tagExhibitionist & VoyeurVision of Loveliness

Vision of Loveliness

byAvalanche Man©

He had been driving so long that he thought his brain had gone numb or dead, as he knew his butt had definitely reached the dead stage beyond numb. Hours and Hours of highway seemed like he was in a loop and would past the same highway markers again and again.

All the games he could think of had been played; counting certain kinds of cars, playing the radio loud, even seeing how cold he could get the air conditioner to run. He wrote letters to people in his mind, and reviewed every business dealing he had ever had. Still his mind was wandering and trying not to think of the hours ahead where he would still be driving.

"WOW, did I almost miss that??" he thought staring into the car running along side of him. This happens to other people and never me, and who would believe me anyway...raced through his mind.

Topless as the day she was born was a lovely, young woman going about the same speed as him. He barely had to speed up or slow down to maintain the position beside her, and fortunately his SUV was higher than her car so his view was just perfect.

Although he couldn't see her eyes due to her sunglasses, there was nothing blocking his seeing she was nude from top of her head down to the jean shorts she had on. His blood pressure had jumped about 20 points or more when he realized what was beside him, and it wasn't coming down anytime soon.

Once his mind had begun to wrap itself around the situation, he started noting all the details, as this was an experience that didn't come his way often and he didn't ever want to forget how special it was to him.

Dark honey blonde hair just past her neck, flawless skin everywhere, probably about 5'6" or so, and a gorgeous pair of light brown nipples. What a time not to have a camera. They covered twenty or thirty miles, while he argued with himself in his mind about her breast size.

34B...no, maybe a C. Ah, what did it matter when they were sitting there so fine and firm, and completely out as perky as could be. No blouse or bra on the seat beside her or even in the back seat, so his imagination ran rampant with speculation.

If she stops for gas...I'll fill her tank for her. And did she leave out on her trip as topless as she is now. Is this some kind of dare for her, and her top and bra are in the trunk. She must have her air on super cold as her nipples are sticking out so nicely and firmly.

Concentrating on his driving just enough so that he didn't run off the road, or worse yet, wander into her lane, he realized his had been holding his breath and really needed to breathe at least semi normally. Totally afraid to do anything to change what was happening, and yet he wanted to honk... or wave... or scream to express his joy and happiness to the world.

Once his breathing and blood pressure had come back down just a little bit, he looked up and gave thanks to whoever he given him this glorious vision. Bug eyed was how he was going to be from keeping one eye on her body and one eye on the road. The miles seemed to be flying by and he hoped this trip would never end, even though his butt had been dead long ago. His pants were well tented and causing a strain that was uncomfortable, but a really good uncomfortable.

All other traffic was somewhere else, and nothing interfered with their running side by side for miles and hours it seemed to him. It was a probably a good thing she wasn't riding with him as he would have had to stop and do (WELL) something about the pressure in his pants.

She never looked up or over at him and he had to admire her focus on her driving. With only about four or five feet between them, she had only moved to change the radio volume or air, but didn't once glance his way. A smile flickered across her face every once in a while, and he drank it in as though she was smiling directly at him.

He checked for moles, dimples, freckles, and every square inch of skin that he could see, and it was all perfect from what he could see. And those lovely breasts sticking out there so bare and beautiful.

NO...NO...NO, suddenly there was other cars and semi rigs up ahead of them, AND, of all things, was his exit sign. How could this be?? With a deep sigh, he watched her disappear into the traffic ahead as he reluctantly took his exit off the highway.

When his wife greeted him at home, she wondered about his cheerful mood as he had never enjoyed the trip before. What really make her wonder was that he wanted her to "run with the top down" every time they took a trip after that.

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