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Vision Quest


It is Saturday night. My girlfriend is out of town with her parents, and I am flat broke, so I am at home and watching tv all night. Mom is at a bachelorette party, and was supposed to be out late.

Dad had left when I was seven, so it has just been her and me the last 11 years. I am in my freshman year of college and am not into the party scene. My weekends are normally spent with Julie at either her apartment or at my house if Mom is out.

Around 11:30 I hear a key trying to enter the deadbolt. "Mom sure is home early." Still struggling to get her key in, I open the door. Mom stumbles in, hammered to the gills. "Shorry Shteve, " she slurrs. "Had a liddle problem with my key."

I have never seen Mom this way. Oh I have seen her with a buzz, but never shit-faced. "You okay?" I ask.

"I am fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, " she replies. "Jush great."

I did not get a chance to see her before she went out, but Mom is hot. Hair prepped, tight jeans, Knit pullover sweater that hides nothing. She must have thought she would be safe with a bunch of girls.

Now I have always been turned on seeing a woman that is drunk, especially a woman that is good looking. And Mom is that. Short brown hair, 34C-26-36, 5'-3" tall, kinda plump but in all the right places. I have sometimes fantasized about her naked but have never gotten really hard. Tonight is different.

"Well, how was the party?"

"Oh, it was jush great. We played games and drank shum."

"Games? Were they drinking games?"

"Yes, I drank shum. I also had some teeny little pieshes of jello to eat."

"Mom...those are...never mind. How may did you have?"

"Not many. Probably...hmm...six or seven cups. They in a lil cup," as she holds her thumb and forefinger about a 1/4 inch apart.

She makes her way into the kitchen, very wobbly I might add, and pours herself something to drink.

I follow her in. "Don't you think you have had enough?"

"Is only water," she says. Suddenly she turns around and she is pressed into me. I am rock hard, and she feels it pressed against her waistline. She backs away. I wrap my arms around her shoulders and pull her to me.

"It's okay Mom. I get this way when I see a woman who has had a good time. Especially a hot looking woman like you."

Mom blushes and leans her head into my chest. I hug her and start caressing her back. She sighs so softly.

"That feels good. You're sush a good son." She lifts her head and kisses me on the cheek.

I pull her head into my chest and begin to caress her back again. I feel her heart beating against my chest. My erection is raging. I want her, but don't know how to get the ball rolling.

"How about I draw you a nice warm bubble bath before bed?"

"Okay. Sounds nice," she says.

I help Mom down the hallway and into the bathroom. The water is warm and the bubbles are rising.

"Let me help you, " I say as I pull her shirt out of her pants. I put an arm under her and behind her to steady her. "I'll get the bra as well. Turn around."

With her back to me, I unhook the bra. I drop the straps down her arms and onto the floor. She turns around. Her nipples are hard. She is oblivious to the fact that she naked from the waist up.

She starts to get in the tub. "Mom. The pants?"

"Oops," she giggles. She unzips her fly and I pull her jeans down, along with her panties.

I am frozen. There she is, a woman I have desired since I was 15. I turn off the water and turn her to face me.

"Mom, I don't know how to say this but you are one hot woman." With that, I lean down and kiss her on her lips.

She softly moans, but does not pull away. One of my hands starts its way up her side and finds a breast. I start squeezing it and her mouth opens. Our tongues meet.

Suddenly she pulls back. "Steve, we shouldn't."

"Mom, it's okay." I pinch her nipple and her legs buckle. I catch her and kiss her again.

The hand now moves down her stomach to her pubic hairline. She softly moans, "Steve."

I lay her down on the rug on the floor and spread her legs.

"Steve, please," she softly moans.

I begin tracing her vaginal lips with a finger. "Mmmmmmmmmm."

I press the tip just barely into the canal and begin to feel my way around.

"Your finger...right...oooooooooooooooh." I insert a second finger. "That feels good...right there."

I slowly push them to where they now straddle her clit. I pinch it and start tugging on it. Her back arches and she breathes in deeply.

"Don't," she moans.

"Don't what?" I ask.

"It feels so good, don't stop."

I press both fingers down on the base of her clit and begin rubbing it as hard and fast as I can in a circular motion.

Out of her comes a moan and a hum like I have never heard before. She grabs my hand and pushes it in as far as it will go.

I feel her muscles tighten and she screams and the first wave of her orgasm hits. I continue to vigorously massage her button until she flops on the rug, spent.

"Mom, let me help you up." As I do I take off my boxers. I pick her up and wrap her legs around my waist. I slowly lower her onto my throbbing rod.

"Oh god Steve. It is...shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit" She slides all the way down the shaft as she wraps her arms around my neck. I lean her against the wall and begin pounding away at the most desirable woman in my life.

"Linda, you are so hot. I have wanted you for so long," I exclaim.

"God...this...is...good." Her words are coming in short bursts. She squeezes her legs around my waist and bigs her heels into my ass, pulling me into her.


I am hammering her like a jackhammer, cracking the drywall I have her pinned against. Her breathing has now turned into short gasps. I feel her muscles tighten around my cock.


With that, she stiffens up and growls in my ear. Then her body begins to shiver as her second orgasm of the night smashes into every nerve in her body. At the same time I explode in her, blasting the first of several streams of my warm steamy fluid deep inside her.

When both of us have relaxed, I pick her up and lower her into the tub.

"You okay Mom?"

"Steve, this is wrong, but it felt so good. I don't know what to feel."

"We are two consenting adults Linda. What is wrong with that? I made you feel good."

"Yes you did sweetheart."

With that, I leave the bathroom and allow my new lover to relax her troubles away. Content with the fact that she can now feel good with a man in the privacy of her own home...for the first time in eleven years.

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