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Virtual Reality: Pokemon D/P Ch. 6


Virtual Realities: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

Episode: Officer Jenny's Request

Disclaimer: this story is a work of fiction based on the characters in the video game: Pokemon: Diamond/Pearl. I make no claims of ownership towards these characters, only the twisted things they do in this story belong to me. If you find this story on any site except Literotica, it has been stolen from me, I would appreciate you letting me know! Enjoy the story, and remember: Feedback is crack for writers!

Please note, I have extensive knowledge on the subject and have double checked with online research. All characters involved in sexual activities in these stories are above the age of 18 in both the game and the show. No "aging up" or other literary tricks were used to make characters legal age.

"Arcanine, nooooooo!"

Only a little farther and I'd finally reach Hotel Grand Lake. I anticipated I would reach it by nightfall if I continued straight on. The shouted plea stopped me in my tracks. Any delay and they might be closed and I'd be unable to spend the night. Given that I had no pressing schedule conflicts, it didn't matter whether my planned week of R&R started tonight or tomorrow morning, but I really had hoped to make it that night.

After however long I'd been trapped in Sinnoh, I was looking forward to a nice break. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty to be said for life in a world where machines routinely ignore the laws of physics and animals manage to convey soliloquies with nothing more than the handful of syllables in their names. Still, what the game doesn't bother to mention is that you spend the better part of a couple of years wandering around on foot (or in my case by bicycle) and more often than not camping under the stars.

I love camping, but there's much to be said for a bed with a mattress from time to time. Even when you can bum a room at a pokemon center, they usually have basic cots that would do the army proud. They're cheap, they're portable, they're relatively easy to clean, and did I mention they're cheap?

With the money I'd saved up along the way, I was looking forward to a nice week of pampered existence. If there happened to be some trainers present who wished to partake in a little adult rules action, so much the better. I couldn't tell you the last time I'd actually had sex in, you know, a bed!!!

Unfortunately, my honor prevented me from simply dismissing the plight that the shout implied. Sure, the voice had been female but I wouldn't have been able to resist any more if it had been a male. I might not have become the protagonist of Sinnoh, like Ash or whoever from the game, but I'm still a do-gooder at heart.

Resigned to another night on the cold hard ground, I rushed around the corner of the path. The first thing I saw was the tiger-striped orange mutt who was the subject of the woman's lament. The poor fire-type dog had clearly been on the losing end of a battle. Slung low to the ground and crawling meekly backwards, it displayed every evidence of submission to whatever pokemon had recently defeated it.

See, that's why I'm a cat person. You pick on a dog and it's ingrained in their genetics to bow down to you thereafter. Pick on a cat and they'll glare at you and stalk off with as much dignity as they can afford (which is usually a lot). Thereafter, you'd better watch your back because you can be certain that the cat's plotting your inevitable downfall. In and among it's obligatory schemes for world domination, of course.

The woman who slid to a stop beside the poor pokemon wasn't much of a surprise. I'd recognized her voice the instant I heard it. After nearly a decade in existence, Pokemon had very few recurring characters that had been around since the beginning. Not only was Officer Jenny's voice recognizable, but there weren't that many arcanine, or even growlithe, wandering around Sinnoh.

The officer knelt next to her downed pokemon and cradled it in her lap.

I admit it. I had a Brock moment. There was no antagonistic pokemon in sight, nothing that needed defeating right that moment. That meant there was nothing to distract me from the sight of her. I couldn't help but wish she'd lean forward just a little more. The way she sat on her heels, with her back to me, meant that her already short skirt had ridden up almost high enough that I could see her underwear. If only she'd had a tiny growlithe, instead of the gigantic arcanine, she'd have had to shift her weight farther in order to comfort her pokemon.

I don't think I made any kind of noise. After all, I was just standing there, bug-eyed and staring, with my jaw dropped. Maybe the drool plopped on the ground or something. Whatever it was, her head suddenly whipped around and hard brown eyes narrowed as the focused unerringly on me.

In a flash, she was standing and facing me. She gripped her pokeball as a police officer in my world would have held the handle of a holstered firearm. Too bad the pokemon, that instinct demanded she be ready to call on, remained nearly unconscious on the ground behind her. Kind of ruined the effect.

Not wanting to have her on edge, I held my empty hands up in front of myself in a placating gesture. I kept my tone in a soothing lull, trained by years in theater. "I heard your shout. I came to see if anyone was in trouble and needed help." I didn't want to point out that I had nothing to fear from her at that moment. Her own instincts would have left her embarrassed and that's never a good way to start off with a cop.

Officer Jenny didn't so much relax as she deflated. Her hand dropped from the pokeball on her belt and she dropped to her knees. Still without realizing the futility of gripping her pokeball, she sagged against the huge fuzzy form of her companion. Her chin drooped and her shoulders sagged. "No. Everything's fine here. All under control."

The tone of her voice gave truth to the lies her automatic responses told. I crossed to her and squatted just out of reach. Again, better not to set off any defenses. "Are you, by any chance, Officer Jenny from Pastoria?"

She glanced up. Those big brown eyes worked wonderfully through the blinds of her lashes. Only Brock seemed to be able to tell any of them apart. I certainly couldn't. Still, Hotel Grand Lake wasn't that far from Pastoria. It wasn't unreasonable to suspect her area of responsibility included as far out as this.

"I am. And you are...?"

I wasn't sure how to feel. For months and months, I'd been on a personal mission to find this woman. I'd nearly challenged her cousin to an adult rules battle. After all, she and Nurse Joy were the two staples of the anime. Only the timely intervention of Cynthia had prevented me from making a fool of myself by hitting on a lesbian.

Still, it was one thing to blindly think "gee! I'm in a world of pokemon, where winning battles can lead to a fabulous night of sex, might as well get my kicks with the famous and beautiful Officer Jenny". It was completely another to look into those disparaged brown eyes and be excited about the prospect of an adult rules battle. I'd beaten the pokemon league champion twice (albeit not in full six-on-six battles), there was little doubt I'd be able to wipe out Officer Jenny's arcanine even if it was at its freshest.

"Uh...Lynx." I stumbled on my answer. "Actually, Cynthia suggested I seek you out for a battle."

A single green eyebrow raised at the revelation. Her head tilted up slightly and she gave me a more measured appraisal. Not only had I just off-handedly dropped the name of the champion but there weren't all that many reasons to go traipsing all over Sinnoh in search of one particular police officer.

"Is that so? And why, pray tell, would she send you out to find me?" The sarcasm that dripped from her tone did much to restore the impression of confidence that Officer Jenny always exuded in the show.

"Actually, I was going to challenge you to an adult rules battle."
"I'm sorry? I didn't quite hear you." That tone would have put any elementary-school-teaching nun to shame. The appraising gaze that tracked back down my body, pausing only briefly with a smirk between my legs, proved that she had heard me quite well, regardless, and was more amused by my sudden embarrassment than anything.

I took a deep breath to steady myself and tried again. This time at a normal volume. "I said, 'actually, I was going to challenge you to an adult rules battle.'" I shrugged. "Truthfully, it would probably be a good distraction and tension release, in light of whatever's going on."

"Article three-four-seven-dash-six-five-point-seven of regulations specifically prevents officers from participating in any form of idle battling during duty hours. Furthermore, before you suggest you can wait until I'm off duty, procedural memorandum ten-forty-dash-eight cautions against gambling in any fashion, up to and including recreational pokemon battling, given the possibility of undue influence being put upon an officer of the law."

The whole thing came out with the clipped precision of a memorized speech. It wasn't just that she had memorized the specific rules, by number, but that the whole thing had probably been given to them verbatim as an answer for just this scenario. I had to wonder if Officer Jenny of Solacion had considered Cynthia worth the trouble she'd have gotten in if she'd made the challenge she'd obviously wanted to?

Still, it was kind of hard to connect pokemon battling with gambling. Sure, I could vaguely understand, in the case of adult rules. Stipulations were made up front, but that still left a lot of leeway. After all, it was possible to bend such stipulations so that the officer in question might be busy for an entire night. Or, what would happen if she was asked simply to go down on a guy but a crisis arose while she was in the middle of it? Honor would demand she finish him off before she ran after a murder suspect?

(Not that I'd ever even heard of a murder here. Theft? Plenty! Attempts at world domination? Everywhere! But nothing violent. Heck, I'd be surprised if the word rape is even in their law books, outside of statutory. With adult rules aiding promiscuity, date-rape is kind of pointless. Of course, the whole world is founded on a franchise oriented towards kids, so I'd never been all that surprised.)

My mind reeled as I tried to make sense of it all. I couldn't believe that Cynthia wouldn't have known about the whole 'officers restricted from battling' thing. Similarly, she wouldn't have sent me all this way as a joke. Sure, she has a quirky sense of humor but it would have been more in line to send me to the next town in order to discover the regulations, not a third of the way across the country!

Fortunately, Officer Jenny's mind hadn't been as befuddled as mine was. With something other than her recent loss to think about, her confidence had returned to it legendary heights. Her eyes once more tracked down my body before she returned, triumphantly, to my own. Though they stopped almost as long on the five pokeballs on my belt as they did on my crotch.

"If Cynthia sent you, maybe you're not just some rookie trainer." She declared. "Tell you what, the rules say I can't battle you, and certainly can't battle using adult rules, but they don't say I can't hire you as a consultant."

It took a moment for my already addled mind to work through the multiple negatives and figure out what she'd just said. "A consultant? For what?"

Officer Jenny leaned back on her heels and straightened her back. Although kneeling, it gave her the image of a sergeant delivering a mission brief to a particularly slow squad of grunts. In other words, back to typical Officer Jenny.

"This past winter was particularly rough on the Sinnoh region. There was greater snowfall everywhere. The fact that even we received some speaks much for this. When the storm ended, we discovered a pokemon had migrated very far from its normal climate.

"Quickly, the poor creature began to cause trouble. Plants and property have been damaged by what we can only assume is an attempt for the pokemon in question to transform this area into one much more suited to its natural habitat. Attempts have been made to urge the pokemon back to its normal environment but all have failed."

The winter had been a bit rough, I supposed. Being from New England, I barely noticed. Throw on some extra clothes and bundle up in a down sleeping bag and I was set. Heck, I'd been a Boy Scout and had some experience with winter camping.

"Unfortunately, the abomasnow in question is of unusual strength. Even when presented with a type disadvantage it is able to win handily." She continued, coming quickly to the conclusion. "If you were, indeed, sent by Cynthia then I have to assume you're a strong trainer. If you could assist us in removing this threat, I believe I could be persuaded to offer services in return."

The glint in her eyes belied the militant manner in which she delivered her offer. "I might not be able to participate in adult rules battles but if you are able to defeat a pokemon my arcanine was unable to best, it would certainly prove your superiority. And the standard restrictions used for adult rules battles could easily be offered for your compensation."

All in all, it was quite a neat dodge of the regulations. I wasn't sure how she could offer sexual favors as payment for 'services rendered' but since she was the one making the suggestion, I had to assume she had an explanation in mind. I didn't need to know what it was. That would be between her and whoever her superiors were. (And who exactly are the superiors behind the army of officer Jennys?)

"One condition on that." Only the slightest twitch showed her surprise that I had the gumption to try to work the deal and even then I only noticed it because of my background. "Add in the caveat of bondage to the traditional adult rules restrictions."

This time, her expression didn't so much as twitch. It froze! I recognized it as the response of someone used to surprises who couldn't allow herself to display any reaction to them. I'd read that cops often learned that trait. Unfortunately, it revealed something about their reaction in its own right. I might not be able to tell what went on behind that mask but I knew that she'd never expected this turn of events.

Over the months and months I'd been on the road in search of Pastoria, I'd mulled over Cynthia's brief suggestion that I search out this particular Officer Jenny. As noted, there's plenty of them around. It was difficult for me to believe that there wouldn't have been another, more reasonably close, who preferred men over women. Why would she send me a third of the way across the region for this one in particular?

Then it dawned on me. Her mumbled suggestion had taken place not only after my aborted attempt to challenge an Officer Jenny but also after my successful defeat of her, and the subsequent round of sex thereafter. I'd chosen doggy-style and held her virtually immobile during.

The thing about people in power is that they often have control issues. I realized that it was entirely possible that an officer would have a secret fetish to either be bound by, or bind, her lover. If she wanted to be bound, it was a psychological desire to relinquish the control she rigidly held over the rest of her life. If she wanted to bind, it was because she fantasized about the control she held over her captives.

The trick was to figure out which. If, of course, she agreed to the stipulation. Then again, if she did agree, it was a pretty clear indication that I had pegged Cynthia's intentions. The champion tended to not only point me in directions where I'd have some fun, but also where I might provide exactly what someone else needed. If they had the show in this universe, I'd have thought she was somehow possessed by the time-traveling Sam Becket!

After some internal deliberation that I wasn't able to read, Officer Jenny finally nodded once. I'd judged correctly that she had some special proclivity towards bondage. The delay, however, proved that her tendencies heavily favored one side over the other. Given that I was almost certain to win what amounted to being this bet (not to mention the battle), it was up to me to try to figure out which way she leaned before I called in my marker.

"Lead on, MacDuff." That broke the carefully neutral facade. From her confused expression, they didn't have Shakespeare in Sinnoh. Shame really. They'd love the play Mid Summer Night's Dream from what I could tell. And while I have a bachelor's degree in theater, I've never been good enough to memorize more than a few lines, so penning it for them was completely out.

With a roll of my eyes, I waved an arm expressively offering her the lead. The trail was so obvious I could probably have followed without her. Still, the company was pleasant, if distant. Besides, I wanted her there as a witness. I could argue that it was because I didn't want there to be any question that I'd succeeded but the truth is I wanted to show off a little.

A blast of icy wind hit us just before we reached the end of the snow-lined trail. I threw my hands over my face in protection but it did little except to block the sting of the tiny shards. Jenny, just ahead of me, took the full brunt of the attack and staggered backwards. Good thing her skirt was so tight or it probably would have whipped up and exposed her more fully to the painful gust.

I stepped in front of her and helped to shield her even while I reached for my belt. I felt the supple body of the officer press against my back. I fully approved. Even aside from the obvious pleasure of the maneuver, it managed to get her more fully out of the wind and share what measure of body heat we could. My Viking heritage provided me some degree of resistance to the cold and my body reacted by pumping up the heat.

"Rayna, your on!" I shouted into the wind. Instantly, red energy began to pour from my pokeball. It coalesced a little ways away, beyond the full brunt of the blizzard attack, into a dark dog-shaped biped. My riolu had come out to play.

Thankfully, the introduction of another pokemon into the scenario gave the rogue abomasnow something else to think about. The blizzard attack instantly cut off as the pokemon turned its attention to its new opponent. My free hand reached behind me and I guided Officer Jenny off to one side of the small glade.

Where my hand touched her bare thigh, I could feel how cold she was. Her body shook with heavy shivers. That was good. The attack, powerful as it had been, could easily have pushed her over the edge and straight into hypothermia. If her body was still strong enough to shiver then she hadn't passed into any dangerous stages yet.

I clipped my pokeball back to my belt and maneuvered her around to my side where I could wrap both of my arms around her. Her arms curled against her chest and she huddled in what warmth I had to provide. Aware that we looked like a couple on the cover of a cheap romance novel, I turned my attention back to the brewing battle.

Grass-ice was an unusual dual-type for a pokemon. While it provided a fair resistance to a handful of different attacks it also left the poor thing open to an astounding array of other attacks. Fire was the most obvious, and most damning, weakness but there were a number of lesser types that would work perfectly well. Thankfully, my riolu knew a number of them. I went with her own type to add to my advantage.

"Rayna, get in close for close combat!"

The abomasnow apparently decided to focus its attention entirely on my much smaller pokemon. Rather than blanket the area in snow once more, its hand began to glow turquoise and raised above its head, prepared to meet the incoming anthropomorphic puppy. Although size isn't always a good indication of speed, I was fairly confident that my little gal could get her attack in first.

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