed against me. The accompanying pulse of blood sent her over the edge and she lunged in to kiss the base of my straining cock.

Mars wouldn't be outdone. She collapsed to her knees and similarly used my body to excite herself. Rather than press against my base, she tilted her head and began to lightly suck and tease my balls. I groaned and another shudder rolled through my body.

The moans that began to issue from both women aroused me as much as the attention their lips paid me. I could feel the excitement and intensity of their thrusts. The sounds weren't faked in the slightest. While one hand clung to my body, as if I would vanish if they didn't hold be to reality, my half-lidded eyes caught each as they reached between their own bodies and mine to add to their ministrations. The sudden realization of what might be in store, combined with the way they stimulated themselves, had sent them right to the edge of climax.

DAMN! The female commanders of Team Galactic really needed to work past their problems with each other! As one, their heads fell away from me. Their bodies wracked with climax and they fell to the ground. Only a sheer act of will, and the determination that I would have at least one of them, allowed me to keep from cumming right there on their spent forms.

What a view it was, though. An uncivilized portion of my mind, that I hadn't realized existed, seriously considered spraying them. Sweat glistened on their nearly-naked bodies. They lay sprawled on the grass, gasping, as they tried to recover from their self-inflicted delight. Their hands even remained buried between their legs in such a manner that neither undergarment hid their lust from view anymore. Given the rest of the picture, even that excited me.

"You'll have to choose." Jupiter managed to mumble. There was more than a hint of resignation in her tone. For perhaps the first time in their careers, it seemed the two wanted to actually share rather than compete.

I dropped to my knees. I had to choose, and quickly. Not only did I want to take advantage of the lull in their competitive natures, but I also wanted to catch them while still in the aftershocks of orgasm. I knew I wouldn't last long and, unlike men, women could be brought quickly back to the peak if little time has passed.

I carefully lay down between the still-shuddering forms. Their eyes were focused on me with an intensity matched by the disappointment that it would soon end for one of them. They didn't know I had no intention of allowing that outcome. Although I'd been left to feel like a prize, rather than a potential partner, they'd both put forth a decent effort to entice me.

Relief, rather than victory, clouded Jupiter's eyes when I dragged her on top of me. She tried to impale herself immediately but I forced her to sit upright. She took the demand in stride and shifted her knees to accommodate me. She pressed her hot groin against my straining member as she fumbled to shift the string and tiny patch of fabric out of our way.

I could see the defeat in Mars' gaze. She looked longingly back at her companion/rival and the stiff cock she wished she could share. That attention kept her from realizing my intent. She screamed in shock as my hands suddenly appeared at her hips and lifted her small form. In the brief instant before my view was blocked, I saw an approving smile on the woman desperately prepared to ride my body.

Mars' arms flew forward. Even before she was aware of her situation, she crouched on hands and knees. The glorious fragrance of her passion filled my nose from the saturate lace that encompassed my vision. Driven mad by the pheromones the competition had driven from the women I lunged.

Once again, Jupiter proved the synchronicity of their partnership. With barely a pause to ensure her aim, she dropped herself on me. Her slight weight crashed down and smothered my length at the same moment my mouth pressed against the lace panties. I moaned in appreciation and both women screamed in harmony.

My hips thrust up in time with Jupiter's frantic pace. My jaw worked deep into the nerves of Mars while my tongue dug into the lace. Already pressure grew deep within me, threatening to overwhelm me all too soon. Fortunately, one woman's pussy gripped and milked me in ecstasy while the other's poured sweet cream through the holes in the fabric and down my throat.

We thrust and licked and sucked. Scream after scream echoed through the sacred grove as we build towards the inevitable. Mars began to push her lust down against my face in counterpoint to Jupiter's irresistible thrusts. Our bodies rocked in motion as one undifferentiated form.

My left hand, which until now clutched at Mars' hips to pull her more tightly against me, slid around and yanked at the panties in my way. After a hand-off to the fingers which still gripped the round flesh of her ass, my fingers drove forward to add my own thrust to the musical rhythm of our lust. My teeth gently plucked at her open bud and I sucked her clit as I buried two, then three, fingers deep within her.

Fire burned between my legs. Time seemed to slow as I felt it start the long climb up my thick shaft. Everywhere it moved my nerves flared with delight. Meanwhile, Jupiter's ride began to falter as both women clutched desperately where my body merged with theirs.

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