tagExhibitionist & VoyeurVishal Meets Nisha Ch. 04

Vishal Meets Nisha Ch. 04


Vishal's mom was happy with the clothes Nisha had picked for him.

"Do you like them too, Vishal?"

"Yes, mom"

"I'm impressed, Nisha. It's usually so hard to find decent clothes that he'll agree to wear."

"Oh, he was a breeze to shop for, aunty. He was very cooperative."

"Really? I wish I could send him with you every time." Rita beamed at that, while Vishal shuddered at the thought. "All of these look good. Let's get them all and go grab something to eat. Rita isn't done yet, but it's getting late."

During dinner, Vishal's mom discussed their sleeping arrangements.

"Nisha, you can take Vishal's bed. He sleeps in the living room when we have guests over."

"Oh, that won't be necessary, Aunty. Rita and I can share a bed. They look big enough. Vishal can sleep in his own bed."

"No, he'll be fine sleeping in the living room. I want you to be comfortable..."

"No aunty, I insist. We'll be very comfortable. Besides, plus 2 is an important year for Vishal. We shouldn't disrupt his routine like that. Right, Rita?"

Rita wasn't very enthusiastic "Well, it's not like he spends all his time studying. But yeah, we'll be fine sharing a bed. I've shared it with cousins before and it's been fine."

Her mom reluctantly acquiesced, "OK, but if you're not comfortable in any way, let me know Rita. Vishal has slept plenty of times in the living room."

"Sure, aunty. But it won't be necessary. I know we'll be fine."

So it was settled. That morning, Vishal would have been happy to know that he would keep his bed. But now, after an exhausting day of prolonged arousal, he had begun hoping that he could be by himself in the living room that night. But it was not to be.

They returned home late in the evening. When they got home, to his mom's surprise, Vishal went straight to his room to study.

When it was time for bed, Nisha came into his room with a glass of warm milk. He always had milk before bed.

"Here's your milk, Vishal. Aunty says it's time for you to go to bed."

"OK, thanks."

As he started drinking it, he noticed that she had changed into a thin cotton nightgown. It had lace details sewn on to the ends of the short sleeves and at the bottom of the hem. The hem went down to her calves and pretty much covered most of her. The neckline had a short slit down the middle through which a sliver of skin was visible. As she leaned over his desk to look at his study material, he felt that he could faintly see the curve of her breast through the slit. Just the idea was enough to arouse him again.

Nisha collected his glass when he was done. "Time to go to bed now," she said, and ruffled his hair, smiling. By now he was used to this, so he simply smiled back. As he walked to the bed, however, she frowned.

"Are you going to sleep in your day clothes?"

"Yeah. I always do."

"You really should take them off, Vishal. It's not good for your body to get hot during the night."

He looked back at her with a blank expression, not knowing how to react. At least this time she wasn't making a move to take off his clothes.

"Well, I have to go help aunty now. All I'm going to say is at least take off some of your clothes. It's up to you. Goodnight now." And she left the room.

As Vishal sat in bed, he felt strangely sad that Nisha had left sounding disappointed. He decided to at least take off his t-shirt. He pulled it off and dropped it into the space between his bed and the wall. He then lay down and pulled up his blanket up to his chest.

It felt odd lying down bare chested. He couldn't remember the last time he had slept that way. He felt his penis stiffening. He used one hand to fondle his bare nipples, and the other to squeeze his erection through his shorts. He recollected how Nisha had caressed his bare chest and tummy while he stood in the store in just his briefs, and he squeezed harder.

And then he heard footsteps and froze, closing his eyes to feign sleep.

It was Nisha and Rita, coming to bed. Rita was the first to notice that he was shirtless, though they couldn't see the rest of him under the blanket. She pointed it to Nisha in a hushed tone, so as to not wake him up.

"Look, he took his shirt off."

"Good. I suggested he take some clothes off before he went to bed. It's not good to sleep hot."

"I'm surprised he listened. I wonder if he's just wearing his undies," Rita said, giggling.

"Well, it would be even better if he took those off too," replied Nisha.

Vishal still had his hand over his erection, and he had to keep it pressed to stop them from seeing it move under the blanket. Rita started giggling even more at Nisha's comment, and then she suddenly stopped.

"Wait, you're serious aren't you?"

"Of course. That's how the boys in my village sleep."

"I need to come to your village sometime and see all these naked boys."

"You should come for the next break. But only if you learn to stop giggling."

"That's going to be hard," Rita admitted. And with that they went to sleep.

Vishal, however, was wide awake. Their conversation had gotten him very excited. Did Nisha really want him to sleep naked? The thought made his penis ache with arousal.

His shorts suddenly felt very stifling.

He waited till he thought they were asleep, and then with as little movement as possible, he unbuttoned and slipped off his shorts. He slid them to the side of his bed to join his t-shirt.

Ah, that felt a lot better.

He then slowly rolled over onto his tummy. He gently ground his penis through his briefs against his bed, making as little movement as possible, trying his best not to moan. It wasn't enough movement to get him off, but he did not dare hump the bed any faster for fear of waking them up. He eventually fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion.

Vishal was awakened in the morning by someone tapping his back. His face was partially buried in his pillow. He turned his face to one side and opened his eyes, groggy-eyed. His eyes tried to adjust to the light. Wasn't it Sunday?

"Time to wake up, Vishal."

It was Nisha! Vishal was instantly awake. He was about to jump out of bed, when he realized that he was half naked. He looked down sideways. He seemed to have kicked his blanket off the bed! He was lying on his tummy in just his briefs, with one leg sprawled out with the knee bent. Worse, his briefs had slid down a little and about an inch of his ass crack was peeking out! Who else had seen him like this? He slowly straightened his legs.

Nisha was sitting on his bed by his side. She was back in her short t-shirt and skirt. The curls framing her face were damp. She smiled when she saw his eyes open. She still had her hand on his bare back.

"Time to go for your bath, Vishal. It's getting late."

Vishal blinked. He was trying to figure out how to pull up his briefs without drawing attention to them.

"It's Sunday. I always sleep late."

"The maid is going to do the laundry soon. Sweaty clothes shouldn't be lying around too long. Where are the rest of your clothes?"

He dug them out from the side of the bed without getting up. His morning wood was still raging and he was definitely not getting up right away. Nisha took them from him.

"I need to give her ALL your clothes. So if you're not getting up, let me take your briefs."

She slipped her fingers into the back of his briefs, making him shiver when he felt them on his ass cheeks. Then she started pulling his briefs down! Before he could react, she had pulled them clear of his ass cheeks, and continued to tug them down. She was looking at his bare ass cheeks up close!

Vikram shot up like a bolt, pulling up his briefs quickly as he did. "OK OK, I'll go for my bath."

Nisha looked down at the front of his briefs. His erection was pushing them out. She looked at him and smiled. "I'm glad you listened to me and took off your clothes for bed." She reached up and started rubbing his bare tummy, very close to his briefs. "But you should start taking these off too. You'll sleep more comfortably without them on." Now she was tracing a finger along the waistband of his briefs. His penis lurched.

"I'll go for my bath now," Vishal stammered and slipped out of the room.

He hoped he wouldn't run into anyone on the way to the bathroom. Rita was eating at the dining table, her back to him. He tip-toed in the hallway past her. She didn't turn around. His mom was in the kitchen and didn't see him either. Vishal was relieved.

But when he reached the bathroom, he realized that he needed to get his towel from the balcony. He hurried past the bathroom and turned left, where the hallway turned to the entrance of the balcony, and almost bumped into Sumati, their maid!

Sumati had been their maid for a few years now. She had 3 sons and a daughter. Her daughter, Karthiga, was in her early twenties and worked as a maid for other houses in the building. Sumati came every morning and worked for an hour, cleaning and mopping the apartment and doing the laundry. Then she went on to work in other homes.

Sumati was bent over sweeping up all the debris she had collected into a dustpan, when Vishal nearly ran into her. She turned, surprised, and came face to face with his bulging briefs. She'd seen him hurrying from the bathroom to his bedroom in a towel numerous times, but never like this. She always thought he was a shy kid. She stood up and saw him blushing.

"What is it, son?"

"I just need to get my towel from the balcony."

"Just wait for me to sweep this up into a bag. If you open the balcony door now, it will start spreading around with the breeze."

Sumati resumed sweeping up the debris. But Vishal noticed that she was looking at his briefs every few seconds and smiling. She continued to talk to him.

"How come you are up so early? I never see you on the weekends."

"I... I just felt like waking up early."

"Your friend told me she was going to add your clothes to the laundry pile before I got started. I see that she's taken them from you."

He blushed a deep red and clasped his hands in front of his briefs. She smiled again.

"How come she spared this?" she asked, pointing her head at his undies, grinning. "Alright son, you can take your towel now."

He leaped past her and cracked opened the balcony door. He reached out and pulled his towel off the clothesline without stepping on to the balcony, for fear of anyone else seeing him.

When Vishal finally reached the bathroom again, Nisha was at the door. He held his towel in front of him.

"Vishal, I think the maid is almost done. Go into the bathroom and pass me your briefs through the door."

"Can't it wait till tomorrow?"

"You want your worn briefs to wait till tomorrow to be washed?" She wrinkled her nose.

Vishal didn't want to stand there in the hallway arguing with her lest someone else came and saw him. So he just said "OK, I will give them," and slipped past her into the bathroom.

Vishal closed the bathroom door. He slowly slipped off his briefs. His penis sprung up to a 45 degree angle as soon as it came free of the waistband of his briefs. It was aching. He dared not touch it. It didn't help that he was standing nude with Nisha on the other side of the door. He crept close to the door hinge, away from the door handle, took a deep breath, and cracked the door open. He reached around the opening and stretched his hand out, with his briefs in it, keeping his body safely behind the door.

But she didn't take it yet. Then he noticed something in the mirror in the corner of his eye and turned to look.

Perpendicular to the bathroom door and right next to it, was the sink, with a large mirror above it. In the mirror, Vishal could see the other side of the door opening. Nisha was standing there, looking into the mirror, her eyes looking down. Then she looked up, saw his face in the mirror, and smiled at him mischievously. He suddenly realized - she was looking at him naked in the mirror! Well, the side of him anyway, but she was seeing everything from the side! His hairless erect penis pointing upwards and almost touching the door, his tightened scrotum hanging below it, everything! She unabashedly looked down again. He immediately twisted his lower body away from the mirror so his bottom was facing it. She was still looking down, this time at his bare ass cheeks, her smile growing wider.

Vishal dropped his briefs from his hand outside the door, and immediately shut the door, his heart pounding. She had seen him naked!

While his mind was still in a state of shock, Vishal's penis was throbbing and aching. It had to be relieved. He felt a rush as he slowly reached down and wrapped his fingers around his penis. He knew he was very close even before he got started. He slowly started pumping it, recalling the way Nisha had pulled down his briefs as he lay in bed, recalling the smile he had seen on her face when she looked at the side of his erect penis through the mirror, and then at his bare ass cheeks... and he soon came, spurt after spurt, with an intensity he had never felt before.

He collapsed on the bathroom floor, exhausted.

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Awesome update

Great writing. Enjoying every update from you. Looking forward for more from you. You are my favorite.

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