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Visit to Buffalo


A note from Erin: When I started writing my first TRUE erotic story it was based on my own experiences. Although I realised that I was not the only one involved in an incestuous relationship I was not prepared for the deluge of E-mails from both males and females who were taking part in a brother/sister, mother/son relationship. Several of my correspondents wanted me to tell their story as they felt that I had the understanding to truly outline their feelings. The first two stories "Erin" and Erin 2" were my experiences and my third story "Annie" was the reportably true story of one of the persons who contacted me after reading my earlier pieces.

I have again been contacted by another young woman who wanted me to tell her story. Most of the facts are true as she has related them to me although I have "spiced" them up slightly to allow a more fluent story. I have changed the names of my correspondent, her brother and husband for obvious reasons. "Kim" has read the completed story and agrees that it represents a fairly accurate description of her relationship. Enjoy the story of Kim and if you enjoy it let me know by e-mail. P.S. Don't forget to vote if you enjoy the story

I lay in bed dreaming that I was being ravaged by a group of four men, dimly I heard a telephone ringing and I wondered why they did not stop to answer the phone. Coming out of my lethargy I realised that the phone that I could hear was mine on the bedside table. I looked at the clock as I answered the phone and saw that it was 8.00am. I was mildly annoyed as this was Saturday my usual sleep in day.

"Hi sleepy head" a cheerful voice greeted me, I realised at once that it was my brother Chris in Buffalo NY. Since he moved to Buffalo from St Louis 2 years ago I had not seen him although we spoke on the phone at least once each month.

"Sis" he said, "I have two weeks off work and thought that you and Mike would like to visit if that no good brother-in-law of mine will get off his arse and bring you to visit." My husband, Mike and Chris got along really well and were always ribbing each other about anything that they could think of.

"Chris, that would be great, I will talk it over with Mike and let you know what our decision is." After speaking to Chris I lay down and cuddled into Mike who had not stirred from his deep sleep. I was still feeling sexually aroused from my dream and I put my arm around him and put my hand in though the split in his pyjama pants and took his flaccid cock in my hand and started to move it up and down. Mike rolled onto his back starting to stir from his sleep and at the same time starting to get an erection. "Why are you feeling me up" Mike asked " I am feeling a bit horny" I replied. Mike turned towards me and pushed my nightdress way up over my breasts. He started to lick around the nipple which became aroused and stood out from my breasts.

Mike gently pushed me until I was on my back and he came up over me. I hadn't realised how wet I was from my dream until started to push his cock into me and started to move frantically in and out of my cunt, "Mike" I groaned, "Take your time we have all morning to enjoy this" "Too late" Mike moaned and I felt the spasms of his cock and his warm jism pumping into me. He rolled off me after a few minutes allowing me to go rise and head for the shower. As I stood under the spray washing my body I reached down and started rub my clitoris as I had not cum with the extra quick fuck that Mike had given me. Standing there with Mikes cum running from my cunt and mixing with the shower water I took the opportunity to masturbate myself to a satisfying orgasm.

Drying myself I returned to the bedroom and told Mike of Chris's phone call. "That would be great" he said "I have an important appointment on Monday however we could leave Tuesday if that's OK, in fact I will go into the office now and make all the arrangements with the staff on duty today to look after the place for two weeks from Tuesday.

After breakfast Mike headed off to his office and I rang Chris to let him know that we would be leaving early on Tuesday

Come Tuesday morning and we were packing the car ready to leave having packed our suitcases the previous evening when the telephone rang. Mike ran to answer the phone. Returning about five minutes later Mike had a grim expression on his face. "I'm sorry baby" he said, "that was the office, Bill Stephens, the Plant Manager has been involved in a serious car accident and I will have to stay and organize operations.

Mike said "How about you go and visit Chris – I will take you to the airport and you can fly rather than us driving up" At first I protested not wanting to go without Mike however in the end he convinced me to go and see my brother.

I quickly telephoned Chris and told him that I was arriving by air and could he meet me at the Airport. The plane arrived on time at 3.15pm and I was overjoyed to see Chris waiting at the arrival gates. Chris met me with a big hug nearly suffocating me.

Driving from the airport to Chris's apartment took about an hour and when we arrived at the apartment I excused myself and headed for the guest room to change into something more comfortable.

Sitting on the bed I removed my blouse and my bra. I suddenly realised that I had not closed the door. Chris suddenly appeared in the doorway and looking at me he said "Wow, you have certainly changed since we played doctors and nurses" I could feel the redness rising in my cheeks but thought, what the heck, I should not be embarrassed or ashamed if anyone saw me. I said. "Stop staring, it is not the first time that you have seen my tits"

"Yeah, he replied "but they were not so large and inviting when you were younger"

"Go get out" I said to Chris, "Leave a girl to get undressed and changed in peace" Chris left the room and I continued to change into a comfortable pair of slacks and a sloppy Tee shirt. After I had changed I went back into the living room where Chris was sitting on the sofa. I thought that I detected a bulge in his pants but wasn't sure, perhaps he had been rubbing his cock thinking about me.

We sat talking and before we knew it it was 7.30pm. "Come on" Chis said, Lets go and get something to eat. We dined at a little restaurant not far from the apartment complimenting our meal with several bottles of wine.

Returning to the apartment after our meal Chris settled down to watch Television and I headed for the shower. The wine that I had drunk was having an effect on me and it felt like it all had headed for my vagina. With the hand held shower head set on a pulsating setting I held it with the water drumming against my clitoris. At the same time I was massaging my mound just above my clit. I could feel my orgasm rising and plunging two fingers into my cunt I finger fucked myself to a shattering orgasm.

After the shower I dressed in only my baby doll nightie and my dressing gown. I went into the living room where Chris was watching a porno on cable. He quickly grabbed the remote to change to another channel but I said "Don't worry about me, if you want to watch the show I will watch it with you." Chris was rather embarrassed but continued to watch the show.

The film followed the usual line, man finds girl, man kisses girl, man feels girl, man eats girl and man fucks girl. I was rather interested in the part where the man was performing cunnilingus on the girl, as I had never experienced this. My husband unfortunately didn't want to kiss or suck my cunt .

I was still feeling extremely horny as well as a little tipsy, I cuddled up to Chris and he put his arm around me pulling me closer to him. His arm reached around and his hand rested against the side of my breast. I could feel the wetness in my pussy the result of the wine, porno movie and Chris's hand resting on part of my breast.

I looked down into Chris's lap and could see that the fuck movie that we were watching was also having an effect on him as his trousers were tenting out as a result of the hard on he was experiencing. I got up off the sofa and went to the kitchen and refilled our glasses with wine. Returning to Chris I made sure that I leant over in front of him giving him the opportunity to look down the front of my nightdress at my tits and aroused nipples.

I sat on the floor between Chris's legs and asked him to massage my head. He started to rub my head and leaning back I could feel his erect prick against the back of my neck. He started to move his hands down to my neck gently massaging it, after a few minutes his hands moved down the front of my nightdress cupping my breasts. This action brought me out of my lethargy and I jumped up angrily saying "Chris, that is enough, after all I am your sister not one of your girlfriends" Chris was most apologetic and as the movie had finished he suggested that it was time to retire to our beds.

Laying in bed I went over the event of the evening in my mind and was distressed at the manner in which I had reacted to Chris when he tried to feel me up. I got out of bed and went to Chris's room and gently knocked on the door and went in. Chris was lying on his back and raised himself onto one elbow as I approached the bed. "Chris" I said, "I want to apologise for the way I spoke to you before, I think it was because I was feeling a little drunk and missing Mike" I didn't want him to know that I was so horny. Chris gestured for me so sit on the bed beside him. "No" he said "I should be the one apologising for trying to take advantage of your intoxicated state" While we were talking Chris was gently rubbing my back through my nightdress which unknown to him was turing me on. We continued talking and I suddenly shivered because of my state of dress and the temperature in the room. Chris moved to the centre of the large double bed, turned back the doona and indicated that I should get in. We lay together in the bed about one foot apart still talking. After about a half hour I said that I was going back to the guest room. Chris turned to me and raised himself over me kissing me passionately on the lips. At first I resisted a little but then found that it was pleasurable and started to kiss back. I turned to face Chris and placed my leg over his and pushed my inflamed cunt (it was no longer a pussy but a fiery CUNT, wanting to be fucked) against his thigh.

Chris lifted me slightly from the bed and removed my nightie leaving me naked. He then also removed his night attire (pyjamas) and pulled me close to him. I could feel his erect cock against my stomach. I reached down and gently started to rub his cock. His hand moved down to my cunt and two fingers entered me and his thumb started to massage my clitoris. He threw back the doona and knelt between my legs, leaned forward and took a nipple into his mouth gently sucking while at the same time he continued to finger fuck me

"Chris" I said "Suck my cunt like that couple in the movie" I really couldn't believe that I was asking my brother to do this but by this time all sense and reason had left my body and all that I wanted was sexual pleasure. Chris started to tease me my kissing the insides of my thighs moving from side to side and now and then running his tongue along my cuntal split. .

My clitoris was standing out from its hood like a small bullet and when Chris took it gently between his teeth I could feel my orgasm start to rise. "Oh fuck, suck my cunt" I screamed at Chris, I'm cumming, Oh my God, Oh my god, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. The orgasm that I experienced was one of the most intense that I had ever had and I could feel the muscles in my cunt going into a spasm.

"Fuck me Chris, Please fuck me" I implored. I reached down between us and guided Chris's cock into my cunt. He immediately started humping and I felt another Orgasm coming. "Sis, I'm cumming do you want me to pull out" "No" I shouted I'm a respectable married woman and no-one would take any notice if I was pregnant, just fuck me hard". I'm cumming Chris said as he started to fuck quicker and harder. My orgasm also started, even more intense than the previous one. At that stage I lost control of all my bodily functions and as my orgasm peaked I started pissing in small spurts in time with the spasms that were racking my body.

As we came down from our peaks, I was most embarrassed although my piss had not soaked the bed the sheet was slightly wet. I started to apologise to Chris, but he would have none of it. He thought that it was great that he could make his sister both cum and piss at the same time. We got out of bed, changed the sheet and headed to shower together. Although there was touchy feely under the shower we both were too exhausted to take the matter further. Returning to the bed we slept in each others arms.

The next morning we were awoken by the telephone ringing on the bedside table. Chris answered it and in my sleepy state I heard him say "Hi Mike, how are you, yes she is still in bed, boy we really turned one last night, drunk as a couple of skunks. Just a minute I will get her for you" Chris held his hand over the mouthpiece, waited for about a minute before handing the phone to me. "Hi honey" I said and started to talk to my husband. Chris moved his hand down over my belly to my cunt and I turned to lay on my back, opening my legs so that he could finger fuck me while I spoke to my husband. Mike told me that he had arranged everything at his factory and that he was leaving shortly to drive up to Buffalo. He would be arriving in the evening and we all could spend a few days together. After Mike had hung up I told Chris of the arrangements and he said that we had better get down to some serious fucking for rest of the day. I pushed Chris onto his back and straddled him impaling his cock into my saturated cunt.

For the rest of the day we sucked and fucked, and when Mike arrived we were dressed and sitting apart chatting like any brother and sister should. Mike never knew what had occurred in the three days we were apart and will never know of the ongoing liaisons between Chris and myself.


Kim told me that this episode with her brother happened in 1995, and in 1996 her brother moved house to a small town only half an hour from her. She states that she visits him at least once a week for a fuck session and that she is in a constant state of arousal. She now has three children and although she doesn't know for sure she suspects that at least one has been fathered by her brother.

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