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Visiting a Slave



"Hey, I heard you stayed home from work yesterday. Are you alright? What happened?"

"Thank you for worrying, but I'm fine... more than fine, actually. I took a day off to have a little fun. Well, a lot of fun, an amazing adventure!"

"Damn you, how come you get to enjoy yourself while the rest of us slave away? Now you have to give me the details, so I can live vicariously. What did you get up to? Knowing you, I bet it wasn't G-rated."

"No... definitely not G-rated. Sure, I can tell you, but don't broadcast it. Most people don't know about my lifestyle. I'd rather not have them know."

"Now I'm seriously intrigued. I'm all ears. Please tell me!"

"I am. Yesterday morning I drove down near Chicago. There's a beautiful, willowy, pale and fascinating girl I met online, who lives there. We hadn't met yet, but we've been exchanging emails for months. She told me her address, and gave me yesterday as a day her owner would be away, with permission for me to have her. Don't look shocked, lots of people have owners. It's part of the kink community, the slave-master relationship. This girl is a Gorean slave, after a series of science fiction books. Gor is a planet much like Earth, but where sexual slavery is common, and beautiful Earth girls are sometimes kidnapped to be trained as sex slaves. Today, some people are more psychologically comfortable giving total control of their lives to a competent Master who cares for them and gives them purpose.

Anyway, I got down there about 11am, a nice house in a leafy suburb. Strolling up to the front door, I noticed the walls looked thick, and the neighbors quite far away, but I wasn't worried about her screaming too much; I knew she's generally very quiet. In fact, I didn't expect her to speak a single word the whole day. More than just the appeal of an erotic slave, this girl has a very special mind. She doesn't communicate like most people. She's highly intelligent, can write with terrific clarity, but talking is nearly impossible. She just does without it. I know she hates clothing too, so she'd probably be naked when I arrived.

I knew that from the moment she saw me, she would silently obey every order I gave her, that she would let me do anything I wanted to her. I knew her intense goal would be to give me pleasure, by suffering anything I wanted her to feel.

My heart racing and pounding with excited pleasure, I rapped knuckles on the front door. After less than a minute, the door slowly creaked open, nobody visible. I stepped inside, she was behind the door, pushing it gently closed, then kneeling down at my feet. She was utterly naked. I had expected Nadu, a favorite pose of mine, but she simply dropped to my feet and gently as a bird, gingerly reached her arms around the bottom of my legs, draping herself on my feet, her long hair pooling over my shoes, her face down.

'Belly!' I shouted. Then as she moved to stretch out on her stomach, I enjoyed the view of her lovely ass, and told her: 'My little pet, you are so beautiful. I am going to enjoy you very, very much.' She put her right cheek to the floor, arms loosely at her side, palms up, vulnerable, and slowly spread her legs apart. I stepped between her legs and gently pushed against her inner thighs with my shoe. She tried harder, spreading her legs wider. I could just see her pussy, as her thighs quivered at the effort of spreading.

I did not feel like waiting. I had hours to play with her, but I had stored up a lot of hunger the last weeks, for any beautiful woman, but also for her in particular. Standing between her fragile shaking legs, I quickly shucked off my shoes, shirt, pants, socks, and boxers. Kneeling, with a small bottle retrieved from my pocket, I spread her ass cheeks apart, and squeezed a teaspoon or two of lubricant onto her tiny asshole. Humming, I rubbed it in, poking one finger into her. She didn't move, other than continuing to strain her legs apart. Oh, she was wonderful!

After a few seconds of lubricating her, wiping the rest on my cock, I aligned it with her puckered hole, and started pushing. I saw her bite her lip, but she kept her eyes staring to the left. I didn't want to rip her, but I wanted inside her immediately. I pushed. Within a few seconds, I was half way in. A few seconds more, pulling and pushing a little as her ass tried to relax, I got all the way in, my balls gently touching her skin. Now I could start to fuck. A little gently at first, but after about five thrusts I started to get rougher and faster. I reached my hands under her chest to hold her breasts like handles, and started really pounding into her. She couldn't keep her legs so far apart any more, but she did a terrific job lying as close to Belly position as possible. What a wonderful girl! I was so turned on, I came within a minute, shouting my throat hoarse and clenching every muscle in my body. It was the most extreme and intense orgasm I've had in months!

It felt fantastic to just lie on top of her body, still inside her ass, for a few minutes to let my heartbeat come down to normal, to relax my whole body, to feel her like a pillow below me. To know that she would be silent, submissive, waiting to please me further.

Gently I pulled out of her, and knelt at her side. 'Bara' I said. She pulled her legs together and crossed her ankles, still lying on her belly. She crossed her wrists behind her back. I gently palmed her ass cheeks, smoothly stroking them, then patting them, then giving her a little spanking, ten hard smacks. Not full strength, just enough to sting.

I told her I was going to have a shower, and would like a cup of coffee when I emerged. I left the entryway, looking for a bathroom. Fifteen minutes later, I came looking for the kitchen, feeling great. A hot cup of coffee was waiting for me on the counter, my pretty pet kneeling in Nadu in the middle of the kitchen floor. Her bottom sat back on her ankles, her knees splayed wide, her hands rested palms up on her thighs. She arched her back so her breasts stood out, but her eyes were on the floor in front of her.

As I sipped my coffee, I walked slowly around her, admiring her body. I liked how still she sat, accepting my lust, my desire to stare at every naked inch. I crouched in front of her, two feet away, to stare in her eyes. I told her to look me in the eyes, so she did. Interesting. She could look straight into my eyes, almost unblinking, for ten seconds. I waved my palm downward over her eyes, and she closed them. I touched her breasts, loving their softness, their thrust into my palms. I squeezed her left nipple between thumb and forefinger, harder and harder until I saw her starting to shake, then slowly reduced the pressure, and let go.

I sat down and comfortably drank the last of my coffee, while I inspected her pussy. I love looking at new pussies. How each fold is different, each shape. Hers is delightful. I thought about how much pleasure I'd already had from her, and hadn't even been inside her pussy yet!

Standing, I put the empty coffee cup in the sink, and turned back to my toy. 'Sula, Kajira, but on a large bed. Let's go. Take my hand and show me where.' She knew what to do. Without looking at me, she stood up, gently took my hand and walked up the stairs to a bedroom. There was a large comfortable bed. She let go my hand and walked to the bed, lying on her back. Like Belly, she spread her legs wide, putting her pussy on full display, her palms up, at her sides. Her face pointed straight up to the ceiling but her eyes looked down as much as possible, submissive and waiting. Her breathing was a little ragged. She had been used hard. She knew she would be used more.

'Before I take your cunt, I'm going to hurt you a bit' I said. I left the room and looked around the house, before choosing my simple leather belt from my pants by the door. I carried it back to the bedroom, where she lay unmoved. I thought about how hard to strike her. I decided to go easy, not to leave any serious marks, just a bit of red that would fade by end of day - out of respect for her owner.

But I wanted to paint her entire body with my belt. I started with the soles of her feet, a good slap with the end of the belt, enough to hurt quite a bit, but so she could hold still. Then with exactly the same force, I whipped all sides of her feet, then her ankles, and steadily up her legs. Every inch on the front of her body, available as she lay on her back, got the same hard slap of leather. I walked around the bed, climbed on it, to get at every visible piece of skin. When I used the belt on her pussy, she flinched. That hurt. I think I heard a moan, but she was very good at holding her position. I hit the other side of her pussy, and kept going around her belly. No harder than anywhere else, not hard enough to cut or scar or make her scream, just enough to focus total attention, at the edge of what she could take and still lie still. I couldn't resist when I got to her breasts, though. My cock was getting hard again from her trembling, from lashing her. Whipping her breasts had my heart pounding at orgasm levels already, and I couldn't help but whip them harder, one really nasty crack. Her body bucked, tears came to her eyes... but she immediately returned to position, eyes locked downward. I was so proud of her! I almost came just from the intensity of her body and the sound my belt had made on her skin! More gently, I slapped the rest of her torso, finishing with her neck. Her skin was all red, but I'd done a good job; there were no edge marks, no welts, just the flush of slaps.

I was hard as rock again, and it was time to enjoy her. First I walked around the room, just looking at her from different angles. I took my time to arrive at her feet, and lower myself between her legs. I put my face close to her pussy, and drank in the aroma, the sight, the slight movements. I decided to make my cock wait a little longer, and reached my tongue toward her lips, smoothly massaging first her outer labia, then steadily working the inner ones. No touching her clit though, not yet. I moved around, biting her thighs gently, sucking her lips into my mouth, running my tongue down her perineum, lifting her light body up a bit with my arms to do so. For a few minutes I enjoyed licking all over her pussy, everywhere except her clit. Finally I touched that bit of her pussy, as lightly as a feather, with the tip of my tongue... once, twice, thrice, then pulled back to breathe on her. Then I licked her clit harder, repeatedly, mauling it with my mouth, for a full minute. It got me even harder, if that were possible. She may have come, I'm not sure, but I couldn't wait any longer. I was going to explode just from the desire to enter her. I climbed up her body and thrust in roughly, hard, selfishly, fast, and again, and again. My hands reached up to hold her face, tilt her up to look at me as I stared into her eyes. I start hammering into her even harder. I grunted like a bull about to charge, and my leg muscles worked like a steam engine's pistons, pounding down and down, deeper and harder.

I don't know how long it lasted, but it felt like a wonderful forever. My body couldn't get tired; the adrenaline coursed through me, drove me higher. When I came, it was waves of incandescent energy shooting through me, a geyser of lava washing into her body, my arms and legs crushing and squeezing her to get closer, closer. Even stronger than the earlier orgasm, it made very neuron in my brain soar and sparkle.

After holding her gently in my arms for a few minutes of rest, I went to shower again, ordering her to join me so I could softly soap her whole body, massage her limbs, and kiss her. I told her I wanted one more orgasm before I left, deep in her throat, but that she would make us lunch first, and rest a while. I went downstairs to gather my clothes. She stayed naked and went to the kitchen. While she put a lunch together, I pulled my phone and read a novel, relaxed on the couch.

We sat quietly and ate, her eyes out the window, mine on her.

Sated in my stomach, but sexually hungry again, I walked back to the couch and called her over. Pulling my pants off again, I motioned for her to suck me. Dropping to her knees, she crawled closer and studied my cock, gently cupping it with one hand and stroking with the other. She began licking the tip, and touching it up and down its length, as if testing it, teasing it to go from half-hard to rock hard, which it did in minutes. She slowly moved from little licks to full sucking, framing my groin with her hands on my skin, and bobbing her head up and down, seriously pushing on it to deep throat all of it. She became a throat fucking machine, steadily up & down, ignoring her own troubled breathing and bodily fluids, providing the perfect pace and liquid heat for my throbbing center. Slowly the electricity in my balls began to ignite again. My lust and pleasure rocked on a sustained high, and then leapt again to new highs. I felt the hot liquid push out, I grabbed her head with both hands and squeezed her onto me, cock thrust deep down her throat, my whole body groaning and clenching and then roaring. As it peaked, I pushed her away suddenly to let her gasp for air, and collapsed back onto the couch to breathe deeply myself.

She kneeled before me, almost collapsed, looking down, waiting patiently.

After watching her for a few minutes of rest, delighting in the curves of her breasts, the total nudity, the fragile submissiveness, I sighed and stood. I pulled on my clothes and told her to stand. Putting my arms around her and hugging her close, I whispered in her ear: 'Beautiful, beautiful kajira, you are amazing. Queen of kajirae, I hope I can have you again and again. Good bye for now, take care of yourself.' I let go and walked out the door.

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