tagGay MaleVisit to a Bath House Ch. 02

Visit to a Bath House Ch. 02



I was visiting friends in the Denver area. Earlier in the day I had stopped by a bath house called the Denver Swim Club. Having never been to one before, I was a bath house virgin. But no more.

My friends and I caught up and ended up going to a couple of clubs in Denver. They lived up in Greeley and drove down to meet me. My buddies drank copious amounts of alcohol. I only had a few as I had a lot on my mind from earlier today. One of my buddies, Dave, decided to hook up with a lady for the night, which left just the two of us – me and Chris. Both of us are in our early thirties and have known each other since college. We never roomed together, but were steady friends.

The drinking continued, with shots and more shots. Chris could barely walk when we left the bar. I poured him into the back seat and decided to find a hotel. I only had a slight buzz and felt I was fine to drive. I left downtown and headed east. Perhaps it was dumb luck or fate, but I ended up driving by the same club as before. I instantly got horny. I slowed down and pulled over. I watched the club from a distance and glanced into the back seat. Chris was out for the count. Handsome guy. Too bad he wasn't gay.

I thought about going in to the club for a quick visit. Chris would never be the wiser. It was fall and the temperature was in the mid-70's tonight. He could sleep it off in my SUV for an hour or so...nobody would be the wiser. With my tinted windows, nobody would even know he was in there. Another classic example of the little head thinking for the big head. I turned the truck around and pulled into the parking lot. At 2am, there was quite a bit of activity at the club. I parked in the last available spot.

I walked into the club with less hesitation than my earlier trip this morning. Again, I walked to the front desk and paid my fee for a locker. After getting buzzed in, I headed straight to the locker room, unbuttoning my shirt as I walked down the hallway. I wouldn't wait to be naked. The locker room had about 10 people in it of various ages, shapes and sized. More on the young side tonight, most of them must have been carded.

I stripped down and grabbed my towel, condom and key. I still had some modesty and wrapped the towel around my waist and ventured around the club. I stopped in the shower area for a quick rinse to relieve me of the bar stink. It was crowded in there and I ended up sharing a shower with a young looking blonde. He was completely shaved. When it was my turn under the head, my shower mate took matters into his own hands and started washing my body. Others in the room were already doing this, so it wasn't a big deal. He started washing my chest and nipples, and then moved on to my pits. As he descended down my body he whispered in my ear "how 'bout I give you a shave, Bear?" I instantly got hard, even before he cupped by balls and kneaded them.

I have a light dusting of black hair on my chest and stomach with a full crop of hair in my crotch. My back is naturally bare, and my ass has a heavy forest in my crease which lightens up as it spread across my ass. This young lad actually had me contemplate it for a while...but the memory of itchy crotch and how to explain this to my wife helped me to decided to pass on his offer.

While he was getting me good and clean up front, I felt a new set of hands rubbing soap into my shoulders. I leaned forward and put my head against the wall, letting the water run down by shoulders and back. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling, reaching my arms up over my head to help brace me to the wall. The strong hands gave me a combination cleaning and massage, helping relieve any tension I had before. My resolve was washing away and down the drain. As this stranger went lower, I looked down to see a very dark skin. I smiled and closed my eyes as he started to work on my ass.

He spread my legs apart a bit and started to clean my furrow. I was instantly hard as a rock and spread my legs wider to give him more access. He rubbed a soapy finger across my pucker and held it there. I pushed back into him and sank down to the palm of his hand. I could feel him grin behind me as he started to slowly twist his finger around. When he touched my prostate I went weak at the knees. He said "let me rinse and dry you off". He led me out of the shower and brought me into the sauna. He sat me down on the high ledge and took my cock in his mouth down to the root. I lost my breath. He pulled off and said "you need a shave dude". I looked around and saw a number of people in two-some and more. All forms of sex. Oral, anal...it was no holds bar. My partner was inching up closer to me, spreading my legs further apart and I looked between his legs.

Holy Crap, he was huge. At least 9" long and it looked as thick as my wrist. I started shaking my head and said "sorry buddy, but no way". He said "come on dude, just give it a little try". I pulled my legs down and wrapped both hands around it and started stroking. The young kid ffrom the shower came in and started sucking the black guy off right in front of me. He took out a rubber and eased it ¾ down his dick (that is how far it would go). Then he leaded forward on the bench and said "I'll give it a go." I watched in fascination as that monster cock slowly made its way inside. The kids was wincing at the beginning and grunting the rest of the way. I didn't think it was possible, but the kid took most of it. I decided to check out more of the club.

I rinsed off in the shower again, but couldn't find my towel. I was going to head back to the front desk to get another one when I walked past the hot tub. There were 5 guys in there – all young college age guys. I slid into the water and bumped into the guy next to me. I apologized and he said "no worries" and started rubbing up and down my leg. When he got to my cock, he said "nice". He stood up for a minute and stretched in front of me. He had a great body with a tight 6 pack. He was sporting a brazilian and he looked hot. His cock was uncut and I had never seen one before. As I was thinking of going in for a closer inspection, he turned around and sat in my lap. I boned up immediately. He just rocked back and forth on by cock for a couple of minutes. One of his buddies, a look-a-like of Chris O'Donnell, started making a bet. Whoever was the biggest in the tub would get to fuck the smallest in the tub. I was thinking of begging off. I am above average in thickness, but measure 6" on a good day. The guys all started getting up and showing their hard cocks. They ranged from about 7 ½" at the largest to about 5" at the smallest. And the smallest belonged to the biggest guy there, a football type. I silently breathed a sign of relief and stood up to show what I had. The tall skinny guy with the big cock lead the football player over to the room with the sling and closed the door. I had mixed emotions about it, envious and scared for him at the same time. I left the college bowl and walked down a hallway which passed the glory holes. I am not one for anonymous sex and like to see how and what I am dealing with, and ended up passing that group very quickly. The hallway dead-ended, or so I thought. There was a little bed at the end with a video monitor. I climbed in, loosing my towel in the process.

Before I had a chance to grab it, someone came up behind me and asked me to move ahead. I looked forward and saw a tunnel. I crawled forward into complete darkness. The floor was covered in pillows or beds and a crawled over a couple of bodies. It was pitch dark in there, but the sounds of sex were evident. The room couldn't have been too big, but there must have been about 15 or so people in the room. Hands were groping me along the way when suddenly a dick got shoved in my face. I was about to open my mouth to protest when it suddenly ended up going in my mouth. I tried pulling off and his hands came down on my head an pushed me down his cock. It was long enough to hit the back of my throat with an inch or two to spare. Did I throw caution to the wind, or back off?

When I pulled back, I bumped into another guy, this time with his dick ready to breach my ass. I reached back to fend him off and realized he had a condom on. While I felt better about it, this wasn't what I was looking for. I kept my hand on his cock and said "no thanks", he turned and headed in another direction. I was just about to turn back around when the first guy went down on me. I layed on my back and let him blow me. He was good. Occasionally he would graze my cock with his teeth and lightly bite my crown. His hands worked by nuts like a pro. He grabbed my legs and pulled them open and crawled between them, snaking up my body sucking on my nipples while grinding his crotch into mine. I was speechless, this guy was good and knew how to use his body. He spun around and we got into a 69. While I tentatively licked him, he went down on me like a pro...starting at my crown and taking me all the way to my root. He pulled each of my balls into his mouth and then dove down and started rimming me.

I opened my mouth to tell him to stop and his cock slide completely down by throat. I had never deep-throated anyone before. It felt like it was lodged there and but I was able to breath lightly through my nose. I was excited to do this for the first time and went with the flow. He continued to tongue my ass and I could feel his cock tighten and grow bigger. He shot directly down my throat. I hadn't swallowed another guy's cum in over a decade and as disappointed to not taste it. He continued to rim me, and then switched to fingering me and blowing me again. My toes started tingling and I felt the rush up my legs, in my stomach and the spasms in my cock and balls. I shot 8 or 9 loads in his throat, surprising him when he thought I was done. He turned around and kissed me deeply. As if I was on autopilot, I spread my legs and let him slide up. I could feel his hardness pushing underneath my balls. I grabbed the condom from my key chain and tore the package open. I pushed him back off of me and straddled him. I measured him to be about 7" nice and thin. I climbed on top of him and held my breath. It had been almost 12 years since I had done this.

His pecker felt enormous pushing on my asshole. With his hands firmly on my hips, he started to push up while I pushed down, putting pressure on my hole to expand. "Relax and push out honey". I melted at the term of endearment and as he applied more pressure, I could feel my hole expanding and giving in. Then it happened. The head of his dick popped into my asshole, and it closed around it holding it tight. I kept on holding my breath, then relaxed. As I did, I slowly sank down his shaft. He purred like a kitten. I stopped half way then pulled off. I wanted to make sure the condom was secure. I felt around and climbed right back on. Thinking that I was ready I started sinking down again, but my body rebelled a little. I started shaking and had to pull up. I legs spasmed and my asshole ached. He pulled out and fingered me with some lube and put more on his cock.

I climbed on again and tried. He started sliding in fast, too fast for me. When I tried to pull up, he came with me and suddenly I felt his pubes on my ass. I was holding my breath again and when I exhaled, it suddenly felt great. The crown of his cock was right on my prostate. Any movement sent shivers through my body. We developed a rhythm. I was concentrating how his cock was stretching my rim when suddenly I blew all over him. I didn't even see it come. I must have cum a gallon. He laughed and pulled me down for a kiss. His face was covered in my cum and we licked it off together. I started sucking on his neck and ear and his breathing changed. I pulled off of him, ripped off the rubber and started giving him a blow job. The first quirt shot me right in the tonsils, the rest in my mouth and throat. I climbed up on him and kissed him, sharing some of his essence with him. He said "I need a shower" and I agreed. We crawled out together down the tunnel of the cave.

When we got out, I came face to face with my lover. He was in his late 20's and Asian. Very tight body. I started getting hard again. The showers were full when we got there and before we turned in, he said "meet me in room 6 after you shower."

I shared a shower with a heavy seat older man. I even gave him a couple of tugs while I cleaned his crotch. Only seemed fare. I left the shower before my friend and made it to room 6. The lights were off and I climbed into bed, putting the light cover over me. A moment later the door opened and closed, and we were thrust into darkness. I could feel him climb into bed with me again and opened my legs up for the inevitable. I handed him a condom. Instead he took me in his mouth and gave me a blowjob. Not as good as the one before, but fun nonetheless. He slid up my body and didn't waste any time.

I was still buzzed from all the booze from earlier in the evening and he pulled me up and turned me over in doggie style. He put a small bottle under my nose and told me to smell. I had never tried poppers before and they sent me to the moon. He licked my asshole. His tongue was penetrating my hole and it felt amazing. And then his tongue was gone, replaced by a cock. And not what I was expecting. It was like I hadn't just had sex with him. My ring felt like it was tearing. I told him he needed to put on more lube. He stopped for a minute, put more lube on this shaft (which the head still in my ass) and handed me the bottle of poppers. All of the sudden he pushed back in and I almost blacked out.

I was telling him to stop, but he pushed my head into the mattress for more traction. He kept on gaining more ground in my ass and had gone in much further than before. He was in unchartered territory. I turned my head to breath and reached back to stop him. There was still 3" to go and I felt bare skin. I asked him if he had a rubber on and he said "we don't need one Drew". It happened at the same time. I felt a furry chest on my back and realized he called me by my name. How did he know my name? And this wasn't by lover in the cave. With all my might I pushed him off, jumped up and turned on the light.

Chris was laying on the bed with a huge cock. It had to be 10" long and very thick. He was covered in just the right amount of hair. I opened my mouth to say something and he pulled me right back into bed. I greased up his cock as I watched in disbelief. I started to protest saying we needed a condom, and he said neither of us has had sex since college and that was over 10 years ago.

He then lifted me up like I was a play doll and positioned me over his massive pole. I knew what was coming so I decided to help by guiding his throbbing member to the entrance to my hole. The lube and his finger helped some, but the size of his dick head was huge.

As he lowered me down on to his tool, I could feel my sphincter being stretched to accept the intruder. Little by little my hole expanded and his head entered me. When it finally popped past my sphincter muscles the pain subsided. Chris now held me tight around my hips and lifted me up and down on his pole easing more of it into me every time he lowered me. He kept this up until I felt my ass cheeks resting on his pelvic area.

He had his entire huge dick into me now and I felt full. The heat of the moment was making us both drenched in sweat. Here we were two friends fucking at a gay bath house. As I was moved up and down on Chris' fuck stick, it began to feel like my hole was swallowing him. I was now pulling on my dick while Chris was pumping in and out of me.

Chris then rolled me over and got on top of me. He pulled me up until I was on all fours as he continued to pound his dick, plowing me deep like I had virgin ass. He was so large and strong that I felt like a rag doll at his mercy. He held me tight by my hips as he drove his dick deeper and deeper into me on every thrust. His balls were slapping up against my balls as he drove hard into my butt making my cheeks smack against his pelvis. This was the best fucking that I have ever had.

After what seemed like an hour I felt Chris' huge dick swell even more inside of me. He pulled almost all of the way out of me and then grabbed my hips hard to slam his dick as far into me as he could. He then held it deeply within me. His body tensed as he began to cum. His balls pumped load after load of cum, deep within my bowels. My dick exploded at almost the same time coating my belly and face with my own cum.

As his dick finished cumming inside of me and his grip on my hips began to ease, he bent down and kissed me deeply and said "I love fucking you Drew". Chris pulled his semi-hard member out of my hole and released my hips leaving me feeling empty. I loved the way his dick filled me and knew that there would be many more. I layed naked and covered with sweat with my lover's cum oozing out of my asshole.

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