Virtual Slavery Ch. 01


I did not touch her and made no effort to bring her pleasure.

"Now you can undress," I said as I zipped up my pants. "Lie on the bed. Face down. I'm taking your ass next."

I tied her wrists together and to the headboard, then spread her legs, so her body was an inverted Y, and tied each ankle to a corner of the frame. The room was high up in the tower overlooking Lake Tahoe. Night had fallen and I opened the drapes before turning off the light and going downstairs to the casino, where I played roulette for a while, enjoying the image of her waiting naked for me to return and buttfuck her.

When I reentered the room she was completely still. I did not turn on the light, but could see her though the slight illumination coming through the window. Her face was away from me. She might have been asleep. Anyone could have entered the room.

Without a word, I undressed and crossed to the bed and took her. A single suppressed moan as I ejaculated deep inside her ass was the only sign she was conscious.

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