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Visit to the Nurse


As he sat in the waiting room his feet tapped the floor, it was obvious he was nervous for his appointment. As people came in and out he remained there, wondering what was happening. He rose from his seat and made his way to the receptionist and asked the young blonde why his doctor, "Miss Lenton," was running behind time.

"I'm very sorry," the young blonde said, "Miss Lenton seems to want to keep you until last."

Mr Dawson made his way back to the seat he was originally sitting on; if he was last it could only mean bad things. As the thoughts started to race through his mind they were interrupted, when Miss Lenton came through the door. She wasn't the tallest nurse around, her tight nurses uniform which stuck to her tits but made up for it. They were squeezed in at the top; her nipples were hard as they were clearly visible. He rose from his seat once again to walk to Miss Lenton's room; she held the door open for it. As she held the door her low cut short dress rose because her arms were stretched. As she turned away from him and headed to her room her arse cheeks were slightly showing just enough to initialise horny mode. Mr Dawson was already way past it though, as he tried to control his rather large cock which was ripping at his boxers.

"Welcome to my room Mr Dawson, please may you take a seat on the bed"

Mr Dawson sat perched on the end of the examination bed. Miss Lenton spun round on her office chair to face him.

"O please relax sir all is fine, I think however we would be better to start with an examination"

Mr Dawson's face lit up slightly at the thought of Nurse Lenton touching him but he was nervous. Although he wanted something to happen so desperately it was just a doctor's appointment so he knew nothing out of the ordinary would. Miss Lenton started to slowly touch his legs just rubbing them slowly but hard enough to make his body shiver as she massaged his muscles. Although Mr Dawson knew this was routine he still couldn't help but feel lucky about what was happening.

"I'm very sorry to have to say, but I need you to remove your clothing to your underwear just so I can make this examination thorough" Said Miss Lenton in her soft voice that caressed Mr Dawson's heart.

He stood up on his feet which were a little shaky must be because all the blood was running from his hard cock back to his head. He removed every layer of clothing down to his tight boxers which showed his hard cock very well. Miss Lenton turned round to see the Mr Dawson's cock making his boxers stretch. "O dear sir, I can see you're not scared which is always good"

To Mr Dawson's surprise she immediately put her hand down his boxers, thoughts raced through his head as if this could really be happening.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't hold myself back" said Miss Lenton.

She began to slowly stroke up and down his cock. It was hard and stood straight as if like a soldier. Mr Dawson's eyes began to close as pleasure filled his face. She started getting faster and faster as she rubbed his cock frantically. Little groans came from Mr Dawson which seemed to please Miss Lenton just as much as they did him. Mr Dawson lay on the examination table so peacefully as she stroked his cock up and down, Miss Lenton then bent over the table and put her head near his cock. Mr Dawson knew that this could only mean one thing, as her tongue started to slowly make its way to his cock his face lit up. She started licking around the head, she started very slowly just enough to tease him, he was gagging for more. He became so desperate that he started to beg, Miss Lenton gave a slight smile to show that she was getting the exact response that she wanted. She continued to tease his cock as he came restless as his feet twitched on the bed. This didn't last for long though as all of a sudden his huge hard cock disappeared down her skilled throat. Mr Dawson let out a loud moan that filled the air. He now realised why she wanted him to go in last. As she continued to hold his cock in her throat she began to raise her head so that her mouth followed the same action her hand had previously. Mr Dawson continued to moan loudly he began to open his eyes to see Miss Lenton bent over the examination table but he just couldn't do it his eyes soon fluttered shut again as it was too much to bear. As Miss Lenton continued to suck his cock no handed she began to slowly take her off her dress; she unfastened the small clip at the back. The tight nurse's outfit hit the floor and she stepped out of it. Her tits were just as big out of the dress and she had a small waist which made them stand out even more. She had a little shaven pussy to die for. Mr Dawson opened his eyes and looked gob smacked as if he couldn't believe what he could see. Her legs were the perfect shape, not too big, not too small; just perfect like a wet dream. Mr Dawson almost felt like he was dreaming as she gave him the most amazing blowjob he had ever had. All of a sudden she stopped, Mr Dawson's eyes flew open, and Miss Lenton was standing at her desk with an unknown item in her hand. She began to make her way back to Mr Dawson. She shoved the item, which was a butt plug, into Mr Dawson's arse. He let out a loud moan even louder than before, she then began fucking him with the it. The moans were continuous. They didn't stop not for a second. This began to turn Miss Lenton on beyond belief as she put her hand down to her shaven pussy there was a puddle of wetness forming.

"Could you please bend over the bed" Miss Lenton said.

Mr Dawson followed the orders instantly as if they were commands he did not want to let her down. He lent over the examination table, arched his back and pressed his knees against the bed. Miss Lenton began to fuck him again with the butt plug she then removed the butt plug and replaced it with a strap on that was now wrapped around her hips. She began to thrust the plastic cock deep into his arse. The moans only got louder, but this time the moans were coming from both of them as it was a double strap on so not only was it inside Mr Dawson it was also deep inside Miss Lenton's pussy. They began to moan in sync as each thrust was pushing them closer and closer to the perfect orgasm.

"I was hoping there may be some role reversal" were the sweet words of Miss Lenton.

Mr Dawson frantically got up and pushed Miss Lenton over the bed in the position he was once in. He stuck his now huge hard cock inside of her pussy and fucked her hard. His cock was so deep inside of her pussy it was rubbing against her g spot with such force nothing could withhold the moans she let out. He continued to ram his cock into her pussy for minutes; Miss Lenton began to gently flick her hard nipples with her finger tip. This made her moan even more as she was becoming hornier and so was Mr Dawson. As Mr Dawson started to fuck her even harder beyond belief they both let out a loud moan knowing that an orgasm was quickly approaching. All of a sudden Mr Dawson began to slow as a thick white substance flowed from his cock straight into Miss Lenton's pussy. He let out a few final moans as he had reached an orgasm. It was the best orgasm that he had ever experienced and he could not help but thinking about how brilliant sex it was. Miss Lenton was also silent as she was gob smacked he had fucked her so hard. Mr Dawson slid his cock out of Miss Lenton's very wet pussy, his cum began to trickle down her thighs making them glisten against the light through the window. Mr Dawson began to redress himself in the clothes that he was once wearing. Miss Lenton also began to do the same. The difference one this time Miss lenton's sexy nurses dress was rather wet from the cum was flowing from her pussy.

"All I can say is thank you" Said Mr Dawson

"O you're very welcome, O and by the way everything is normal" Replied Miss Lenton

"Thanks again" Were the last words from Mr Dawson as he left the room into an empty waiting room that he once nervously sat in a few hours ago. As he opened the doctor's surgery door and began to make his way home he could not help but recall the amazing doctor's appointment that he would never forget.

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